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DYM Chapter 233

Although she knew that Ye Mo wouldn’t lie to her, Tang Beiwei was still shocked by the shocking effect brought by the ‘Face Preserving Pill. After eating the elixir and taking a bath, even Tang Beiwei herself did not believe that she had changed so much.

If we say that before taking the elixir, she, Tang Beiwei, was definitely a first-cla*s beauty, but now she even thought she had turned into a fairy. Was the girl inside the mirror really her? She didn’t even dare to imagine.

Her skin had even become white and crystal clear, and her already flawless face had become even more tender and smooth.

“Brother, this elixir is really amazing… ……” Tang Beiwei ran out with a surprised face and called out.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Of course, do you think this elixir is easy? Although this kind of elixir is not very complicated to refine, one of the herbs in it is precious.”

“Thank you, brother.” Tang Beiwei was so excited that she ran to Ye Mo and hugged him and kissed him, there was no girl who didn’t love beauty, even if Tang Beiwei was already a beautiful girl, she was truly grateful in her heart for this elixir that her brother had given her.

Ye Mo patted Tang Beiwei’s head and said, “Beiwei, I have to go into the mountain today for something, you just wait for me here.” He wanted to go to the Hidden Sect’s auction, but he didn’t know if he could go in since he wasn’t from the Hidden Sect, so it was a bit inappropriate to bring Tang Beiwei with him.

Tang Beiwei was not someone who didn’t know what was important, the experiences of the past few days had made her understand too much, and now that Ye Mo was talking about it, of course she couldn’t follow behind to be a drag.

So she nodded and said, “I know brother, Wu wants to go back to see mum today, she doesn’t know how she is doing?”

Ye Mo thought to himself that leaving Tang Beiwei here alone did make her anxious, then he took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Tang Beiwei and said, “Let your mother take the medicine in this bottle, then wait for me to come back to help her.”

Tang Beiwei gave a hint, took the bottle and said, “I’m at the Tandu Normal University, brother when you come you can just go directly to the English department and look for me.”

“Good, I’ll go over to you when I’ve finished my business over here. Remember, if that Wei Yongqian dares to do anything to you, you can just use the fireball to burn him, and I will take care of everything for you.” Although Ye Mo knew that Tang Beiwei was anxious about her mother, he still admonished her.

Tang Beiwei’s heart was warmed by her brother’s concern, but she was still shocked by Ye Mo’s words. Killing random people inside the city was something that no one could escape from, but she knew that her brother was doing it for her own good, yet she did not argue.

Ye Mo kept sending Tang Beiwei to the taxi before he turned back to the canyon he went to last night. After entering the mountain forest, Ye Mo met some odd and strange people from time to time, but these people would rarely speak to each other. Ye Mo reckoned that these people were also going to the auction, and he had the intention to find someone to ask, but he found that all of them were very cautious and careful, and many of them had covered their faces with black scarves.

Ye Mo cursed in his heart, it was just a mere auction in a hidden sect, but it was made to look like the cultivation world. However, when he thought of the fact that he only had a cultivation level of the third level of Qi training, he thought about it and also took out a black scarf to cover his face.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. This discovery made Ye Mo breathe a sigh of relief.

He is now only a hair’s breadth away from the late third level of Qi cultivation, and once he advances to the late third level of Qi cultivation, he will have the certainty to compete with the earth level experts.

Ye Mo had just entered the canyon when he saw a circle of people watching the action, and he immediately squeezed over as well. Ye Mo thought that if these people carrying long swords and short swords in the Immeasurable Mountains went out, they would definitely be looked at as if they were making a movie, but he could not smile because he knew that every person here was an existence that should not be underestimated.

Ye Mo squeezed in, but saw a familiar face among the circle of people, the girl whose arm he had chopped off, but this girl’s arm looked like it had been reattached. Beside her was standing a beautiful, clean-cut Daoist nun who looked to be in her thirties.

I didn’t expect this girl to be here, she was working for Thousand Dragons with Wolf Pole back then, and she was good with a flying sword, could she also be from the Hidden Sect? But whether it was or not, Ye Mo was no longer interested in caring, as long as he didn’t mess with him, if he did, don’t blame yourself for being ungracious, next time it wouldn’t be chopping off your arm, but turning into ashes and dust.

Ye Mo focused his attention inside the circle, but there were two men facing each other, one at around late Yellow level and one at late Xuan level, the difference in cultivation between these two men was too great. One of them, the one with Yellow level cultivation, already had a slash on his chest and was bleeding profusely, it was obvious that these two were fighting.

“Xu Ping, you are a mere lonely ghost, how dare you compete with me for something. You got away last time, if you don’t hand over the stuff this time, this is where your bones will be buried.” The late Xuan level man said with a cold smile.

Xu Ping wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and grunted before saying, “How shameless, can you do whatever you want just because of the Broken Fist Hall? The Red Meteorite was clearly found by me first, and I got it first, so who are you to rob it? Shame on you.”

At this moment, everyone around had understood Xie Lai, it must be this person from Broken Fist Tang who had taken a fancy to someone else’s item and wanted to rob it viciously. No one would believe it if they were to say that a martial artist with a yellow level cultivation was robbing something at the hands of a late Xuan level.

Ye Mo frowned when he heard Broken Fist Tang, the name was so familiar. Just at this time, that late Xuan level, once again bullying up a step, a fist hit Xu Ping’s chest, Xu Ping spurted out another mouthful of blood, and a cloth bag on his chest had fallen into the hands of the man from the Broken Fist Hall.

Although the people around saw Xu Ping being beaten up and spitting blood, and his things being snatched away, none of them had the intention to go forward and say a word of justice.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept inside the cloth bag and was shocked in his heart, where was this red meteorite, it was simply a piece of star jade. Star Jade was extremely hard to come across even in the cultivation world, it was something that experts fought for. It could be used to refine the finest spiritual weapons and magic treasures, but the role of Star Jade in weapon refining was unparalleled.

Star jade is very difficult to form, it is formed in the universe after endless wear and tear, and the redder the colour of the jade, the better the grade. This piece of Star Jade was already glowing red, so it could be seen that it was of the highest quality among Star Jade.

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, this Star Jade had to be obtained no matter what, with the Star Jade, his flying sword would be a success. But what excuse should he find to snatch this Star Jade?

Looking at Xu Ping who was lying on the ground, Ye Mo’s heart moved and walked out, picked him up, took out a pill and handed it to him and said, “Friend, take this pill first, I don’t believe there is no justice in this world.”

Xu Ping took the pill and gave a grateful glance at Ye Mo and said, “Brother, thanks a lot, my name is Xu Ping. But there’s nothing for you here, so get out of the way. That man’s name is Zheng Chengze, he’s from Broken Fist Hall.”

It was obvious that Xu Ping pointed out that Ye Mo couldn’t afford to mess with Broken Fist Hall, Ye Mo smiled faintly, even if it was a more powerful sect he wouldn’t let go of the Star Jade, once he got it and refined it into a flying sword, he could completely kill the earth level experts.

He didn’t believe that a single Broken Fist Hall was full of earth level experts. Ye Mo already knew that this Ou Xu Hu and Zheng Cheng Ze were in a group, if they were in a group, sooner or later, the Broken Fist Hall would find him, since this was the case, he might as well kill one first.

When Ye Mo thought of this, his heart rose up with murderous intent.

“Kid, right and wrong is only for strong heads, get lost, my Broken Fist Hall’s affairs are not your turn to meddle.” Zheng Chengze saw that someone had gone to help Xu Ping, or a guy so young, even with his face masked, his heart was furious and he was instantly enraged.

Ye Mo slowly stood up, he coldly glanced at Zheng Cheng Ze, before he said with an air of righteousness, “I like to take care of things that are not fair] Broken Fist Hall, is it great? Today, i have decided to take charge, so what are you going to do?”

After saying that, Ye Mo was still a little ashamed, Xu Ping was a nice person, but he had used him.

Although it was for that star jade, but Ye Mo’s words instantly caused the surrounding people to agree, it was obvious that Zheng Chengze’s overbearing behavior had already been displeased by some people, just that no one came out to speak. At this moment, Ye Mo stood up and spoke, and immediately some people echoed him.

Zheng Chengze also swept his cold eyes around, then gave Ye Mo and Xu Ping a vicious stare and said, “You two are lucky today, don’t let me meet you next time.”

After saying that, he actually turned around and left.

Ye Mo was simply here for the Star Jade, as for saving Xu Ping, it was just a side job, how could he let the main job get away. He stopped Zheng Chengze without thinking, “Want to leave? Don’t dream, you want to leave after taking someone else’s stuff?”

“Kid looking for death” Zheng Chengze was now really angry, just now Ye Mo saved Xu Ping, although he was annoyed, but the stuff was already in his hand. He didn’t care, but now that he had left first, this guy who didn’t know the sky was high and hòu dared to stop him.

Without even thinking about it, Zheng Chengze drew the long sword on his back and swept it over.

Zheng Chengze’s longsword swept over, immediately bringing up a cool wind. However, Ye Mo did not dare to take out his long sword to block it, because one he could not expose his storage ring, and secondly he knew that his long sword was a troublemaker, once people knew that Bianpo’s long sword was on his body, he was the first to be suspected of flying against

Ye Mo, who had no weapon to use, wanted a flying sword of his own even more in his heart.

In a moment’s time, Zheng Chengze’s longsword had swept up to Ye Mo. The people around him were already revealing that they couldn’t bear to look any further, after all, Ye Mo only looked to be in his twenties, a young man in his twenties, that is, he started learning martial arts in his mother’s womb, even if his qualifications were good, he was only at the yellow level, how could he be a match for Zheng Chengze?

However, Ye Mo did not care so much, his divine sense locked onto Zheng Chengze’s long sword and struck out with a punch.

No one dared to believe that Ye Mo was bidding to use his fist against the longsword, all of them thought that Ye Mo was crazy.