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DYM Chapter 194

It looked like Ye Mo was already unable to dodge in the air and was about to be cut in half by this slash. However, what Bianpo did not anticipate was that when the blade light was about to slash at Ye Mo, Ye Mo suddenly fell down, as if he was not lunging from afar, but just in the same place falling down.

What amazing control, to be able to do this step in the air, even Bianpo was secretly in awe. But even if he was amazed, his hand did not soften at all, the long knife turned ninety degrees almost without any trace and cut towards Ye Mo again.

Ye Mo also had to admire this Bianpo for having played with his sword so well that he had clearly left a margin of strength in each slash, and could change his moves at any time, a swordsman who could do that was indeed quite rare.

“Let the two of you die together.” Bianpo had already seen that Ye Mo had fallen exactly where the long-haired man had lunged, and with a cold laugh, his long blade went even faster.

But in that instant, Bianpo froze, he found that Ye Mo was gone. The long blade in his hand gave another lurch, and Ye Mo took this split second to escape the blade. A cold sweat broke out behind him, this move had dealt with the Idle Daoist, now he used it against Bianpo, Ye Mo was not sure if it would work.

Sure enough, when Bianpo finally noticed him disappearing, he still froze for that little bit of time, but just that little bit of time was enough for Ye Mo to escape.

“A stealth spell?” Bianpo immediately spotted Ye Mo’s position, and the long knife in his hand only paused for that split second before he slashed at Ye Mo again.

Even though Ye Mo used this one stealth spell to escape the sure kill slash, the light of the blade still cut a deep scar on his back.

Without waiting for Bianpo to change his stance and slash at himself again, Ye Mo had already thrown the short axe in his hand.

“Carved insects and small tricks.” Bianpo snorted coldly, Hua guessed that Ye Mo might want to use that short axe when he lunged at the long-haired man who was killed by the short axe. The moment Ye Mo fled, when Bianpo’s blade light cut the long-haired man in half, he had already noticed that the short axe behind the long-haired man was gone.

In his opinion, although Ye Mo was good, he was too young to be fooled by such a simple technique.

Just as he thought of this, Ye Mo’s short axe came flying over. The axe whistled with a cold wind and struck directly at Bianpo’s shoulder with the sword.

Bianpo smiled coldly, he even wanted to cut off his right arm, this young man simply did not know the sky was high. Moreover, this axe also carried this whistling sound, obviously his concealed weapon skills were not up to scratch.

But he soon sensed something unusual, the cold air brought over by this short axe was surprisingly somewhat compelling, he seemed to have some trouble thinking that a mere short axe could bring up such a heavy cold air. In just a moment’s time, the short axe had already reached his right shoulder.

Without thinking, Bianpo reversed his blade and was about to knock the short axe out, he wanted to deal with Ye Mo the same way he dealt with Long Hair, so that the short axe would smash back into Ye Mo again.

But what Bian Chao couldn’t figure out was that the short axe hadn’t even reached his right nose yet it suddenly turned and slashed towards his left shoulder, but the momentum had become much slower.

“Idiot.” Once again, Bianpo sneered, making a concealed weapon turn midway like this was something an average concealed weapon expert would do. It was just a matter of using internal qi. And in his opinion, Ye Mo was obviously still unfamiliar with this move, because when this short axe turned, its speed became more than a chip slower.

Even if the speed did not slow down, it would be impossible to cut him, not to mention that this speed had slowed down.

Bianpo stretched out his left hand to grab the short axe when he suddenly felt that something was wrong. The short axe had obviously changed direction, but how come the cold air was still coming towards his right shoulder?

“The moment Bianpo grabbed the short axe, his right arm was cut off by an unknown concealed weapon, and that was not all.

As he did so, he threw his short axe and picked up the broken arm. These few movements were done in one go, without the slightest pause in between, which showed how strong his reaction speed was.

Ye Mo did not have time to sigh that he did not cut the side slope at the waist, the short axe was already flying. While dodging the short axe, Ye Mo knew in his heart that as long as he didn’t kill Bianpo, he wasn’t out of danger.

Even without a hand, it would still be easy for Bianpo to kill him.

Just now, he had used his short axe to conceal the wind blade, but he had not been able to kill Bianpo at the waist, so he could see how strong this guy was. Fortunately, he had just backstabbed him with one of his arms, if he had wanted to cut him off directly at the waist, he would probably have seen it coming.

When Bianpo retreated to the edge of the cliff, Ye Mo also retreated to the edge of the cliff, Ye Mo’s wind blade had been dodged by Bianpo.

Inexplicably having his arm chopped off by a small gra*shopper, Bianpo’s face turned blue with anger, at this point he was no longer as simple as hating Ye Mo. He grabbed his long sword with his left hand, and without a word, the long sword once again rolled up the sword huā to wrap Ye Mo up.

Ye Mo put his heart in his mouth and his divine sense focused on the long blade on the side slope. He quickly sighed with relief, although Bianpo’s left-handed blade technique was also very good, it was far, far worse than the right-handed blade technique he had just used.

Although it was the same cloud of blade light, Ye Mo had clearly caught the blade’s body.

Without even thinking about it, Ye Mo reached out in the midst of the blade light and grabbed the back of the long blade, while his true essence coalesced, trying to control the long blade. Even though Bianpo’s left handed swordsmanship was not as good as his right hand, once he was allowed to execute it, Ye Mo would still be the one to get killed.

Po did not expect Ye Mo to be able to grab the back of his blade, he coldly snorted and was about to gather his inner qi again and draw his blade to cut Ye Mo once at the waist. But at this moment, a huge force came from the back of the blade and Ye Mo unexpectedly leapt out of the cliff, pulling him out of the cliff at the same time.

Bianpo, however, did not relax the long blade in his hand at all, but turned it around, and a huge force came from it, and Ye Mo suddenly let go.

“Want me to fall off the cliff with you, dream on, not even my blade will go with you.” Bianpo’s entire body spun in the air, taking advantage of the fact that a mouthful of internal Qi had not fallen, he actually spun in the air and lunged at the cliff once again.

Ye Mo sneered, although his body was falling downwards, his hands were raised at the same time, and several wind blades sliced out of thin air towards this area in between Bianpo and the cliff.

Bianpo had just lunged at the edge of the cliff when he felt several cold winds coming at him. He thought of the power of the cold wind weapon and without thinking, he turned back again, raising his sword to block it.

No, Bianpo had just leapt back to avoid those cold winds when he realised that it was no good. He was not on top of the cliff now, but outside of it, and his internal qi had been clouded when he dodged these concealed weapons, so it was already very difficult for him to reach the cliff.

The side slope was falling sharply, and even if he was falling, he wanted to stop on the cliff wall with the help of the long knife in his hand. However, Ye Mo was not as good as he wanted to be. Although he was also descending, he had the Royal Wind Technique, which was much better than Bianpo. It was just that after continuously a*sa*sinating Bianpo, his True Qi could no longer keep up and he was unable to climb the cliff wall.

Ye Mo smashed a few more fireballs, and although the fireballs had not yet reached his eyes, Bianpo’s face had already changed greatly, if he was on the ground, these few fireballs would be worse than a few bricks to him.

But now he had nowhere to put the force, he could only watch as the fireballs smashed over.

“I never thought I, Bianpo, would die here.” Bianpo shouted angrily, and the long knife in his hand was already thrown out by him.

With a few “booms”, all of Ye Mo’s fireballs unexpectedly smashed into Bianpo’s body without missing a beat. Bianpo let out a miserable cry and his entire body turned into a ball of fire. His body, which was still falling somewhat slowly, fell like a cannonball and disappeared from Ye Mo’s sight.

Although Bianpo had fallen, his long knife flew directly at Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s true qi had reached a point where it was close to withering, and he could only barely dodge the vital point, but the long knife still pa*sed against his waist, and Ye Mo, who was already covered in blood, was even more bloodied by the knife pa*sing through his waist. If he hadn’t dodged temporarily, he might have been killed by this slash.

But even so, Ye Mo felt a wave of dizziness. It was a good thing that the slash brought him to the cliff’s cliff face, and without thinking, Ye Mo grabbed a lump of something directly in his muddle.

There was a “stinging” sound, and the vines on the cliff seemed to be unable to support Ye Mo’s weight, only slowing down for a moment as Ye Mo fell down again.

Ye Mo forced himself to bite his tongue and kept reaching out to grab something on the cliff wall, whatever he could grab. These movements, however, only stopped the speed of his descent, but could not bring him down.

Ning Qingxue saw with her own eyes among the binoculars the two fighting figures falling down the cliff, she was frozen, the binoculars in her hand could no longer be held and fell, shaking at the top of her neck.

“Here it is, come and see, this is where I saw it just now.” With Cuiling’s voice, a dozen donkey doors from the tour group flocked over together.

“Where is it? Where are the fighting figures?” One of the young lads immediately kept boating up questions.

Cui Ling looked at the boulder with some surprise, and only after a while did she say in surprise, “Huh, just now Ning Qingxue and I both saw it, there were two fighting figures on top of this rock, how come they disappeared as soon as they came back? By the way, Ning Qingxue, you had been here just now, when did you disappear?” “I think you’re blind, you still think this is the cave of the divine sister of the Immeasurable Mountain?” One of them immediately said jokingly.

Although Cui Ling was a tour guide, she was very aggressive, and on hearing this she quickly said, “I really saw it, don’t believe me ask Ning Qingxue.”