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DYM Chapter 237

Another point was that after auctioning off the ‘Face Residing Pill this time, he had to be prepared, no matter if Qifeng Temple would betray him later. Luckily, he had the foresight to méng his face with a black scarf before he came in, and also changed his name.

“Good. If your elixir is really what you say it is, you can be sure it is a heavenly elixir, but since it is the first time, I guess I can’t sell it for any price, after all, this kind of thing is too unbelievable.” Although Goatee’s words had an element of pinching in them, Ye Mo also knew that what he said was true.

Ye Mo once again took out a ‘Face Residing Pill’ and handed it to Goatee Beard and said, “I have two of this kind of pills, this one you will auction off at the midway point. I think this second elixir will definitely fetch a good price.”

The goat-beard received Ye Mo’s second ‘Face Preserving Pill’ and was completely petrified, knowing that one of these pills was already heaven defying, but this young man took out two of them at once. To call him a liar, did he not want to live anymore, to cheat people in this place was to seek death.

The middle-aged woman stared at the pills in Ye Mo’s hand, her eyes were shining. If she didn’t have scruples, she might have gone up and grabbed them. But she also knew that even if she poured out her family’s money, she might not be able to buy such a pill.

The goatee was also overwhelmed with emotion as he held the second ‘Face Preserving Pill’, which was definitely the most precious item in the entire auction hall.

Suddenly the middle-aged fù woman seemed to remember something as she immediately said, “May I ask if this elixir of yours is made from ‘red-leafed heather persimmon, refined?”

Ye Mo was startled in his heart and once again thought of a big problem, which was that the matter of the ‘Red Leaf Nan Persimmon,’ coming out of the Immeasurable Mountain last time was not something that one or two people knew about, many people knew about it. Moreover, the main function of the ‘Red Leaf Nan Persimmon, is the beauty of the face, this is not difficult to refine at all, even his ‘Face Preserving Pill, and the smell of the ‘Red Leaf Nan Persimmon, this can not be hidden at all.

Once it was known that he had obtained the ‘red-leaved persimmon’, then the death of Bianpo and Yu Lian would probably be credited to him. Last time, not only Bianpo and Yu Lian had died, but also the bald man who had been killed by Jing Xie, and there were even many Xuan-level experts.

Seeing the goatee and the middle-aged fù woman looking at him, Ye Mo’s heart was crossed, anyway, this matter had already come out, and there was no way to hide it, so he might as well just say that it was, and also make the ‘Face Preserving Pill, worth a little bit of money. After he finished attending this auction, he would immediately go and destroy the Song family, and then cultivate incognito.

People who cultivate the Dao are afraid of wolves in the front and tigers in the back still cultivate a f*cking Dao, thinking of this, Ye Mo calmly said, “I heard from the senior who refined the pills that there is a medicinal herb called ‘Red Leaf Nan Persimmon,’ your party can just say so when you auction it off.”

Not to mention the middle-aged fù woman, even the goat’s beard now knew that this ‘face-lifting elixir, it was estimated that ten out of ten** were true.

An hour or so later, Ye Mo and Goatee checked in and came out looking for Xu Ping, and the first thing he asked was, “Brother Xu, I wonder what you want to buy when you attend this auction?”

Xu Ping immediately said somewhat naive hòu, “I have limited funds on me, I just want to purchase a good knife, I am a knife user, but I don’t have a good knife until now.”

Ye Mo thought of the hawk-nosed man he had killed, the knife he used was good, but at that time Ye Mo did not take it, because killing someone could still say that someone else was wrong in the first place, once he took someone else’s things, there might be other claims coming out.

Although Bianpo’s long knife was good, but Ye Mo didn’t even dare to take it out for auction, now giving it to Xu Ping to use was a disservice to him. After thinking for a long time Ye Mo said, “Brother Xu, if you believe me, you should leave here immediately and go as far away as possible. In a year’s time, you can go to Yanjing to find me, and I promise to get you the best treasure sword.”

Originally, Ye Mo wanted to ask Xu Ping to help him go to Ninghai to teach that stick man he met last year a lesson, but he thought that once he told him that he was a master shadow, he would inevitably expose himself. It was better to wait until his cultivation level went up before telling him who he was.

“What’s going on? Brother Mo.” Xu Ping immediately asked nervously, he knew that Ye Mo’s skills were much higher than his, and something that even Ye Mo was worried about was definitely not something trivial.

Ye Mo didn’t hide it, he just said, “I reckon that after the auction, someone will intercept me, I am confident that I can escape, once they can’t catch me, maybe you will be in danger, brother Xu.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Xu Ping immediately said, “Good, then I will leave immediately, Brother Mo, be careful yourself. If it’s the Broken Fist Hall gang that dares to do anything to you, I, Xu, will fight to my death to get a capital back.”

Ye Mo was also somewhat moved in his heart, after all, he and Xu Ping had only met for the first time, and although they had similar xìng feelings, they had initially gone with some utilitarian sèces themselves. Now Xu Ping listened to him without hesitation, making Ye Mo feel even more that Xu Ping was a friend worth making.

When Xu Ping left, the auction had already started. Numerous people began to enter the venue, and although Ye Mo was wearing a black scarf, it was inconspicuous because he was not the only one wearing a mask.

Ye Mo’s divine sense scanned the people entering the auction, the highest cultivation levels were at the Earth level, but most of them were at the Yellow and Xuan levels. Suddenly Ye Mo noticed a person who looked familiar. It was Li Qiuyang. He had met Li Qiuyang once when he was in Yanjing. He knew that he was from the Li family, but he was not considered the most outstanding descendant of the Li family.

How could he possibly come in? Ye Mo looked carefully again between míhuò and realised that the person he saw was not Li Qiuyang, although he resembled him. It should be Li Qiuyang’s brother or something like that. I didn’t expect that Li Qiuyang’s family’s backstage was still so big that they had connections with people from the Hidden Sect, which greatly surprised Ye Mo.

The number of people entering the auction hall was not very large, only about five hundred in total, Xu Ping was able to get a series of more than a hundred tiles which seemed like good luck. The first fifty tiles all had a small compartment, and Ye Mo, number thirty-seven, was also allocated a compartment.

The presiding patron of the beauty was a fifty year old man, Ye Mo knew at a glance that this man was more powerful than all those guys he had fought with.

This old man walked onto the stage, paused for a moment, and immediately said in a loud voice: “I, XI Torishan, have been invited to be the host of this Hidden Sect Auction. We all know that although our Hidden Sect Auction is held once every five years, there are numerous treasures that come out every time. On behalf of Qixian Temple and the auctioneers, I would like to thank the many guests who have attended this auction, as well as some friends from the secular world. Alright, without further ado, the auction will now begin.”

When Ye Mo heard Xi Wushan’s words, he thought to himself, “Could there be people from the secular world coming? What kind of power should that be? Even big clans like the Ye family and the Song family couldn’t attend, those who could participate in this kind of auction should be existences with absolute strength, right? Could it be that the person who looked like Li Qiuyang was here on behalf of the Li family? But the Li family isn’t exactly the number one family either. It looks like there are other families here who have come, perhaps like him, and have used black scarves to mé ng in.

Xi Jishan’s words interrupted Ye Mo’s thoughts, “The first auction item is definitely a shocking item, I don’t dare to say that there is no one else after this, but I am sure that no previous auction has been more precious than this.”

After saying this, he took out a jade vase and said, “This is a ‘Face Preserving Pill’, after taking it, one can stay young forever and can even prolong one’s life for ten years. This ‘Face Preserving Pill’ is made with ‘Red Leaf Persimmon’ as the main medicine, and dozens of precious herbs are added. The starting price is one million, and each increase must not be less than one hundred thousand.”

Ye Mo thought to himself that he had replaced his porcelain vase with a jade vase, and that the refining herbs had been increased several times out of thin air, so it looked like these people were good at business too.

After Xi Wushan finished speaking, apart from Ye Mo who still had the mind to think about the bottle, the others had already stopped breathing. It was not expected that such a heavy shell would be released right at the beginning of this auction, this matter was too bizarre. If XI Toriyama hadn’t said ‘red-leafed persimmon’ many people would have been sceptical, but as soon as the ‘red-leafed persimmon’ came out, many people were already speculating that it was true.

Despite this, there was an immediate uproar from below, after all, the ‘Face-holding Pill’ was too unbelievable. No one dared to imagine that there was still such a thing as a ‘Face Preserving Pill’, and after the silence came the noise, but no one bid.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, could it be that not a single person believed it.

Seeing this, Xi Tor Shan coughed, “Everyone quiet down, if anyone doesn’t quite believe it after buying it, they can take it on the spot, we have someone here who is completely responsible.”

As soon as the words fell from Xi Tor Shan’s lips, the scene immediately returned to silence.

“Brother Xi, according to you, this ‘Face Preserving Pill’ is made from ‘Red Leaf Persimmon Nan,’ and many people know that not long ago there were rumours of ‘Red Leaf Persimmon Nan’ in the Immeasurable Mountains, but I, Elder Bianpo, disappeared in the Immeasurable Mountains, so please tell me who sent it to the consignment auction. I can’t thank you enough.” A man in his forties instantly stood up and said.

Ye Mo immediately looked at this guy and said to himself that he was really here, this man had a mid Xuan level cultivation and looked like he was also from Dim Cang. I just didn’t know what Xi Wu Shan would say, although Ye Mo was sure that the auction would not reveal his information, but he was still a bit anxious.

If anyone asks such questions again, it will all be seen as an act of provocation against my auction. Alright, now everyone can bid.”

When Xi Torishan finished speaking, his powerful aura immediately surged out, and it was evident that his cultivation level was much higher than that man from Point Cang just now. As expected, the man who had ordered Cang’s face was blue and red for a while, but in the end, he did not say anything else and sat down with some indignation.

If he was at the fifth or sixth level of Qi training, he might have stood up and said, “It’s mine, what about it?

After waiting for half a day, but still no one bid, Ye Mo was depressed in his heart, could these people not even take out one million? Thinking of this he couldn’t stay up any longer and immediately raised his card and said, “I bid one million.”

These shrinking eggs are not bidding, so I will give myself a shout first.