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DYM Chapter 179

When Ye Mo returned home, Yun Bing was not at home. After he handed the gra*s sprouts to the man Han Zaixin had sent, he was about to make a phone call to Yun Bing when the door unexpectedly opened without a breeze. At the door stood a sturdy man in his thirties, with long hair and a wide forehead, if it wasn’t for the pair of triangular eyes, he would have looked quite heroic and uncommon. But the pair of triangular eyes immediately spoiled the overall feeling and made the man look somewhat violent.

“You have some nerve, to dare to go to my Ou family and make a scene.” The man’s voice was low, but there was something shrill in the low tone, making it uncomfortable to listen to.

Ye Mo stopped the movement in his hand and looked at the man standing in the doorway, sizing him up for a good while before he said indifferently, “You’re Ou Xu Hu? Not bad, your Ou family’s movements are quite fast, coming so soon.”

“Not bad, I am Ou Xuhu, young man, you do have a lot of guts, but if you treat my Ou family like a soft egg like the Song family, you can just wait for death. Twenty-one years ago there was a big family in Yanjing that was not in the least inferior to the current five big families, do you know how they disappeared? That’s right, it seems you have thought of it, it was me and my senior brother who killed them all in one night, regardless of the old and young. It looks like it’s your Ye family’s turn today, don’t worry, I’ll do a clean job, at most I’ll huā is just not come out for another year.” The corners of Ou Xu Hu’s mouth seemed to still have a smile on it, but there was not the slightest hint of laughter in his cold tone of voice.

Ye Mo’s eye brows twisted, thinking that this guy was so ruthless, even if he intended to exterminate the Song family, he did not intend to exterminate the whole family, at most, he would only kill the main figures of the Song family. At most, he would just kill the main figures of the Song family and drive them out of Yanjing, and that was all. This guy actually did not differentiate between the old and the young it could be seen that he was much thicker and darker than himself.

From any angle, Ye Mo already had no intention of letting this Ou Xuhu go, this guy was too poisonous, and the senior brother he mentioned was also poisonous. This kind of person should be beaten and killed immediately once he made a move, otherwise there would be endless consequences.

“You just came here?” Ye Mo suddenly thought of Yun Bing, they were not here, could they have been taken away by the people of the Ou family.

Ou Xuhu sneered” “Sure enough, you are a man who can’t become a big man, we martial arts practitioners want women whenever and wherever we want, to think of a woman even now.

The fact is that the company’s business is not only a good one, but also a good one. This was clearly a shrewd guy who couldn’t be more shrewd, and didn’t match his appearance at all.

Ye Mo panted, if he was really a reckless madman perhaps he would have been killed long ago, where would he be today. It looked like Han Zai Xin was also deceived by this guy’s pretend appearance.

“To go somewhere to do it, lead the way.” Whether Yun Bing was taken away by the Ou family again or not, he had to take care of Ou Xu Hu first now.

“Have the guts.” After Ou Xuhu finished speaking, he surprisingly did not look at Ye Mo and went straight downstairs.

Ye Mo closed the door and followed Ou Xuhu to his car, not asking another word before or after. He could tell that this Ou Xuhu was very powerful, but he always felt that Ou Xuhu was slightly inferior to Idle Daoist. He had killed Daoist Idle, so he would not care about a mere Ou Xuhu. However, twenty-one years ago he was at most a teenager and could kill the old, the weak and the young without blinking an eye, so it is clear that this guy is a ruthless person to the extreme, this kind of person does not go to the cultivation world to mix, what a waste.

Ou Xuhu seemed to know that Ye Mo would follow him over, got into an SUV and drove straight to the suburbs in a frenzy. He knew that Ye Mo must have a few moves, and making a move in Yanjing was too big and not conducive to his move to exterminate the Ye family after he did so.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept to see that Ou Xuhu appeared to have bare hands and empty fists but his real weapon was a short sword, which was more than a foot long and was placed at his xiōng mouth. The one foot long sword was covered by his clothes and could not be seen in any way.

Ou Xuhu didn’t drive the car much farther just out of the city, it stopped next to a remote abandoned drainage station. Perhaps to him, it was only a matter of minutes to destroy Ye Mo.

Ou Xuhu stepped out of the car and watched Ye Mo get down, but said with a cold smile, “There is no need to say your last words, because your Ye family will end today. But don’t worry about Yun Bing, although I didn’t take her first, I’m curious to know what it’s like to be on the chuáng by a woman you’re so fond of.”

Ye Mo suddenly closed his eyes, as if Ou Xuhu was air in front of him.

“D*mn it, looking for death.” Ou Xuhu was so angry that he suddenly stepped forward and punched at Ye Mo’s xiōng mouth, the wind of his fist was already blowing before the man arrived.

Ye Mo’s divine sense had swept up Ou Xuhu’s anger, he shook his head, he definitely did not believe that Ou Xuhu was so easily angered. Just now he had already told Ye Mo that he was not only a man with a deep city, but also a Jiān deceitful and cunning person.

But no matter what Ou Xuhu did, he had underestimated Ye Mo. In his mind, he thought that Ye Mo would just take care of it with a few casual strokes, so there was no need to nag him. He just didn’t expect that in Ye Mo’s eyes, he was just as much of a casual solution.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo struck out with his fist and collided with Ou Xuhu’s smashing fist.

The corner of Ou Xuhu’s mouth showed a fierce smile, this kid was looking for death, he dared to fight him fist to fist.

Originally, his fist was a false move, ready to cut Ye Mo in half with a sword while he was dodging the la.

He didn’t like to waste time, although he could still kill Ye Mo without moving his short sword, but he would never look for complicated ways when he could kill his opponent more simply.

Now that Ye Mo had dared to fight him, Ou Xuhu suddenly turned his false move into a real one, and even more so, he smashed Ye Mo’s xiōng mouth with ten percent of his strength. He was certain that he would smash Ye Mo’s arm to pieces inch by inch, and the residual momentum could also flatten Ye Mo’s xiōng mouth.

The instant Ou Xuhu’s fist collided with Ye Mo’s fist, he immediately knew that it was no good. The internal qi carried on Ye Mo’s fist was surprisingly more pure than the internal qi he had punched out, even more than a little or two points pure.

Ye Mo was an internal expert, and definitely an internal expert from the Hidden Sect. This thought instantly reacted to Ou Xu Hu, and a cold sweat immediately broke out on his back. He had underestimated Ye Mo, not underestimated, but too much. He shouldn’t have used ten percent of his strength in one punch just now, he should have at least left some room for manoeuvre.

If he had left some leeway in his punch, he would have been able to change his move or even take out his short sword and kill Ye Mo unexpectedly.

Now it was absolutely impossible to change his move, Ye Mo’s fist had already collided with him.

Ou Xuhu only felt as if his fist had struck a steel with explosive force, but that was not the end of it, the steel actually stretched out after shattering his fist bone, and finally grabbed his fist completely with a fierce blow.

If he hadn’t changed his stance just now and continued with this false move, and then used his short sword to sneak attack Ye Mo, he would have been able to count on Ye Mo in 10**.

Even if he didn’t sneak attack, as long as he didn’t underestimate Ye Mo and fought him squarely he didn’t think Ye Mo would be his opponent.

But there was only one chance, and he wasted this chance and destroyed his left hand. He didn’t expect Ye Mo’s internal qi to be so pure was this still internal qi? He had never heard of anyone cultivating their internal qi so pure and deep, perhaps this was not internal qi.

Ou Xuhu’s thoughts stopped there, before his body could retreat, the moment his fist bone was shattered by Ye Mo, he heard a “click” sound, as if a branch was broken.

The pain was so intense that Ou Xuhu’s heart sank and he knew that his hand had been broken. But this was not the most frightening thing for him. The most frightening thing was that he saw that his left palm had disappeared. Ye Mo had actually ripped off his palm.

A single missed move had led to such a consequence. Ou Xuhu looked at his wrist that was still dripping blood, his forehead veins were rippling, his eyes were lined with a crazy and hideous look, and he raised his right fist to smash at Ye Mo again seemingly regardless of the consequences.

Ye Mo coldly laughed at the fact that this guy still wanted to do the same move that he didn’t finish the first time, others didn’t know that he had a short sword hidden in his xiōng mouth, did he not know it himself? Ye Mo was sure that Ou Xu Hu had a way to pull out the short sword in an instant and stab himself, otherwise he wouldn’t be so confident in his short sword.

Ye Mo still didn’t have any dodge and once again struck out with a punch. The corners of Ou Xuhu’s mouth lined up with a fierce smile Ye Mo broke one of his wrists, he wouldn’t be willing until he broke Ye Mo into pieces.

However, he soon felt that something was wrong again. A cold, cold wind swept directly towards his right wrist. He only felt a cold wind, but did not see any hidden weapon.

Could it be an illusion. Ou Xuhu’s eyes were ruthless, even if it was a concealed weapon, this punch was going to make him react and then kill him with his short sword.

The next moment, Ou Xuhu’s heart and guts split as he found his right wrist had fallen to the ground for no apparent reason, his fist still squeezed, only turning pale. The blood on his wrist had dripped off his nose.

A concealed weapon? That cold wind just now was really a concealed weapon, and even such a powerful one.

Ou Xuhu screamed furiously inside, he did not expect to lose, and he lost so completely and so easily.

“Before Ou Xuhu could say “Who the hell are you?”, he was kicked in the xiōng mouth.

“Poof,” Ou Xuhu spurted out several mouthfuls of blood and collapsed to the ground. His internal organs had been completely shattered by the kick, at this moment he only had one thought, what profound internal qi, how on earth did he cultivate this?

“I’m not willing” Ou Xuhu spurted out several mouthfuls of blood and shouted somewhat hoarsely.

Ye Mo walked up and pulled out a short sword from inside his underwear and said with a cold smile, “You’re not willing because you haven’t used your short sword yet, are you?”

“You,” Ou Xuhu was completely dumbfounded, how did he know that this was his killer?!