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DYM Chapter 196

Ning Qingxue suddenly rushed into the house, the door to the eastern compartment was still closed.

By now Ning Qingxue’s heart had calmed down, she felt a little crazy, how could Ye Mo have come back? When that bead saved her life in the beginning, Ning Qingxue even felt that she was getting farther and farther away from Ye Mo, as if he and herself were not from the same world at all.

Ning Qingxue carefully opened the door of her room, there was already some dust inside, she sighed and began to clean the room. It was better to wait for Xu Wei to come back and ask her about those gra*s shoots inside the yard.

When Ning Qingxue had finished packing her things, Xu Wei had not yet returned. Ning Qingxue, who was a bit agitated, wanted to go out for a walk and she unconsciously went to the pedestrian street where Ye Mo had sold dog skin plasters last time.

The street was still busy and bustling, although the sky was not yet dark, people doing business all around were slowly converging.

Ning Qingxue once again bought a piece of golden cake, stood at the place where Ye Mo had set up his stall, and sat down. It was as if she sensed Ye Mo’s mood as he sat here at that moment, he must have been thinking that it would be good if there were customers coming.

“Come and take a look at Le, an ancestral remedy that cures all diseases. Headache and fever, external and internal injuries, rheumatism and myopia,………, only what you can’t think of, nothing I can’t cure ……”

Ye Mo’s Duo Yin was still there, where was his person?

Ning Qingxue took a bite of the golden cake, it was still from the same family, still bought from the same stall, and still made by the same person. But today’s golden cake was a little bitter in her mouth, was there something missing in it?

Ning Qingxue stood up, she was going to look for Su Jingxuo tomorrow and then make a trip to Ning University. At this moment, however, her mobile phone rang, and the call was surprisingly from Su Jing Su.

“Qingxue, are you back in Ninghai now?” Su Jing Su’s tone seemed crisp and clear, looking like she was in a good mood recently.

“Well, did Mumei tell you? I was going to look for you tomorrow for some things.” Ning Qingxue said subconsciously, she had just returned to Ninghai today and only Li Mumei knew about it, Su Jing Su now knew that she had returned to Ninghai it should be Li Mumei who had said it.

Su Jing Su immediately replied, “Yes, where are you now? I’ll go to your place, I have some things to find you too.” Ning Qingxue didn’t have to wait long at a *brown* shop on Mingdu Pedestrian Street before Su Jingxue came over.

“Qingxue why are you so haggard?” As soon as Su Jingxuo saw Ning Qingxue, he saw that she looked haggard between her expressions and was obviously a bit depressed.

Ning Qingxue smiled faintly and before she could say anything, Su Jing Su’s mobile phone rang. Su Jingxu answered the phone and said after a few words, “I’m at the Zhongbei *Brown House on Mingdu Pedestrian Street, with a friend. Oh, okay. ,…

“It’s my cousin, he just came back from America. Hearing that I’m out he wants to come over and sit down too.” Su Jing Su hung up the phone and casually ran her hand through her hair, looking even more jiāo.

Even in front of Ning Qingxue she was not the least bit inferior.

And Ning Qingxue obviously didn’t bother with her clothing, so this compared, Su Jing Su looked a little more flashy.

“Right, Qingxue, why do you look so haggard? What happened?” Su Jing Su remembered what she was about to ask just now. And within her impression, Ning Qingxue was very concerned about her clothing appearance, but the kind of casual Ning Qingxue at the moment could be seen with a glance, did something happen to her?

Ning Qingxue shook her head half-heartedly before saying, “Nothing, I just want to ask you a rate affair. When you first told me that you had once purchased a master’s talisman seal, would you have used that thing?” Su Jing suffered a surprised look at Ning Qingxue, seemingly a little curious that someone like Ning Qingxue was still interested in rune seals. Still, she replied, “I can use it I’ve used several of them, but I now know who the person who bought the talisman seal for me is.”

“Is it Ye Mo?” Ning Qingxue suddenly stood up.

Su Jing Su looked at Ning Qing Xue with even more surprise “It’s him, but Qing Xue, how did you know?” “So it’s true.” Ning Qingxue murmured and sat down again her eyes were a little distant, not knowing what had come to mind.

“By the way, he should have taught you when you were with Ye Mo.” Su Jing suffered some sorrow, but soon she changed her tone to a lighter one “Is Ye Mo really not in Luo Cang?” Ning Qingxue shook her head but did not speak, as if she was thinking about something on her mind.

At this moment a tall young man walked into the *brown shop, Su Jing suffered to quickly stand up and wave, “Cousin Yuyang, this way.” The young man came over and immediately saw Ning Qingxue who was frowning, and he felt his brain go “boom”. He actually remembered Lin Daiyu, there was actually such a woman. He had always thought that Jing Su’s cousin was very beautiful, but when he saw Ning Qing Xue, he realised that there was someone even more beautiful than Su Jing Su.

The girl in front of him was slightly frowning, a few loose bangs made her even more innocent, and there was actually not even the slightest trace of make-up on her goose egg face, she was actually a vegetarian beauty. Only her face was slightly haggard and her clothes looked a bit casual. Who was this girl?

When Ye Mo woke up leisurely, he felt immense pain all over his body, and he immediately tried to struggle to stand up.

There was a “click”. Ye Mo screamed in his heart that it was not good, it seemed that he had not landed on the ground yet. Sure enough, he fell down again, but he was already close to the ground when he was hanging on to the branch that had just broken off.

With a “pop”, Ye Mo landed on the ground, the ground was thick with leaves and loose soil that didn’t seem very hard, so Ye Mo was finally not injured again.

But the pain all over his body immediately brought Ye Mo to his senses, he had been injured a little too badly.

He subconsciously wanted to take out a pill inside his ring to heal his wounds, but just as his divine sense moved, he had a splitting headache and was even about to pa*s out immediately. He was so scared that Ye Mo hurriedly stopped his movements, what was going on?

His divine sense couldn’t even be used, was he injured too much? Ye Mo looked at the wounds on his body, the blood had stopped flowing, only a wave of dizziness came, he wanted to drink some water.

Ye Mo sat down and wanted to run his true qi to heal his injuries, but his dantian was surprisingly the same as his divine sense, as soon as he moved it, it immediately hurt excruciatingly.

What the hell was going on? Ye Mo looked at his body, although he was bleeding a lot, many of his wounds were healing automatically, it looked like it had something to do with the medicinal herbs he usually took. At this moment, not only could he not use his divine sense nor could he use his luck to heal his wounds, if he kept going like this, he would only die at the bottom of this cliff.

The wound that could not be healed, apart from the long slash on his back, was the one on his waist. It could be said that it saved him, although he was more seriously injured by it, but if Bianpo had not thrown it at him, he would probably have fallen to pieces by now.

It was the knife that brought him to the rock face of the cliff, and he kept pulling at what he could grab all the way down, which saved his life. Luckily, this was the Shennongjia, if it was a cliff elsewhere, a bare one, he would still have gotten killed.

Ye Mo looked at the long knife not far away, reached out and took it, using it to prop himself up.

He surveyed the bottom of this cliff for a while, it was grey méngméng all around, he could not see the edge at all, maybe it was not far away, maybe it was far away. He could not see clearly, and he had no way to use his divine sense now.

After a moment of contemplation, Ye Mo still decided to find a safe place first and recuperate from his injuries, if his cultivation had fully recovered, this place would still be accessible to him up there.

Ye Mo didn’t expect that he would end up in this situation just for some medicinal herbs, and he was almost killed by that Bianpo. Apart from getting this blade from Bianpo and seeing the true terror of an earth level expert, he had gained nothing. Not only that, but he had also landed in a state of bruising.

It turned out that ancient martial arts cultivation to the earth level was so powerful. Ye Mo could be sure that even if he was at the fourth level of Qi cultivation, he wouldn’t dare to say that he was sure to eat this side slope.

If this wasn’t a cliff, and he hadn’t calculated one after another with the help of various opportunities and pulled the side slope along with him to fall off the cliff, he would be too dead to die now.

No wonder these people were unwilling to go to the secular world, they could actually cultivate ancient martial arts to such a level. This was still the early stage of the earth level, how terrifying should it be if they were late earth level or even heaven level experts?

Ye Mo had just stood up and before he started to move, a dangerous feeling came over, there seemed to be a “snorting” sound behind him, Ye Mo didn’t even think about it, he turned around and slashed.

With a “poof” sound, a large snake the thickness of a beer bottle was cut off by Ye Mo’s head, and the snake’s blood sprayed out as high as it could.

Ye Mo looked at the long knife in his hand, there was no trace of blood sticking to it, it was indeed a good knife. However, when Ye Mo turned around and saw the big snake he had cut off, his face became ugly, the snake was already a foot long and short, even if such a thick snake was not poisonous, in his current state being entangled by it would be a death sentence.

Ye Mo forced himself to hold back the fishy smell and drank a few mouthfuls of snake blood, feeling a little better. Only then did he pick up his long knife and small

This place was full of leaf swamps, now he was heavily injured, once he got stuck in it, there was only one way to die.

Ye Mo moved very slowly, he knew that this kind of cliff bottom, which was untouched by people all year round, was definitely not a good place. Just look at the white mist that surrounded the bottom of the cliff and you would know that it was not safe.

A few dead animal bones were scattered around and Ye Mo carefully spared them. As soon as Ye Mo had gone around, a black shadow in the middle of the dead bones rushed towards Ye Mo like lightning, and before the black shadow reached Ye Mo, the fishy smell was already extremely unpleasant.

Ye Mo coldly snorted, even if I can no longer run my true qi now, but just with my physical strength, I am not something that beasts like you can bully. With a flash of light from the knife in his hand, the black shadow let out a sharp cry, dropped a furry tail, and a few drops of blood, and in the blink of an eye, it once again burrowed into the swamp and disappeared.

It was a section as if it was a cat’s tail, and Ye Mo picked at it with his knife, but could not tell exactly what it was that had just sneaked up on him.