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DYM Chapter 231

“B*tch… So yīn sinister and cunning.” Dongfang Qiu saw that there were no more bullets. Finally, he was relieved, but in his heart, he was still thinking about how to kill Tang Beiwei.

Tang Beiwei picked up another stone and smashed it against Dongfang Qiu’s other tuǐ, “”You bad thing, don’t you think I know who you are? You’re the one who’s in league with Wei Yongqian and damaged my necklace, I’ll smash you to death, .

Dongfang Qiu subconsciously tried to get out of the way of the stone, but Tang Beiwei was so close together, and he was now seriously injured, so he couldn’t dodge it at all. The stone smashed into his tuǐ once again, causing him to break out in cold sweat.

“”B*tch, so vicious. When I tell you who Ye Mo is, you will be even happier, haha,, Dongfang Qiu’s laughter and his face that was deformed from the pain were tangled together, looking vicious and hideous, he knew that it would be difficult to escape today. How dare he compare him, Dongfang Qiu, to a trash like Wei Yongqian, ignorant woman.

Dongfang Qiu said with a fierce smile, “”You vicious b*tch, you hit so hard, old me Dongfang Qiu has been a hero for a long time, but to die in the hands of a woman, I should have known that I might as well die in Ye Mo’s hands to be more painful. The woman’s hand was so cruel that she had to die.

Tang Beiwei picked up a stone again and stared warily at Dongfang Qiu, the reason she hadn’t killed this man yet was because she wanted to ask from him how Ye Mo was doing now. When she saw the viciousness of Dongfang Qiu’s curses, the stone in her hand was raised, “”What do you think is wrong with Ye Mo? ,…

“”Haha,… Dongfang Qiu let out a wild laugh, “”You b*tch, so vicious that you won’t even spare your own brother. You know who Ye Mo is, he’s your brother, aren’t you happy now, having seduced your brother, haha, I’m relieved even if I die, haha… ……. , East West’s laughter came to an abrupt halt as Tang Beiwei looked at him pitifully, without any of the sadness and despair in his eyes that he had expected. There was only ridicule and disdain.

Tang Beiwei had beaten Dongfang Qiu like this, originally there was some intolerance, now after hearing Dongfang Qiu’s words, she realized how lightly she had struck, she should have focused more. This man could no longer be considered a human being, only a beast.

“”You don’t believe me? ,… Dongfang Qiu saw that the look on Tang Beiwei’s face was not the slightest bit different1

He had even forgotten about his pain, a bad premonition came over him.

Tang Beiwei looked at Dongfang Qiu pitifully, “”Are you trying to say that my brother áng and I are happy? Unfortunately, it’s disappointing for you. My brother knew I was his sister as soon as he saw me, you scum, I really can’t figure out what kind of things your parents are, to raise a mutation like you. ,…

The next sentence was not even spoken before Tang Beiwei’s stone smashed into his head again.

The words that Dongfang Qiu heard before he pa*sed out were, “”Idiot, if it wasn’t for the fact that you let me find my brother, I would have burned you to ashes right away. ,…

Watching Dongfang Qiu being knocked out by himself, Tang Beiwei breathed a sigh of relief, this guy was too bad.

This vicious idea was actually thought up by him, originally thought that his encounter with Ye Mo was just a very coincidental thing, never thought that this beast was actually playing this idea. Fortunately, her brother had recognised herself, otherwise, Tang Beiwei winced as she dared not think about it any further.

It was the first time she had ever beaten someone so viciously, and surprisingly, she did not feel the slightest bit of unease that she should, nor did she feel the slightest pressure on her heart. It was evident that this Dongfang Qiu was already bad to the bone.

A fireball from Ye Mo burnt Song Hai into flying ashes, and again burnt several other corpses into ashes at the same time, before looking at the place at the end of the canyon, according to Song Hai there was an iron rope bridge in front of him, originally Dongfang Qiu’s ploy was to trick herself into entering the iron rope bridge, and then let herself and the people in the Hidden Sect fight each other.

Song Qiming, Dongfang Qiu, Ye Mo recited these two names, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Since he wanted to a*sa*sinate his Ye Mo, don’t blame him for killing them all. If Ye Mo still had scruples at the second level of Qi training, now that he was in the middle of the third level of Qi training, he didn’t have to worry about anything at all.

However, Dongfang Qiu definitely did not think that even if he had a different person, he would not have been able to backstab him, Ye Mo. As long as Ye Mo entered this canyon, his divine sense could sweep the situation on both sides of the canyon, Dongfang Qiu also underestimated him too much.

He was too underestimated by Dongfang Qiu. What yīn plots and tricks were unbeatable in front of his strength, Ye Mo once again thought in his heart that he should improve his strength.

What about his strength? Ye Mo looked at the end of the canyon again, since there was an auction, could he not go in and have a look? Who knows if the auction in the Hidden Sect has anything he needs?

Last time, he had only attended a magic weapon exchange and got an “empty meditation stone”, in case it was an auction, wouldn’t it be more lucrative?

But how do I get into this auction? According to Song Hai, the two guards were half-step Earth-level experts, so were there people inside who were more powerful than Earth-level? This was not all. Since I was going to buy something, I needed money, but I only had a few tens of thousands of dollars, which was not enough to stuff my teeth.

No matter what, he had to go to the auction. Ever since Ye Mo found the “Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed” and the “Face Saving Fruit” last time, he had stopped underestimating this place. Maybe there was something he really needed.

Although he was only at the third level of Qi cultivation, his cultivation level was still a bit low, but he could refine a few less pills, so that he would have enough money to enter the venue.

He was very uncomfortable when he ran away from Dongfang Qiu, who was like a poisonous snake that made him feel uncomfortable all over. If Dongfang Qiu knew that Tang Beiwei was his sister, and still let Tang Beiwei come in contact with himself, this Dongfang Qiu was too vicious.

Going back to take Beiwei away first, Ye Mo did not choose to enter the canyon. He had just come out a few steps when his mobile phone vibrated, the call was from Tang Beiwei, Ye Mo’s heart was shocked and he hurriedly picked up the phone.

“”Brother, I’ve caught Dongfang Qiu, not far from the junction, what should I do? ,, came Tang Beiwei’s voice.

What? Surprisingly, he caught Dongfang Qiu, Ye Mo immediately shouted out in surprise and hurriedly said: “”Don’t go, just wait for me there, this Dongfang Qiu is of great use to me. ,…

The first time I heard Ye Mo say that Dongfang Qiu was of use to him, my heart was as comfortable as if I had eaten mì candy, I could finally help my brother a little.

When Ye Mo arrived, Dongfang Qiu happened to wake up, he saw Ye Mo coming, his eyes darkened for a while, knowing that he was completely finished.

“”Brother… Tang Beiwei kept staring at Dongfang Qiu nervously, she was afraid that if she wasn’t careful, this guy would get away. Because her attention was on Dongfang Qiu’s body, she forgot to be afraid for a moment. It was only when Ye Mo came over that she remembered that she was alone here and felt a little scared.

Ye Mo walked over and first put away a mí you pistol on Dongfang Qiu’s small tuǐ, before saying, “”Bei Wei, why did you come running here? ,,” “Ah, this person even has a gun, I was almost fooled by him. ,… Tang Beiwei shouted out in surprise when she saw that her brother had collected Dongfang Qiu’s pistol, and also took out the pistol without bullets from her pocket and handed it to Ye Mo.

“”This man is very jiān deceitful, fortunately you didn’t get tricked by him. ,, Ye Mo said here seeing that the necklace on Tang Beiwei’s xiōng mouth seemed a bit dull, frowned and said, “”He attacked you? ,, Tang Beiwei nodded, then will be threatened inside the hotel, then she used the talisman seal to kill a person, which ran alone to help Ye Mo. Later met this Dongfang Qiu, he fired two shots.

Ye Mo turned his head to look at Dongfang Qiu’s eyes were even colder, this person was like a poisonous snake, it was good that he finally fell into his hands today, otherwise he would really have trouble sleeping and eating.

“”Mr. Ye, as long as you spare my life, I, Dongfang Qiu, am willing to work as a cow and horse for you. You also know that we turned out to be different because of our positions and that’s why I found a way to deal with you. In the future, as long as I follow your lead, of course everything will be based on your words. ,… Dongfang Qiu saw Ye Mo take away his mí you pistol and completely despaired down.

Before Ye Mo could say anything, Tang Beiwei said eagerly, “”Brother, don’t trust this man, this man is bad. He just saw me and shot me, and he knew we were brother and sister, and he used this vicious ploy on me. , Ye Mo’s eyes grew colder and colder, his guess was really true, this Dongfang Qiu really knew that Tang Beiwei was his sister. This person is simply as terrifying as a poisonous snake, Ye Mo walked over and lifted his foot just to stomp Dongfang Qiu’s other hand off, before he said to Dongfang Qiu: “”I will let you die slowly, I have no interest in a wild dog like you who has lost his human xìng. ,…

Dongfang Qiu’s eyes were ruthless and he immediately said: ”Ye Mo, give me a pain if you have the guts, I know a lot of things, if you give me a pain, I will tell you all of them. ,…

Ye Mo raised his hand and slapped Dongfang Qiu on top of his head, while pointing a finger at his eyebrow, and said coldly: “”No need, I have ways to make the claim talk. The first thing I can do is to make him talk.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

Ye Mo stared at Dongfang Qiu and asked, “”Say, why do you want to backstab me? How many bases in Beisha do you know and where are they all located? What other purpose do you have for coming this time? …

The only thing I know is the North Sand’s subland base, in Vietnam’s Baiwei Gou, I don’t know anything else yet, I came here this time to return the Air Deck design. This time I came to return the design of the Air Deck.

The air decay design diagram? The first thing that came to mind was the model given to him by Wen Dong. The first thing he did was to think of Wen Dong, I wonder if she’s recovered now.

The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem. But Ye Mo didn’t care, he just needed to know the place, and when the time came, he killed them all.

Ye Mo let go of this question and continued to ask: “”How did you learn that Tang Beiwei and I are brother and sister? ,,!