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DYM Chapter 171

He also found a piece of deep-sea kha ugly wood at the residence of Daoist Idle.

The deep sea wood was not only an excellent material for refining body armour, but could even be added to the flying sword. Once it was added, the defensive effect of the flying sword would be greatly enhanced.

After Ye Mo got the item, he did not kill Tie Lanshan. Tielanshan only had a grudge against Wu Xuemin, and Ye Mo would not care about these grudges. He had already done what Wu Xuemin had asked him to do, and he had even ended the Iron River in Luo Cang. And Ye Mo also knew that the subsequent Tie Jiang would not be as peaceful as before. Perhaps Tie Lan Shan knew it too. It was just that it was no longer something he, Ye Mo, could manage.

Halfway up the mountain villa in Clear Spring Bay.

The middle-aged man who was still frowning knocked on the table and said, “Luo Shen, today is already the sixth day, is there still no news from that doctor?”

Luo Shen, who was standing at the back, immediately said respectfully, “Boss, I have been sending people to keep watch nearby, as long as he approaches near Clear Spring Bay, I can find him.”

“Mo Ping, if he doesn’t come tomorrow, I’ll have to leave Hong Kong. It may be difficult for me to come out again in the future, and I will need you to bother more about Uncle Lai in the future.” The woman sitting next to him, however, spoke up. …… The middle-aged man called Mo Ping had a hint of anger in his eyes, which quickly disappeared and turned to say, “Since Qiang Wei has said so, of course be my guest, I, Mo Ping, dare not interfere with your affairs even more.”

But that was it, the woman had obviously seen it, and only the corners of her mouth showed a slight look of disbelief, but she did not say anything.

After Mo Ping had said this, he breathed out and said again.

“Luo Shen, immediately go and check carefully again, and once you have news of that doctor, come back and report it immediately.”

“Yes.” Luo Shen replied and was just about to go out.

Then a voice interrupted his movements, “No need to go, I’m already here.”

Mo Ping stood up on his feet and looked somewhat straight at Ye Mo for a long time before saying, “You ……”

“I am the internet doctor, here to see the patients. Go see the patients, I have a lot of things to do.” Ye Mo said indifferently, this place was really not simple, there were people guarding from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside, I don’t know what kind of person the owner of this house was. However, Ye Mo was sure that he should not be someone from the Dao, otherwise he should not be missing from last night’s meeting.

The person who could get under her nose and not let her find out that he was here was definitely a master among masters.

It was only then that Ye Mo noticed the woman called Qiang Wei, less than thirty, with a melon face and light make-up that showed the woman’s excellence. The only thing that made Ye Mo uncomfortable was that the lines at the corners of her eyes were too hard, and she looked much less feminine.

What surprised him even more was that he actually found out that this woman was an expert, although slightly worse than the Idle Daoist, but definitely stronger than Wu Qiang.

“Who are you?” …… Rose asked subconsciously.

“A doctor’s appointment.” Ye Mo replied.

Qiang Wei frowned and said again, “I mean who the hell are you? Why can’t even I perceive how you got in? ” Ye Mo swept a glance at Qiang Wei, “Do you still want to treat the disease, if not I’ll leave.” There was no answer to Qiang Wei’s words at all, what this woman said was somewhat inexplicable, who was he and what did it matter to her?

By now Mo Ping had reacted and said in a hurry.

“Yes, yes, doctor, this way please. My name is Mo Ping, I am the one who invited you on the internet.” After saying that, he hurriedly led Ye Mo into the temple behind the villa.

When Qiang Wei heard Ye Mo’s tone, she was about to get angry at once, but after thinking about it, she didn’t say anything, it wouldn’t be too late to find trouble with Ye Mo after he was cured.

Ye Mo had already seen the man lying on the bed, his face was waxy and thin, he was around fifty years old, unconscious, and two nurses were looking after him next to him.

Mo Ping told the two nurses to go out before he said to Ye Mo in a respectful manner, “Doctor, this is my uncle Mo Kang. He has been in a coma for over two years, he is in a coma because of the grant …… Ye Mo interrupted Mo Ping, “There is no need to say the rest, you go out now, I want to see the doctor.

“Doctor, I have to go out too?” Mo Ping asked with some surprise, in his opinion it is not an operation, what is the need for him to go out than?

Of course Ye Mo would not let anyone know that he was using a cultivation spell, so naturally he would not let Mo Ping stay in here.

Seeing that Ye Mo was silent, Mo Ping had to sigh and said, “Alright, I’ll go out, how long will it take and what else do I need to prepare?”

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “There is no need for anything, you guys can just go out. I will come out myself when I am done healing, I am not sure of the time, if anyone disturbs me while I am healing, you will be responsible for the consequences.”

Qiang Wei, who had wanted to see how Ye Mo would treat, was now inexplicably driven away by Ye Mo, and her discomfort in her heart grew stronger, not to mention how twisted she was, feeling that this doctor was really a bit too much.

After the two of them went out, Ye Mo closed the door and checked out the temple. There was something strange in his heart, why did he have to live inside the temple when he didn’t live in a nice villa? But these were not things he should care about.

After confirming again that there was no surveillance, he then looked at the man lying on the sickbed. Ye Mo reached out and squeezed the man’s hand pulse, which was beating slowly but did not stop.

After his true qi checked inside this man’s body for a while, Ye Mo immediately knew that this man was not a vegetable at all, but had been blackmailed. Just like Zhuo Aiguo’s son, the difference was that the person who did it was very cautious and only made this man become like a vegetable and did not want him to die.

Ye Mo checked that the man’s body had been tampered with, forcibly preventing him from waking up. He could only be in a coma. The person who did this was not only of a low internal qi cultivation level, but was also very proficient in medicine.

Unlike Zhuo Huatang’s illness, Zhuo Huatang had only artificially and randomly left a trace of internal qi in his mind. Even the effect of this ma*s of internal qi was simply ignored, meaning that whether Zhuo Huatang lived or died had nothing to do with the person who did it. And although this patient was also artificial, it was intentional to make the patient a vegetable. The means is much higher than the person who did it to Zhuo Huatang.

Moreover, Ye Mo was sure that it was this person who did it who was not even sure if he could make the patient recover. It could be said that if he was not a cultivator with divine sense and even true qi cultivated to the point where he could do whatever he wanted, he would not be able to treat this vegetative patient.

Although Ye Mo knew that it was man-made, he nevertheless did not care, even if he had cured this man’s illness. So what if the person who did it was looking for him? If you take money from someone, you are not afraid of trouble, besides, he, Ye Mo, was not afraid of anyone coming looking for him.

Ye Mo took out a set of silver needles and instantly inserted them all over the patient’s chest and brain. Under the operation of his true qi, several of the man’s nervous systems that were blocked by the combined force of drugs and internal qi were activated by Ye Mo, while under the repair of his true qi, they began to slowly recover their functions.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo withdrew the silver needles and let out a breath.

He knew that the man was no longer in trouble. Although the man had no more problems, Ye Mo still had a few questions to ask the man, and he knew that the man would automatically wake up in ten minutes at most.

Sure enough, in less than ten minutes, the man opened his eyes, and when he saw Ye Mo, his eyes showed disbelief and eagerness, and he immediately wanted to sit up, but he couldn’t help but lie in bed for too long, and even if Ye Mo helped him recover from the treatment, he still couldn’t get up now.

“Who are you?” The man asked as he saw that he couldn’t get up, so he had to lie on the bed.

Ye Mo, however, said: …… “You have been in a coma for three years, and I was the one who saved you from waking up just now, so you can consider me the doctor who saved you from waking up.”

The man frowned as if he was thinking about something, and sure enough not too long after that his face changed drastically and he immediately said, “Where am I? How can you save me?”

Seeing this expression on his face, Ye Mo knew that he should have remembered something. Seeing this, he could only say, “This is Clear Spring Bay, a private residence in Hong Kong. As for me, I am a doctor who was hired by your nephew Mo Ping to help you with your treatment. According to him you’ve been in a coma for over two years.”

Hong Kong? Mo Ping? So it had come out, who had sent me out?

Suddenly the man once again looked at Ye Mo in disbelief and said, “Impossible, you absolutely can’t treat my illness. I know my illness myself, I know it myself ……”

The man’s voice got lower and lower, and finally his eyes showed despair and sadness.

Ye Mo frowned and said again, “I’m a doctor, I pay for cures, I don’t need you to admit that I cured you, someone will automatically pay me later, I just ask you one thing. Who was actually able to combine internal qi and medical skills so perfectly that they could even turn you into a vegetable? Of course, if you don’t want to talk about it, forget it. Also, this illness of yours might not really be treatable by anyone other than me.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the man once again looked at Ye Mo in amazement and said, “You know that my illness is man-made? You really saved me? Not ……”

At the end of his sentence the man did not continue, as if he remembered something.

Ye Mo stood up, he was ready to go out, since this man didn’t want to talk, he didn’t want to waste time, he took the money and left.

“Wait, I’ll tell you.” The man suddenly called out to stop Ye Mo.

Seeing Ye Mo stop, he then continued to say.

“I was indeed victimised, and since this is Hong Kong Clear Spring Bay, then it should be fine. Is there anyone else here apart from Mo Ping?”

“Ye Mo thought about what he had just heard and said casually, “There is also a woman called Qiang Wei, and another one called Luo Shen.”

“What, she’s actually here too?” This patient once again exclaimed in shock.