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DYM Chapter 225

Tang Beiwei looked up at Ye Mo again in surprise, she seemed to be stunned by this gentle tone of Ye Mo, ever since he learned that he had lied to him, his tone had been getting colder and colder, this was the first time he spoke to her in such a gentle tone.

Her heart surprisingly felt an inexplicable sense of aggression, and the more she wanted to cry out, but she knew that even if she was aggrieved and in tears, she was not willing to cry out in front of a stranger.

As he watched Tang Beiwei’s tears flow more and more, Ye Mo frowned, but did not say anything as he waited. Although he wanted to leave now, but Tang Beiwei had not yet told him where the bracelet came from, he did not want to leave just like that.

It was only after a long time that Tang Beiwei soothed a little and said in a low voice, “That bracelet was left to me by my mother when she was very ill. She said that I was not her biological daughter and that I was picked up from a temple more than twenty years ago. She left this bracelet because my mother said that there were two children sent to the temple, and that apart from me, who was adopted by my mother, another child had been taken away. In the future, we will use this jade bracelet to identify each other, so …….”

Ye Mo suddenly froze, if what Tang Beiwei said was true, then wouldn’t the other child be himself? Could it be that he had carried it back from inside the temple? He remembered the BU of the Ye family. the test came, that was actually true? His face suddenly turned pale, if that meant that Tang Beiwei was his sister, while Ye Ling was not.

But he had just taught Tang Beiwei a lesson and vomited blood, what was going on here? Although his soul was no longer the original Ye Mo, but the bloodline could not be gotten rid of.

Tang Beiwei didn’t look up at Ye Mo, she just continued, “Ye Mo, although I wanted to harm you, but it wasn’t too late. You can’t look at me and like this jade bracelet, so take it as my compensation. To me, apart from my mother, I no longer have any family members, and with my mother gone, there is no need for me to want this jade bracelet…” Her voice got lower and lower, and eventually became inaudible.

It was the first time that Ye Mo regretted what he did and what he said. After his cultivation, he had never regretted a single thing, and this time, he really regretted it. It was because of the matter involving Ye Ling that made him angry and his words became mean. Even if it was because he himself had been a*sa*sinated by Tang Beiwei, he had never been so angry.

Although he was still not sure that Tang Beiwei was his sister, at this moment, Ye Mo already felt regret for his rude actions.

Tang Beiwei lowered her head and secretly hurt herself for a long time, surprisingly she did not notice any movement from Ye Mo, she subconsciously looked up at Ye Mo, who was very pale, even she could imagine that his face was even similar to her own.

“Ye …….” Tang Beiwei even forgot about her own situation, forgetting that it was the man in front of her how unkind he had just treated her.

Ye Mo let out a long breath and stared at Tang Beiwei for a long time. Tang Beiwei couldn’t stand the look in Ye Mo’s eyes and she lowered her head again, not knowing what Ye Mo was going to do to her, but she didn’t care anymore.

Ye Mo sat down, picked up a piece of clothing and helped Tang Beiwei drape it on, then brought Tang Beiwei over to lean on him. Tang Beiwei was a little alarmed, what was wrong with Ye Mo? He seemed a bit out of sorts.

“I’m sorry, Beiwei, my words were a bit heavy just now, I apologize to you.” As Ye Mo thought about how uncomfortable Tang Beiwei was, he felt more and more uncomfortable in his heart, his eyes gradually turned ruthless. Whoever tricked Tang Beiwei into coming here and harmed her in such a way, he would have to bruise that person to the bone.

Suddenly Ye Mo winced, did that person know that he and Tang Beiwei were brother and sister? If that was the case, this person was too cruel and terrifying. Fortunately, he, Ye Mo, had his own principles and only had Luo Ying or an added Ning Qingxue in his heart, otherwise, Ye Mo didn’t dare to think about it.

Ye Mo’s eyes grew colder and colder, what a vicious tactic, if this is the case, if this person is not eliminated, he can hardly sleep and eat in peace. The fact that there is this kind of animal in the world is surprising.

The first time was a casual one, but this time, Tang Beiwei really felt the apology of Ye Mo, a deep apology to her, and he had always called himself Tang Beiwei, and now he had changed it to Beiwei.

She leaned into Ye Mo’s arms, and surprisingly, she had a feeling that she did not want to move, and a thought rose in her heart for no reason.

In the midst of Tang Beiwei’s random thoughts, she unexpectedly felt Ye Mo’s body getting colder and colder, the kind of coldness and murderousness that came from her bones, causing her to shiver and abruptly leave Ye Mo.

Looking at Tang Beiwei looking at himself in horror, Ye Mo knew that his killing intent had been released, he withdrew his killing intent before taking out a pill and said to Tang Beiwei, “Beiwei, take this pill first, I will help you regulate your meridians.”

Tang Beiwei looked at the pill in her hand in surprise, thought about it and swallowed it, but didn’t ask why, if Ye Mo wanted to do something to her, she resigned herself to her fate.

Ye Mo took out the silver needles and helped Tang Beiwei to open up all the meridians that had just been depressed due to sadness, and then helped her whole body to comb through the meridians with true essence, two hours later, he then pulled out the silver needles with a big sweat.

Tang Beiwei was surprised to find that her body seemed to be full of strength, and her spirit had also become fuller, even the stuffy qi that had been pent up in her heart just now had disappeared, and she even had a light and airy feeling that made her body comfortable.

She looked at the slight impurities seeping out of her body and seemed to know what was going on. Looking at Ye Mo who was sitting by the bedside covered in sweat and was pale, she came to some understanding. Although Tang Beiwei didn’t know what Ye Mo had done to her, she knew that Ye Mo must have expended his own strength to help her with some kind of conditioning.

Ye Mo opened his eyes and said to Tang Beiwei, “Go and take a bath first, I will talk to you later.”

Although she didn’t understand what was going on, Tang Beiwei hurriedly went to take a bath.

Ye Mo had lost a lot of money this time, this kind of thing of helping people to cleanse their marrow and regulate their meridians, Ye Mo had never helped anyone before, even if it was Ning Qingxue, it was her own work. This time, it was the first time he had helped Tang Beiwei do so, as he felt he owed her.

Ye Mo checked that there were only a few dozen dollars left inside the ring, it looked like he couldn’t get away with borrowing money today. He didn’t ask Ye Ling for money, he knew Ye Ling didn’t have any money right now, so asking her to borrow money would be difficult for her.

Tang Beiwei took a shower for almost an hour and came out with a new set of clothes, only her shirt was still on Ye Mo’s.

After the bath, Tang Beiwei’s whole body became different, because of the meridians and marrow cleansing Ye Mo had helped her with just now, an indescribable noble aura appeared on her body.

She was also astonished when she saw herself inside the mirror, she didn’t know what Ye Mo had done for her, but she knew that Ye Mo must have done something remarkable for her, and it seemed that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person.

Ye Mo saw Tang Beiwei’s changed appearance and also salted some satisfaction, except for her eyes when “posting enlightenment” in which there was still a sadness that was hard to erase, Tang Beiwei had been very different.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Tang Beiwei has regained her composure, she has buried that sorrow deep in her heart, she has decided to go back to Tandu immediately, if her mother is really untreatable, she will take her mother back and just stay with her all the time. She had already done her best, instead of being bullied around like this, she should go back and go with her mother.

Ye Mo took out a bracelet and said, “I suspect that we are brother and sister because I also have a bracelet like this.”

Tang Beiwei suddenly trembled a little, she stood up on her feet, snatched the bracelet from Ye Mo’s hand, took her own bracelet off and compared it, and it was clearly a pair.

Her already rosy face turned pale once again, her hands were trembling, and even her entire body was trembling. She did not expect that the relative she was looking for was the one torturing her in front of her. If she did not know Ye Mo’s identity originally, she could still put up with it, but once she knew that Ye Mo might be her brother, she could not even help but break down.

She wanted to have a brother who loved and doted on her, but when the truth was put before her eyes, she could not even accept it.

Tang Beiwei’s face grew paler and paler, she actually picked up the two bracelets in her hands and smashed them at Ye Mo, then without saying a word she ran to the door and pulled it open and rushed out.

A trace of gloom flashed in Ye Mo’s eyes, although soul-wise, he had no connection with Tang Beiwei’s brother, but the blood thing was unbreakable.

Ye Mo chased after him, he knew that Tang Beiwei was having a hard time in her heart right now, and did not deliberately try to pull her back, maybe she would be better after this period of time.

Tang Beiwei’s mind was in chaos, Ye Mo turned out to be her brother, she would rather her brother was never found than to have Ye Mo be her brother.

She had almost done something unforgivable, and if Ye Mo hadn’t cared about her, the consequences she herself wouldn’t dare to think about flying

Tang Beiwei kept running] She hated Ye Mo, if she had the bracelet why didn’t she take it out earlier? Why could so many people in this world not be her brother, but Ye Mo?

Tang Beiwei didn’t know fatigue l-like running forward, as if there was relief ahead. Her mind was already chaotic and devoid of any thoughts.

Ye Mo followed her behind with some worry, he knew that what Tang Beiwei needed now was to vent, and when she calmed down, she would be able to accept it.

Ye Mo stopped in his tracks, he saw that Tang Beiwei had already got into the lift of the Bolted Peak Building, it was a gla*s lift, it was already rising when Ye Mo came.

Tang Beiwei’s wooden eyes made Ye Mo’s heart tremble, what was she doing on the lift? Ye Mo quickly thought about whether she would jump off the building, and he suddenly regretted not pulling her back just now and letting her run on her own instead.

The lift in Ye Mo’s eyes was getting smaller and smaller, Ye Mo nervously used his divine sense to focus on Tang Beiwei, but the building was okay, the highest was not more than seventy meters, it was still within the range of his divine sense.

Ye Mo stared at Tang Beiwei and was thinking whether to go up and bring her down when Tang Beiwei unexpectedly opened the window of the highest floor and jumped down.

Looking at Tang Beiwei who jumped, Ye Mo was finally relieved. Without hesitation, he leapt up and first used the true essence qi wall to slow down Tang Beiwei’s speed, and then held the falling Tang Beiwei in his arms. Before anyone else could react, he left the area.

The moment Tang Beiwei jumped down, she felt a burst of relief that it was all over.

But when she woke up again, she found that she was being held in Ye Mo’s hands. She was shocked, could it be that her brother had jumped too?

“Beiwei, you are so silly, why did you jump off the building? If I can’t catch you, I won’t forgive myself.” Ye Mo’s tone was a little sad, he didn’t know who was right and who was wrong.

Tang Beiwei finally understood that it was Ye Mo who had caught her, and the knot in her heart disappeared without a trace.