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DYM Chapter 189

Seemingly stunned by Ye Mo’s ghostly figure, the four people in the car all picked up the guns in their hands. The one at the head of the group was surprisingly an unusually beautiful looking young woman.

“Wen Dong ……” Ye Mo suddenly felt a tinge of guilt, although Wen Dong’s death had nothing to do with him, the fact that she was tortured like this must have been caused by not wanting to reveal the whereabouts of the information.

Wen Dong slowly opened her eyes as Ye Mo’s true essence forcibly recovered. When she saw Ye Mo, she seemed stunned for a moment and quickly said in a voice so low that even Ye Mo couldn’t hear it, “Ye Mo, I’m sorry for dragging you into this. ‘Bei Sha’ is looking for the whereabouts of the information, you hurry up and leave, I didn’t say ……”

Just these few words used up all of Wen Dong’s strength and vitality. Her head fell into Ye Mo’s arms and slowly closed her eyes.

Ye Mo suddenly felt a void, Wen Dong didn’t die because of him, but it made him unable to endure this torment and sadness. It was funny that he had come to look for Wen Dong to find out the whereabouts of the information behind him, without even considering how difficult this matter was for Wen Dong.

He and Wen Dong had met in person, but although Wen Dong was a woman, she was brash and generous. Although she did not tell Ye Mo what she had done with the money, Ye Mo knew that it was definitely not for her own use.

She could fight to the death for Ye Mo, who was a stranger to her, and not reveal the news, so it was clear that she was indeed a woman who valued love and justice. Perhaps in her heart she was guilty of dragging Ye Mo into this, but this high righteousness of hers made Ye Mo feel that he should do something for her.

Ye Mo lifted his head and coldly glanced at the four men pointing their guns at him, before lowering his head again and saying to Wen Dong, “Sister Dong, go with confidence. I, Ye Mo, swear that in my lifetime, I will uproot the ‘Northern Sand’ and bring that information to be burned at your grave, Sister Winter.”

“Ye Mo, you ……” Han Yan immediately froze as soon as she heard Ye Mo’s words, regardless of whether he could exterminate the ‘Northern Sand’ or not, but that information was what the country wanted, and with such a word Ye Mo What would grandfather say if he casually took it to someone’s grave and burned it.

Ye Mo’s eyes were a little red and he coldly swept a glance at Han Yan and said, “Shut up.”

Being scolded by Ye Mo for no reason, Han Yan was about to get angry, but after looking at the four guns pointed at them, she held back her words.

Ye Mo turned his head, looked at the four people pointing guns at him and said coldly, “You are the b*****ds from ‘North Sand’?”

“Don’t play fast and loose with your words, not bad we are the people from ‘North Sand’, you are the one who took our information?” The first to speak was the young woman, her eye brows were cold but she exuded a young woman’s mature style.

“Sister Winter was beaten by you guys?” Ye Mo’s tone was icy cold.

“Not bad, I gave the order, but you don’t have to worry, maybe soon you will be able to enjoy this treatment as well.” The young woman’s tone was even colder than Ye Mo’s. After saying that, she hummed and continued, “If you are willing to be sensible and hand over the stuff, maybe not only will you be fine, but you will enjoy a very wonderful service instead. We ‘Northern Sands’ are for the ideal of establishing an environment of equal coexistence for the peace of the world. If you still have some conscience, return the information.”

Ye Mo didn’t bother to say anything this time, raising his hand was a few blows in the void, several cold and harsh cold winds swept through, the wrists of the two men and the woman had been swept by the cold winds, the wrists holding the gun fell out of thin air, bizarrely yet not much blood came out.

But there was still one man who dodged this blow from Ye Mo, whose wind blade was dodged by him and cut directly on top of the bodywork with a teeth-grinding sound, and a deep mark was cut into the door of the SUV.

In a flash the few people present were frozen, what kind of tactic was this, to cut off the arms of several people out of thin air? And no marks could be seen, and there was not even any blood coming out.

Han Yan’s mind also stopped, she tried her best to overestimate Ye Mo’s ability, but now she realised that Ye Mo’s ability was still far greater than she had thought. She even forgot about Ye Mo’s rebuke of her earlier for the time being. With this kind of skill of Ye Mo’s, if she were to compete with him and he came in cold with this blow, she …… Han Yan did not dare to think about going on.

The man who dodged one of Ye Mo’s wind blades quickly came back to his senses in shock, and it was evident that he had the highest stance among the four.

In just a fraction of a second, he reacted and the gun in his hand was once again aimed at Ye Mo and he pulled the trigger.

The moment he pulled the trigger, he finally sighed with relief. The man in front of him was too powerful, if he hadn’t reacted quickly just now, he might have ended up in the same way as his three companions.

The moment the gun went off, he suddenly felt a figure wavering in front of him, and then his hand holding the gun went cold. He subconsciously looked at his arm, which had been severed flush, and still not much blood came out.

Only then did Ye Mo’s words come through, “I’m going to cut your hand, you think you can run away?”

He turned around in horror, only to see Ye Mo standing not far away with Wen Dong in his arms, looking at him coldly.

The few people present who had their arms cut off reacted and all looked at Ye Mo as if they were dumbfounded, how could this man be so terrifyingly skilled? What tactic did he just use?

“Get in.” Ye Mo coldly looked at these few ‘Northern Sand’ members whose arms he had cut off and said.

A short, brawny man suddenly shouted angrily, “Why should I listen to you, I just don’t want to get on the car, what can you do? If you want to kill or scrape, grandpa definitely won’t frown.”

Ye Mo didn’t even look at the man and raised his hand and sent a fireball over.

The short man let out an ‘ah’, even just half a scream, and that voice was gone, instead he was surrounded by a ball of flame and rolled around on the ground, looking at his muzzle he could tell he was screaming, but he just couldn’t make any sound. His eyes showed panic and begging for mercy, but Ye Mo’s eyes were cold and he didn’t have the slightest intention of letting him go.

Han Yan suddenly winced as she watched Ye Mo actually hit the fireball. She had already tried to overestimate Ye Mo once again, but she didn’t expect to underestimate him for the second time. It was just now that he had cut off four arms without a sound, and she didn’t expect him to be so powerful that he could hit a fireball with his hands, this was simply an existence among legends.

No wonder Ou Xu Hu was killed by him, with this kind of skill of his, not to mention one Ou Xu Hu, even several Ou Xu Hu, were not his opponent. Han Yan suddenly thought of what Ye Mo had just said, he said that he was going to burn the information. If she had thought it was an angry remark when he first said it, she had now realised that Ye Mo’s words were more true than real gold.

The remaining three looked at Ye Mo in horror and surprisingly, they did not need Ye Mo to say a second sentence, they automatically got into the back seat of the car. Ye Mo, however, casually sealed the movements of the three before he said in a cold voice, “What you gave to Sister Dong, I will slowly get back.”

Han Yan hesitated for a long time before stammering, “Ye Mo, if you can give me that information, I might be able to save her.”

After saying this Han Yan pointed at Wen Dong.

“What? You can save Wen Dong? Do you know her condition? Although I can repair her broken meridians and internal injuries, but her vitality dissipated, do you know what vitality is? Maybe you just thought the heart had stopped beating.” Ye Mo did not believe that there was anyone in this world who could restore vitality other than himself.

Han Yan shook her head and said, “I don’t know what is meant by vitality, but my master said that ‘thousand year old lotus seed heart’ can save people who have died not long ago ……”

Ye Mo, however, looked at Han Yan with some surprise this time, and only after a while did he say, “You actually know about the ‘Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart’, it seems you know a lot, didn’t your master teach you that the ‘Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart’ can also only save the life of people who have died Did your master not teach you that the ‘Thousand Year Lotus Heart’ can only save the life of a person who has died within one incense stick? If you can find the ‘Thousand Year Lotus Heart’ within half an incense, I, Ye Mo, will admit that I owe you a favour.”

Han Yan shook her head and said, “There is no need for an incense stick, I can take it out now.” After saying this Han Yan took out a jade bottle and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the jade bottle, opened it and looked at it, inside was a ‘Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart’.

There was actually a ‘Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart’ on Earth, Ye Mo almost forgot about saving Wen Dong, but he still quickly came back to his senses and carried Wen Dong into the room inside the inn. Tell Han Yan to keep an eye on the three ‘Northern Sand’ people. The old couple from earlier, surprisingly, were not inside.

If the ‘Thousand Year Lotus Heart’ had been in Ye Mo’s hands earlier, Ye Mo could have even refined a whole bottle of pills, but now, he could only turn one ‘Thousand Year Lotus Heart’ into a medicinal liquid to aid Wen Dong. He was the only one, if it was anyone else, even if they had the lotus seed heart, they would not be able to save Wen Dong.

Inside Ye Mo’s storage ring itself, there were many recovery pills, and with the current ‘thousand year old lotus seed heart’, Wen Dong’s heart soon woke up again and began to beat slowly.

An hour later, Ye Mo had made initial repairs to all of Wen Dong’s entire damaged meridians and internal injuries, and Wen Dong’s breathing had calmed down. Ye Mo knew that Wen Dong should be fine, and only then did he let out a long breath of relief.

“You really saved her life?” Han Yan’s knowledge of the preciousness of the ‘Thousand Year Lotus Heart’ was obviously not as deep as Ye Mo’s hòu, she knew that the ‘Thousand Year Lotus Heart’ was precious, but she had only heard about it, back then she unintentionally got this ‘Thousand Year Lotus Heart’ at the mountain cliff The master would not use the ‘Thousand Year Lotus Heart’, but he had only heard that it could save people, and he did not expect that Ye Mo could really use this to save Wen Dong.

Ye Mo nodded and said: ”Yes, now that Sister Winter is fine, I will definitely do what I promised you, but I would like to ask you one more question. Where did you get this ‘Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart’ from?”

After asking, Ye Mo became nervous “Thousand year lotus seed hearts’ generally appear to be thirty-six, since Han Yan got one, what about the thirty-five others?

You should know that not only does this item have the effect of bringing back the dead, it is also immensely useful for cultivation. If there was news of the ‘Thousand-Year Lotus Seed Heart’, he would leave everything behind and go in search of the ‘Thousand-Year Lotus Seed Heart’.