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DYM Chapter 168

Casually, he put the true essence cloth on his face so that it would not be recorded by the camera, Ye Mo did not want to be wanted in Hong Kong. He was here to kill someone today, the punks in Tai Tong who killed a handful of people could be fine or it would be considered as manslaughter, he could not.

“Geocentric Entertainment, it was very lively inside, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept the place, it was full of dark smoke and smoke, there were all kinds of things going on inside.

Ye Mo had just walked to the entrance of “Earth Heart Entertainment” when someone came up and stopped him, “Brother, you look new, is this your first time here?” As soon as he saw Ye Mo, he pointed his finger at him and shouted, “That’s him, he knocked down two of Brother Bandit’s teeth in South Street today.” As soon as this curly-haired youth saw Ye Mo, he recognized him at a glance.

Ye Mo saw that the man who had just come over to speak was indeed the man he had met in Uncle Pei’s shop today, it seemed that the old man was not wrong, this was indeed Big Tong’s lair.

The curly-haired green man immediately rushed up with seven or eight people.

Ye Mo coldly snorted, but did not stay his hand, these ordinary gangsters, how can they withstand him to kill. In the blink of an eye all seven or eight punks were knocked to the ground by Ye Mo, who hadn’t started killing yet. He had to confirm the facts of the situation before he would go on a killing spree.

“Friend, did you come to our “Earth Heart Entertainment” just to pick on our venue? I am the manager here, Cui Heng” At this moment, a manager-like man came out, looked at the seven or eight junior brothers lying on the ground and said with a frown.

Ye Mo gave another kick, kicking over a guy who was trying to struggle to get up, once again, before he coldly looked at the manager-like guy and said, “I’m here today for two things, the first thing is, did you guys kill that Uncle Pei who runs the vermicelli shop.” “. Your Excellency thinks you’re a big deal if you have a few strokes? I tell you, so what if we killed him?” This manager had originally seen Ye Mo knock down seven or eight people with his hands and had the intention to ask Ye Mo about his origins. Now Ye Mo’s arrogant questioning and actions immediately made him angry.

There hadn’t been anyone who dared to be so arrogant in Daitang’s territory, and Ye Mo was the first one If he didn’t beat his temper down in the face of someone so arrogant, Daitang wouldn’t have to hang around here anymore.

After saying that, Cui Heng contemptuously waved his hand towards the back, “You will not live long if you are arrogant just because you have a few strokes, since the beginning of my Da Tong, no one has dared to be so arrogant in my Da Tong’s territory. Since you dare to be arrogant, I will show you the price of arrogance.”

After Cui Heng waved his hand, the eleven fighters he brought over quickly surrounded towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and was happy in his heart that this guy really knew about Tie Jiang, it looked like he had found the right place. He casually pulled out the whip that Idle Daoist had used, dealing with these punks who were not on the stage if he had to punch them one by one, he was still afraid of wasting time. At this time he missed his small iron nails, these punks could have been solved with one iron nail per person.

Seeing that Ye Mo even took out a whip, the corner of Cui Heng’s mouth even showed ridicule as he once again called out, “Go together, beat me to death, no need to leave anyone alive.” There was no need for Cui Heng to order, the eleven gangsters around him already swarmed up.

Ye Mo’s true essence was gathered in the whip in his hand, and he casually struck out with a whip, this time he gathered 70% of his true essence. The long whip swept directly at the first few people who rushed over with a whistling whip wind.

Ye Mo was not as skillful as Daoist Idle in using the whip, but he did not need to be skillful at all in dealing with these punks. All he had to do was to gather direct true essence on top of the whip.

If this whip was struck by Daoist Idle, there might not be such a whistling sound, but in Ye Mo’s hands, the whistling sound of the long whip breaking the air even scratched the eardrums.

With a “poof” sound, the long whip cut through like a long knife. There were only eleven people surrounding Ye Mo, but this whip directly swept six people in front of him, and none of the six people swept by Ye Mo’s long whip survived.

The most serious one was even almost cut off at the waist.

Before the five people behind him could react Ye Mo’s long whip reversed again and gave another whip. After two whips Ye Mo put away the long whip, at this point there were still people who had not fallen, even a few breaths later, before they flopped to the ground and died.

Eleven people, just with another whip.

The only person standing there, Cui Heng, looked at the blood splattered everywhere and was dumbfounded, was this a human being? Two whips had killed eleven people, and there were even people who had been disembowelled. Was he using a whip or a long knife?

“Is there anyone else here in your big tong? Call them over together, so that I don’t have to go and find them one by one.” Ye Mo looked at the dumbfounded Cui Heng and said with a cold smile.

Cui Heng was stunned for a long time before he said with a pale face: “No no ……” But something even more heartbreaking hún happened, the young man in front of him actually threw several fireballs with his hands, and the lobby, which was bloodstained just a moment ago, was strewn with corpses, had turned into a cloud of flying ashes. Even the few open swords had turned into a charred black ma*s.


Cui Heng tried to control his thoughts from being so absurd, but he couldn’t.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through the place and there were indeed no more people from Daitang, except for some guests who were still entertaining in some private rooms.

“Now I’m going to ask you a few questions, if you don’t answer them well, Li Guang quick will turn into ash slag.” Ye Mo said as he stared at Cui Heng who was still frozen to the side.

Cui Heng winced and finally recovered, but still trembling, wiped the sweat from his forehead and said in a trembling voice: “You asked ……, ……… please ……,,.

The shock of the scene just now is still hitting his senses so strongly that he can’t control his trembling double tuǐ. if the corpses in front of him were not all gone, the air still smelled burnt, and several burnt open swords were still visible, he would really think he was seeing things wrong or still dreaming.

“Did the person who killed Uncle Pei get killed by me?” Ye Mo swept a glance at Cui Heng and asked in a cold voice.

“It has been killed. That is,” Cui Heng was only halfway through his sentence when his words were interrupted by Ye Mo.

“Where is Big Tong’s lair? You take me there immediately, otherwise, you don’t have to say the nose.” Ye Mo’s voice turned colder and colder, he knew that once an outlaw like Cui Heng was brought back to his senses, it would really take means to get him to tell the truth.

The first thing you need to do is to get the truth out.

“Tie Jiang has always been very tough, this time I don’t know why he took the initiative to make this request, Brother Yue was afraid that Tie Lan Shan would make a mothball, so he brought almost all of the elites of Datang to the negotiations.” Cui Heng stopped trembling when he finished, looking like he had slowly recovered from the shock he had just felt. It was just that he was still looking at Ye Mo in fear.

“I’m going to the chemists now, you lead the way, hurry up.” Ye Mo didn’t care about Cui Heng who was in the midst of his shock and palpitations, he directly chided.

Heng did not dare to have any objection. Now it was too late even if he didn’t say anything anyway, since he had already said it, he might as well do it completely.

However, Ye Mo had some guesses as to why Tielanshan wanted to negotiate with Datang, it was because Daoist Idle had been killed by him, so he should probably know something about it. Without Daoist Idle, Tie Jiang was like a tiger without claws, so Tie Lanshan was making the first move.

Once Big Tong’s people knew that Tie Jiang was now without Daoist Idle, Tie Jiang might have to lose even more when the two sides tore their faces apart again.

The negotiations between Tai Tong and Tie Jiang took place in the territory of Xisha. “Xisha is the third largest gang in Hong Kong, apart from Tai Tong and Tie Jiang. Both sides could agree to negotiate in this place.

Nearly forty minutes later, Cui Heng drove his Mercedes to “Xisha’s” territory. The place chosen by both sides was a large sī manor.

When Cui Heng drove the car in, there were already dozens of luxury cars parked outside the manor.

And before Cui Heng’s car could drive in, it was stopped at the entrance.

Ye Mo only had to sweep with his divine sense to know that there were a couple of hundred people here in the open and in the dark, and it looked like a big fight was about to break out at the drop of a hat.

“I’m Cui Heng from Da Tong, I want to see my big brother now.” Cui Heng said to the guard in a hurry.

The guard’s face did not change in the slightest as he said, “There is an important meeting going on inside right now, no one is allowed to enter or leave at will. Please exit the car immediately, otherwise, don’t blame us for being ungracious ………”

This was where the guard’s words stopped, as Ye Mo had already killed him with a wind blade at his leisure.

“You” Cui Heng was so scared that he just said one word, then he didn’t even dare to look at Ye Mo and immediately drove the car inside.

He now knew how ruthless Ye Mo was.

The few big men who were ready to come over and stop him saw Cui Heng talking to the guard and then the car drove in. He did not see the guard fall down and thought that the car was what the guard had let in. So after Cui Heng’s car stopped, no one came over to say anything more.

Cui Heng parked the car and led Ye Mo to the entrance of the main villa with trepidation, when two more people came to stop Ye Mo and Cui Heng.

Ye Mo did not hesitate to knock the two out, this time he did not kill anyone. At the same time, he turned around and knocked Cui Heng unconscious with a palm strike as well. Now was not the time to kill him, at least not until he had found out if this was Tielan Mountain. And he no longer needed Cui Heng to lead the way now, he headed straight for the meeting room.

“Stand still.” The two big men in black at the entrance of the meeting room said as they raised the guns in their hands and pointed them at Ye Mo.

If these two men didn’t use their guns, Ye Mo might have just knocked them out, but what Ye Mo hated most was when someone dared to point a gun at him. He didn’t hesitate to send two fireballs over before he kicked the door of the meeting room!