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DYM Chapter 226

Tang Beiwei finally understood that it was Ye Mo who had caught her. The knot in her heart disappeared without a trace, and the endless grievances flooded her heart.

Ye Mo was silent, he understood Tang Beiwei’s feelings. A helpless girl who was being bullied all over the place, facing enormous pressure, but unable to find any help, and even doing things she didn’t want to do without her conscience. It is understandable that she would find her relatives in the end, and thinking that she had almost done something unforgivable, she could not forgive herself under her jīdàng mood, or she felt that her brother was just as cruel to her.

Putting down Tang Beiwei, there was a long silence before Ye Mo said: “In fact, at that time we didn’t even know, besides, even now it is impossible to determine if we are brother and sister, after all, through a bracelet there is no way to determine the truth of this matter, so you don’t need to put it on your mind. If it really is brother and sister, we need not put it on our minds even more, don’t you think so.”

Although Tang Beiwei had calmed down, Ye Mo still chose some words to comfort her.

Tang Beiwei paused and looked at Ye Mo and asked, “Ye …… brother …… that, do you want to go with me for a DNA test?” She didn’t know what she should call Ye Mo, calling him brother was a bit too abrupt, and calling him Ye Mo didn’t seem appropriate.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “No need, I don’t like to do that. Whether it’s true or not, from now on you are my sister and I will treat you the same as Ye Ling. No matter what, just look for me. Just remember, I’m your brother.”

“Brother ……” Tang Beiwei was surprisingly a little uncertain, she wiped her eyes, as if she wanted to say something, but in the end she didn’t. Did her own prayers make the heavens hear her and finally give her a brother? When Ye Mo said that he didn’t want to go for the DNA test, she was surprisingly a bit mí confused, not knowing whether she should listen to Ye Mo or not.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said: ”Originally, I was planning to go to Immeasurable Mountain in a few days to have something done, but since these people have repeatedly provoked me, if I don’t take action, I still think I’m afraid of them. Beiwei, you don’t need to go anywhere now, follow me first, wait until I go and help your mother heal her illness.”

“You know how to heal?” Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo in surprise, she remembered the acupuncture treatment Ye Mo had performed on her in the morning.

Before Ye Mo could answer, a voice interrupted him.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here, this is too much of a coincidence, expert, I’m really lucky, lucky.” A Porsche stopped in front of Ye Mo, and as the words fell, a young man had jumped down from the car.

This person Ye Mo had seen before, it was the guy he met on the road who wanted to race with him when he was taking Jing Jing.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Well, it’s quite a coincidence.”

This young man was a familiar face and hurriedly came over and shook Ye Mo’s hand and said, “I am Qiao Gang, I was really amazed to see your driving skills the other day, uh, is bit your girlfriend? She’s really pretty.”

Qiao Gang was very spontaneous, before Ye Mo could say anything, he was already lavishly treating Ye Mo as a car buddy.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “My name is Ye Mo, this is my sister Tang Beiwei, nice to meet you.”

Qiao Gang lùd a look of understanding, his own sister and himself are not the same surname, it would be a ghost to believe you, all sisters nowadays are god-sisters. Now hearing Ye Mo say this, he also said with a smile, “So it is like this, this brother Ye, last time I tried to find you as soon as I saw your car skills, then just inquired about your car into the Yuyuan area, I didn’t expect to really happen to meet you, really lucky. I don’t have any hobbies, I just love cars, if Brother Ye doesn’t mind, I would like to treat you to a meal to discuss my car skills.”

Ye Mo laughed, “Dinner is no problem, but I don’t have time now, I have important things to do, let’s talk about it later.”

If it was an ordinary person, he would have heard that Ye Mo did not want to befriend him, but Qiao Gang just froze for a moment and immediately said, “No problem, but I am a little bit famous in this area, if there is anything that I need to help, Brother Ye just ask. This is my business card.”

After saying that, Qiao Gang took out his business card and handed it to Ye Mo, then rubbed his hands together, obviously a little embarra*sed about what he said about wanting to ask Ye Mo for help. Although he was big-hearted, this was the first time the two of them had met, and Ye Mo still didn’t quite want to befriend him, so it was a bit inappropriate for him to say this. But he had seen Ye Mo’s car skills, as long as Ye Mo got into the car, he would never be able to catch up with him.

And although he didn’t have a deep friendship with Ye Mo, he knew that he couldn’t be suppressed with his status and money. If that was possible, last time Ye Mo wouldn’t have even bothered to pay attention to him and just drove the car away. After all, there were not many people like him who drove limited edition sports cars, so in order to make friends with people like Ye Mo, you had to lower your status and then make friends as equals.

Ye Mo took the business card and looked at it, he only had to look at Qiao Gang’s demeanor to know that this man was not as straightforward as he appeared to be, but rather this man knew that it was the easiest way for him to contact himself in this way now. Not only was this Qiao Gang not a reckless person, but he was also a person with a heart of gold, good at reading words and even knew what means should be used to contact what people was the most direct and effective.

It was a bit interesting, but Ye Mo didn’t resent it, maybe he really liked cars, maybe he just wanted to find a racing expert to help him out.

“No need for help, I’m just short of money and going back to raise some. If I have time when I’m free, I’ll call you.

Ye Mo said this on purpose, he saw how big a favour this Qiao Gang wanted him to do, if he could solve his lack of money problem, he wouldn’t mind doing him a favour when he was free. If he even stammered on this point, then forget it.

As expected, when he heard Ye Mo’s words, Qiao Gang was immediately full of smiles “Brother Ye, not happy with you, although this is not something worth showing off, but I still have some money in hand recently, I wonder how much Brother Ye needs?”

Ye Mo nodded, he was really on the up and up, and said casually, “I wonder what kind of help young Qiao wants from me?”

Seeing that his thoughts were seen through by Ye Mo, Qiao Gang rubbed his hands awkwardly again and said, “There is a racing competition at the end of next month, this race is very important to me, but I know my own skills very well, there is not much chance of winning, if ……”

Ye Mo already knew what it was about, waved his hand and said, “In that case, what is the maximum prize money for this race?”

“The prize money is not high only one million, this race we care about is not even the prize money, but another thing awarded with the prize money, and in addition to that, there are some benefits on the divide, but ……” Qiao Gang’s words are a bit stuttering, it is clear that there are things are not easy to say clearly.

Ye Mo once again waved his hand and said, “Very well, I promised you to help you take this first place, I’m not interested in anything else, I’m short of half a million now, I’ll contact you before the end of the month.”

When he heard Ye Mo’s words, Qiao Gang l showed surprise and quickly took out a card and stuffed it into Ye Mo’s hand “The secret is all eight, there are still more than 600,000 in it, I’ll wait for your call ah.” The first thing you need to do is to get in the car and drive away. Ye Mo’s car skills were clear to him, using an ordinary Audi could throw away his Porsche sports car in a short time, not an ordinary person could do that.

Ye Mo shook his head yet, thinking that this Qiao Gang was really interesting, seeing that this was a very rich guy, and he also saw that he didn’t care about a few hundred thousand, much less let him off the hook because of a few hundred thousand. The company is also afraid that he will regret it and hurry up to slip away first. He was decisive and had a heart.

Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo blankly, and only after a long time did she say, “Brother, do you know this person?” Only after saying that did she realize that she was already very smooth in calling him brother.

Ye Mo shook his head “I don’t know him.”

“Don’t know him, he took so much money to you at once? And people like this are powerful and influential people, in case we offend, we …… Besides, things like racing, and dangerous, and, and ……” Tang Beiwei didn’t finish her words, Ye Mo already knew what was in her mind. Tang Beiwei has always lived at the bottom, and is most afraid of such gentry.

Ye Mo somewhat compa*sionately reached out and mōded her head and said: “It’s okay, if I wasn’t short of money recently, I wouldn’t be able to look at these hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let’s go eat first and talk later.”

Tang Beiwei shook her head helplessly, she had fought so hard for 200,000 that she even had to sell everything she had, but her brother had gotten over 600,000 from a person she didn’t know with just a casual remark.

After taking Tang Beiwei to dinner, Ye Mo went to the bank again and withdrew another two hundred thousand down to buy over a thousand talisman making materials. Then he went to help Tang Beiwei buy a few sets of clothes before handing the remaining four hundred thousand to Tang Beiwei.

“I don’t want money, I just need to go back and save my mother.” Tang Beiwei hastily pushed back.

Ye Mo shoved the card into her hand again and said, “As you can see, it’s actually very easy for me to earn money, so take this money first. Wait until tomorrow and call that Wei Yongqian, then follow the original plan.”

Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo hesitantly with the card in her hand and said, “Brother, since you know that Wei is going to backstab you, why do you still fall for it?”

Ye Mo smiled coldly and turned back to Tang Beiwei and said, “It’s because I know he’s going to backstab me that I’m going to go, don’t worry.”

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei returned to the hotel, but found that there were 〖Police〗inspectors outside, Ye Mo could immediately know that the matter of Wang Xiangyang might be under investigation, then he took out the phone and called Qiao Gang, although he didn’t know who Qiao Gang was, but this little matter shouldn’t be difficult for him!