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DYM Chapter 235

Ye Mo was even more furious, so many people didn’t stop him, but stopped him, because he was bullying him to be young and without a backstage, yet he had the number 50 or less card.

The people behind him had already seen Ye Mo clashing with the gatekeeper again, those who knew Ye Mo knew he was quite tough, so I guess there was going to be another hilarious moment.

“How come I’ve never heard of an entry tile that still requires a question about where it came from? There shouldn’t be such a rule, right?” Xu Ping immediately interjected.

When the short man on the right heard Xu Ping’s words, he immediately slapped him across the face, surprisingly slapping Xu Ping several meters away and falling to the ground, with the corner of his mouth still bleeding.

“The old man said he wanted it, what? Still not convinced?” After the short man finished the fight, he glanced at Xu Ping with contempt and then coldly swept a glance at Ye Mo, two guys with no clan or sect and only Yellow level cultivation still dared to talk nonsense.

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold as he turned back to look at the short man.

“Why are you not convinced? If you’re not convinced, I’ll even beat you up, get lost.” The short man saw Ye Mo looking over and immediately scolded fiercely.

Ye Mo slowly turned back, this short man saw Ye Mo shrink his eggs under his scolding, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of spittle and sneered, “What the hell, don’t even look at what kind of place this is.”

All the people around saw that Ye Mo did not act impulsively after all, they could not help but breathe a sigh of relief for Ye Mo, but they also had some contempt for Ye Mo in their hearts.

“Get lost, don’t delay others from entering.” Seeing Ye Mo turn his head, the hawk-nosed man said disdainfully.

Ye Mo smiled and nodded, and just before his contemptuous eyes had the chance to change, Ye Mo suddenly turned around again and punched the short man’s dantian with great speed.

This punch was struck with ten percent of Ye Mo’s strength, without holding back in the slightest.

“The short man was sent flying a few feet away and landed on the ground without moving, no one knew whether he was alive or dead. But all of them knew that even if he was still alive, it was no different from being dead, this punch had completely shattered his dantian.

Ye Mo won a sneak attack with one punch and immediately withdrew a few steps back, calmed his breath and then stared coldly at the hawk-nosed man.

“Hiss ……” Several sounds of sucking in cold air rang out, this black scarfed young man was so tough, he was so decisive, he had sneakily attacked a half-step earth level expert with a single punch, and it was a single punch that was effective.

No one thought that Ye Mo would dare to sneak attack a half-step earth level expert, not even that dwarf, but Ye Mo did it and succeeded in one fell swoop, was he really a reckless person who didn’t care about anything?

Of course Ye Mo cared, he had already looked at the path over, it was a path built on top of a cliff face. Just because others couldn’t escape, didn’t mean he couldn’t escape either, in case there was a real fight, he could completely take Xu Ping and jump off the cliff, he had the Royal Wind Technique, he wasn’t afraid at all.

To Ye Mo since he was going to fight, he might as well simply destroy one first, there would be one less threat. He was not going to be a mother-in-law and wait to face the siege of two Xuan level peaks by himself, this was not his style. Since he was going to backstab, Ye Mo of course chose the shorter one with a slightly higher cultivation level. Besides, if he killed the short one first, he would be able to reason with him later, after all, it was the short one who made the first move.

It was only after a long time that the hawk-nosed man reacted and hissed, “b*****d, how dare you kill my brother, and with his hand, he pulled out a long knife and slashed at Ye Mo’s head.”

In his opinion, Ye Mo had just killed his brother only by sneaking attack, if he really fought, he could have killed Ye Mo with just one slash.

Ye Mo certainly knew that this hawk-nosed man’s cultivation level was only slightly lower than that of the dwarf he had just killed, and was even a little higher than Zheng Chengze’s cultivation level. Of course, he didn’t dare to be slow, and his divine sense immediately locked onto the hawk-nosed man’s long blade.

Although the eagle-nosed man’s long knife was powerful, it posed no threat to Ye Mo. Not only did Ye Mo lock his long knife, but he also used his divine sense to carefully check his surroundings, fearing that someone else would come out to surround him.

Seeing that there was another fight over here, many people came out again to watch, and for a while even people without a door tag could enter. But since everyone who came here had a door tag, no one took advantage of the opportunity to fish.

The hawk-nosed man had already slashed out twelve slashes in a few moments, one after the other, almost forming a curtain of slashes. Ye Mo smiled coldly, if he took out his long sword, he could even kill this guy on his seventh slash, but he didn’t dare to take out the long sword of the side slope, he could only fight against it with his bare hands.

“Bang, bang, bang ……” After twelve consecutive rings, Ye Mo had separated from the hawk-nosed man again, and the twelve slashes that were like a curtain of swords, surprisingly did not even cut off a corner of Ye Mo’s clothes.

At this moment, the eagle-nosed man already knew that Ye Mo was not as simple as he appeared to be, and although he was desperate to kill Ye Mo in his heart, he knew that this matter could not be rushed.

The eagle-nosed man casually shot out a bazooka-like signal, then the long knife in his hand once again rolled up a curtain of swords and swept over at Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo saw the signal from the hawk-nosed man, he immediately knew that he must be gathering people to go, he had to do it quickly, whether or not the people coming would be fair in breaking things, this hawk-nosed man he had to kill.

Although Ye Mo was anxious, the eagle-nosed man was not easy to kill. After Ye Mo’s fist collided with his long knife again, the eagle-nosed man was knocked back several steps by Ye Mo, and he immediately knew that Ye Mo was even more powerful than him.

Although he knocked the eagle-nosed man back several steps, Ye Mo did not feel the slightest bit of joy in his heart, his fist was also vaguely painful, he knew that if he used the wind blade, he would have killed this guy a long time ago, but he did not dare to use it. At this moment, Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept the approach of two men a hundred meters away, and their cultivation level was obviously higher than that of the eagle-nosed man.

No, he couldn’t wait for them to arrive before speaking, as Ye Mo was repelling the eagle-nosed man, his whole body actually rose up in the air and directly pounced on the eagle-nosed man.

“Seeking death.” When the hawk-nosed man saw that Ye Mo dared to be so arrogant and risk a big revealing stance to rush towards him, a cold smile immediately appeared on the corner of his mouth as his long blade slashed towards Ye Mo’s chest once again.

Ye Mo used his body to block the sight of the onlookers and struck out with a fist at the back of the long blade, while a wind blade slashed directly across the hawk-nosed man’s neck.

The hawk-nosed man’s long blade stopped abruptly, and he tried to reach out in disbelief to touch the top of his neck, but in the end, he dropped his hand helplessly. He couldn’t believe that Ye Mo had killed him with a concealed weapon even before he died.

The people around him were all frozen, just now Ye Mo’s move of revealing the empty door had clearly violated the great taboo of martial arts, but how could this hawk-nosed man die in the blink of an eye? This young man was too bizarre. At this moment, many people were urging the juniors next to them to avoid this man as much as possible when they met him in the future.

It was at this time that Ye Mo landed and at the same time two men in grey clothes landed next to Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s heart flinched, the cultivation level of either of these two men was much higher than the hawk-nosed man, he was not a match for them. Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately subconsciously took a few steps back and moved closer to Xu Ping, once something was wrong, he immediately grabbed Xu Ping and turned around to escape.

“How dare you, how dare you kill the guards of my auction at Qixiang Temple, who are you? What do you intend to do here?” The man who spoke was already in his fifties and his hair was white.

Ye Mo unhurriedly told the cause and effect of what happened, and finally said, “If you two seniors don’t believe me, you can ask others, and I also saw these two molesting the two sisters of the Lotus Voyage Jingzhai, so I can see that these two are not good at all.”

The man with the white hair looked into the crowd and asked a few random questions. Although no one came out to testify, the crowd still chose to tell the truth when this man with the white hair asked.

“Senior brother, it looks like and this little brother is right, the Gu brothers are rude and disruptive, blocking the guests, but they have committed a major taboo. I didn’t feel it was quite right to choose these two to guard the place in the first place.” Another middle-aged man immediately said.

The man with white hair sighed and said, “It is not up to us to decide, let’s put this matter aside for now.”

After saying that, this man with white hair said to Ye Mo, “You two go in first, remember not to make any more trouble, this matter is not up to us, you can also choose to leave, I won’t stop you.”

As soon as Ye Mo heard that, he knew that this Gu brothers must have some kind of backstage, but he didn’t care, since he was here, he definitely had to go in. Thinking of this, he said with a clasp of his fist, “Many thanks to the two seniors.”

After saying that, Ye Mo pulled Xu Ping up and without hesitation, he picked up the jade token and entered inside.

When the people around saw Ye Mo walking over, they all got out of the way, in their opinion, this young man in a black scarf was simply a guy with a violent temper who would kill at the drop of a hat, it was better to have less contact.

The younger Daoist nun from the Lian Hang Jing Zhai looked at Ye Mo’s back as he went in and pulled another Daoist nun’s hand and said, “This man is really fierce, he killed the Broken Fist Hall people just now inside the canyon, and now he killed the Gu brothers. But he’s also helped you out, Sister, should we go and thank him later?”

Another Daoist nun immediately said, “Senior Sister Yu’er, you’re too naive. Do you think he’s helping us kill people? Didn’t you see that he killed someone only after that dwarf made a move to beat up his companion? And he even used us a little. Just now he spoke as if he couldn’t see us being bullied, but in fact he was simply using us as an excuse to set him off to kill someone right, the kind of person we should never talk to much.”

“Oh, I see, senior sister, why are all these people out here so bad.” The Daoist nun called Yu’er immediately beamed.