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DYM Chapter 195

Seeing all the people’s eyes looking at her, Ning Qingxue reacted after a while, and she reached out to point at a mountain peak in the distance and said, “I think I saw someone up there, I want to go over and take a look.”

It seemed to have something to do with Ning Qingxue not being a talker, surprisingly no one bothered to question her words.

Only after a while did a middle-aged man in his forties say, “Forget it there, it doesn’t look very far to you, but if you walk there, it’s a long way. And this is a no man’s land, we are just on the edge, the no man’s land of the Shenron Shelf is still very dangerous, so it is best not to go in.”

“What’s the danger, I’ll go over and have a look.” A young man in his twenties, hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, immediately wanted to show off, ran forward a few steps, and also turned back and said with a smile, “It’s just a waste of time, the divine Dragon Shelf has long since ceased to be the divine Dragon Shelf of the beginning, all say there are wild people, who of you have seen …… ……”

Originally the youth was just talking for fun, not really going there, but he just wanted to turn around and come back when he felt a hollow under his feet and his whole body actually fell down. It’s a good thing he reacted quickly enough to reach out and grab the edge of the hole pit that had sunk in out of thin air.

A few people had already reacted and rushed forward to pull the young man up.

The young man looked at the dark hole and broke out in a cold sweat, and only after a long time did he say in a panic, “Oh my God, I’m sure I won’t have a life if I go there.”

“Not good, hurry back, it’s still cracking around here.” Another man noticed that the area where several people were standing was already cracking in all directions.

The few men were so frightened that they dared not stay any longer and retreated one after another. As soon as the few men had exited the edge of the sinkhole, the sinkhole that had just cracked, once again emitted a ‘rumble’ and a bigger and darker hole appeared in front of the crowd.

Inside the hole there was a whimpering sound that sounded creepy. Looking inward it was just black and nothing could be seen, as terrifying as a giant’s maw.

“What is this?” A young woman in her thirties looked at the natural black hole and the terrifying sounds inside and spoke in frightened tremors.

“This should be a sinkhole in the Shen Longjia. It is said that there are many such sinkholes in the no-man’s land, as well as foggy areas, all of which are places where you can’t get in or out. I didn’t expect us to meet it, hurry up and retreat.” The middle-aged man who spoke earlier said again.

Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, the crowd retreated one after another, and Ning Qingxue also followed the crowd in fear to the edge of the tent.

It was not until the crowd had returned to the camp that those present breathed a sigh of relief.

“What a coincidence that the sinkhole was met by us. But what is that whimpering sound in there?” Someone asked immediately after returning to the tent.

“Not too much of a coincidence, there are many sinkholes in the Shenron Shelf and there is basically no chance of surviving if you fall in. That whimpering sound is, I suspect, an echo formed by the wind in there.” The middle-aged man said seriously.

The young man who had almost fallen into the sinkhole just now was still a bit stunned, and only after the crowd had spoken for a while at that moment did he slowly sigh with relief. It’s no wonder so many people have disappeared from the Divine Dragon Shelf, we’re only on the outer edge, if we went in there we’d be dead.”

“Cut, didn’t you just say that there was no danger, just a waste of time?” Immediately, someone retorted.

The youth, however, said in a humiliating manner, “It looks like I’ve seen too little.”

Cuiling also came over at this point with an ugly face and said, “The travel agency has just informed us to go out immediately and cancel our plans to continue the tour in the uninhabited area.”

Surprisingly, no one objected, as the tour group felt that adventure was not that simple after this scare.

The twenty or so people had just packed their backpacks when they heard a more shrill sound coming from the sinkhole behind them, which was definitely not the sound of the wind forming in the sinkhole.

The crowd looked at each other, and it was only after a long time that the middle-aged man said, “Hurry up, that loud noise just now seems to be coming this way. There are too many unknown dangers in the Shennongjia for us to speculate, let’s go out.”

Not a single person objected, and the twenty or so people ran outside in droves.

Although it was already getting dark, everyone ran very fast. Fortunately, they were originally stationed at the edge of the no-man’s land and it didn’t take long to get out.

It was only after all the people had rushed out of No Man’s Land that they slowly calmed down.

“Take a headcount, we’ll immediately go and station ourselves at the nearest spot.” The middle-aged man said immediately.

Although Cuiling was the tour guide, she looked a little nervous at this time. Hearing the middle-aged man say this, she immediately began to count the number of people.

“Twenty-one, one is missing.” Cui Ling’s words trembled a little, and it was obvious that she knew what one less person meant.

The middle-aged man immediately said, “Let me count, one,two …… really one less, everyone see who did not come out, immediately call the police, this inside we can not go in now, it is too dangerous inside.”

“Zhang Qiang did not come out.” Immediately, someone found out who the person who landed inside the woods was.

“Is that the young man who just stepped out of the sinkhole?” The middle-aged man immediately spotted who was Zhang Qiang.

“Why was it him who didn’t come out? Could it have something to do with the sinkhole?” Someone in the crowd had already asked the words that so many people wanted to ask but didn’t dare to ask.

Immediately, the crowd fell into silence, no one suggested going in to see Zhang Qiang, this thing seemed a bit weird.

“I think Zhang Qiang might have just been frightened and got lost when he ran outside.” The middle-aged man didn’t quite believe even himself when he finished. So many people hadn’t gotten lost, so it was him who had gotten lost.

Cuiling said in some alarm, “What now? Do we go back in and look for him?”

No one answered, the sinkhole just now had frightened all the people, and now going in to look for another person, none of the people had the guts to do so.

“Let’s wait for the search and rescue team to come.” Someone among the crowd had already spoken up, no one was willing to go in and risk their lives for a person they didn’t know. Even the middle-aged man was silent, after all, what had just happened was too frightening.

Ning Qingxue silently followed the crowd to the nearest attraction. By the time everyone entered the hotel, the search and rescue team had already gone in to search for them. There were two people from the tour group who volunteered to follow the search and rescue team in with them.

Ning Qingxue finally understood the dangers of the Divine Dragon Shelf. She had even had the thought of going immediately to look under that cliff just now, but now it seemed that maybe her little life would be gone before she got there. This was not something that could be achieved by courage, there were times when strength was needed, and at least she did not have that strength yet.

Unable to go over to see if that person was Ye Mo or not, her heart could no longer be at peace. She had originally come out to take a break, wanting to hide Ye Mo’s figure, even wrapped up in the deepest part of her heart, but instead she found that she was even more irritable, while Ye Mo’s figure was always looming in front of her eyes, even the moment he fell off the cliff was becoming clearer and clearer.

Was she thinking too much? Thinking of others as him. What else would he be doing in a place like that? Ning Qingxue once again thought of Ye Mo’s tiny medical kit, perhaps he had gone to collect herbs.

Cui Ling, the tour guide, was still a bit flustered until now, this was the first time she had met someone missing since she had become a tour guide.

“Cui Ling, I want to ask you something, your company has a helicopter, is it also possible to be hired by others for search and rescue?” Ning Qingxue instead found Cuiling and asked about helicopter search and rescue.

Cui Ling shook her head and said, “Generally speaking, the company seldom sends out helicopters, and it is even more impossible to hire them. It is not a simple matter to send out a helicopter for search and rescue, first of all, the target has to be identified, and most importantly, approval has to be sought. Otherwise, the helicopters cannot be sent out at will.”

Ning Qingxue had already understood that, to put it bluntly, the helicopter was just a front to give everyone some peace of mind. When something really happened, it still wouldn’t help. Not to mention that she only had a vague feeling that the person was Ye Mo, whether it was Ye Mo or not, she herself didn’t even know yet.

After such an incident, no one was in the mood to go on a tour anymore. The next day, the tour group returned to Yuzhou. Ning Qingxue did not follow the tour group back to Yuzhou, but went straight back to Ninghai. She knew that with her own ability it would be a delusion to try to get to that cliff. Besides, she was not sure if that person was Ye Mo. Perhaps she had thought too much about Ye Mo’s figure inside her mind, that is, she even thought a shadow had become Ye Mo.

Even if she did go over and that person was really Ye Mo, falling from such a high cliff would be a death sentence. As much as she wanted to ask for help from the helicopter, she couldn’t say exactly what kind of person she was searching for. If only Wanqing was there, her father might be able to help, without even needing to say who it was.

Ning Qingxue’s main purpose in returning to Ninghai was still to confirm if the person she saw was Ye Mo. Although she was not sure if Ye Mo would come to Ninghai, she also wanted to visit Ye Mo’s school because it should be time to get her diploma and maybe Ye Mo would go back to school to get her diploma. Another thing was that she wanted to find Su Jingwen to ask something.

When Ning Qingxue returned to Ninghai, she saw that her own little plant in the flower bed of the small courtyard was growing well, so she finally breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like Xu Wei was still taking good care of this little plant of hers. But Ning Qingxue soon noticed something different, she saw that there were many small gra*s shoots next to her plant. No, these little gra*s shoots were of the same species as her own, but they looked very bad.

The moment she saw those little gra*s shoots, her mood actually got excited, was it Ye Mo who had returned? Ning Qingxue even felt that her breathing was a little shortness.