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DYM Chapter 230

The Yellow-ranked martial artist who had his double tuǐ cut off by Ye Mo was chōu convulsing on the ground for half a day before he looked up and saw Ye Mo chopping Li Mingqiang’s head off, and under the stabbing jī, he actually pulled out his dagger and stabbed it directly into his own heart.

Ye Mo didn’t bother about the yellow-ranked man who committed suicide, but coldly stared at Song Hai as he slowly walked over.

Song Hai’s face became bloodless, he was regretting, regretting that he shouldn’t have come with Dongfang Qiu, and even regretting that he didn’t advise the family head not to go against Ye Mo, but now it was all over. Ye Mo was not a human being, he was a demon. Seeing this bloody row by himself could not contain the churning inside at all, but Ye Mo was surprised that nothing happened, how many people had he killed?

“Don’t kill me, I’ll tell you everything I know ……” Song Hai looked at Ye Mo walking over, his tone had changed in fear, if he was given another choice, he would rather flee the Song family and go into hiding than to go against Ye Mo.

“No need, I will make you tell the truth.” Ye Mo raised his hand and pointed a finger at Song Hai’s eyebrow after he finished speaking.

Song Hai’s demeanor immediately became wooden, Ye Mo this said in a cold voice: “You tell me every word of the Song family’s plan, say it.”

“Yes ……” There was not the slightest struggle in Song Hai’s eyes.


After the taxi drove to the foot of the Immeasurable Mountain and drove further in, no matter how Tang Beiwei asked, the taxi driver just refused to drive a meter further.

Tang Beiwei knew that the taxi driver should be scared at this time of night. But the good thing is that the front walk is only about half an hour, Tang Beiwei did not continue to force the driver, but got out of the car and trotted straight in towards the mountain.

The taxi driver didn’t know what a nv child was doing going into the desolate premises of the Immense Mountain so late at night. But it was not something he could manage. He quickly turned the car around and went down the mountain as fast as he could.

Forty minutes later, Tang Beiwei came down the mountain road, panting, and went through the side into the mountain forest. If above the mountain road, Tang Beiwei was still calm, the silent night gave her a bit of a fright after she broke into the mountain forest alone.

The cries of the bobcat and the nightingale were somewhat frightening, and she did not dare to stop, her footsteps getting faster and faster. It was just that she did not have Ye Mo’s skills. After walking a few hundred metres or less, she fell several times.

“The sound of a branch breaking rang out and Tang Beiwei subconsciously stopped in her tracks. Under the pale moonlight, a black shadow ran over.

Tang Beiwei’s scalp tingled, there was a black shadow in the forest at night? She was so scared that she dared not move. But the black shadow stopped at a distance of five or six metres from her. It was a human figure, very thin, with a three-sheep beard.

How could there be people in the mountains at this late hour? But Tang Beiwei looked at the shadow on the ground. Since there was a shadow, it was a real person, not a ghost. Tang Beiwei’s panicked look calmed down a little. She stared at the shadow without speaking.

Dongfang Qiu was about to run to the mountain road when he unexpectedly saw a nv child inside the mountain forest so late at night. When he first saw Tang Beiwei, he was indeed taken aback, but immediately recognised that this nv was Tang Beiwei.

Dongfang Qiu was delighted. Ye Mo this hún egg made the old man almost die several times, and this time he came back from the dead, today I finally received a little interest.

Even if Tang Beiwei is an nv, but since she can escape from the hotel to here, it means she must have a few moves, for such a person, Dongfang Qiu will not lose heart. He didn’t even think about it. He immediately drew his pistol and fired two shots at Tang Beiwei. He didn’t want to kill Tang Beiwei immediately, he wanted to let her suffer and die, or at least let Ye Mo see how Tang Beiwei died afterwards.

Tang Beiwei saw Dongfang Qiu. When she confirmed that the other party was a human being and not a ghost, she was relieved. She was wondering why this person was still running in the mountains at such a late hour when Dongfang Qiu suddenly took out his gun and fired two shots at her.

Tang Beiwei didn’t even have time to react before she saw a yellowish shield rise in front of her body, only to see it shatter immediately, and Tang Beiwei was just about to see what was going on when another shield seemed to rise in front of her. Five or six shields shattered in quick succession, and two bullets landed in front of her.

Tang Beiwei reacted at this time that the man had fired. She didn’t have time to think about how the bullets missed her, subconsciously she grabbed a fist-sized stone on the ground and smashed it.

Dongfang Qiu knew after firing two shots that Tang Beiwei had already become a fish ròu in his hands, he did not expect his two shots to miss Tang Beiwei, and when he reacted, Tang Beiwei’s stone had already smashed over.

“He heard clearly the sound of his nose bone being broken, his eyes were blurred, his pistol was raised again and he shot again, covering his face with his hand.

Dongfang Qiu’s third shot, however, had no effect on Tang Beiwei and missed somewhere. Tang Beiwei, however, remembered that the glow had just come from the necklace, and she subconsciously looked down at the necklace, which was much dimmer and no longer as beautiful as when Ye Mo had first given it to her.

Tang Beiwei was so angry that she once again picked up two stones and smashed them at Dongfang Qiu, at this time she had completely forgotten that she still had the fireball talisman, she was only angry that this person had nòng damaged her necklace.

“Boom, boom” two more times, one stone smashed into Dongfang Qiu’s forehead and one smashed into his arm.

Dongfang Qiu screamed and felt a stream of sticky blood flowing down. The hand holding the gun was hit by the stone and the pistol fell to the ground involuntarily. Tang Beiwei looked at Dongfang Qiu, who was crouching on the ground, and walked over and kicked him in the head again. The skinny Dongfang Qiu was kicked straight backwards and fell to the ground, still trying to struggle to get up.

Tang Beiwei picked up the pistol and remembered that she had a fireball talisman. She took out a fireball talisman and shook her head, had she used the fireball talisman this guy would have been finished long ago. But now without the fireball talisman, she knocked this guy down just the same, and saved a fireball talisman.

She once again mōmō the necklace, looking at the somewhat dim necklace, Tang Beiwei’s heart was dripping with blood, it was so hard for her brother to give her a necklace, and now this hún egg has nòng into this. It turns out that this necklace from her brother has the function of pampering herself, otherwise, when Tang Beiwei thought of those two gunshots, she didn’t even dare to think about it. Because there was the example of the fireball charm in front of her, the necklace’s pampering function, although it shocked Tang Beiwei, did not lose her concentration.

This person is too bad, must not let him go, he and he have no grudge, come up to kill himself. Tang Beiwei picked up the pistol and aimed at Dongfang Qiu, and was ready to shoot.

Tang Beiwei had never fired a gun before, but she knew that it was easy to shoot, just pull the trigger. With a “bang”, Tang Beiwei found that she had missed the target.

The gunshot was heard and he came to his senses at the same time. When he saw the pistol in Tang Beiwei’s hand, a frightened look appeared in his eyes and he hurriedly said, “Don’t shoot, I didn’t see it clearly and thought it was another tool, so I shot. You think it’s a big night, how do I know there’s someone else here?”

Tang Beiwei frowned, could it be that he really didn’t look clearly?

Seeing Tang Beiwei frowning, and the gun in his hand seemed to have a tendency to sag, Dongfang Qiu sighed with relief and hurriedly said, “It’s really a misunderstanding, I’ve been going around inside the mountain because I’m traveling into the mountain mí the road. Excuse me, is this place going out soon?”

Dongfang Qiu while carefully checking Tang Beiwei’s face to change the subject, while a little anxiously said.

Travel? Tang Beiwei looked at Dongfang Qiu’s eyes, and his eyes seemed to be very open, indicating that what he said was probably true. But it was still a bit strange to be travelling here at such a late hour. Tang Beiwei suddenly remembered that this road was leading to that canyon, could it be a leak from her brother’s men?

She subconsciously looked at Dongfang Qiu’s eyes again, his eyes were too frank, it wasn’t right, she had learnt acting herself. It was easy to learn, but in such a dangerous situation where he was pointing a gun at him, wasn’t he afraid that the gun would go off? At least there should be some element of fear in his eyes, right? But he didn’t even see it himself.

Tang Beiwei then looked at Dongfang Qiu’s hand, which seemed to be moving slowly, kind of looking as if he was supporting himself to stand up, but Tang Beiwei already had a preconceived idea. She took a few steps forward and once again shot Dongfang Qiu’s hand with the gun in her hand.

At such a close distance, Tang Beiwei did not miss this shot, which hit Dongfang Qiu’s arm exactly.

“A dagger fell to the ground, and Tang Beiwei immediately knew she was right, this man was a bad guy, not only did he almost kill himself, he almost tricked himself.

Dongfang Qi’s face immediately became stuck white, he did not expect Tang Beiwei to suddenly shoot again. The dagger he had grabbed in his hand fell and was recognised by Tang Beiwei. Originally, he wanted to give Tang Beiwei a little when she came to support him, but now, for the first time, he felt alarmed. This nv kid was very tough, he didn’t know that Tang Beiwei was such a little pepper xìng inside the school because she was pretty and to keep others away from her.

“You don’t làn shoot ah, what I said is true ……” Although Dongfang Qiu was still fooling Tang Beiwei, but his eyes were not as calm as they were at the beginning.

“Okay, I won’t shoot.” Tang Beiwei said, taking a few steps forward.

Dongfang Qiu sighed in relief as he kept a deadly eye on Tang Beiwei, snatching the gun out of her hand himself as soon as she got close. Unfortunately Tang Beiwei walked up to where there were two meters apart but didn’t move, instead picking up the gun again and aiming another shot at Dongfang Qiu’s knee.

“Ah …… you stinking b*tch.” The first time I saw the gun, I didn’t think Tang Beiwei, who had just been kind, would become so sinister.

Tang Beiwei ignored him and instead continued to hold the gun aiming at his tuǐ and pulling the trigger again, thinking in her heart that this pistol was easy to use. However, after she pulled the trigger several times in a row, there was no response, and Tang Beiwei immediately understood that there was no ammunition.

She put the pistol casually inside her pocket and took out a fireball talisman, but took a few steps back!