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DYM Chapter 228

Ye Mo took out the defense necklace and handed it to Tang Beiwei and said, “Wear this on your body, and when I leave, close the doors and windows, and don’t open the door at will until I return.”

Since that person was so intent on backstabbing himself, he couldn’t help but prevent them from making a move on Tang Beiwei.

“What a beautiful necklace, brother, are you giving this to me?” Tang Beiwei was overjoyed to receive the exquisite string of necklaces, she had never had any jewellery, and this string of necklaces was still her first piece of jewellery.

Ye Mo felt a little guilty, Tang Beiwei didn’t have a single piece of decent jewellery on her, and the mobile phone she used was still a second-hand old one, so he knew that she should have had a very sad life all these years. However, he did not want to say these words, as long as he remembered in his heart that he should care more about this sister of his in the future.

Thinking of this Ye Mo once again said, “This necklace you must not take off, and these talismans are made by me, if someone breaks in you can use this talisman to zá them, remember when zá out just say the word ‘Lin,’.”

Tang Beiwei took her hand off the necklace, then was surprised to receive the ten palm-sized fireball talismans handed over by Ye Mo and froze for a long time without speaking. He said, “Brother nòng this thing all afternoon, could this be the dao fǎ he said?

Seeing Tang Beiwei’s doubts, Ye Mo immediately said, “This is a fireball talisman, for self-defense, remember it will form a fireball to envelop the other party when thrown, don’t just try it.”

“Brother, this ……” Tang Beiwei was a bit teary-eyed, but she didn’t know how she should explain it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “You just need to remember my words, brother can’t afford to love you now, how could he harm you? When I go out, you must wait for me to come back before you leave.”

Seeing Ye Mo repeatedly admonishing, Tang Beiwei also cautiously nodded, her head, she knew that her original thought fǎ was definitely not right, that Wei Yongqian definitely didn’t want to teach her brother a lesson and be done with it, but he really wanted to kill people. At this moment, she also understood that if he just wanted to teach his brother a lesson, he wouldn’t have spent so much money, he would have just found a few random people to pay some money.

Ye Mo left the room and closed the door behind him again. He knew that the people who were counting on him were sinister, and he didn’t want to put Tang Beiwei in danger. After carefully searching around with his divine sense, Ye Mo confirmed that the people watching the place around him should be relatively far away.

But even so, Ye Mo still used stealth to get out of the hotel and then walked a long way before hailing a taxi to the place Tang Beiwei told him about. The reason why he used stealth was that he was afraid that someone would be watching and then see that he was the only one out.

He wanted to get rid of them all before they reacted. In fact, taking Tang Beiwei with him was the best way to go, but Ye Mo was afraid that the other party would be too powerful and put Tang Beiwei at risk. There was also the fact that he did not want Tang Beiwei to see the scene of his own shān.

The Immeasurable Mountain was not a Buddhist holy place, but the Qixiang Temple on the Immeasurable Mountain was too much bigger than many holy places’ temples.

The reason for this is simple: the temple is not open to tourists and is hidden in the deep mountains.

It is not the temple itself that is treacherous, but the location of the temple, where you enter the temple is a large canyon, and after entering this canyon, there is a bottomless cliff. It is this cliff that is the biggest obstacle to entering the temple.

But at this moment, there was no obstacle to entering Qifeng Temple, because the biggest auction mài in the Hidden Sect was about to be held at Qifeng Temple, and this broken cliff was already connected by a huge iron rope bridge, as to how it was connected, no one knew.

At this moment, Dongfang Qiu and two peak Yellow level experts were instead sitting in a secluded part of the gorge, waiting for Ye Mo to arrive. And Song Hai and several Yellow level experts from the Song family, and even Li Mingqiang were all on either side of the canyon, and they were waiting for Tang Beiwei to return after taking Ye Mo into that iron rope. If they can’t ” Posting Qihang” return, count him sǐ cheap.

Except for Dongfang Qiu and Li Mingqiang, the rest of the people were mentally focused. The reason why Dongfang Qiu was not nervous was because he was prepared, while Li Mingqiang, because he was a late Xuan level expert himself, did not care about a mere Ye Mo. It was just that he had heard of Dongfang Qiu’s reputation, and besides, the fact that this Dongfang Qiu could even know about the Hidden Sect, and could set up an ambush here, meant that he had considerable energy. This, coupled with the face of the Song family, was why he could barely suppress the displeasure in his heart.

Song Hai opened his mobile phone and looked at it, then said to Dongfang Qiu: “Mr. Dongfang, there is already a car coming this way, it should be Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei, it’s just strange that the people I arranged didn’t see these two leaving the hotel, I don’t know how they got into the car.

Dongfang Qiu’s heart jumped, he remembered the time when he was outside the desert in the figure filling, Ye Mo could stealthily come. Surprisingly, he had a vague bad feeling in his heart, but his face did not show the slightest bit of shyness as he said, “Song Hai, ah, the quality of your people still needs to be strengthened.”

Song Hai nodded and said, “I’m afraid that after Ye Mo enters the Iron Rope Bridge, he won’t have the life to come back, if that’s the case, although revenge has been taken, the year won’t be painful and drenching.”

Dongfang Qiu nodded “‘Brother Song Hai don’t worry, this time it’s definitely a painful revenge, but your thinking fǎ is also right, after all the two guarding inside are too strong, in case they fight s death it won’t be good. I’d better go and communicate, the only reason we can stay here is because I’ve said hello to them, now I’ll go and ask them to leave Ye Mo a breath, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

After saying this, Dongfang Qiu gave some more instructions to the two people around him to do as Song Hai told them, before saying to Song Hai, “I’ll be back as soon as I go, you take command here first.”

Although Song Hai guessed that Dongfang Qiu was related to those two people from the Hidden Sect, he did not expect him to be able to talk to them directly, so he said with some envy in his heart, “Please bother Mr Dongfang, it’s fine to leave this place to me.”

Dongfang Qiu immediately turned around and left in the direction of the iron rope bridge, but his figure was blocked by the trees after he had turned around for a while.

After running a few hundred metres in one breath, Dongfang Qiu immediately hid in a mountain hollow and took out the phone and dialed.

“What’s going on? Why wasn’t the target informed when it came out?” Dongfangqi’s voice was a little anxious.

“Master Jun, we’ve been staring at the hotel entrance with binoculars, we haven’t found the target coming out, huh?” Soon the man he had arranged reported back.

Dongfang Qiu knew it was not good, something should have gone wrong in the middle, it was reasonable to say that it would not bào revealed ah? What was going on? Even Song Qiming didn’t know about this matter, and his own knowledge of Tang Beiwei was still purely coincidental, how could Ye Mo know about it?

“Immediately send a few people to the target’s room, if Tang Beiwei is the only one, immediately take her away, leave the bolting yuan, and contact me when you get to the next place.” Dongfang Qiu was decisive, he didn’t know which part had gone wrong, since Ye Mo had left the hotel without being seen, it meant that Ye Mo already suspected or already knew, which was why he used the hidden zàng to do fǎ.

Whether it succeeds or not, he must now escape immediately and wait for his men to give him “Posting Qijang” a call, and once both people inside the hotel are indeed gone, it is not too late for him to make his next decision. Once only Tang Beiwei was alone, then there was no doubt that the plot had been discovered.

Tang Beiwei casually placed the fireball talisman on the table after Ye Mo left, but then took down the string of necklaces and lovingly stroked it mō. Although she had never had jewellery before, she had seen many TV stars with all kinds of jewellery and had also gone to the mall to see all kinds of necklaces.

But Tang Beiwei had never seen a necklace more beautiful than the one her brother had given her. The pearl-silver beads of the necklace emitted an invisible glow, and there was a peaceful and soothing feeling when she held it in her hand.

What a beautiful necklace. The events of today were like a dream, and she was still not completely awake. She actually had a new brother, and he was very, very nice to her, but when she didn’t know she was his sister, he was really mean.

Was Ye Mo really her brother? He had so many secrets on him, these things were just seen him taking them out of his body, but his clothes were very thin, ah, where exactly did he put them? There were also so many materials that brother had mǎi today, and now he didn’t know where he had put them.

“The door knocked, and Tang Beiwei, who was lost in thought, was startled, her brother said he would call her if he came in.

Tang Beiwei immediately remembered Zi Ye Mo’s words, put the necklace on her body, reached out and grabbed the ten talismans next to her and stared nervously at the door.

“There was another knock on the door, and Tang Beiwei went to the door and gathered her courage to ask, “Who is it outside?”

She didn’t expect the knocking outside to stop when she asked. Tang Beiwei’s heart immediately tensed up, her brother was not here, were these talismans he had handed to her useful or not?

Although Dongfang Qiu knew that he might be overthinking things, he would never take any chances over any small matter of possibility. Last time on the Seine Peninsula, if he hadn’t been resourceful, he, Dongfang Qiu, would have been cold in his shī bones by now. So whether Ye Mo had fallen for it or not, he was now retreating decisively.

Whether he was fooled or not, there was no more business for him here.

Dongfang Qiu took out his vibrating mobile phone and picked up the phone. The news reported by his men shocked him a little, he was just guessing, but he didn’t expect that Tang Beiwei was really still at the hotel.

He didn’t dare to go back to the hotel to meet up with his men. He didn’t believe that after Ye Mo had discovered his plan, he would still leave Tang Beiwei at the hotel like this, he must have a backhand.

The more he fled the more regretful Dongfang Qiu became, in the future, no matter what he did, he should not qīn to come into danger. Although it would be quick to tell Ye Mo the truth in front of him and watch him go away in anger, his own life was more important.