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DYM Chapter 170

The two men standing behind Zuo Yue suddenly pulled out their year guns from inside their clothes and quickly raised them to aim at Ye Mo with two shots. Ye Mo secretly sighed, it looked like he still had to have some common iron nails on him, otherwise he could definitely kill these two men before they could shoot. While the instantaneous speed of the wind blades could not keep up with the speed of the bullets, the fireballs were even less so.

After the gun went off, all the men l showed surprised expressions, they didn’t expect that they would actually have the chance to shoot in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo suddenly waved his hand and a wall of true essence qi instantly covered his surroundings, the two bullets immediately became slower as they approached the wall of true essence at the fastest speed.

But this was all just under Ye Mo’s divine sense, before anyone else could see clearly, Ye Mo had already clipped up the two bullets and quickly threw them back.

Two more shots rang out, and when these two fired for the second time, Ye Mo’s thrown bullets had already penetrated through the two men’s eyebrows.

Two spots of scarlet spilled out from the two men’s eyebrows, and Ye Mo’s hand happened to squeeze the second bullet shot by these two men. Only then did the two behind Zuo Yue fall to the ground.

There was no one in the meeting room who was not a Jianghu big shot, no one who had not fought and died. Although they had heard of people who could catch bullets, it was the first time they had seen someone actually catch a bullet with their own eyes. Not to mention that the person who caught the bullet could even kill the person who shot him with the bullet he caught.

Some people with insight had already guessed that Ye Mo was a member of the Hidden Sect. No matter how powerful or how many people there were in the mixed dao, they could not compete with the Hidden Sect. If the people of the Hidden Sect did not pursue something different from what they pursued, how could they be sitting here at the meeting?

Although Zuo Yue was ruthless, his back was already overflowing with cold sweat in the face of someone who could kill himself at will. He warned himself that he was Daitang’s big brother, but he could not suppress the fear of death inside him. When others said they would kill him, they might only be threatening and had to worry about being retaliated against, but this man in front of him, who dared to kill even Thousand Dragons, was no different to killing him, Zuo Yue, than eating and drinking water.

The first thing you need to do is to look around and see what you can do.

After sweeping around, Zuo Yue withdrew his daylight in disappointment, it looked like finding help here was impossible. Besides, he had figured out that even if someone came forward to help him, so what? Could it be that he was still stronger than the Thousand Dragon Heads. With Ye Mo’s aura and actions when he came in, Zuo Yue did not doubt for a moment that Thousand Dragon Heads had been killed by him.

“Friend senior,” Zuo Yue clasped his fist, thinking about it and calling him senior instead.

After hesitating for a moment, he could no longer care about his face and said directly, “Senior, although I, Zuo Yue, am the elder brother of Daitang, but the people below are uneven and have offended you, I, Zuo Yue, make amends to you ………… …”

Speaking here to see Ye Mo’s face expression calm and non-committal, Zuo Yue did not dare to let up and continued, “Zuo Mou knows that he has offended senior, senior please say what needs to be done by Zuo Mou.

If you need Zuo Mou’s xìng life, be my guest as well.”

Ye Mo let out a cold laugh when he heard Zuo Yue’s words, he knew that Zuo Yue could not have this kind of death-defying aura, but was completely afraid of death.

Ye Mo suddenly threw out a bullet in his hand, the bullet went straight through Zuo Yue’s left shoulder before he could react.

Zuo Yue’s face grew paler and paler, he didn’t even dare to move, he knew that Ye Mo was going to kill him just now that blow had killed.

“You go back and immediately kill the leaky fish that went to Uncle Pei’s shop. And also immediately disband your what’s-its-name Daitang, and go and pay your respects in front of Uncle Pei’s spirit hall. After you have done that, you can come back to me.” Ye Mo said coldly, he didn’t say that the bullet just now had sealed Zuo Yue’s heart veins.

If Zuo Yue dared not come to him, in just three days’ time, he would die with his heart veins withered. And Ye Mo had calculated that Zuo Yue would not dare to come to him. At most, he would just dissolve Daitang, and he would run away.

So Ye Mo wouldn’t go after him, since he dared to run, just wait to die. In case his prediction was wrong and this Zuo Yue really had the guts to come to him, he didn’t mind sparing his life.

Zuo Yue was wildly happy in his heart, of course he wouldn’t be stupid enough to come after Ye Mo again, he just wanted to leave Ye Mo as far away as possible.

Ye Mo coldly watched as Zuo Yue held his left shoulder and eagerly left, not even asking how he could find himself, Ye Mo knew that he had predicted correctly, this guy was indeed trying to run away.

Looking at Zuo Yue’s eager departure, many people sensed that something was wrong, but Zuo Yue was already overwhelmed by the four words immediately fleeing, so where would he feel that something was wrong. Besides, those who knew it was wrong could not say what exactly was wrong.

The woman in black clothes did look at Ye Mo in surprise, of course she could see Ye Mo’s actions and knew that Ye Mo must have put some means on Zuo Yue, if Zuo Yue didn’t come, he would die. But she also could not see in the slightest what means Ye Mo had actually put down.

None of the bigwigs in the audience felt that Zuo Yue felt ridiculous calling Ye Mo a senior. If someone like Ye Mo was not a senior, then there would be no seniors.

Tian Shou’s face turned blue and white for a while, but in the end his hand didn’t say anything, but sat down.

“Senior, junior Jiao Bian Yi, now in charge of Xisha. I didn’t know senior had arrived, so please bear with me if I’m too slow. Peng Yang is my junior’s brother and has offended senior, so please be generous to senior.” After saying that, Jiao Bian Yi looked towards the slightly thin man who was thrown to the corner by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded and thought to himself that this slightly thin man turned out to be called Peng Yang, and looked like he was from Xisha. He had no intention of killing Peng Yang, and now that Jiao Bian Yi begged for mercy, Ye Mo said casually, “This is none of your business, stand aside.”

However, there was joy on Bian Yi’s face, Ye Mo was letting him off the hook by saying this. At this moment, he would not be stupid enough to argue with Ye Mo, that would be looking for death.

At this moment, the black-clothed woman suddenly stood up and said, following Peng Yang’s tone, “My junior, Xu Yuehua, known as Black Widow Fù in the jianghu, has met senior.”

Once they saw Jiao Bian Yi and Black Widow Fù say this, the bigwigs present stood up one after another and each reported their names and gangs, and for a moment, it was surprisingly orderly.

After listening, Ye Mo really spotted Tie Lan Shan. Tie Lanshan was fifty years old, well maintained, and his eyes were so calm that one could not tell what was going on in his mind at all.

“I, Ye Mo, always aim at not offending me, since I have been provoked, don’t blame me for not being polite. Tie Lan Shan, stand out for me.” Ye Mo’s previous words made everyone present breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that this was the end of Ye Mo, but he unexpectedly asked Tie Lanshan to stand out later. At once all hearts hung in the air, fearing that Ye Mo would find more trouble.

“Senior, junior Tie Lanshan, I wonder what senior Ye wants to see me about?” Ye Mo’s name Tie Lan Shan certainly didn’t know, even the Idle Daoist didn’t necessarily know it.

Although Tie Lanshan was a famous gang leader in Hong Kong, at this moment he had a very respectful expression. Unlike Da Tong’s Zuo Yue, although Tie Lan Shan was respectful, his expression looked calm.

Everyone here knew that the reason why Tie Lanshan was so calm was because he had an extremely strong a*sistant called Idle Daoist. This was also the reason why he could rule the bull’s eye of the Hong Kong triads.

“Because your people have P*ssed me off, I came here on purpose to find you this time.” When Ye Mo saw Tie Lanshan’s appearance, he knew that this man was not simple, he had heard that his nickname was “Iron Rope Hengjiang”. No wonder Wu Xuemin was no match for him, this guy was indeed a character.

“This is the first time I have met senior today, I wonder who has upset him?” Although Tie Lanshan called himself junior, he did not have the fear of Zuo Yue and Jiao Bian Yi because he was still unsure if Daoist Idle had been killed. If Daoist Idle was here, he would not be afraid of anyone.

Even if Ye Mo’s body was very powerful, he, Tie Lan Shan, believed that Ye Mo was not a match for Daoist Idle.

Once Ye Mo took a look at Tie Lan Shan’s expression, he knew that he was still counting on Daoist Idle. With a cold laugh, he said, “That Daoist is one of yours, right? His disciple dug up one of the herbs I planted, so it offended me. By the way, again, that Daoist and his two disciples have been slaughtered by me. Your Iron River in Luo Cang has already been terminated by me.”

Ye Mo’s words hit Tie Lan Shan’s xiōng mouth like a big iron cone, the Idle Daoist had been killed, meaning that his position as the boss was over.

Tie Lanshan subconsciously looked at the bigwigs in the audience, and indeed, he found several people with stern auras in the corners of their eyes.

His heart just sank, and he already hated the few disciples of the Idle Daoist in Luocang to the bone. What kind of person was not good enough to mess with, but had to mess with this Ye Mo.

He didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so powerful that he could even kill Daoist Idle, knowing that Daoist Idle was only one step away from being an earth level expert.

Seeing the cold smile on the corner of Ye Mo’s mouth, Tielanshan winced, he finally experienced Zuo Yue’s mood. No longer having the calmness he had at the beginning, he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead and immediately said, “Senior, I will now take senior to the place where Daoist Idle lives, if the stuff is there, it should still be there now.”

He knew that Daoist Idle’s disciple had shipped back some gra*s sprouts in the Mainland, but he wouldn’t even bother asking about such things, and now that Ye Mo asked about it, of course he remembered.

“Lead the way.” The main purpose of Ye Mo’s visit was to retrieve the “Silver Heart Gra*s”, now that Tie Lan Shan sounded like he knew about it, he was happy in his heart, of course he didn’t want to waste time here.

Seeing Ye Mo and Tielanshan walking out, the people inside the room let out a long breath. To them, Ye Mo was too terrifying and was no longer a threat to any gang.