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DYM Chapter 227

As expected, Qiao Gang was very happy when he received Ye Mo’s call…to him, this was Ye Mo indirectly leaving his contact information to him. He hastily told Ye Mo not to worry and that there would definitely be no one to check on him. He did not know that Ye Mo’s phone number could not be dialed by outsiders except for the permitted phone number. Ye Mo was using a phone given by Han Zaixin, which was customized.

Ye Mo put down the phone and secretly sighed, it was still good to have someone to work with.

Just as Ye Mo hung up the phone, his phone rang again, the call was from Ye Ling.

Ye Ling spoke in a somewhat nervous voice, Ye Mo had just told her to be careful in the morning, and now someone was calling her to go to Immeasurable Mountain, saying that Ye Mo was waiting for her at Immeasurable Mountain.

Ye Mo was secretly angry in his heart and told Ye Ling to say that if she received such a call again, she could not leave for the time being and it would take two days.

He then instructed Ye Ling not to run around, preferably not even to go to school, and just stay in the Ye family compound. Then he dialed Zhang Stubborn again.

“Instructor, I thought you didn’t want us anymore, not even contacting for such a long time.” Zhang Stubborn’s voice was still bright and he was very happy about Ye Mo’s call. Ye Mo knew that Zhang Stubborn was genuinely treating him as a friend, and some warmth surged in his heart, but he said cautiously, “My sister Ye Ling, you help take care of her a little in the next few days, don’t let her suffer. And Song family you talk to Li Fox, find a few people to watch out for me, and call me immediately if anything happens.”

“Don’t worry, instructor, leave it to me.” Zhang Stubborn’s affirmative voice immediately came through.

Ye Mo was slightly relieved and then said, “Elder brother Zhang, don’t instructor before, instructor after, just call me Ye Mo if you can afford it, so as not to be rusty.” “Haha, good, I’ll call you young Mo from now on.” Zhang stubborn knew that Ye Mo was treating him as a brother with these words, and his mood became more and more cheerful.

Ye Mo hung up the phone and called Li Fox again, although he talked to Zhang Stubborn, but in case something happened to Ye Ling, it would be too late to regret.

Tang Beiwei watched in amazement as Ye Mo made one phone call after another, and only after a long time did she say quietly, “Is Ye Ling your sister? You are so kind to her.” She thought of how Ye Mo had been very rude to her in the morning because of Ye Ling, and her heart was just sour.

Ye Mo looked at the sour Tang Beiwei, smiled and subconsciously mōd her head again and said, “You are also my sister, I treat you the same. Don’t be sad about what happened this morning, that was the first and last time.”

Tang Beiwei, who was about to say not to mō her head all the time, was actually a little lost in thought when she heard Ye Mo’s words, she had a brother too. No longer did she have to be bullied around like before. Thinking of this Tang Beiwei’s eyes were actually a little red again, everything was just like a dream, was it really a dream?

She pinched her arm, there was some pain, she should not be dreaming.

“The first thing you need to do is to go inside and talk about it. ,, Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei a little dazed, pulled her a hand.

“Now that we have money, I’ll go get another room.” Tang Beiwei came back to her senses.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “No, you’re still staying with me tonight.” “Ah,” Tang Beiwei looked back at Ye Mo in surprise, yesterday she didn’t know, but now she knew that she could still stay together.

Ye Mo pulled Tang Beiwei inside and said only when no one was around, “If you change your room today, someone will know about it right away and my plan will fail.”

“Oh,” Tang Beiwei understood, but still said with some concern, “Brother, there are many of them and they have a well thought out plan, you are alone ……”

Ye Mo did not care, “You don’t have to worry, tomorrow I will make them eat their words, tomorrow you will wait for me here, I will go alone.”

Ye Mo had already decided to go on a killing spree, so of course it was inappropriate to take Tang Beiwei with him.

“No, I want to go together, although I am a female, I can do a few tricks, I can help you out some.” Tang Beiwei immediately rejected Ye Mo’s proposal.

Ye Mo closed the door to the room, his heart was a little warm, a kiss is a kiss, yesterday he was yīn plotting against him, now he was desperate to help himself.

However, Tang Beiwei could never go with him, Ye Mo could calculate with his toes that since these people had made up their minds, they would definitely be sure to keep him. It meant that they had put a lot of money down, and if Tang Beiwei went in case he didn’t take care of him properly, it would be too late to regret.

“Beiwei, have you ever thought about you falling from a height of tens of metres, if it was someone else who could catch it?” Ye Mo did not persuade her again, but brought up the incident not long ago and asked.

Tang Beiwei was stunned, yes, she hadn’t thought about it just now, she had fallen from such a high place, anyone else wouldn’t be able to catch it. How did Ye Mo catch it? She looked at Ye Mo in amazement, her eyes were full of questions.

Ye Mo did not beat around the bush, Tang Beiwei was his sister, there were things that should not be spun around. He then said, “Because I have learnt some Daoist techniques, so I can catch you on the nose, but it’s good that you know this kind of thing, don’t talk about it everywhere.”

“Dao Fa?” Tang Beiwei was getting more and more confused…she had learnt atheism since she was a child…how did even Daoism come out?

Ye Mo knew that the more he explained this matter, the more confused he became, so he had to say, “You don’t need to know this first, you’ll understand it later, later on you can call Wei Yongqian, tell him you’ve got it and ask him what you should do next. I need to refine something, so don’t disturb me yet.”

Although Tang Beiwei didn’t know what the Daoist technique that Ye Mo was talking about was, but she wasn’t a fool either, being able to catch someone falling from a height of tens of metres was definitely not something that ordinary people could do.

If she went by herself, she might really have to drag Ye Mo back.

Ye Mo helped Tang Beiwei refine a string of defensive necklaces, and then continued to refine the talisman seals. Because the materials were sufficient, Ye Mo stopped thinking about wastage when he was refining, and by five o’clock in the afternoon, ten talisman seals had been refined from thirty ingredients.

By the time Ye Mo stood up, Tang Beiwei had already bought two boxes of rice and was waiting for him.

Yanjing Song Family.

Dongfang Qiu, Song Qiming and Song Hai were discussing something inside a secret room, except for Dongfang Qiu whose expression remained calm, Song Qiming and Song Hai were both a bit worried.

“Ye Ling says she’s not even available the day after tomorrow, what’s going on? Mr Dongfang, didn’t you say that Ye Ling would immediately rush there as soon as she heard news of Ye Mo?” Song Qiming asked with some concern.

Song Hai, however, interjected, “Could it be that Ye Ling contacted Ye Mo and then knew that Ye Mo hadn’t called her?”

Dongfang Qiu said flatly, “Don’t worry about that, Ye Mo’s phone is always switched off, no one can ever contact him, I have investigated very clearly, so you don’t need to worry.”

Song Hai suddenly said, “Do you want us to try calling his phone?”

Dongfang Qiu shook his head “No, I tried Ye Mo’s phone when Ye Ling said she was unavailable, and his phone was indeed unreachable, there is no need to doubt that. Besides, even if Ye Ling doesn’t go, my plan is already mostly successful.” “How so?” Song Qiming asked eagerly.

Dongfang Qiu shook his head and said, “You will know when the time comes, just now Tang Beiwei has called me, she has already got it. I’ve decided to advance the plan to tonight.”

Song Hai asked suspiciously, “Mr. Dongfang, why do you want to advance it? Didn’t we say tomorrow morning?”

Dongfang Qiu waved his hand and said, “In fact, there was someone guarding the outside of that auction today, only that I was waiting for Ye Ling to go. Since Ye Ling isn’t going and has said she’s not available, whatever the reason, we have to be more cautious. Now, apart from Ye Ling, the rest of us are in position, so just in case, we’ll do it tonight. The main thing is that Tang Beiwei got it.” Looking at Song Qiming and Song Hai looking at themselves with some suspicion, Dongfang Qiu smiled coldly “Song family head, when the time comes, you just have to watch the show.

I guarantee that what you will see is the most relieving way of revenge, Song Hai can rush with me to Immeasurable Mountain immediately. I will let Ye Mo know what the consequences of offending me, Dongfang Qiu, are.”

After saying that, Dongfang Qiu glanced at Song Qiming, but in his heart, he was extremely disdainful, this man just heard about Tang Qin that day and immediately made a show of concern, if people didn’t know, they would have thought that he was forced to do so back then. But now it’s been a few days and he seems to have forgotten about it, not even asking a single question about Tang Beiwei’s situation. It was evident that this man was also a hypocrite, but it was for the best.

Hearing Dongfang Qiu’s words, Song Qiming’s spirits immediately lifted, and he could not wait to find out how Dongfang Qiming would actually fix Ye Mo. However, he was secretly frightened in his heart, offending this man was just too terrifying. If it wasn’t for the fact that his identity was too sensitive, he would have wanted to go over together to see the desperate expression that Dongfang Qiu described on Ye Mo’s face.

After eating, Tang Beiwei packed up her things and then said, “Brother, you didn’t sleep last night, I’ll sleep on the sofa today, so you can rest well.” Ye Mo waved his hand “No, I have important things to do tonight, you can sleep tonight, don’t worry about me.”

Tang Beiwei was just about to speak when her mobile phone rang, she picked it up and looked at it, then turned back to Ye Mo and said, “Brother, it’s that Wei Yongqian, I called him this afternoon, I don’t know what he’s calling about now. ,…

Ye Mo immediately said, “You answer first, no matter what he says, you answer first to settle down.” Tang Beiwei nodded and picked up the phone, and Ye Mo walked next to her.

“Little Tang, there is a change of plan, because the employer needs to go there tonight, so you take Ye Mo to that place tonight, tomorrow you can go back to the altar capital to be with your mother, what happens afterwards will have nothing to do with you.” Wei Yongqian’s voice came through.

Tang Beiwei followed Ye Mo’s hint and hurriedly said, “Okay, I’ll take him there now.

Well, I have a way.”