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DYM Chapter 239

The people around went to suck in a cold breath, no one didn’t know about Lone Wolf’s greatness, no one knew where he came from, he specialized in going to some weak hidden sects to collect benefits. Not only was his cultivation strong, but he was also xìng very brutal, and it was said that all his cultivation was very taboo even for the experts of the first-cla*s hidden sects.

Although all of them knew that Ye Mo was also a strong master, but to compare with Lone Wolf, it seemed that he was still far behind. This kid was really unaware of the sky and the high ground in order to offend Lone Wolf over a useless ore. The difference between Xuan level and Earth level was not just a little bit or two, an expert who could advance to Earth level was already standing at the top of this area. Ye Mo could easily kill a Xuan level expert, but he could not necessarily escape in front of an Earth level.

Xi Wushan also secretly admired Ye Mo for having the guts, but still catered to Ye Mo’s words and said, “Five hundred and eleven thousand once” Although Lone Wolf was powerful, he, Xi Wushan, would not be afraid of him, not to mention that he was representing the auctioneer.

“Two million.” The lone wolf seemed to be on fire and added several times at once.

Ye Mo still said slowly, “Two million and one.” If it was an ordinary item, he would have let this guy have it, but the Yuan Qi stone, he would never let it go. Since he had already offended, he might as well offend a little harder, so he added ten thousand and ten thousand.

“Good, very good, you have guts, I’ll see how long I can keep this ore.” The lone wolf surprisingly did not bid again.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, although little master may not be your opponent now, but to try to steal something from little

Master’s hand to snatch something, you are still too nèn. At most, this lone wolf was only a tad stronger than Bianpo.

And after fighting Bianpo himself, he already had some understanding of the Earth level here, which was indeed too much stronger than the Xuan level, but it was never possible to make him give up the Yuan Qi Stone with just one Earth level. Besides, he had already advanced to the middle of the third Qi cultivation level.

A woman in a long emerald green dress walked in from the back, interrupting the tension in the room. When they first saw the woman, almost everyone froze. This woman was the same woman who had just bought the “Face Restoring Pill”, but now her smooth and soft face was not the same as the pockmarked one she had just had.

The most striking thing was not her already white and smooth skin, but the look in her eyes. All people knew that she was the woman who had just bought the “Face Preserving Pill” and that she had just gone to test the pill and had not expected to come back looking like this.

“The Face Restoring Pill is real.

Even a fool would know now that the “Face Restoring Pill” that was sold for $10 million just now was real.

The scene, which had been silent for a few moments, was suddenly stirred up, and despite the fact that Xi Wushan had repeatedly auctioned off the item in his hand, the scene was just as noisy and chaotic.

Almost everyone stood up and looked at the woman in the green dress.

“Quiet, quiet,” Xi Wushan called out again before the scene was completely silenced. But the desire and eagerness in many people’s eyes were still undisguised, after all, the “Face Preserving Pill” was too heavenly. It can be said that there is not a single person here, except for Ye Mo, who does not regret it.

No one thought that this “Face Preserving Dan” would be real. But there was no use regretting it, the pill had already been eaten.

Seeing that the scene had quieted down, Wu Shan said: “Everyone now knows that the “Face Preserving Pill” is real, so there is no lie, right? Now please ask this lady to come out and tell us the truth of this elixir.”

The woman in the green dress stood up, her eyes still agitated and disbelieving. She had only bought a “Face-perfecting Pill” on a trial basis and had never expected it to be real. Now that she needed to stand up and speak, she immediately stood up and said in a loud voice, “I’m sure this elixir is real, it’s absolutely real.”

“Could it be a collusion?” A low voice already spoke up from the side.

“Nonsense, I know that woman, she’s the black-faced widow of Hongwu Hallùshe simply has a pockmarked face, and now she’s turned into this, 100 percent this elixir is real.” Immediately, someone else interjected and said.

Ye Mo was beside these two he heard Hongwu Hall his heart moved, he had heard of this place, or was it Mo Kang who said that whatever person from Hongwu Hall had robbed his woman.

“May I ask senior Xi” the face-preserving pill, is there any more behind it?”

“Yes, is there any more? If there is, I definitely want it.”

Although they were all ancient martial arts practitioners with a clear mind, this kind of thing was unattainable.

The next item to be sold is a green steel longsword, with a reserve price of 500,000 ……… ”

Ye Mo was secretly happy in his heart, he got the Yuan Qi stone not to mention, the next one, the other “Face Preserving Pill, will definitely be a heavenly price. As for those swords and knives Ye Mo simply did not bother to offer, when he reached the fourth level of qi cultivation, is the mid qi cultivation, mid qi cultivation he might as well refine a magic weapon long sword to Xu Ping. Although the weapons here were good, at best they were only on the same level as Bianpo’s long knives.

After auctioning off a dozen or twenty items one after another, there was nothing that Ye Mo could look at. What was strange to Ye Mo was that there was even a mobile phone up for auction here, but it was a specially made mobile phone, which was nothing more than a super strong and waterproof signal or something.

“The next item up for auction is another elixir, this one is the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, which can be said to save your life as long as you have a breath of air, even if you go off the rails. The most important thing is that the lotus seeds are made from the same person who made the lotus seeds and the lotus seeds, and the reserve price is three million dollars, with each increase of no less than one hundred thousand dollars.” Xi Wushan raised a jade bottle again after he finished speaking.

Not to mention the unbelievable functions of the Lotus Life Pill, the mere fact that it was made by the same person who made the Lotus Life Pill was enough to increase the value of the Lotus Life Pill several times.

“I bid four million.” The first person to offer immediately raised the price by a million.

“Five million.” “Ten million.” What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that the “Lotus Life Pill” would be so hot that it exceeded ten million in the blink of an eye, and the price was still rising.

“One hundred million.” An abrupt voice rang out and the scene fell silent once again, although this elixir could save a person’s life, a price of one hundred million was not a low price.

The field fell silent, but the man who had offered 100 million stood up and said, “Ten years ago, I, Miao Quan, suffered from internal injuries that prevented me from advancing an inch, and my cultivation has been stuck at the middle Earth level for forty years.

I know that if this elixir is really this effective, 100 million is far from enough, but I don’t have any more money, so Miao Quan would like to thank those who didn’t grab this Lotus Life Pill from me.” Although many people still wanted to bid, it was too foolish to offend a mid-earth level expert, and this expert only had one year to live. It would be more than worth it to P*ss this person off.

Although the expression on Xi Wushan’s face was not good, he knew in his heart that although Miao Quan’s words were justifiable, they were too unkind to the auctioneer, but he could sell it for 100 million, so he could not say anything else. After all, Miao Quan is also one of the experts, so he must give face.

When Ye Mo saw that this Miao Quan’s compartment was number nine, he immediately knew that this man was a numbered expert, but he was satisfied that the “Lotus Life Pill” was sold for 100 million.

Miao Quan took the pill back and swallowed it directly inside the cubicle, as if he was going to test it on the spot.

Xi Wushan swept a glance at Miao Quan but didn’t say anything, instead he continued, “The following herb to be auctioned is “Liu Qing Luo”, the reserve price is 10 million, each time the bid is increased by no less than one million.” Ye Mo’s heart froze, what kind of herb was so expensive? “Liu Qing Luo, he had never heard of it.

And surprisingly, Xi Wushan did not mediate the functions of this gra*s either. This old man surnamed XI was really not suitable to be the host of the auction, I really don’t know what the organizer of this auction was thinking.

What Ye Mo expected was that no one asked “Liu Qingluo, what is it, and immediately someone bid eleven million.

It looked like everyone at the scene knew what this item was and also knew the main purpose of this item, Ye Mo guessed that he was the only one here who didn’t know. His divine sense swept up carefully and what was placed on the main auction table was a pot of hua gra*s, half a foot high, with green leaves and branches. The strangest thing was that there were a few small flowers on it that were also green in colour.

“Even if it is not refined into a pill, its huā can still benefit cultivators below the fifth level of Qi cultivation. Once mature, not only can the leaves and branches of the gra*s be used as a pill, but its huā is also the main material for refining foundation building pills. One of the main ingredients for making Foundation Establishment Pills.

However, it is very difficult to find a mature Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, and this one in front of me is obviously not yet mature, but if it is cultivated, who knows what will happen in the future?

The main thing was that the huā and leaves of this Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s could also provide him with cultivation for the Qi cultivation stage, although foundation building was impossible, but it could give Ye Mo more hope, this was definitely the best thing.

Ye Mo’s eyes let out a glow, he just had to snatch this potted gra*s, it was not a waste of time to have such a thing on Earth.

It was a pity that he only had a little over 100 million points of capital now, if he just relied on this amount of capital, he estimated that it would be very difficult to take this “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s.

“The Face-perfecting Pill, there’s still one left to be auctioned, where did this extra money come from?