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DYM Chapter 178

Ye Mo knocked on the table before he said slowly, “Messing around is already the lightest for me, maybe I won’t just mess around.”

After saying that he stood up, now that he was at the third level of Qi training, if the Ou family made a move, he was prepared to immediately destroy the Ou family, then go and destroy the Song family, and then go straight to find the Hidden Sect. Although he also knew that with his current skills, he would not be able to curry favour among the Hidden Sect, but he believed that he would still have no problem in saving his one life.

“Wait, if there are any conditions you can mention directly, I will see if I can help you achieve them.” When Han Zaixin saw that Ye Mo was leaving, he finally sat down a little, in his opinion, if Ye Mo really left, it would be a thousand times harder to find him again.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, thinking that he was really trapped, he looked back at Han Zaixin and said, “The one who followed behind you last time was your granddaughter, right?”

Han Zaixin’s heart twitched, could it be that he had taken a fancy to his granddaughter? He said, “You don’t have to think about my granddaughter, she’s from an extraordinary background, so ordinary people can’t think about her. Although you are not bad, but in my opinion, alas, it is still a bit difficult.”

Of course Han Zai Xin knew that it was a bit difficult for his granddaughter to find someone from the secular world to marry, but he admired Ye Mo’s skills, if he really looked at his granddaughter, yet he didn’t mind helping out, this young man was not bad.

However, Ye Mo laughed once again, “Old Han you are overly concerned, how would I dare to have thoughts about someone so outstanding as your granddaughter, besides, I already have a woman in mind, so you shouldn’t worry about that, Old Han.”

“Then what do you mean?” Han Zaixin asked in annoyance.

Ye Mo said, “If I’m not wrong, your granddaughter should be from the Hidden Sect, right? My first condition is simple, of course, is that your granddaughter can take me into the Hidden Sect after I finish the matter. Just go in and that’s it, nothing else will bother her.”

“You’re dreaming.” An ice-cold Han Yan walked out, she had been hiding behind the screen. Hearing Ye Mo’s request, she hurriedly stood out, she was afraid that her grandfather wouldn’t know the lightness of the situation and would agree to this condition.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and did not say anything. He already knew where Han Yan was hiding, if he could use Han Yan’s means to enter the Hidden Sect, perhaps he could save a lot of time. Considering that it had taken Mo Kang, who was so rich, sixteen years to get in even though he knew the route and how to get in, Ye Mo was a little worried about entering the Hidden Sect.

Han Zaixin waved his hand and said, “Don’t mention this, it’s not something that Yan’er can decide, if Yan’er takes you into the Hidden Sect, she won’t be able to get away herself, tell us about your second condition.”

However, Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Since the first condition was not even negotiated, why talk about the second one? I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Han Zaixin’s mouth twitched a few times, thinking to himself that this guy was really oily, turning back to Han Yan and saying, “Take out that ore of yours and show it to him.”

Hearing the ore, Ye Mo’s ears twitched and he immediately focused his attention.

Han Yan walked back somewhat helplessly and took out a wooden box, opened it up inside there was a light green coloured ore that looked somewhat like jade, but Ye Mo knew at a glance that it was not jade.

Ye Mo reached out and took the stone over, and immediately said under his divine sense checking it out, “Green Silver Sand?”

“You know this stone? It’s obviously a stone why is it called sand?” Han Yan asked subconsciously.

Ye Mo put down the stone and said, “This stone is useless to you, you can give it to me, even if it’s my first condition.” If he had this piece of ore, Ye Mo would only have two less materials to refine his flying sword.

Han Yan snorted coldly and said, “A good thing is of no use to me, you’re really arrogant. Tell me, why is this boulder called sand?”

Ye Mo explained, “Of course it’s called sand, do you think sand is just very small? I’ve seen big green silver sands that are too much bigger than this, there are a dozen as big as this.”

Han Yan clearly showed a look of disbelief, this man was really good at talking big. If Grandpa didn’t think so highly of him, he would simply have to teach him a lesson himself. Although he was a good fighter, he should still be far from her. However, Grandpa had said that he could not accomplish this matter by himself and had to ask for Ye Mo’s help.

Han Zai Xin laughed, “Fine, that’s for you, tell us your second condition.”

Ye Mo, however, said, “The second condition, of course, is to sweep the Ou family out of the top echelons of Yanjing. If this condition cannot be done, I would rather not have your Green Silver Sand.”

Not wanting the green silver sand that was absolutely impossible, Ye Mo meant to see just how big Han Zaixin’s energy was, and if it wasn’t big enough, he would take matters into his own hands. The Ou family was a little more terrifying than the Song family because Ye Mo could tell from Ou Jinlong’s expression that he was an arrogant person.

The Song family wouldn’t dare to move anyone else until they did something to themselves, whereas the Ou family would probably move someone else before they moved themselves, at least Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng were still in Yanjing.

Han Zaixin was silent for a long time before saying: “The Ou family is not enough to worry about, and it would be fine to move them, but the Ou family has one civil and one military. The reason why we haven’t moved him now is because of another member of the Ou family, his name is Ou Xu Hu.

Ou Xu Hu is a madman, he comes from a hidden family and is not reasonable at all. Even we can’t do anything about him, he kills people and flees to the Hidden Sect and comes back after a while, I don’t know why he can go in and out of the Hidden Sect at will. Forget about Yanjing in the first place, let’s not talk about that.

And his skills, I reckon, are a bit higher than yours, even Yan’er is not necessarily a match for him. So until we do something about Ou Xuhu, we won’t touch the Ou family, but I can step in to help you mediate the Ou family’s affairs.”

Ye Mo said with a cold smile, “No need, I’ll sort it out myself.”

“This time I am sincerely advising you, Ye Mo, although you are good, I feel that you are still a bit short of Ou Xuhu, once you completely anger the Ou family, if Ou Xuhu strikes, it will be a no-win situation.” Han Zaixin said with some concern.

It would have been good to use Ou Xuhu to complete this matter, but this guy was a brainless or outright crazy person, and another one was from the Ou family.

Ye Mo didn’t answer Han Zaixin, but said to himself, “I’m going back to Luo Cang once.”

“Didn’t you say you agreed to help me once? Why are you still going back to Luo Cang now? What I want you to help me with hasn’t been said yet.” Han Zaixin said in a hurry.

Ye Mo said in his heart that he had gone back to Luo Cang, the matter of the Ou family over here had not yet been resolved, and now another Ou Xu Hu had come out, once this tiger was really reckless, it was really hard to say. Although he himself was sometimes reckless, he still had his senses and did things with a purpose. But this Ou Xuhu was a madman, and when he did something, it would be useless to kill him.

Thinking of this Ye Mo said, “You should know where I used to live in Ninghai, right?”

“I know this.” Han Zai Xin’s old face was a little red, he had already investigated Ye Mo clearly, not to mention that Ye Mo had lived in Ninghai, even the fact that Ye Mo had disguised himself as Shi Ying in Ninghai was not hidden from him.

Ye Mo also knew that Han Zaixin would definitely investigate him, and he didn’t care, instead he said, “You send someone with me to get some gra*s sprouts and help me plant them inside the flower bed at my residence in Ninghai. Oh, and just tell Xu Wei inside that I planted them, so she can do me a favour and look after them for a few days.”

“Of course you can do that.” Han Jae-sung agreed without hesitation.

“Good, then I’ll go first, so get ready to help take care of the Ou family. Don’t let me do it, when I do it it won’t be in the way you think, I’ll deal with Ou Xuhu. When I’m done dealing with the Ou family, you can come back and talk to me about what needs to be done.” Ye Mo turned around and left after he finished speaking, not forgetting to take the piece of green silver sand with him of course.

Seeing that he was so persuasive, Ye Mo was still determined to go deal with the Ou Family and even to deal with Ou Xuhu, Han Zaixin wanted to say something, but in the end, he said nothing.

“Grandpa, do you want me to go along and help him?” Han Yan saw Ye Mo say that he was going to deal with Ou Xuhu, but knew that Ou Xuhu was not a simple person.

Han Zaixin shook his head and said, “If he can really deal with Ou Xuhu, the Ou family will take the opportunity to pluck us this time. If he is not a match for Ou Xuhu and still disobeys the advice to deal with him, it would be harmful for him to participate in this matter and let it go. I can only say that I have misjudged the person, a person who is so impulsive cannot take on this mission of mine.”

“But grandpa, I feel that this Ye Mo is not only impulsive, but also a very impulsive kind of person.” Han Yan however said.

Han Zai Xin shook his head, “Not necessarily, although Ye Mo is impulsive, he doesn’t necessarily have to be a very impulsive kind of person. Besides, the Ou family has already decided to make a move against Ye Mo this time, I just haven’t said anything to him yet. Originally, I wanted to use this mission to transfer him away from Yanjing and escape the hands of Ou Xuhu. Since he must fight, let’s see how strong he really is.”

“Grandpa, what if he can really kill Ou Xuhu?” Han Yan suddenly felt that Ye Mo was not such a simple person, from the time Ye Mo came in today without even noticing her, she sensed that she didn’t seem to have completely seen through him.

“If Ou Xuhu is really not Ye Mo’s opponent, then things will be fine. There are things that really need to be sorted out. The Hidden Sect, alas, is a big hidden problem. Although they don’t come out to fight for power, every once in a while one or two people come out and can immediately upset the balance.” Han Zaixin sighed, seemingly muttering to himself, and seemingly saying something to Han Yan.

After a long time, Han Zaixin stood up again and said, “Whether or not Ye Mo can succeed, there can be no lack of preparation here. Yan’er, I’m going out for something. Once Ye Mo comes again, it means that he has taken care of Ou Xuhu, then you can tell him what happened. If he doesn’t come …… forget it.”