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DYM Chapter 236

Of course Ye Mo didn’t know that he had been hit with the jiān fraud mark by the two little daoist nuns from the Lian Hang Jing Zhai, his first aim now was to raise funds, he didn’t have much money on him, only some magic weapons and a few pills he had refined last night.

The inside of the Qixian Temple was incomparably spacious, Ye Mo casually looked at it, it was 50 or 60 acres in size, and the view was very good. All around were pavilions and guest houses that provided guests with rest, and Ye Mo thought to himself that it was hard to Gu would set the auction here.

Ye Mo confirmed the auction venue and told Xu Ping to wait for him, he wanted to go and ask what price he could sell these things for first.

Xu Ping, of course, did not know that Ye Mo had no money on him at all and had come over on a completely impromptu basis.

As she watched Ye Mo walk towards the temple’s main venue, the girl called Zi Shuo immediately whispered to the Daoist nun next to her, “Master, I recognise that man, he ……”

“You shut up.” The beautiful Daoist good immediately scolded the girl and looked around carefully, but ignored Zi Shuo no more.

Zi Shuo was frightened and winced, but did not continue to speak. She hated and feared Ye Mo, hated because Ye Mo had cut her arm, feared because this man was simply too fierce, he had only just arrived and had already killed three people, any one of these three would be much more powerful than her master.

Ye Mo walked to the entrance of the main venue and was immediately stopped by a monk in his thirties, “Friend, the auction will not start for another two hours, wait a little before you can enter.”

Ye Mo was almost sprayed out by the monk’s name, wasn’t a monk called a monk? The bidding friend was out. But fortunately he had seen more wine monks and immediately said, “I have some things I want to consign for auction, I don’t know if it’s okay.”

“There is certainly no problem with consigning an auction, please follow me.” This monk was not surprised to see Ye Mo come to consign an auction, after all, there were many people who came to consign an auction, and he was not the only one.

The monk led Ye Mo to a room on the third floor, greeted him, and immediately withdrew.

Ye Mo took a look at the two people inside the room, a thin old man, who also wore a pair of eyes and had a goatee, at first glance, he looked surprisingly similar to Dongfang Qiu’s dress. Another person was a middle-aged fù woman, her appearance was average, but there was a flamboyant aura in it, at a glance it was not an ordinary person.

“You have something to send for auction?” Three Goats Beard’s tone was gentle, and when he said this, his brow inadvertently frowned a little, although it was a slight one, it was still caught by Ye Mo.

Immediately, Ye Mo knew that this Three Goat Whiskers must be looking at himself as too young and somewhat unimpressed. Immediately, he didn’t care and took out five strings of jade pendant magic weapons he had refined and said, “Not bad, these are some magic weapons, each of them can defend against three full force strikes from martial artists below the lower yellow level.”

Hearing Ye Mo say that he actually had such defensive magic weapons, Yang Shu was surprised and took them over and looked at them carefully before saying, “If they are really such defensive magic weapons, they would be worth a lot of money in the secular world, but they can’t be sold for much here. If you agree, I can give it a try, as long as it is real, I can acquire it, but the price will not exceed one million.”

Ye Mo also knew that this Three Goat Beard was right, this kind of magic weapon was really not worth much at the auction in the Hidden Sect, a million was not bad, if he took it to the secular world it might be worth ten million each. Although this price was already much higher than the first time he sold it, Ye Mo felt no need to sell it.

This was because although he was selling them for 200,000 each last time, that 200,000 was already enough for him. Now, although he could sell it for a million, but that million was not much money at all at this auction. Since that was the case it was better to stay outside and auction it off. Thinking of this, Ye Mo put the five strings of magic weapon jade pendants back away.

Seeing Ye Mo put the magic weapons away, this goatee didn’t say anything more, he also knew that the price difference between selling this item here and selling it outside was too great. However, he mōd his beard and said, “If you can put this method of refining the magic weapon up for auction, I think it should be a heavenly price.”

Ye Mo sneered, not to mention that he wouldn’t even take out the method of refining the weapon, even if he did, no one here who cultivated ancient martial arts would refine it. This thing, divine sense, was not something that could be practiced by cultivating ancient martial arts. This old man had a really good idea, if they could refine it in large quantities and then put it on sale outside, it would be easy to become a billionaire.

Although he sneered in his heart, Ye Mo said flatly, “This thing is not mine, I’m just helping.”

After casually pa*sing over what had just happened, Ye Mo once again took out a porcelain bottle and said, “This is a ‘Lotus Life Pill’, see how much it can be worth?”

Saying that, Ye Mo pushed the porcelain bottle to this goat’s beard, who opened the bottle and poured out a round but incomparably fragrant purple-silver pill, as if it was the size of a dragon’s eye. This elixir was extremely unusual, but even the goat’s beard had never heard of the ‘Lotus Life Pill’.

Ye Mo saw his mouth open in amazement and knew that this guy must not know about the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, then said: “This ‘Lotus Life Pill’ is made from ‘thousand year old snow lotus seeds, plus ninety-nine hundred and eighty-one precious medicinal herbs. Although it is not said to be ‘flesh and bone of the dead’, as long as there is a breath of air, no matter what serious injuries can be treated.”

Bullying this goatee who did not know the market, Ye Mo increased the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ refining herbs by more than ten times at once. Moreover, the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ is not a cure for all diseases, it is only for extremely serious external and internal injuries, and it is also effective for practicing fire. But to say that any illness can be treated is unrealistic. The “Lotus Life Pill” cannot cure brain nerves or many blocked meridians. But even if this is the case, this elixir is still considered unbelievable.

, “A thousand year old snow lotus seed, it can really be used as a medicine? It’s even refined, there are such alchemy experts in this world now?” The goatee bearded face was shocked. Even the middle-aged fù next to him also felt a little surprised, the function of this elixir that Ye Mo was talking about was just a bit counter-intuitive.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and put the elixir into the bottle before saying, “What I said can be true, this elixir can be auctioned off, right?”

The goatee every immediately replied, “Yes, you can, but you have to guarantee that your elixir is real, if it’s fake …….”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, of course he knew what this goatee wanted to say, and immediately replied, “If you are not sure, you can say that it was sold on behalf of the customer, you are not responsible for the authenticity.”

The reason why Ye Mo said this was because in case this goatee didn’t know the authenticity of the pills and opposed his ‘Lotus Life Pill’ to be auctioned, he would lose more than he gained. He just couldn’t believe that with so many experts, not a single one of them could recognise the authenticity of this ‘Lotus Life Pill,’.

“Good, this ‘Lotus Life Pill’ of yours, we’ll take it on behalf of Special, but we’ll have to charge a five percent commission.” Goatee immediately said.

“OK.” Ye Mo immediately agreed, a five percent commission was much cheaper than the various gods and horses taxes out there.

“Is there anything else?” This goatee saw that all the things Ye Mo took out were good things and immediately became expectant.

Ye Mo once again took out a bottle and handed it to the goatee, “Take a look at this.”

The goat’s beard opened the bottle and it was another pill, but this was a crystal clear pill with the same fragrance, it was not an ordinary product at first glance. To Goatee’s embarra*sment, he didn’t recognise it again. He was at least an appraiser himself, but the fact that he could not identify the preciousness of the item several times in a row made his old face a little embarra*sed.

Ye Mo took one look at the b*****d and knew that he didn’t recognize it again, so he had to explain again, “This is a ‘Face Preserving Pill’ after anyone takes it, they will stay young forever and won’t age.”

“What …….” This time the person who was surprised was not the goatee alone, or the middle-aged fù woman next to her also immediately stood up in surprise.

The face-lifting pills, this is only a legend, who could have known that such things existed in this world?

Looking at the goatee’s hand trembling, Ye Mo hurriedly put the elixir back into the bottle again. This rustic, maybe his hand shook and he even dropped his elixir on the ground.

Only after a long time did this goatee come to his senses and looked at Ye Mo and said, “This brother, you can’t talk nonsense about this, do you know how much of a consequence it would cause if this was really a ‘face-lifting pill’ with such functions as you said? It would be a sensation, because the value of this elixir is simply incalculable.”

The somewhat flamboyant middle-aged fù woman also stared at Ye Mo nervously, she was also not sure if what Ye Mo said was true or not.

Ye Mo laughed and said, “Of course it’s true, I’m at the auction venue, you can auction off this ‘Face Preserving Pill’ of mine as the first piece, those who buy it can test it on the spot, if it’s fake, you can just betray me.”

Although the words were said like this, Ye Mo immediately became cautious in his heart, it looked like he had been a bit reckless in selling this ‘Face Preserving Pill’. In case people knew that this pill was sold by himself, maybe the experts all over the world would intercept him.

Strength, as long as he had enough strength, he didn’t fear what others would do, but right now his strength was too low, and once again, Ye Mo desperately wanted to improve his strength.

If he was already a Foundation Establishment cultivator now, and there was anyone who dared to disobey him, he would turn someone’s entire sect into flying dust with his bare hands, but the reality was that he was not. Perhaps in this place, he would never be able to achieve Foundation Establishment in his lifetime.

This is why he must participate in this auction, in case he meets any precious spiritual herbs or ores or whatever at the auction, it would be the capital for him to advance to the next level. There were so many things he didn’t know about the vast expanse of China. For example, the snow lotus seed and the ‘red leaf heather persimmon’ if he hadn’t gotten them, he wouldn’t have believed that there were such spiritual herbs here too!