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DYM Chapter 197

Ning Qingxue noticed the impolite gaze of the young man who entered and frowned.

Su Jingwen, however, could see it and said hastily, “Cousin Yuyi Zeng, this is my friend Ning Qingxue. Qingxue, this is my cousin, Yü Contending, that I was just telling you about.”

Ning Qingxue nodded a little, and if she hadn’t finished asking her words, she would have planned to leave.

“Hello, I am Xie Yeweng, Jing Suo’s cousin, it’s nice to meet you.” Xie Yeweng also noticed his rudeness and immediately snapped back to his senses, smiling and extending his hand towards Ning Qingxue.

In his opinion Ning Qingxue should not come from a wealthy family, as could be seen from her dress. He was truly happy to know a pretty girl like Ning Qingxue, and this statement was not a lie.

Ning Qingxue, however, frowned again and took a sip of the *brown* that had just been served to her.

Xie Yeweng slowly withdrew his hand in some embarra*sment, he didn’t expect this female Speed to be so rude. No matter what, since she was Su Jingwen’s friend, even for Su Jingwen’s sake, she couldn’t treat him like this, right?

Although he was still smiling, Xie Yuzheng’s smile was already a bit forced.

Su Jingwen hurriedly said “Cousin, what do you like to drink, I’ll order it for you.”

“Uh, whatever. Jing Su, there’s a dance party over at my cla*smate’s place tonight, will you come along?” Xie Yeweng had come today because he wanted to ask Su Jingwen to go to the dance. He even looked at Ning Qingxue after he finished, in his opinion, it would be better if Su Jingwen could invite Ning Qingxue to go over with her.

Su Jingwen knew Ning Qingxue’s xìng character, not to mention that her cousin was just an international student who had returned from the United States, even if he was the governor’s son, she, Ning Qingxue, would still be like this. She also knew something about Ning Qingxue, Song Shaowen was the young master of the Song family, one of the five great families of the Song family in Yanjing, and she Ning Qingxue ignored it as usual, not to mention Xie Yuyi argued.

Without even asking Ning Qingxue, Su Jingwen shook her head and said, “I won’t be going, I have some things to do tonight.”

“Jing Su, how can you not go? I don’t even have a dance partner if you don’t go. It’s not too humiliating, Jing Su, you have to help your cousin for once today, you must go.” Xie Yeweng said in a hurry.

Su Jingwen shook her head again and said, “Cousin, you know I don’t like to dance, and I’ve never danced with a boy before, so forget it. Besides, cousin you are such a handsome and handsome man, you would still be afraid of not having someone to dance with, hehe ……” “Jing Su, you used to always stick to me, but this time when I came back, you only helped me in running the company, and even things like dating, you refused. You’ve really made your cousin lose face, I feel like you’ve changed a lot.” Xie Yuzheng seemed to sigh a little and said.

Su Jingwen smiled cheekily and said, “Cousin, you’re too much on your mind. I’m still the same person, I just don’t like that kind of occasion, besides, it used to be when I was small, now I’ve grown up, of course I can’t be the same as before. I’m very happy that you’ve come back to run your own company.” There were times when Ning Qingxue wanted to stand up and leave, but she hadn’t finished her business for the day, so it wasn’t really appropriate to leave now. She felt that this Xie Yuzheng was really annoying, even if he wanted to look for his cousin, couldn’t he wait until after he had finished talking. He knew that his cousin had a friend with her and he still came over, this person was really rude. She didn’t know that she was just as rude in the other person’s eyes.

Xie Yeweng’s face was not as full of smiles as when he had started to come, he had been refused a handshake by others as soon as he arrived, and was once again refused by his own cousin, and was already a little less than happy in his heart. Now when he saw Su Jingwen say this, he somewhat helplessly suppressed the topic, took out a red sè box and handed it to Su Jingwen and said, “Jing suffer, this is custom made by me, it’s for you.”

“What is this?” Su Jingwen took the delicate box and said with some wonder.

Xie Yeweng’s face returned to a smile, looked at Su Jingwen and said with a smile, “Just open it and see.”

Su Jingwen was really confused by Xie Yeweng’s somewhat mysterious look, and reached out to open the box in front of her, and inside was a delicate bracelet. The jade beads on it were incomparably polished, and one only had to look at the composition to know that each and every one of these jade beads was worth a lot of money.

“A bracelet?” Su Jingwen repeated.

Xie Yuzheng smiled “Yes, I saw that the bracelet you were wearing on your wrist was a bit worn out, and there seemed to be only two rough beads, so I gave you one on purpose. You must not have had time to buy one, come on, put it on and try it on.”

Su Jingwen smiled sweetly, closed the box of the bracelet and said, “Cousin Yuzheng, thank you so much for sending such a beautiful bracelet to me. ,…

“It’s nothing, as long as you like it, come and try it on.” Xie Yeweng saw Ning Qingxue staring at the bracelet he had given her and then staring at Su Jingwen’s wrist, and with a smile in his heart, he knew that this Ning Qingxue must have also taken a fancy to this bracelet. When the time came, he would get another one over and give it to her.

Su Jingwen’s smile was a little forced and she had to say, “Cousin, I’m already wearing one in my hand now, I’ll put this one of yours away for now and wait until later.

“Jing Su, that bracelet of yours really looks a bit rough, and there are only two beads on it. It doesn’t really match your hand. I think this new bracelet is the one for you. Come on, try it on.” After saying that, Xie Yuzheng took the initiative to pick up the bracelet again and handed it to Su Jingwen.

Ning Qingxue had already seen the bracelet Su Jingwen was wearing on her wrist, and it was the same as the one she was wearing on her wrist, with only two jade beads left. It meant that Su Nose Su had also met things and had used a jade bead. She was a little disappointed, if Su Jingwen really didn’t like the other two jade beads, she would have asked for them. Now it seemed that Su Jingwen’s search for her was likely to have something to do with the jade beads.

“But cousin, I feel that the bracelet in my hand is very nice to wear now, I don’t want to change it for now.” Su Jingwen saw that it was really hard to refuse her hospitality, so she had to say matter-of-factly.

The first time he thought that Su Jingwen was not very good at it, now he finally understood that Su Jingwen really did not want to change it. The thought of this made his face a little embarra*sed.

Seeming to see her cousin’s embarra*sment, Su Jingwen hurriedly said, “Cousin, let’s not talk about that first, I’ll order some dim sum over, I haven’t eaten anything tonight. By the way, Qingxue.

What would you like to eat?” Before Ning Qingxue could say anything, Xie Yuzheng continued, “Jing Su, tell me the truth, is that bracelet on your wrist a gift from someone? Is it very precious?”

Su Jingwen glanced awkwardly at Ning Qingxue, although she felt that her cousin should not ask these words here, but since Xie Yeweng had asked, she had no choice but to answer, “Yes, it was given by a friend.” “Then is it much more precious than this bracelet I gave you?” Xie Yuzheng already felt an unspeakable discomfort, but he still wanted to ask for clarification.

Su Jingwen took a somewhat hesitant glance at the string of necklaces that Xie Yewzeng had given her, and only after a long time did she say, “Maybe it’s a bit more expensive, but ……”

Su Jingwen didn’t know how to explain to Xie Yeweng, what she said was that the bracelet that Ye Mo had given her was indeed more valuable than the one Xie Yeweng had given her.

However, Xie misunderstood Su Jingwen’s meaning, he thought that the person Su Jingwen was talking about was much more important to her than himself. When he thought of this, even if Xie Yeweng was generous, his face turned ugly.

Su Jingwen immediately noticed that her cousin’s face was somewhat unpleasant and quickly said, “Cousin, don’t be overly concerned, I’m really used to this bracelet in my hand and don’t want to change it for the time being.” Xie Yuzheng suddenly smiled slightly, his face once again returned to normal, and then said, “Cousin, the person who gave you the bracelet is your boyfriend, right? When did you have a boyfriend, I don’t even know, bring him to meet him next time.” Hearing Xie Yuzheng’s words, Su Jingwen quickly waved her hand and said, “Cousin, you mustn’t say anything nonsense. He’s not my boyfriend, he’s just a friend that I play with.”

Although she knew that the relationship between Yu Qingxue and Ye Mo was not very cordial, Su Jingwen was still afraid that Ning Qingxue would misunderstand.

However, Xie Yuzheng smiled lightly and said, “You said you don’t like dancing and have never danced with boys. Last time on your birthday, you seemed to have danced with a boy. Did he give you this bracelet too? Also, you always say that you don’t like boys to sit in your car, can you say with certainty that the person who gave you the necklace hasn’t Lou your car?”

Su Jingwen’s face immediately did not have the same kind of smile that she had just had, Xie Yeweng had always been the big brother who protected her in general within her impression, but he had actually investigated about himself, which made it hard for her to let go. He even spoke to her in such a tone, and for the first time, she felt that the cousin she hadn’t seen for many years was no longer the same cousin she had been.

“I’m sorry, Jing Suffer, I’m a bit jīt. But you even refused to accompany me to a ball, isn’t that making them laugh at me.

I came back this time and purposely stayed in Ninghai, I think you should understand,” Xie Yuzheng could no longer care about Ning Qingxue next to him, whether he wanted to pursue Ning Qingxue or not, Su Jingwen he would not let go.

Su Jingwen didn’t expect Xie Yeweng to be so impulsive, he didn’t even care about Ning Qingxue next to him, she was a little uncomfortable, if he was talking about someone else it would be fine, but the person he was talking about was Ye Mo.

“Cousin, you are right, I still treat you the same as before, you are still my cousin in my heart. My mother and I are very happy that you are able to stay in Ninghai, but is there any other reason for you to stay in Ninghai? Also, cousin Yünquan, who I like to dance with and who I like to let into my car, this should be my freedom. Cousin Yuyiqian, you seem to have changed quite a lot.” Su Jingwen panted, but her heart was inexplicably a little uncomfortable.

But Ning Qingxue stood up “Jing Suffer, I’m leaving, I’ll call you again when I have time.” She couldn’t stand Xie Yijian’s mother-in-law.