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DYM Chapter 172

Ye Mo just wanted to know who had done this illness to Mo Kang, and when he heard what Mo Kang said he realised that Mo Kang had also returned from the Hidden Sect.

Twenty-three years ago, Mo Kang was already a wealthy man in Hong Kong. And it was that year that he met Xia Rou, who had come to train among the red earth. Xia Rou was a member of the Xia Clan, but she came out for training and fell in love with Mo Kang, and the two of them were engaged for life.

The year was low and Xia Rou had to return to her family to participate in the triennial competition of the Hidden Clan, but she never came back. Mo Kang immediately tried to find Xia Rou, but although Xia Rou told him how to enter the Hidden Sect, he was still unable to find it.

But Mo Kang did not give up. He tried again and again, over and over again, spending countless efforts and money, and finally found a way to enter the Xia Clan in his sixteenth year.

But when he found the Xia Clan, he realised that Xia Rou had married more than ten years earlier. He was outraged, not to mention that he could not get out at all now, even if he could. He also wanted to find Xia Rou and ask her why she had betrayed him, knowing that she was already pregnant when she left. Mo Kang also wanted to ask where that child was.

It was just that Mo Kang, a man who had entered the Hidden Sect in the secular world, had no status in the Xia family at all. He had toiled for four years at the lowest level before he finally found out that Xia Rou was married to Zhang Feng Zhi of the Hongwu Hall. But without waiting for him to find the Hongwu Hall, he had already been a*sa*sinated and turned into a vegetable.

After hearing Mo Kang’s words, Ye Mo secretly sighed, this Mo Kang was also considered a love child, only that Xia Rou was a bit heartless and unintentional.

Suddenly thinking of Qiang Wei, Ye Mo immediately asked, “Do you know what Qiang Wei is?”

Mo Kang sighed and said, “Qiang Wei is Xia Rou’s younger sister, she got married ten years ago, but before she reached her husband’s house, her husband died, so it can be said that she is equivalent to a widow. She has returned to the Xia family very rarely, I just don’t know how she came back this time and sent me out.”

Hearing Mo Kang’s words, Ye Mo smiled coldly, although he didn’t know the specifics, but with Mo Kang’s situation, to say that Xia Rou didn’t know, he absolutely didn’t believe it. Moreover, if Xia Rou didn’t know, how could Xia Qiangwei send Mo Kang out? This Mok Kang is too deeply in love to see this simple truth. Maybe it is the matter of Mok Kang getting a vegetable that is still related to Xia Rou.

Or without Xia Rou, how could Mo Kang, an outsider, live in the Xia family for several years? Even the most lowly houseboy couldn’t have done it, right?

As for why Mo Kang had to live in the temple, Ye Mo didn’t ask any more questions, thinking that it should be Qiang Wei’s idea, he didn’t need to know.

“Do you know how to enter the Hidden Sect?” This was the thing that Ye Mo was most concerned about.

Mo Kang shook his head for a long time before saying, “She only told me how to enter the Xia Clan, and as for the other sects, she didn’t tell me. I swore to her that I wouldn’t tell anyone. Although she betrayed me, I still don’t want to break that vow.”

To Mo Kang saying this, Ye Mo could do nothing but ask, “Then do you know about the three-year grand competition? I heard that it’s going to be held once this year right, isn’t it the Immeasurable Mountain?”

Mo Kang looked at Ye Mo somewhat strangely and said, “You actually know that the Grand Competition is at the Immeasurable Mountain?”

But the strange expression was only for a moment, but then he shook his head and said, “In the past, the Grand Competition was held at Immeasurable Mountain, but the year I first arrived at the ‘Xia Clan’, I heard that the Grand Competition was no longer held at Immeasurable Mountain. I heard that the next competition will be held in five years’ time, which should be next year. The competition seems to be held in a city in the world, but I don’t know where exactly.”

However, Ye Mo frowned and said, “At that time, Daoist Idle said that it was in the Immeasurable Mountain, why did he lie to himself? There was no need for him to lie to himself at all.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning, Mo Kang however said, “The Immeasurable Mountain is said to be a place where the largest number of hidden sects gather, and many powerful hidden sects are located there, ordinary people can’t get in at all, and even in case they get in, it’s said to be hard to get out again.”

Ye Mo stood up, although he hadn’t inquired about anything useful, he had finally gained some more information about what was going on in the hidden sects.

Seeing that Ye Mo was ready to say goodbye, Mo Kang hurriedly said, “I know you are a capable person, since you are inquiring about the Hidden Sect, it means that you want to go in. I wonder if you know about the ‘Spiritual Sensing Stone’?”

Ye Mo was stunned “Of course he knew about the ‘Spiritual Sensing Stone’, it was the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’. He had refined a storage ring just because he had obtained the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’, and this was still because his cultivation was limited and there were not many ‘Empty Meditation Stones’, the ring only had three cubic meters. Once there were enough ’empty meditation stones’ and his cultivation level had increased, he could purify the ’empty meditation stones’ to a higher level and refine a larger storage ring.

At this moment, Mo Kang talked about the ’empty meditation stone’ and of course he immediately became interested.

Seeing that Ye Mo was really interested in the ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’, Mo Kang showed a smile of relief and said, “You can help me cure my illness, and I don’t think it’s enough to pay any amount of money. It’s best if you know this stone, I’ll know where to find this stone.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Not bad, this stone is of great use to me, please tell me about it.”

Mo Kang, however, shook his head and said, “I don’t know the exact name of the place, but I know the map of where this thing is located and I heard that it is in the middle of the Immeasurable Mountain. Back then, when I was at Xia, I often stole some skills because I lived at the bottom of the hierarchy, and wanted to practise some self-defence tricks.

One time, I had just finished practising martial arts in an open area when I saw two young men coming. Their conversation I still remember now, the younger one’s told the older man that he had found a place with a ‘spirit sensing stone’ and that there were many valuable medicinal herbs there. It was just that he couldn’t go in alone, he needed two people to work together, and he took out a map.

The older man immediately showed an expression of surprise and immediately agreed to the younger youth. Just as the two were about to leave, the older man suddenly took out a short knife and stabbed the younger man in the waist. The younger man did not expect to be backstabbed by his companion, and as he was dying, he fished out a dagger from somewhere and stabbed the older man.

These two died together before I secretly searched away the map, which I had memorized over and over again. I will draw it for you, there is absolutely no mistake.” Mo Kang finished and gestured for Ye Mo to get a pen and paper.

Ye Mo knew from Mo Kang’s expression that he shouldn’t be lying, so he casually took out white paper and a pen and placed it in front of Mo Kang.

“Huh, where did you take this out from? Not a single crease?” Mo Kang looked at the white paper in his hand, looked at it carefully, and then asked in a very strange manner.

Ye Mo smiled without saying anything.

Mo Kang immediately understood that it was not good to say what he had, and the same was certainly true for others. So he stopped asking and carefully drew the map he had memorised and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took it in his hand and looked at it carefully, it was the middle of a valley cliff. It did look difficult, but if there really was an ’empty meditation stone’ here with Ye Mo’s current divine sense, he would definitely be able to find it.

Carefully putting the diagram away, Ye Mo said, “So thank you very much, I’ll take my leave.”

“Wait I’ll see you out.” Mo Kang was about to stand up.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Brother Mo, although I treated your illness, if what you say about this is true, then I have taken advantage of you. I won’t be pretentious, so you don’t need to give it away. But let me also remind you, isn’t that Qiang Wei the sister of Xia Rou. I suggest that you’d better pretend to be unconscious, and when she’s gone, it’s fine for you to wake up, so goodbye.”

Mo Kang stared blankly at Ye Mo’s back as he went out, but in his heart, he was thinking, what did he mean by that? Why did he tell himself to hide Qiang Wei? Could it be that Qiang Wei had something to do with this matter?

Mo Kang suddenly had some clarity, what would Qiang Wei, a woman from the high and mighty Hidden Sect, have to do to send him out? Even if it was by the way, it was impossible. If there was no one to entrust her with this, would she do such a thing?

Who could entrust Qiang Wei? Xia Rou? Or was it Zhang Fengzhi? A bright light flashed inside Mo Kang’s mind, as if he was about to remember something, but there was always something missing. He suddenly felt that what Ye Mo said was right, no matter what, he could not tell Qiang Wei about his waking up.

If it was Xia Rou who had entrusted Qiang Wei to send him out, then why did she have someone send him out when she knew that his illness was untreatable. If it was Zhang Fengzhi who had entrusted Qiangwei to do this, it meant that he and Xia Rou had already agreed on something, so it was even more important that he, Mo Kang, could not reveal that he had woken up.

Although there were still a lot of things he hadn’t figured out, there was at least one thing he could be sure of, and that was that Xia Ruo most likely knew about his condition. That doctor had obviously seen it, and he was so carefully and deliberately minded.

Seeing Ye Mo walking out, the anxious Mo Ping immediately rushed up and asked eagerly, “How is it, doctor? How is my uncle?”

Ye Mo saw that Mo Ping’s concern was indeed genuine concern, and it looked like he still cared a lot about this uncle of his. He shook his head somewhat helplessly and said, “The situation is a bit difficult, we can’t revive him yet, but I’ll think of something when I go back.”

As expected hearing Ye Mo’s words, Mo Ping’s eyes showed extreme disappointment and he immediately went into the temple. The matter of reward was not even mentioned.

The woman named Rose showed a hint of sarcasm at the corner of her mouth and said with a cold snort, “Thought you were so capable, but it looks like that’s all.”

Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to her, turned around and walked away, heading straight down the mountain. If what Mo Kang said was true, the reward he had received could not be more than that.

“Stop.” The woman named Rosebud, however, suddenly called out to Ye Mo.