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DYM Chapter 190

Han Yan glanced at Ye Mo and seemed to know what he was thinking, but she said anyway!

“A few years ago, my master took me to collect medicine, and I got it by chance near there. At that time, I was at a cliff and there were two birds fighting and this lotus seed fell from the mouth of one of the birds. I felt some aroma and took it back to my master to check it out, who told me it was a “thousand-year-old lotus seed heart”. But master also said, this “thousand year old lotus seed heart, although precious, but few people will use it, I did not expect that you would.

Ye Mo looked at Han Yan’s expression and knew that she would not say where this place was, but it was impossible to let Ye Mo die like this. After thinking about it he still asked: “Can you draw the surroundings where you got the lotus seed heart for me to see? Remember what’s around, even some of the huā gra*ses are drawn out.”

After hesitating for a moment, Han Yan still took out a pen and paper and simply drew out the surroundings.

Only what she drew was a cliff, the top of which was very open, except that there were also some chrysanthemum huās drawn on the cliff’s wall.

Ye Mo took the map handed over by Han Yan and immediately knew that it was roughly the same place as the map Mo Kang had given him. The place that Mo Kang said had precious medicinal herbs seemed to be true as well. Ye Mo put away the map and was a little jītty in his heart. Once he found this place, wouldn’t it mean that he could immediately find a lot of precious medicinal herbs.

It might be possible to use this to break through to the fourth level of Qi training. Niu Mo also knew that if there were no external factors and he relied on his own cultivation alone, it would never be possible for him to break through to the fourth level.

There were nine levels of Qi training, and once he broke through to the fourth level, he would be in the middle stage of Qi training. Once he reached the middle stage of Qi cultivation, once he had refined his flying sword, he would be able to fly on his sword. Thinking about reaching this step, Ye Mo’s heart was still a bit jittery. What was the concept of being able to step on a sword and fly in this part of the earth?

“That, Ye Mo, can I ask you a question?” Han Yan hesitated for half a day, but finally did not hold back her inner curiosity and asked in a voice.

Ye Mo nodded “Go ahead and ask.” Although Han Yan did not name any place, this diagram of hers was certainly not a random drawing, and Ye Mo had already guessed that this place was the same place as the one Mo Kang had drawn. It was just that although he knew that Mo Kang and Han Yan had drawn the same place, he didn’t know exactly where it was, but it was rare to see chrysanthemums growing in the middle of a cliff.

“What was the concealed weapon you originally used that invisibly cut off their arms, and what was the concealed weapon you hit with the fireball?” If Han Yan wanted to have this kind of concealed weapon to defend herself, she could say that her combat power immediately went up a few notches.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “If I said that when I cultivate my internal qi to a certain level, I can condense fireballs and that kind of invisible concealed weapon, would you believe me?”

Han Yan made a look of believing you before saying, “Forget it if you don’t want to say it.

I’ve seen too many experts, and I’ve never seen anyone who can condense their internal qi into a fireball.”

Ye Mo did not continue to dwell on this issue, but handed Wen Dong over to Han Yan and said, “Let’s leave here now, and then decide what to do after I ask the question clearly.”

An hour later, Ye Mo drove the car to a remote mountain hollow, before pulling the three out.

The other two men already had a frightened look in their eyes, except for the flamboyant young lady whose expression looked calm.

Ye Mo could see that this young fù should be a leader, he casually knocked the two men unconscious, then looked at the young fù and said: “You know I will ask one by one, if you tell a lie, you should have seen my methods. If you tell a lie, you should have seen my methods.

This young fù pursed her lips chún, and only after a long time did she reply, “You just need to let me go, I can agree to any of your demands, not to mention a few questions.” After saying that, a hint of redness actually appeared on her face.

Ye Mo secretly sighed, this woman was another acting genius, he had just cut off one of her arms, and now she still had the mind to use sèyòu.

“You are not qualified to bargain with me, if you don’t say anything then you don’t have to, I will ask someone else.” Ye Mo didn’t have an ounce of good feeling towards this woman, he was ready to silence her immediately after asking.

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, this woman unexpectedly didn’t make any more demands, but said directly!” You should know that we are from the ‘Northern Sands…’ Wen Dong is also. She collaborated with others to steal out important information from ‘Bei Sha, and then absconded, I was just responsible for catching her back.”

“How did you know that you would ambush us at Xiang Shan Ridge?” Ye Mo was very confused about this If it wasn’t for Han Zai Xin, he wouldn’t have gone to Xiangshan Ridge at all. And how did the people from “Bei Sha, know about it?

This young fù without the slightest hesitation is to say: …… North Sand, there are six major bases around the world we are part of the subland base over. As for the fact that we can stand guard at Xiang Shan Ling, it is an order given by our base. I heard that it was because a new chief of staff came and the idea should have come from him.”

“A new chief of staff? And how does he know?” Ye Mo asked even more strangely.

This young fù had already said this and didn’t want to try to hide it, but said again, “His name is Dongfang Qiu, after we found out that Wen Dong had something to do with that hotel in Xiangshan Ridge, Dongfang Qiu warned us not to alert the snake. Instead, we should hide outside the hotel. He meant that whether or not the person who got the information was familiar with Wen Dong, he would come over after a while to look for the follow-up information, and we could catch the person at that time.”

“Dongfang Qiu?” Ye Mo repeated, he felt that the name sounded very familiar.

Seeing Ye Mo talking about Dongfang Qiu, this young fù hurriedly said “This Dongfang Qiu is said to be planning a lot of things since he came to the “Northern Sand, Sub-Land Base.” The young fù said here, this young fù secretly glanced at Ye Mo, saw Ye Mo seemed to be in deep thought, as if he was very interested in this Dongfang Qiu, and added: “This Dongfang Qiu I have seen once, like female s. But it is said that he came to “North Africa, the main purpose, is that he for “North Sand, to contribute to the “North Sand, and “North Kill, to avenge him, and his enemy’s name is Ye Mo.”

When this young fù said this, Ye Mo already knew who this Dongfang Qiu was, it was “Nan Qing, the original military master. Last time, if he hadn’t fought his way to Sena, or if Ning Qingxue had been captured, Dongfang Qiu had already counted on himself.

Ye Mo laughed coldly, he had not gone to him, and he even wanted to seek revenge on himself. However, this guy was indeed a big trouble in his heart, if he was not removed, he would not have peace for one day. He was different from those clans. Those clans had some scruples after all when they had to consider dealing with him, Ye Mo, whereas he did not have any scruples.

Ye Mo casually knocked the young fù unconscious and asked the other two people, and got roughly the same information.

“Don’t kill these three people, I just called my grandfather and my grandfather said that he would bring them back to Yanjing.” Ye Mo was about to exterminate the three when Han Yan’s words came through.

“That’s fine. But I also have one thing to tell you, as for the information you need, I will find it and bring it back. You now you don’t need to come with me, you just need to bring these three people back, Wen Dong trouble you to take care of her, when she is well, she will leave on her own.” Ye Mo wanted to find the place of the “Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart” first, and then go to the “Northern Sands” to find the information.

To him, the Thousand-Year Lotus Seed Heart was the most important thing, nothing else was as important as his cultivation committee.

If it was before she met the people from the Northern Sands, Han Yan would have scoffed, but now Han Yan had understood that Ye Mo’s comment that she was a burden to follow was really possible. With Ye Mo’s skills, she was really too far behind. Even her body technique, which she was proud of, was perhaps much worse than Ye Mo’s.

Even how Ye Mo carried Wen Dong back from the car more than an hour ago, she didn’t even see clearly.

Seeing Han Yan’s silence, Ye Mo said again, “Don’t worry, I will return that lotus heart of yours to you.” After hesitating for half a day, Han Yan finally agreed to Ye Mo’s words, but asked Ye Mo to call back as soon as he had news of the information.