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DYM Chapter 191

Luo Cang….

Ning Qingxue had not expected that she would receive a call from Su Jingwen. Ning Qingxue’s first thought when she received Su Jingwen’s call was, Su Jingwen wouldn’t be asking her to come and ask for those three jade pearls, right?

For some reason, Ning Qingxue was actually afraid that Su Jingwen would ask her for the three jade pearls, and if Su Jingwen really wanted them, she could only give them to her.

“Qingxue, are you with Ye Mo now? I want to have a few words with Ye Mo.” Su Jingwen’s voice sounded a little cautious, as if she was afraid that Ning Qingxue would misunderstand something.

Ning Qingxue, however, was relieved, she thought to herself that maybe Su Jingwen didn’t know about her relationship with Ye Mo yet, but she surprisingly didn’t want to bother explaining and just said, “No, I’m not with Ye Mo.” Su Jingwen seemed a little surprised, but quickly said, “Isn’t Ye Mo also in Luo Cang?

Haven’t you seen him before?”

“Ye Mo is in Luo Cang?” Ning Qingxue heaved a concubine, but in her heart she was thinking when did Ye Mo come to Luocang?

“Big brother Ye is in Luo Cang? That’s not possible.” This time it was Chi Wanqing who spoke, she had just walked into the house when she heard Ning Qingxue’s words.

What Su Jingwen said afterwards, Ning Qingxue no longer knew, and she hung up the phone somewhat disappointed. In her heart, she was also thinking that it was impossible for Ye Mo to come to Luo Cang, Su Jingwen should have misunderstood her relationship with Ye Mo and thought that Ye Mo was with herself and that was why she thought that Ye Mo was in Luo Cang. However, what did Su Jingwen want with Ye Mo?

Ning Qingxue thought of the first dance Ye Mo did with Su Jingcuo on her birthday last time, and suddenly felt a bit annoyed, and only after a while did she look back at Ji Wanqing “Wanqing, I think I should go back.”

But Ji Wanqing nodded and said, “Well, my father must let me go to England to study, even if it means going to the army. I have to go too, Qingxue, you have to take care of yourself alone.” Ning Qingxue nodded, and only after a long time did she say, “Wanqing can you tell me, do you like Ye Mo?”

Ji Wanqing’s face reddened a little at Ning Qingxue’s words, but she finally shook her head and said, “I don’t know, but I like being with him very much and I feel very comfortable and safe and happy when I’m with Brother Ye. I don’t know if it’s like that, but if it is, I should be jealous when I see other women with him. But last time I saw your little

But last time I saw your little aunt with him, I actually felt that they were the ones who should be together, and surprisingly, I didn’t feel any jealousy.” After saying that Chi Wanqing’s face returned to normal after a while, she turned her head to look at Ning Qingxue and said, “Qingxue, do you think this is like? My father probably felt that my thoughts were a bit strange and that’s why he let me go to England. Originally, I didn’t want to go, but my mother actually agreed this time.” “I don’t know.” Ning Qingxue subconsciously shook her head, she didn’t even know her own feelings for Ye Mo how could she judge Ji Wanqing’s feelings?

Ji Wanqing lowered her head and said only after a long time, “My grandmother once said that you should grab what you like and not end up regretting it. But grandma might not know that not all likes can be caught. So this time my father said he was sending me away, plus my mother was also in this word, although I didn’t want to go, but afterwards I thought that what they said might not be wrong. I’m leaving in a couple of days to come and talk to you today.”

“Yeah, it’s time for me to go back too.” Ning Qingxue suddenly felt very tired, she would rather she was still a strong woman inside Ning’s Pharmaceuticals than so tired. If you like something, you have to grab it, but can you?

Ji Wanqing suddenly looked up and asked, “Qingxue do you like Ye Mo?”

Ning Qingxue’s eyes were a little lost in thought, and only after a while did she reply, “I didn’t know before, but now I guess I like him, I don’t know when it was.

But that’s all in the past, Wanqing, I’m going on a trip for a break. When I come back I might settle in Ninghai, maybe I’ll go to Yuzhou to continue my old job, come and find me when you come back from England.” “Well take care of yourself Light Snow, I’ll be back in just two years at most. When I come back I’ll definitely come and look for you. Maybe by that time, you will have found your new purpose in life again. Maybe a new family has already been formed.” Ji Wanqing knew Ning Qingxue’s mind best, if she was only a kind of dependence or gratitude to Ye Mo, Ning Qingxue might have really fallen into unrequited love.

Ning Qingxue shook her head, she didn’t bother to argue with Ji Wanqing’s words, even if she couldn’t be with Ye Mo, she still had her other life. As for starting a new family, she had never thought about it.

Su Jingwen put down the phone, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to not be with Ning Qingxue. In that case, should she still go to Luo Cang?

“Jingwen, what are you thinking about? , Su Jingwen’s mother walked in, she saw her daughter sitting in front of the table dazed and dazed, she immediately asked.

“She was about to tell her mother that the master who sold the talisman seals might be in the Lo Cang.

Instead, Su Jingwen’s mother said, “Jingwen, Yu Ceng has already come back and just called me, he will be in Ninghai soon.”

“Really, has cousin Yuyi Jingwei graduated already?” Su Jingwen lùd an expression of surprise. Cousin Yeweng was Xie Yeweng, who had grown up with Su Jingwen since childhood. From childhood to adulthood, Xie Yeweng was the pride of the sky, not only was he extremely smart, but he also defended Su Jingwen in every way. It was only after he studied in America that their contact diminished. The last time they met was two years ago, when Su Jingwen accompanied her mother to the US for treatment.

Therefore, when she heard that Xie Yijian had returned, Su Jingwen’s first reaction was happiness.

“Look how happy you are, Yuzheng will not leave again when he comes back this time, he is planning to develop in Ninghai, you can help him more when the time comes.” Su Jingwen’s mother clearly knew that her daughter had a soft spot for Xie Yeweng.

“By the way, mother, I forgot to tell you that the master who sold me the talisman seals last time seemed to have appeared in Luo Cang. There’s a good chance that I know him.” Although Su Jingwen was sure that Ye Mo was that master, she still didn’t dare to be 100% sure to her mother without meeting him.

“Really? Jingwen, if that master is in Luo Cang, you must invite him back to sit down.” Su Jingwen’s mother also l showed an expression of surprise.

“Hmm, but it’s not certain, he’s most likely just pa*sing through Luocang, sigh ……” Su Jingwen thought of Ye Mo’s voice and smile, and then stroked the bracelet with only two rough jade beads in her hand, and seemed a little lost in thought.

Three days later, Ning Qingxue returned to Yuzhou, she only stayed in Yuzhou for two days before following a tour group once again to go out for a break. Because of Li Mumei’s observation, Lan Taro knew somewhat what was on her daughter’s mind and could only sigh and go with her. When she came back after collecting her heart, perhaps she would come back to her old life again.

Originally, she thought that since the Song family had no one to disturb her, Ning Qingxue would soon return to her old self. But to Lan Taro’s disappointment, not only was her daughter unable to return to her old self, she was also always depressed, so perhaps it would be a good thing to let her go out for a break.

The tour that Ning Qingxue joined this time was organised by a more formal travel agency in Yuzhou. Although she wanted to go out alone for a break, she knew that the world was far from being as safe as it seemed since she had experienced the incident with the flowing snake.

“Shenzhou Travel, the largest and most formal travel agency in Yuzhou, and also one of the several fairly well-known travel agencies in China. Unlike other travel agencies, Shenzhou Travel’s tourist attractions are basically designed by the travel agency itself.

The only thing that stops many tourists is the high price. The only thing that stops many tourists is the high price. But people with money don’t care about these prices, because since they have to consider a safety issue when they go on a trip, it is normal for the price to be higher.

Although Ning Qingxue wants to go to Tibet for a trip, this travel agency has no plans to go to Tibet in the near future, and their plan is to go to Shennongjia.

Because of the strength and large team of Shenzhou Travel, many people still choose this travel agency even though their prices are several times higher than others.

The total number of tourists who joined the tour to Shennongjia plus Ning Qingxue was twenty-two, most of whom were working elites and some owners of sī enterprises. But among them, there were only seven female tourists plus the tour guide and Ning Qingxue together.

The tour guide was a girl named Cuiling, in her twenties, looking very energetic, and speaking with clear diction when introducing allusions, also with rich expressions and movements, fascinating.

After the tour group went to the top of Shennong, they did not go to the Shennong Altar, Yantian and other tourist attractions, but to the primeval forest to look for wild man tracks, which was also the route originally drawn up by the travel agency.

Although it was said to be a trip to the primeval forest to look for the wild man, in fact the whole tour group knew that this was just a front for the travel agency. It was just a way to add something different and new to the tour.

The most attractive thing for tourists is to stay in the primeval forest for three nights and then watch the morning sunrise in the mist in the forest. Even with thorough arrangements, there are too many unpredictable things to do in this pristine forest of Shennongjia. It is not possible for tour operators to take tourists as deep as they can go, and only on the outskirts.

Because Ning Qingxue was so beautiful, many young men offered to help Ning Qingxue carry her backpack when climbing some small peaks, taking the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

But Ning Qingxue’s attitude was always nonchalant, only occasionally saying a few words to the two older sisters next to her, and most of the time, she didn’t talk much and just walked with her bag on her back. It seems that she is not here to travel, but to walk. After a long time, everyone knows her temper, and they gradually do not bother her!