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DYM Chapter 192

After reading a lot of information on the internet and comparing them, Ye Mo discovered two places where chrysanthemums can grow on cliffs: the Everlasting Chrysanthemum in the Yun Du Canyon and the Divine Dragon Fragrant Chrysanthemum in the Divine Dragon Shelf.

In terms of value, these two types of chrysanthemums are both extremely valuable, but Ye Mo found that not only is the Everlasting Chrysanthemum several times more valuable than the Divine Dragon Fragrant Chrysanthemum, but the place where the Everlasting Chrysanthemum grows is extremely difficult for human trails to set foot on. Even if you had a helicopter, you would not be able to enter. It seems that the chrysanthemum Han Yan drew is the divine dragon chrysanthemum.

It is a rare plant unique to the Shennongjia and is listed as a national protected plant, growing only in the sunny open areas of cliff faces above 2,600 metres above sea level. Divine Dragon Fragrant Chrysanthemum can cure dozens of diseases and has been verified. But Ye Mo also knew after reading about it that he had actually seen the divine dragon aroma chrysanthemum before, and there was another important medicinal herb named “Tian Ya to refine an anti-aging pill, but unfortunately this chrysanthemum could not be transplanted.

In the end, Ye Mo decided to go in search of the divine Dragon Fragrant Chrysanthemum. Once he found this chrysanthemum, he might be able to find the place Mo Kang and Han Yan had mentioned.

Of course, Ye Mo would not follow the tour group’s army, he knew that the divine Dragon Fragrant Chrysanthemum was usually produced in the cliff. So just after entering the Divine Dragon Shelf, he went straight into the no-man’s land.

The Divine Dragon Shelf was a vast area with countless dangers, but it was not much of a challenge for Ye Mo. It was not particularly difficult to find places at an altitude of 2,600 metres.

On the third day of entering the Divine Dragon Shelf, Ye Mo found the Divine Dragon Fragrant Chrysanthemum at a cliff. But the place was a bit different from what Mo Kang had drawn.

Although it was a cliff, there was no flat ground and the top of the cliff was not too open.

Just when Ye Mo was about to go down and try another mountain peak, the sound of talking unexpectedly came from the middle of this cliff. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept down, but he was unable to check whether there was anyone nearby.

Could there really be wild people? Ye Mo had checked the geography of the Divine Dragon Shelf in detail before he came, except for some uninhabited areas and some dangerous areas, most of the Divine Dragon Shelf was now developed by the state and had even become a famous tourist mecca.

Ye Mo was just about to go down the cliff to have a look when the voice speaking came again “It’s not here, it looks like it’s at Qiu Tuo Peak.”

“Go, let’s go to Qiu Tuo Peak now, the sooner we get the stuff the better.” Another voice came from another voice, a little more shrill than the one from earlier.

This time Ye Mo had heard it clearly, surprisingly it was two people climbing below the cliff. Ye Mo finally found a rope in an inconspicuous place, just now he was so focused on checking if this was the place Mo Kang was talking about that he didn’t even notice that there were ropes here. These two were going down such a steep cliff, even if there was a rope, it was evident that these two were quite skilled.

Ye Mo had just hidden his body when the two athletic men quickly climbed to the top of the cliff.

The man who came up first was in his forties and surprisingly had long hair in a bun, looking like an actor in an ancient film. The one who came up behind was not too different in age, but had short hair and a scar from his ear to the corner of his mouth, which looked ghastly.

Qiu Tuofeng? Ye Mo thought to himself that it couldn’t be such a coincidence, could it be that these two were looking for the same thing as himself? Seeing that the two collected their things and took a short rest at the top of the cliff, they hurriedly descended the cliff, Ye Mo also followed closely, curious about what they were looking for.

Besides, with these two people’s skills, they should not be looking for something ordinary.

Ye Mo did not know where Qiu Tuofeng was, he still needed these two to lead the way. After following for a while, Ye Mo knew. These two people were really good at fighting, at least they were both not too far from Ou Xu Hu. Could it be that they were both from the Hidden Sect?

The long-haired man who was hurrying in the middle of the jungle suddenly stopped, he looked behind him and then looked around to take note. Now he turned back to the man with the scar at the corner of his mouth and asked, “Cha San, I always feel that someone is watching us, do you have this feeling?”

The man behind him frowned and said, “You must be overly concerned, there is no one else who knows about this except us.

And this place, it’s normal for you to feel this way.”

The long-haired man nodded “Well, it should be my illusion, let’s hurry up, I don’t feel very solid until I get my hands on the stuff, besides it’s just too hard to come out this time.”

The two men said a few words and once again sprinted forward quickly.

Ye Mo, however, paid some attention in his heart, he had just gotten a little bit closer, but he was almost detected by this long-haired guy, it looked like this guy had a few moves.

Another hour or so later, the two came to a valley again and climbed quickly along the bottom towards the top of a cliff. Ye Mo did not hesitate to follow them. Once he reached the top of the cliff, Ye Mo immediately knew that this land was responsible for the place he was looking for, which turned out to be called Qiu Tuo Peak. Looking at the familiarity of these two people, it was definitely not the first time they had come here.

The top of the cliff was a large flat area, and the smell of the Shen Nong Xiang Chrysanthemum could be vaguely smelled. However, Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately detected that there was only a middle-aged man of three years old at the top of this cliff, with fair skin, and although he had short hair, he looked very ethereal standing at the top of the cliff, and he was even carrying a long sword behind his back.

“Why did I say someone was following me, it turned out to be you, Bianpo.” The long-haired man immediately gave a cold laugh.

The man called Bianpo also did not seem to expect someone to come so soon, he also let out a cold laugh and said, “It looks like you guys have bad luck, you even learned about this news and I met you.”

After saying this, the man called Bianpo tsked twice and even shook his head.

Ye Mo hid behind but frowned, the original long-haired man and that Cha San with the scar at the corner of his mouth were not really in his eyes, but this Bian Po in front of him gave him a feeling of not being able to see through. He even sensed that the side slope seemed to have looked his way, and if that was really the case, this side slope was too scary. I wonder if what they are looking for is the same as what they are looking for.

“Bianpo, our cultivation levels are basically not that different, although you can win against either of the two of us, but with the two of us together, you will lose more than you win. I think it would be better for us to cooperate with each other and divide the stuff into three parts, one for each of us.” This time it was Cha San, who had a scar at the corner of his mouth, who spoke.

“One for one” Hen, you’re too proud of yourself, try taking a punch from me first.” When Bianpo finished speaking, he took a step forward and threw a punch.

Cha San let out a grunt, not willing to show any weakness, but also a counter-attack, he wanted to let Bian Po know that he, Cha San, was not a coward.

“With a bang, the two fists collided, and Cha San took several steps back, and was finally held by the long-haired man, a trace of blood spilling from the corner of his mouth. With just one punch, he had suffered a serious injury.

“You’ve actually broken through.” Cha San looked at the motionless Bian Po with some shock, he did not expect that Bian Po had actually broken through a realm, among the entire Hidden Sect, there were only a few who could break through to the Earth level. In the entire Hidden Sect, there were only a handful of people who could break through to the Earth level.

“Brother Bian Po, we concede, we don’t want the stuff. Let’s go, Cha San.” The long-haired man finished clasping his fist to Bianpo and was about to pull Cha San down the cliff.

However, Bianpo smiled coldly and pulled out the long knife from his back waist, stroking it with his hand mō before saying, “Knowing that there are “red-leaved nan persimmons here. You still have to leave?”

“What do you want?” The long-haired man let go of Cha San and pulled out a small axe from behind him as well.

And Cha San knew that if he didn’t defeat Bianpo today, he would probably lose his life here, so he reached out and also took the short knife at his waist in his hand.

“What do I want? To take both of your little lives, of course.” After saying that, Bianpo’s whole body seemed to fly up, and swept his blade across the two people. A cloud of blade light poured down as if it were a horse train, surrounding the two.

Even Ye Mo, who was hiding a few meters away, felt a slight chill, this Bianpo was so domineering with his blade.

Cha San shouted explosively, and the short sword in his hand also gathered all his strength to sweep at the curtain of swords. His aura did not look half as weak as the leaping Bianpo’s, and even appeared to be a few points stronger on the surface.

However, Ye Mo’s divine sense observed that his tuǐ feet were trembling. Ye Mo secretly sighed, even if he didn’t have the slightest bit of fear, Bianpo’s slash was not something he could resist, not to mention that now he was already timid before the battle. Plus, he had already been injured under Bianpo’s punch just now, this Cha San’s situation was very unpromising.

Ye Mo could tell just from the momentum of this slash from Bianpo that he was not yet a match for Bianpo.

When the long-haired man saw Cha San and Bianpo fighting in one place, he suddenly threw the short axe in his hand, and his man actually turned around and ran. He did not care about Cha San’s situation in the slightest.

Ye Mo once again secretly sighed, if these two joined forces, they might still be able to fight with Bianpo for several rounds, but if this long-haired one ran, it would mean that they lost in a mess.

As a matter of fact, when Cha San, who was already a bit scared, saw the long-haired man running away alone, his heart panicked even more, and the slash in his hand, which had some momentum, even paused for a moment, as if he also wanted to run away.

The white curtain pa*sed through Cha San’s waist without any hindrance. This was not all, the blade light actually came back again and struck the long-haired man on top of the small axe he had smashed.

“. The long-haired man’s axe flew back again and struck into the back of the long-haired man as if he had eyes.

The long-haired man cried out in misery and fell to the ground, the handle of his short axe behind him still shaking.

At that moment, Cha Sancai split in two and fell to the ground dead.

Bianpo lifted the long knife in his hand and looked at it, not a drop of blood seemed to have been spilled on it, then he nodded in satisfaction, then looked towards where Ye Mo was hiding and said indifferently, “Do you want me to ask you to come out?” !