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DYM Chapter 193

Ye Mo knew that he had already been discovered…there was no point in continuing to hide. He stood out from behind the stone.

Although Bianpo knew that there was a person hiding behind this, he was still surprised when Ye Mo stood out. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so young, he even looked to be in his twenties.

“Are you from there?” Bian Chao looked at Ye Mo for a while before asking. Just now, if that long hair hadn’t said that he was following him, there was really a chance that he wouldn’t have been able to spot Ye Mo. That long hair was also pig-headed, tracking to be able to follow him to the front.

Just now, he was able to kill the two men in a while because he took advantage of those two men’s fear of earth level experts, if the two of them really put up a fight, even if he would still kill them both in the end, it definitely wouldn’t be that easy. The young man in front of him could follow those two without being discovered, so he could see that his skills should be good, which was why he was surprised to see Ye Mo so young.

Ye Mo compared Bianpo’s blade technique with the one he met in the Ye family compound, and he found that Bianpo’s blade technique had reached a different level, more than several times superior to the man he had met back then.

He did not want to fight with such a person, and even if he did, Ye Mo did not want to fight now, but he knew that he had met Bianpo here and heard about the “Red Leaf Nan Persimmon”, and with Bianpo’s ruthlessness, he would never let him leave without a fight.

“Would you believe me if I said I was visiting the Divine Dragon Shelf?” Ye Mo’s divine sense checked around, it was difficult to escape here, except for one road up the mountain, everywhere else was a cliff.

Bianpo smiled faintly, but his face was expressionless as he said, “I believe it, but it’s of no use to you, look at the sword.”

As soon as his words fell, the knife in his hand once again wrapped into a cloud of white practice and swept towards Ye Mo. Even if Ye Mo had divine sense, he would not be able to perceive that his blade had slashed out at first.

Ye Mo’s face changed and his body twisted sharply several times before he narrowly dodged this slash. The light of the knife cut…across the place where Ye Mo was standing just now, cutting a deep trace. One could imagine that if this knife had cut true, Ye Mo would have been cut in half.

Ye Mo stood far away on the side of the cliff top, staring at Bianpo, but his divine sense was always paying attention to his wrist.

He didn’t expect someone like Bianpo to deal with a man who was not well known, and even use a sneak attack. But even so, Ye Mo wasn’t annoyed, in his opinion, no matter what means were used in a fight, as long as the opponent was killed, he was considered to have won.

However, Ye Mo’s scruples towards Bianpo deepened, this guy was not only powerful, but also unscrupulous, and did not underestimate any opponent. It could be said that Bianpo was the most difficult opponent Ye Mo had met so far, one bad move and it was likely that this cliff would be his Ye Mo’s burial place today.

“Not bad, I can’t believe I dodged this slash.” Some surprise appeared in Bianpo’s eyes, but he regained his composure in the blink of an eye. After a word, the long blade in his hand once again turned into a white mane and swept towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had been paying attention to Bianpo’s movements, and when he saw him make his move again, he knew that he had suffered a great loss without a weapon, not to mention that Bianpo’s cultivation level was even higher than his, even if his cultivation level was the same, without a weapon, it would be very difficult to defeat Bianpo. The only idea was to find a chance to dash down the cliff and escape for his life.

This time, Bianpo slashed over not with one slash, but with seven slashes. The seven slashes were linked together, blocking Ye Mo’s retreat from the front, back and side dead.

Ye Mo casually took out Idle Daoist’s long whip, and it was certain that without divine sense, several of his Ye Mo’s were dead, and even with divine sense, the round of slashes came down, and the long whip in Ye Mo’s hand was broken in several pieces. And the remaining long whip was no longer much longer than the long knife of the side slope.

The long whip of Daoist Idle was a good attack weapon, but under the light of Bianpo’s blade, it was torn apart like a defeated leather, inch by inch.

If it wasn’t for the long whip that blocked several slashes, Ye Mo might have had his arm cut off at this moment. It could be said that from the beginning until now, Ye Mo was just being pressed by Bianpo. The clothes on his body had been completely torn by the knife qi, and his strong muscles were crossed with several wounds, which looked terrifying.

Only Ye Mo knew that this was still the first round of attacks, this side slope was too terrifying. Was the difference of one level that big? If he was still at the second level of Qi training now, he would have been cut down long ago.

Even now, Ye Mo reckoned that if he didn’t think of something else, he would just end up dead.

Bianpo’s second attack, surprisingly, still failed to kill Ye Mo, he stopped the long blade in his hand, his eyes suddenly turned cold, and stared at Ye Mo for a long time before asking, “Who are you anyway? How could you escape under my seven consecutive slashes? And where did you get your long whip from?


Ye Mo smiled coldly, although Bianpo was too much more powerful than him, but he didn’t get nothing, just now Idle Daoist’s long whip had already been cut by Bianpo, but he also found Bianpo’s weakness.

Although his seven consecutive slashes were powerful, there was a gap between each of them. And this gap gave Ye Mo a glimpse of opportunity. Without this gap, even if Ye Mo had a long whip, he would have been killed.

“”Cut the crap, fight if you want to. ,… Ye Mo calmed down his true qi, and in his heart, he dramatically thought about how he could use his wind blade to catch him off guard and escape.

“”Good, I’ll see how long you can tǐng for. ,… Bianpo let out a cold snort, and the long blade in his hand changed once again, surprisingly wrapped in a cloud of white light, rushing towards Ye Mo with his blade.

“”Ning Qingxue, what are you looking at? The first time I saw him, I was already in the evening, but Cui Ling, the guide, noticed that far away, Ning Qing Xue was always staring at a big rock, so she also walked over and asked.

“”Look at this,”” Ning Qingxue said with some alarm, pointing at the immensely large rock.

“”Huh surprisingly it’s two figures fighting, what’s going on? Is there a mirage in the Shennongjia too? It’s not right, it’s stopped. ,… Cuiling said here and saw that the two figures that were fighting had separated and were standing on separate sides.

“”It’s a fight again. The two figures were fighting again. She had been a tour guide for several years, but she had never encountered such a situation before.

The two men were in the middle of a fight, and they seemed to be a bit tense.

The guide Cuiling, however, did not care, but said to herself, “”If it was at Immeasurable Mountain, I would have thought I saw the pair of gods practicing swords from the Jin Yong UU novels. This is brilliant, I’ll go and ask everyone to come and have a look. ,…

After saying that Cuiling hurriedly went to call people.

Ning Qingxue, however, stared blankly at the figures on the boulder, her heart beating wildly, as if it was about to jump out of the xiōng chamber. She actually felt that one of them was Ye Mo, that figure and movement was simply the exact same as the one in her dream. Could it be that she was thinking about it too much?

If Cui Ling hadn’t also seen it just now, Ning Qingxue would have thought that she had seen it out of her eyes, or that she had thought about Ye Mo too much, causing this illusion.

A mirage? Ning Qingxue suddenly wondered if the shadow was really of two people fighting, and then the sunset reflected it?

The two figures fighting on top of the boulder gradually thinned out and finally moved slowly to the edge of the boulder and finally disappeared.

Ning Qingxue’s heart began to pound and she hurriedly picked up the binoculars hanging on her xiōng and looked around. She felt that one of the figures was really Ye Mo, she even felt sure that it was him, Ye Mo’s figure had surfaced in her mind countless times, she would never be wrong.

Ning Qingxue’s binoculars did not look for long before she was immediately struck by lightning, she really saw two blurred shadows fighting on a mountain peak far away.

It was real, surprisingly it was real, was Ye Mo really you? How could you be here? Ning Qingxue’s heart was shouting wildly, she could not wait to fly to the top of that cliff to help Ye Mo in one go. Even picking up a stone and smashing Ye Mo’s opponent would be good, but she knew that this place was too far away from the cliff where the fight was taking place, although the sun was shining today and there wasn’t much fog, once the fog came up, she couldn’t even see there.

Ning Qingxue held the binoculars, her heart pounding wildly, but she could only look at the figure through the binoculars, there was nothing else she could do.

Although Ye Mo had already found a way to dodge the slash light from the side slope, the third round of slash light came down and several slash marks were once again added to Ye Mo’s body. Apart from the few whips, Ye Mo was unexpectedly unable to strike out even the slightest threatening attack.

The long whip in Ye Mo’s hand had turned into a handle, and the blood from his xiōng mouth was already flowing down his waist, even slowly encroaching on Ye Mo’s kù.

Ye Mo’s face had gone pale, and he knew that if he continued like this, the next round of blade light would be his burial place. But not only was this Bianpo’s attacking power frightening, but his defensive ability was also quite strong, Ye Mo experienced three rounds of blade light and surprisingly could not find a place to strike.

Ye Mo knew that he only had one chance to strike, once he wasted it, he would never be able to turn back.

Bianpo panted, the clothes on his body were similarly shattered by Ye Mo’s long whip, and even a few whip marks were clearly visible.

“”You are quite a tough opponent, but even so, next year’s day will be the anniversary of your death. ,… Bianpo ignored the light injuries he received on his body in the slightest, and the long blade in his hand was once again pulled up.

Ye Mo suddenly threw the whip handle in his hand towards Bianpo, and his person actually leapt up, as if he was going to lunge onto the way down the cliff.

“”Looking for death. ,… When Bianpo saw that Ye Mo dared to forcefully escape, he coldly snorted and his long blade once again turned into a white practice and attacked Ye Mo, not even bothering to pay attention to the whip handle that Ye Mo smashed over.