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DYM Chapter 238

Although he had bid, Ye Mo was still despising the old man who was hosting the auction in his heart. If there was a pretty girl and she dressed in an alluring way, the atmosphere would have gone up. It’s really unpleasant to have an old man, so that no one can even bid.

Ye Mo had forgotten what this place was, it was a temple. Getting an enchanting and riotous chick inside the temple to auction, only he could think of that.

“One million one hundred thousand,” finally a voice broke Ye Mo’s offer, making Ye Mo sigh with relief as he turned around to see that it was the beautiful Daoist nun from the Lian Hang Jing Zhai. In his heart, he said, this Daoist nun also loves beauty, but in his heart, he felt that this Daoist nun had helped to set him off.

It looked like the people who had money now were not the big businessmen outside, but the monk Daoist nun.

“One and a half million.” Another female voice, this time Ye Mo didn’t bother to look, but it looked like the bids were all from women, it looked like although everyone had a love of beauty, women’s hearts were even more so.

“One million seven hundred thousand.”

“Two million …….”

Ye Mo was secretly happy in his heart, this price was not expected to go up in the blink of an eye.

Because more and more people were bidding, fewer and fewer people were skeptical, in the blink of an eye the price of this “Face Preserving Pill” had soared to eight million.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know where the people of the Hidden Sect gathered their wealth from, he could tell by looking at the bids that there were still a lot of people bidding for the not-so-certain Face Preserving Pill. Ye Mo was grateful to Xi Wushan for not saying that he was not responsible for the authenticity of the pills. After all, this “Face-perfecting Pill” was too outrageous, so if the person hosting the auction said that he was not responsible for the authenticity of the pill, it would be difficult to say what the price would be.

Just as Ye Mo thought of this, someone in the auction hall stood up and said, “Mr. Xi, I wonder if your auction house is responsible for the authenticity of the elixir, if your side is responsible, I will immediately bid 50 million.”

Ye Mo cursed in his heart, this son of a b*tch was here to give him a hard time, Xi Wushan did not explicitly say that he was responsible, he was sincerely playing a sloppy game, once this guy asked, he was breaking this layer of paper, so that he could no longer pretend to be confused.

After the man asked, Xi Wushan’s face immediately became somewhat ugly, and he only pondered for a moment before immediately saying, “This elixir was entrusted to us for auction, and this man is fully responsible for the “Face-perfecting Pill”. In case it is fake, we can hand this person over, but our auction house will not be responsible for the authenticity of the elixir.”

Although Xi Wushan was very honest, the price of the Pill immediately stopped shouting and only stayed at nine million. Although everyone had money, this was still the first item to be auctioned, and the authenticity of the item was unknown.

If we bought the “Face Pill” and tested it immediately, we would have to delay the following auction, and if we tested it afterwards, who knows if the person who got the money would get away immediately.

The most important thing is that no one wants to get into trouble with the auctioneer, and if they do, they won’t let you in at the next auction, which is also impossible. If you don’t want to get into a fight with the auctioneer for this amount of money, it would be unwise to do so.

Ye Mo was angry in his heart, this Xi Wushan is a pig-headed ah, you only need to say that the person who bought the “face-saving pills”, if they bought fake goods, immediately refunded it. I really don’t know how the sellers would get such a pig-headed person, Ye Mo was very upset, but now he couldn’t stand up and point it out, once he pointed it out, even a fool would know that he was the owner of the Face Restoring Pill.

“May I ask Senior Xi, if the face-lifting pills I bought are fake, can I get an immediate refund?” A voice spoke out what Ye Mo wanted to say, and Ye Mo almost wanted to hug and kiss the person who said this. This was exactly what he wanted to say.

Sure enough, Xi Wushan immediately replied, “Ninety-five percent can be refunded.”

“Okay, in that case, I’ll pay ten million.” The person who spoke was a woman, wearing a green sè dress and a black scarf on her face, but many spots could still be seen on her forehead, so it was clear that her face had once been corrupted by something.

Ye Mo’s heart was overjoyed, although brother won’t hug you and give you a kiss, but thank you, now let’s all raise the price, no more worries.

However, to Ye Mo’s disappointment, he waited for half a day, but no one raised the price. But upon thinking about it, he immediately understood what was going on, after all, it wasn’t easy to meet at an auction once every five years, and people didn’t want to waste their time on testing pills and miss out on something they liked. Not to mention the fact that many people bought the “Face Preserving Pill” for their own use.

Besides, if it was a fake, not only would they offend the auctioneer, they would also become a laughing stock.

Seeing that the woman had offered a price, XI Wu Shan immediately said, “Now number forty-six is bid at ten million, ten million at a time ……”

It looked like Xi Wushan was also disappointed with the auction price of this “Face Preserving Pill”, and he simply did not want to continue fooling around anymore.

Although he thought that it was not surprising that his Face Preserving Pill would sell for a wabi-sabi, he was still in a hurry as no bids were placed.

“Ten million two times …… two.”

“Ten million three times sold.” XI Wu Shan did not have a second between the second and third nose, although Ye Mo was depressed, but there was nothing he could do.

The woman méng with a black scarf stood up and was about to speak.

However, Xi Wushan said, “This lady doesn’t need to get up, we will deliver the elixir.”

The woman shook her head and said, “I came here for the elixir of face, I want to try it immediately.”

XI Wu Shan froze for a moment, he didn’t think there was really someone who wanted to test the elixir immediately, after all, coming to this lunchtime auction, 10 million was really not much money. Still, he quickly reacted and said, “Okay, in that case we have someone here to take you forward to transfer and test the dan.”

As the woman with the black scarf left, the auction hall once again returned to its original calm, as if what had just happened had not happened at all.

“The following item to be auctioned is still a pill called “Body Training Pill”, this pill can give Ancient Martial Cultivators a 40 percent chance of entering the early stage of the Yellow Grade, the reserve price is 400,000, each time the price is raised, it cannot be lower than 50,000″, after Xi Wu Shan took out the porcelain bottle, Ye Mo almost This was the same one he had sold to Old Monk Wukang at the Luo Cang magic weapon exchange last time.

This old monk was very thick, this elixir was even auctioned off here in the blink of an eye, he had even told him not to just let it out, this bald a*s Jane took his words for granted.

In the time it took for Ye Mo’s thoughts to turn, this “Body Training Pill” had already soared to six million, directly approaching his “Facial Pill” Ye Mo was so depressed that he simply didn’t bother to look at it anymore.

However, he also knew that although there were many experts in the Hidden Sect and many people practicing ancient martial arts, very few people could actually step into the yellow level.

In the end, this Body Training Pill was bought by a man for 6.5 million dollars. Only Ye Mo knew that this Body Training Pill was not even worth one tenth of the value of the Face Preservation Pill, yet the price it sold for was so little different from the Face Preservation Pill.

XI Wu-shan was clearly satisfied with the sale of this “Body Training Pill” for 6.5 million, and once again took out a piece of ore from a tray in the hands of a young man behind him and said, “This is a piece of ore that contains a large amount of unknown energy. So far no one knows how to use the energy inside, the starting bid is now one hundred thousand, each increase must not be less than ten thousand.”

When Ye Mo took out this ore at the seat of Wu Shan, he immediately knew that he had come to the right place, it was a Yuan Qi stone. In the cultivation world, the poorer cultivators used Yuan Qi stones to cultivate, because the source of spirit stones was just too difficult, and although Yuan Qi stones were not as good as spirit stones, they could also provide heaven and earth Yuan Qi for cultivation, they were just a bit messy and not easy to absorb.

“One hundred thousand.” Ye Mo didn’t expect anyone to bid ahead of him on this item, he waited for a while but no one bid again, it looked like there weren’t many people who liked with the Yuan Qi stone.

“One hundred and eleven thousand,” Ye Mo was already determined to buy back this stone, once he had this Yuan Qi stone, although he couldn’t advance to the fourth level, he would still have no problem rushing to the peak of the third level of Qi training.

“One hundred and fifty thousand.” The other man offered again, only his voice was quite a bit louder than earlier and his tone was a bit harsher.

“One hundred and sixty thousand.” Ye Mo did not hesitate to follow suit.

“Three hundred thousand.” The person who had just made the offer looked angry, not only was his voice louder, but his tone was also a little more unkind. It was obvious that he was upset that a rookie like Ye Mo dared to grab something from him.

He was upset, and Ye Mo was even more upset. He looked at this guy who was fighting with him for the Yuan Qi stone, and it turned out that he was an earth level expert. He couldn’t tell his age, but his face was very yīn, he looked like the kind of person who was not to be messed with. However, Ye Mo didn’t give a sh*t about him, a Yuan Qi stone, apart from him, a cultivator, being useful, there was no use for you to auction it off.

“Three-hundred and eleven thousand.” Ye Mo continued to raise his bid.

The yīn-faced man suddenly snorted coldly “Half a million, I’ll take this ore, Lone Wolf.”

Ye Mo was adding ten thousand each time, which made him very unhappy, in his opinion Ye Mo was deliberately messing with him and had been blacklisted by him, his tone even really carried a hint of threat in it.

When Ye Mo heard this guy’s tone, he was so fierce and barbaric, his heart was also on fire, threatening me, you can dream about it. However, he still did not slow down and raised his card and called out, “I bid 510,000, I’ll take this ore.”

“My friend looks like he’s just having trouble with me, Lone Wolf.” The yīn-faced man swept a vicious glance at Ye Mo. If eyes could kill, he might have killed Ye Mo long ago.

Ye Mo didn’t even bother to look at him, he just looked at Xi Wushan on the presiding platform and said, “Senior Xi, no one has raised the bid, is it time to drop the hammer.”