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DYM Chapter 234

The clash of fists and swords was not a sound of flesh and blood breaking, but rather a golden clash. Zheng Chengzhi’s sword was actually knocked down to the ground, while Zheng Chengzhi himself was pressured by the tremendous pressure and took several steps back.

He then kicked Zheng Chengzhe’s Dantian, which sent him flying several meters into a huge rock, spewing blood from his mouth, clearly unable to survive.

Only then did Ye Mo walk up to Zheng Chengzhe and took the cloth bag off his chest.

The people around him all drew in a breath of cold air, Zheng Chengzhe was at least a late Xuan level Ancient Martial Arts practitioner, but he only lasted two moves in Ye Mo’s hands. Although Zheng Chengzhe had been lightly defeated, even if he had not been lightly defeated at all, it was obvious that he would not be able to support 20 moves in front of this young man.

So powerful, but he had offended the Broken Fist Hall, and although the Broken Fist Hall was not a first-cla*s hidden sect, it still had an earth-level expert sitting in it, so this young man had enough trouble.

Most of the people did not know how Ye Mo had used his fist to strike the longsword away, but two of the earth level experts saw it clearly, Ye Mo’s fist hit the back of the longsword accurately, which sent Zheng Chengze flying.

Even if they had faced Zheng Chengze, they might not have been able to kill him so easily, but this young man was so powerful that they could not even tell what sect Ye Mo belonged to.

The girl whose arm had been cut off by Ye Mo once looked towards Ye Mo again and again before she whispered to the beautiful Daoist nun next to her, “Master, I think I’ve seen this person somewhere, I just can’t remember.”

The beautiful Daoist nun immediately chided, “Zi Shuo, don’t talk nonsense. It’s not easy for us to get in here, so don’t talk nonsense again.”

Ye Mo handed the cloth bag to Xu Ping and said, “Brother Xu, this is yours, here you go.” In his mind, he was thinking of what he would use to exchange it back later.

But Xu Ping pushed it and said, “Brother has offended Broken Fist Hall for my sake, I, Xu Ping, am very sorry. This is of no use to me, and as your cultivation level is higher than mine, I will give it to you. I haven’t asked for my friend’s name yet.”

Ye Mo had originally come here for the Star Jade, upon hearing this, he did not pretend to be a friend, he immediately put the Star Jade away and took out the piece of defensive jade penannular jade and said, “This jade penannular jade is a defensive magic node, it is too different in value compared to your meteorite, I will take advantage of you first and make up for it when I have the chance, my name is Mo Ying.”

Ye Mo didn’t dare to be arrogant here, this was all some people with history, although Ye Mo was conceited, he wasn’t conceited enough to not put so many people in his eyes.

Xu Ping took the jade penannular jade ring and said with a smile, “It is out of place for Brother Mo to say that, it is my luck to make a friend like Brother Mo. It’s just that I’m sorry that Brother Mo has offended Broken Fist Hall.”

Ye Mo immediately looked at Xu Ping in a different light, this person seemed to be very cool and not at all afraid of the Broken Fist Hall. If any more people from Duan Quan Hall come to hara*s me, I don’t mind going for a walk and leveling this place.”

Ye Mo was deliberately saying this, he had killed Ou Xuhu and Zheng Chengze, and it had long been impossible for him and the Broken Fist Hall to co-exist. Instead of cowering, it was better to simply and decisively make the grudge clear. Besides, he was not talking nonsense, as long as he got the Star Jade, he could refine it into a flying sword, and once the flying sword was formed, his combat power would be more than doubled.

“Good, if Broken Fist Hall comes again, the two of us brothers will go and kill him.” Xu Ping was also proud.

When the people around saw that there was no more action to watch and that the young man had the audacity to fight Broken Fist Hall alone, they all dispersed and entered the canyon.

“Brother Mo is also here for the auction?” Seeing the crowd leaving, Xu Ping then asked.

Ye Mo nodded, “I heard there was an auction here, so I came to take a look, I didn’t know what good things were there.”

Xu Ping froze for a moment before saying, “Don’t you have a door tag to enter?”

“Is there a door tag to enter?” This was the first time Ye Mo had heard of this, and he asked at once.

Xu Ping fished out a jade token and said, “Of course you do, I had to go through a lot of trouble to get this token.”

Ye Mo took the jade token in Xu Ping’s hand and looked at it, suddenly remembering that he also had one of these jade tokens on his person, the one he had searched for on Yu Lian’s body at the beginning, which had a number of thirty-seven on it, while the number on the jade token in Xu Ping’s hand was one hundred and one.

“Is it this kind of jade token?” Ye Mo casually took out that jade token on Yu Lian’s body, thinking to himself that it was fortunate that Daoist Nun Jing Jing Jing had not searched his body after killing Yu Lian, otherwise he would not have had a jade token to enter.

Xu Ping took a look at it and immediately said, “Not bad, it’s this kind of jade token, this jade token of yours is the first fifty numbers, you can bring one person in, the numbers after fifty, like mine, can only be entered by one person. I didn’t expect Brother Mo to have this kind of high-grade jade token, in that case, let’s go in.”

Although Xu Ping didn’t ask, he was already sure in his heart that Ye Mo was an earth level expert, because this kind of token could only be held by some people who had the right status, except for earth level experts.

The two of them spoke for a while before they learned from each other that both sides were scattered cultivators with no clan or sect. Although Ye Mo had a good feeling about Xu Ping, he did not tell him all his details, after all, Xu Ping did not say anything to him either. Besides, who knows the details of a person in Jianghu? When they are in the heat of the moment, they can live and die for each other, but when there is a conflict of interest, they might be betrayed. After all, they had only met each other in person.

Ye Mo and Xu Ping walked through the gorge and then crossed the chain bridge before entering a long and secluded section of the cliff path. This section of the path was built on top of a cliff, and when you looked down, you couldn’t see the bottom at all, and it was all covered in white mist. Walking on it seemed like the wind would blow it down at any moment, and if people were afraid of heights, they might just fall down dizzy.

There were a few people who were afraid of heights, but Ye Mo was even less afraid. After pa*sing through the thousands of metres of long cliff path, the terrain ahead opened up. At the end of the mountain flowers was a wooden gatehouse with the words ‘Qixian Temple’ written on it.

Ye Mo saw many people entering inside with jade tags, so he knew that he should have already arrived, and he couldn’t help but secretly admire Dongfang Qiu, a guy who hadn’t cultivated, but he even knew so much about what was going on in here, I wonder what kind of channel he was.

It seems that no one should be underestimated, there is a saying that ‘fish have a fish way, shrimps have a shrimp way, snails also have a turner way’ this saying is really true.

Ye Mo paid attention to the two men guarding the door, both of them were at the peak of Xuan level cultivation. According to Song Hai, these two men were brothers and were horny as hell, there were many women among the people who came today. However, Ye Mo did not believe that these two men would dare to make a move on a woman in broad daylight.

Ye Mo and Xu Ping walked behind him, knowing that it was still just before eleven in the morning and Ye Mo had already learned from Xu Ping that the auction would not start until three in the afternoon.

Ye Mo carefully observed the two guys guarding the door, and he really saw that these two men’s eyes were darting around on some women from time to time. Especially when they were facing the two senior sisters of the Lian Hang Jing Zhai, they almost drooled their mouths off. Ye Mo saw that dwarf reaching out and grabbing at one of the two Daoist nuns of the Lotus Voyage Jingzhai as they entered, the Daoist nun’s hand flinched and the jade token fell to the ground. This Daoist nun hurriedly picked up the jade medal and pulled the woman behind her into a hurried entry without saying much.

But all the people had the correct cards on them, and as people were now coming and going, these two did not dare to go too far.

He had now understood that whether it was last night or this afternoon, if he came here with Tang Beiwei and the two of them, they would definitely not meet anyone else. Because last night’s auction had not yet started and this afternoon’s auction was underway, no matter which case it was, with these two men’s horny appearance, he would definitely be stopped by these two men with Tang Beiwei in tow.

As a matter of fact, they were not two good people. Ye Mo immediately knew that once he and Tang Beiwei were stopped, he was 100% going to clash with these two people. This Dongfang Qiu thought of a really sinister idea, fortunately Dongfang Qiu was killed by him, otherwise, he really had no way to settle down, this person was always moving to do something sinister.

When it was Ye Mo and Xu Ping’s turn, Ye Mo handed over the sign in his hand and Xu Ping also took out his own sign.

The hawk-nosed man on the left took Ye Mo’s jade token somehow wondering how Ye Mo didn’t bring anyone with him, and it was a token within the number fifty, usually a token within the number fifty would bring a person in, and although Ye Mo had covered his face with a black scarf, he was too young.

“Which sect are you from?” The hawk-nosed man thought to himself that those who held a plaque with a number of fifty or less were usually from the larger hidden sects, or great sects in the mundane world, but Ye Mo didn’t look like that no matter how he looked.

Ye Mo immediately shook his head and said, “We don’t have a sect.”

The hawk-nosed man looked at Ye Mo carefully again, since he didn’t have a sect, he would have to take the initiative to show his filial respect when he saw that he was asking, but Ye Mo didn’t even have the slightest intention to show his filial respect, so he immediately said with a cold look in his eyes, “From where did you steal this sign?”

Ye Mo’s heart was on fire and he said coldly, “Do I need to report this to you? You don’t care where I got it from, as long as it’s real.”

“How dare you, a mere lowly junior, how dare you be so rude, your sign is of unknown origin, I confiscate it, go back to whatever place you came from.” This hawk-nosed man was on fire because so many excellent chicks had come today, but he hadn’t even taken advantage of them until now, and now Ye Mo not only didn’t pay him any filial respect, but also took it up with him.