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DYM Chapter 232

“Chirp ……” a long, sharp chirp interrupted Dongfang Qiu’s reply, a hint of struggle appeared in Dongfang Qiu’s eyes lù and surprisingly, he came to his senses. He took a look at Ye Mo, his eyes showed panic, and surprisingly, he rubbed his teeth hard, as if he felt that it was not enough, and rubbed it hard several more times.

A stream of black-sèd blood came out of Dongfang Qiu’s mouth, and Ye Mo immediately knew that it was not good, Dongfang Qiu had unexpectedly come to his senses temporarily. This was not all, there was even poison in his mouth, and as Ye Mo was trying to save him, Dongfang Qiu had already fallen to the ground and died, his skin all immediately turned black.

He had never seen this kind of poison before. With his current skills, he would not be able to save Dongfang Qiu, unless he could make the “Lotus Life Pill”.

“Brother, did this man kill himself?” Tang Beiwei could also see that Dongfang Qiu had died.

Ye Mo nodded and a fireball burned Dongfang Qiu before he said, “It was cheap for him to die like that, I didn’t expect to be spoiled by a nightingale. If it wasn’t for that nightingale just now, I would have already known the outcome, but it doesn’t matter, at least I already know something.” “Brother, is that really a Daoist talisman you gave me? There’s really a fireball, and my necklace, which was broken by this bad thing.” Tang Beiwei remembered the fireball talisman and immediately asked.

“Well, as long as you’re alright, I’ll nose you a bit more to refine the necklace later. Let’s go first, we might have to come over tomorrow. ,, Ye Mo was thinking about tomorrow’s auction.

Tang Beiwei’s heart was warm, having a brother is good, she picked up the remaining few fireball talismans and handed them to Ye Mo and said: “There are still a few more, here you go. ,…

“Keep them for yourself first for protection, I have to refine some things tonight.” Ye Mo pushed the fireball talisman back and added after a moment’s thought, “Don’t tell anyone about these things, got it?” Tang Beiwei said firmly, “I know, brother, don’t worry, I definitely won’t tell anyone. Brother, I want to go back and see if my mother is still coming tomorrow?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Tomorrow is very important to me, I must come, I will help treat your mother’s illness, you don’t have to worry. Let’s find a place to stay first you’re walking too slowly, I’ll carry you.”

Despite being carried by Ye Mo, it was almost twelve o’clock at night when the two walked to the nearest inn of interest. Ye Mo instructed Tang Beiwei to rest early, he needed to refine something.

The Song family in Yanjing.

No one was more anxious than Song Qiming, Song Hai and Dongfang Qiu went without the slightest news, and Dongfang Qiu said he would do it early, but now it was almost dawn and he hadn’t received any information. Song Hai didn’t call back, so he couldn’t contact anyone from the Immeasurable Mountain.

Song Qiming, whose eyes were red at the corners, had a bad feeling in his heart that something had happened to Song Hai. When he thought of Song Hai’s accident, his heart thudded.

If Song Hai was in trouble, it meant that Ye Mo was fine, and if Ye Mo was fine, it meant that he could return to Yanjing tomorrow to seek revenge on the Song family. If it was an ordinary person, the Song family would not be afraid at all, but Ye Mo was a madman, and he had no regard for the state. Besides, even if the state were to take control, but a person like Ye Mo would kill indiscriminately, the Song family’s people would not be enough for him to kill.

If Ye Mo wanted to come back there would be a flight to Yanjing at 8am tomorrow morning, and Ye Mo could arrive in Yanjing tomorrow morning at the latest. What to do? Song Qiming was now regretting going to provoke Ye Mo’s bottom line again and again.

While Song Qiming was fidgeting, Song Yuanyi walked into his study.

“Dad.” Song Qiming stood up in some alarm.

Song Yuanyi sighed and said, “Since you’ve done it, don’t be afraid, it’s not like he’s Ye Mo has three heads and six arms. My Song family has been pa*sed down for almost a century and it is not something that a mere Ye Mo can destroy. Unless there is no more king’s law, almost.”

Song Qiming’s panicked look was slightly restrained, but he still asked worriedly, “What should we do now?

Do we report it immediately?”

Song Yuanyi shook his head, “It’s useless to report it, not to mention that Ye Mo is now the chief instructor of the special forces, even if he is not that old man of the Ye family, he will still deliberately use tricks. So we have to rely on ourselves. Ye Mo hasn’t made a move against my Song family yet, once he does, we will lose a lot even if we have the support from above.

With his strength that can kill the Ou family tiger and Li Mingqiang, it won’t take any effort at all to exterminate my Song family before the forces that support us. ,.

Song Qiming was full of chagrin “This is all my fault, if I hadn’t connived at Shaowen wouldn’t have formed a feud with Ye Mo.”

Song Yuanyi waved his hand and said, “You are not to blame for this, the first grandson of my Song family wants a woman and still needs to worry about what, just did not expect Ye Mo is an ancient martial arts practitioner, but also so powerful. Song Hai hasn’t heard anything by now, so don’t wait, something must have happened already.” “Dongfang Qiu is not worthy of his name, it looks like he was overestimated.” Song Qiming grunted, in his heart he regretted completely believing Dongfang Qiu’s words.

Song Yuanyi shook his head “Dongfang Qiu’s plan should not have gone wrong, there must be another reason for the mistake. Now is not the time to count on this, now we have to face the wrath of Ye Mo’s return.”

Song Qiming’s face changed for half a day before he said, “Dad, what do you think we should do?”

Song Yuanyi frowned, his eldest son had generally been quite good during the years he had been the head of the family, but he was always a bit indecisive once he was faced with the life and death of the family.

After a long time of pondering, Song Yuanyi said, “I’ll go back to my elder brother and ask him to come out and talk to Ye Mo, he should be able to let him off the hook for once. However, this is not a foolproof solution, and I am not sure if Ye Mo can listen to Big Brother. So you have to make some moves.

If I’m not wrong, the problem with Dongfang Qiu’s ploy should be with Tang Beiwei.”

Song Qiming’s heart stirred, and he too remembered Dongfang Qiu’s words, and the choice of Tang Beiwei seemed strange.

As soon as his father said, “I’ve seen Tang Beiwei’s photo, and it’s true that she looks good, but I don’t believe it’s possible to find a prettier woman in Yanjing or anywhere else. He also knows that Beiwei is your daughter, so what does he mean by cooperating with you to use your daughter as an undercover agent? Is there something else going on here?”

“Dad” Song Qiming lowered his head in shame, although he knew that his father knew about it, he did not take the initiative to say it, but he did not expect his father to bring it up.

Song Yuanyi sighed “I’m not blaming you, just do something clean in the future, it’s surprising that such things are known to outsiders. You have to investigate Tang Qin right now, and you have to go visit her yourself. If Tang Beiwei really made a fake with Ye Mo, Tang Beiwei is a breakthrough, and to get Tang Beiwei’s help, you must do a good job with Tang Qin. Since that Tang Beiwei can accept this deal for her mother, it means that she values her mother.”

“I know.” Song Qiming had to admire his father’s great insight, catching the main point of conflict at once.

Song Yuanyi nodded “The most important point is to convene a family meeting now and have the Song family scatter immediately, those who can leave the country will leave first thing tomorrow morning, those who can’t will immediately scatter across the country, leaving the main members behind. Also, I will pay a visit to Ye Bei Rong and Ning Fu Zhen later. Even if my Song family bleeds out, we still have to get through this crisis.”

Song Qiming looked up at his father in surprise, he didn’t expect to end up having to disband the family to get through this crisis.

“Don’t go yet, as for anything else it’s all extraneous, as long as the family doesn’t fall there will always be something.” Seeing that Song Qiming was still hesitating, Song Yuanyi immediately chided him again.

“Yes, father.” Song Qiming knew that as Ye Mo’s skills grew bigger and bigger, the Song family no longer had any capital to fight against him.

After a busy night, it was not until after nine o’clock in the morning that Ye Mo was able to refine six “Face Preserving Pills” and three “Lotus Life Pills”, originally one Face Preserving Fruit could refine three “Face Preserving Pills”, but Ye Mo refined six “He had wasted six Face Preserving Fruits, which meant he had wasted eighteen ingredients for the Face Preserving Pill.

“For the Lotus Life Pill, he even wasted five thousand-year-old snow lotus seeds, which caused Ye Mo a lot of pain. He had to know that one thousand-year-old snow lotus seed could make six lotus pills.

As for the other herbs, he had basically used them all up, which meant that Ye Mo had used up all his accumulation in refining these nine pills. Including the large amount of precious herbs he found on the Immeasurable Mountain.

Ye Mo sighed, his own strength was too low, and it was too wasteful to refine pills. This was still the case with the Divine Dragon Cauldron, if he didn’t have this cauldron, he would have wasted even more.

“Although she knew that Ye Mo had great and mysterious skills, she saw with her own eyes that her brother hadn’t slept for several nights, which made her very worried.

Ye Mo smiled and waved his hand and said, “I’m fine, you take this pill, I’ve already re-refined this necklace for you, you can put it on.”

Saying that, Ye Mo took out the necklace and a “face-perfecting pill and handed it to Tang Beiwei.

“What kind of medicine is this?” Tang Beiwei took the elixir handed over by Ye Mo, smelling the fresh fragrance, and asked with some surprise.

“It’s called the Face Preserving Pill, if you take it, you won’t age, take it.” Ye Mo knew that women were very concerned about their faces, so now that he had six “Face Preserving Pills” he wouldn’t be stingy.

“Ah,” Tang Beiwei’s hand trembled slightly as she held the pills, if she had said this before she would not have believed it, but now she had unconditional trust in Ye Mo. An elixir to maintain one’s face, that price? She didn’t dare to think about it.

Ye Mo knew what Tang Beiwei was thinking and said casually, “Take it, I still have several more.”

Tang Beiwei suddenly felt some warmth flowing in her heart, although she was still not sure that Ye Mo was her brother, but the fact that he could even give herself such a valuable elixir showed that Ye Mo really treated her as his sister!