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DYM Chapter 229

“The door of the room was kicked open with a loud bang, and a waiter who wanted to stop was kicked far away by the man outside the door and fell to the ground, unable to get up again.

Tang Beiwei saw three men rushing into the room, and when they saw her, they rushed straight towards her. Tang Beiwei’s heart trembled and she took several steps back, now she had nothing in her hands to defend herself except the ten talismans given by Ye Mo.

It was obvious that this man did not have Tang Beiwei in his sights at all, to him Tang Beiwei was just a lamb to be slaughtered.

In shock, Tang Beiwei picked up a few talismans and smashed them at the man, shouting the word ‘Lin’ one after another.

With a “boom”, a ball of fire surrounded the man at the front, but the fire disappeared in a flash, only a small pile of flying ash spilling out in a messy manner not far away.

Tang Beiwei was frozen, her mind unable to react at once. What was going on? She hadn’t even felt any sizzle from the fire light just now, and the man surrounded by the fire light had disappeared, which was a bit too bizarre. Could this fireball talisman really be that powerful? Wasn’t this an immortal spell? What kind of person was brother anyway? She subconsciously picked up the remaining few talismans in her hand and looked at them for a while, her mind still not yet converted.

The two people following behind her also stopped in their tracks, staring blankly at the small cloud of flying ash in front of them. Their minds were also frozen, burning a man into flying ashes? How could this be possible? But they had seen it with their own eyes, so how could it be false?

It took several seconds for the two men behind them to react, and when they looked at the talisman in Tang Beiwei’s hand, they no longer dared to go forward, but turned around and fled.

It was not until the two men fled the room that Tang Beiwei completely understood that the fireball talisman in her hand was actually real, not only was it real, but it was also terrifyingly powerful, the temperature could instantly turn a person into flying ashes, could it be just the temperature alone?

Tang Beiwei looked at the room door that had been kicked to pieces, knowing that there was no use in continuing to stay here, she too immediately left the hotel. Looking at the seven talismans still left in her hand, she thought in her heart that she could also go and help Ye Mo with such things. She hastily called a car and also headed to the place where Ye Mo had gone.

Just now the talisman turned a person into ashes in the blink of an eye, there was probably no bloody scene, Tang Beiwei did not feel anything, now sitting in the car, she remembered a person being burnt into ashes and could not help but feel nauseous.

“Are you seasick?” The driver asked casually.

“Well, a little seasick.” Tang Beiwei asked the driver to stop the car and vomited a bit, but only vomited several mouthfuls of clear water.

It was only when the car was unable to move forward that Ye Mo got out of the car and followed the route Tang Beiwei indicated to enter the mountain forest from the side. Ye Mo was fast and his speed in the middle of the mountain forest was not slower than the car’s speed, just half an hour later, he really saw a long big canyon, exactly as Tang Beiwei said.

Ye Mo immediately entered the canyon, while his divine sense was released on both sides.

Song Hai saw a figure entering the canyon from afar, he subconsciously felt that something was wrong and looked at Li Mingqiang next to him and said, “Why is it that only one person has come? Could it be that he has noticed something and just came alone? The two of you go to the front and take a look.”

Song Hai’s last words were addressed to the two people Dongfang Qiu had brought with him.

Only after the two men Dongfang Qi had brought left did Li Mingqiang snorted coldly and said, “I had a feeling that Dongfang Qi wasn’t very reliable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could get the people of the Hidden Sect to allow him to ambush them here through channels, but I don’t believe that he can speak directly with the people of the Hidden Sect.”

Song Hai suddenly stood up, “Senior Li, I think it is really possible that this is what you say, what do we do now?”

Li Mingqiang let out a cold laugh, “I just don’t believe that he, Ye Mo, has three heads and six arms, whether he dares to step into the Iron Rope Bridge or not, but I, Li Mingqiang, will not be afraid of him. Is it possible that without him, Dongfang Qiu, I, Li Mingqiang, will not be able to avenge the murder of my disciple?”

“Surprisingly, there are only eight of them, it really spoils my fun, since you want to take revenge, come over.” No sooner had Li Mingqiang’s words fallen than Ye Mo’s vocal kiss came through.

Song Hai’s face instantly turned pale, he didn’t expect Ye Mo to be able to spot them instead of entering the iron rope bridge first, they were clearly hiding at the edge of the canyon, how did Ye Mo spot them? However, his reaction was quick and he immediately called out, “Surround him, senior Li wrap around this kid, the rest of them together besiege at the side.”

Song Hai said this because he knew that once he gave the order to retreat, the first person to die would be him, Song Hai. The rest of the men, any one of them would be too much stronger than him, Song Hai.

Including the two peak yellow level experts brought by Dongfang Qiu, and Li Mingqiang, apart from Song Hai, so all of them came out and surrounded Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at Song Hai, who was still slowly retreating, and said with a cold smile, ”If you dare to retreat half a step again, I will kill you first.

Song Hai subconsciously stopped his steps, he didn’t know why, but he didn’t dare to take half a step back.

“Sign up, don’t be a wasted death later.” Ye Mo swept the seven people around him and spoke in a somewhat icy tone.

Li Mingqiang said with a cold snort, “I am Li Mingqiang, little, beast, relying on the fact that you have learned a few days, you dare to be so arrogant and kill my disciple Hu Qiu, today I am going to take your head and sacrifice it to my disciple, you will pay for your ignorance.”

Ye Mo’s eyes immediately turned cold, as soon as Li Mingqiang said it was Hu Qiu’s master, he knew it was someone from the Song family. His own guess was indeed good, the Song family was really bold. Not only that, they had even come up with such an evil way of revenge. At this moment, in Ye Mo’s heart, the Song family was already a bunch of skeletons.

“Since you’ve already signed up, then go to hell.” Ye Mo casually took out the long blade from the side slope, and without further ado, the long blade in his hand turned into a cloud of blade shadows and swept out through the air.

This blade was also something he had copied from Bianpo, if Bianpo knew that not only had his weapon been used by Ye Mo after his death, but even his moves had been used by Ye Mo, I wonder if he would have risen from the ground and cried bitter tears.

Apart from Li Mingqiang who noticed that there was suddenly an extra knife in Ye Mo’s hand, none of the remaining few people saw the knife in Ye Mo’s hand, they only saw a white light.

Li Mingqiang also froze for a moment, he clearly saw that Ye Mo was empty handed, how come there was suddenly a long knife in his hand?

“Poof ……… After four blood-spurting loud noises, Song Hai had already found that the four early and middle Yellow Grade experts he had brought with him had turned into corpses under Ye Mo’s blade light, and were not even able to resist.

Although Ye Mo’s slash had the suspicion of a sneak attack in it, but he had killed four people with this slash, so scared that Song Hai’s little legs started to tremble, he really couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo was so powerful to this extent. It looked like Dongfang Qiu had not overestimated him, but underestimated him. Song Hai had the intention to escape, but he felt his calves trembling so badly that he couldn’t move a step.

When Li Mingqiang saw that Ye Mo had killed four people with one slash, he immediately knew that he might have underestimated Ye Mo. He was definitely a little more powerful than himself. Thinking of this, he no longer dared to be distracted and drew out the long whip at his waist, and formed a tripod around Ye Mo with the other two peak Yellow Grade trio.

Li Mingqiang’s long whip shook and transformed into a whip shadow, wrapping Ye Mo around him, and the two Yellow-ranked experts behind Ye Mo did not hesitate to take the opportunity to draw their scimitars and slash at Ye Mo.

Not to mention that Ye Mo was now in the middle of the third level of Qi cultivation, even if he was still in the early stage, he would not be afraid of these three. Although Li Mingqiang’s long whip was a few notches higher than Hu Qiu’s. However, compared to the Idle Daoist, Li Mingqiang was still too far behind.

Ye Mo didn’t even use the wind blade, he directly brought up his long blade and “brushed brushed brushed” and slashed countless slashes continuously in a short time. His true essence was deep hòu, and with the long blade in his hand, he didn’t know how much easier it was than when he fought against the Idle Daoist.

“Boom boom ……” several times, Li Mingqiang actually blocked five or six of Ye Mo’s slashes before there was a slight ‘crunch,’ sound, Ye Mo’s long blade joyfully broke one of Li Mingqiang’s long whips and split a mouthful of scimitar, splitting Dongfang Qiu one of the men he had brought with him into two halves.

Bright red blood sprayed out and Ye Mo took several steps backwards to avoid splashing blood on his body.

Looking at the bloody scene in front of him, Song Hai’s legs and feet bent and he couldn’t help but vomit. He had killed and tortured people to extract confessions, but there was never a bloody scene like this.

Ye Mo was glad that he had not brought Tang Beiwei with him. At this moment, he stared coldly at Li Mingqiang, who was somewhat dazed, with a cold killing intent in his eyes.

Li Mingqiang looked at the whip in his hand, and for the first time, he felt that he was nothing in front of Ye Mo, and that it was as easy for Ye Mo to kill him. His hand shook a little and he no longer had the same calmness he had at the beginning. Although Ye Mo had killed four early Yellow rankers the first time, he thought that he could barely do it that way, but now, he felt that he could not defeat Ye Mo at all. He was too strong, and for the first time, Li Mingqiang felt regret.

Ye Mo had started to kill four people because the blade had slashed across the throat area of four people without causing a bloody scene, and now one person was split open by him from the waist, and the remaining Yellow-ranked expert looked at his bloody companion with a pale face. After a long time, he suddenly threw away his own scimitar, turned around and fled.

Ye Mo didn’t even give him a glance, he just casually slashed through with a wind blade. The man who was fleeing immediately had his legs shredded and fell to the ground, twitching incessantly.

“If you can spare me, I ……” Li Mingqiang was scared, he had never seen someone as tough as Ye Mo.

Facing such a fierce Ye Mo, he had lost his fighting spirit.

Ye Mo let out a cold laugh, no matter how much Li Mingqiang begged for mercy, Ye Mo never intended to spare the few people in front of him. Before Li Mingqiang could finish the rest of his sentence, Ye Mo’s long knife had already brought up a shadow of a blade again, his voice came to an abrupt end, and Li Mingqiang, who had lost his fighting spirit, was easily lorded over.