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DYM Chapter 240

Thinking about the function of the Green Huā Green Leaf Cover, Ye Mo’s heart moved, he finally knew why Xi Wushan did not take the initiative to introduce the function of this item.

“Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, even cultivators are a great use, the mature stage of the “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, can even refine Foundation Building Pills, so it can be seen that this huā is just as useful for the advancement of Ancient Martial Brains. If the “Body Training Pill” is only useful for Ancient Martial Arts practitioners to advance to the Yellow level, then the “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s” is a precious treasure that can be used to advance to the Xuan level, Earth level or even above the Earth level.

Who doesn’t know about such a precious item when they are all practicing ancient martial arts?

“I heard that “Liu Qing Luo, the huā is of great use in advancing to the earth level, here are three huās, I wonder how effective they are?” Although the speaker’s voice was very small, Ye Mo could still hear it clearly.

Soon someone next to the speaker replied, “The last time “Liu Qing Luo, appeared was fifty years ago, I heard that there were five huās, but they were bought by a late Earth level expert, and as a result, they didn’t advance either, so it can be seen that even though this thing is very famous, it is just like that.”

Ye Mo’s heart was indeed very shocked, five huā’s “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, already close to the maturity stage, mature “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, is to open seven huās, never thought that here can actually see five huā’s “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s open ”

However, he scoffed at the conversation between these two people. It was absolutely impossible that a five-hued “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s” would not allow one to advance in rank. Perhaps these people only knew that the “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, the huā could be taken directly, but they did not know that it was refined into a pill. Although the effect of taking it directly is not bad, it is too far from being refined into a pill.

“The Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, once in his hands, can immediately be refined into a pill, and the effect is more than a hundred times stronger than taking huā alone. These people were too ignorant, but when Ye Mo thought about it, it was good to be ignorant, if someone really knew the unbelievable features of the Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, they probably wouldn’t have put it up for auction.

“Twenty million.” Someone had already bid for the Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, and they had added 10 million out of the blue. It was evident that although all the people knew that this gra*s could only be taken with huā, they still could not stop the desire to advance.

“Thirty million.”

“Fifty million ……”

The price soared all the way up, although others did not know that the “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, could be incorporated into pills, or even refined into pills, and it was not impossible to break out of the earth level after taking it. But the possibility that those three small huās could allow Xuan level to advance to Earth level, or even allow even Earth level experts to go one step further was enough to make all the people go for it.

By the time Ye Mo reacted, the price of the Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s had already soared to 200 million. This price had completely exceeded his bottom line, all his possessions combined were only 100 million.

“Three hundred million” the price was no longer added up by ten million, one of the old men directly added one hundred million, Ye Mo thought to himself, really the rich people are here.

“Five hundred million” The price was raised again, this time someone actually added two hundred million directly.

Only when the auction came to this point did Ye Mo realise how rich the people here were. The original highest price was only for his Lotus Life Pill, which fetched 100 million, but now the auction was only halfway through, and even before the items at the bottom of the calendar came out, the price had already shot up to 500 million.

Ye Mo didn’t know where these people had collected their money from, but he knew that this money should be far less than the bottom line for these people.

There was a slight stagnation when the price reached five hundred million, but Ye Mo was calculating his possessions in his mind.

He had one hundred million now, later on that elixir should sell for at least two hundred million, that would be three hundred million, he still had five pills on him, even if one was one hundred million it would still be five hundred million.

“Eight hundred million.” Immediately after Ye Mo finished calculating his possessions, he made an offer.

“Eight hundred million once now.” XI Wu Shan knew that the “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, which was very precious, was not a low price to be auctioned at 800 million, but this price was far from the final price.

“. Production” a cold hum came, Ye Mo’s heart felt a jīdàng, he immediately knew that this cold hum was coming at him. This person was so powerful, but for Ye Mo to give up just because of this, he was really unwilling. But if he offended this man again at today’s auction, he would have offended too many people. A lone wolf he wasn’t afraid of, but another person who was even more powerful than the lone wolf would really put him in danger.

“One billion.” After this old man coldly snorted, he didn’t stop bidding, but directly raised the price to one billion.

Ye Mo was secretly depressed in his heart, these b*****ds don’t go out all day long, what the hell are they collecting money from, one billion, how many people in China can just take out one billion in cash.

Even for Bill, his a*sets are all stocks. Although a billion dollars in cash is a lot of money to Bill, how many of them are there in this world, let alone in China?

“1.2 billion,” once again someone offered, Ye Mo completely rested his mind to fight for it, not to mention that he would be missed by these people if he bought it, even if he was not missed, he did not have so much money.

For the offer he made just now, Ye Mo thought he was still slightly reckless, mainly because the “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, was too much of a yòuhuò.

“One and a half billion,” the old man saw the bidder and his tone was uncomfortable, immediately adding another three billion.

“Two billion,” the person who bid behind him did not let go in the slightest.

“The old man saw that the price had been raised to two billion, which was already more than “Liu Qingluo” itself, and was immediately upset.

The man behind him had a black scarf, and when he saw his name being called out, he sneered and pulled it down. “Zhang Zhihui, this “Liu Qingluo” is one that my Xia family is determined to win, so please save face.”

Zhang Zhihui seemed to know that it was unrealistic for him to compete with the Xia family for this “willow lily”, so although he was depressed, he could only sit down angrily. In the end, this pot of “Liu Qing Luo” was auctioned off by the Xia family for two billion yuan. Although Ye Mo was also unwilling to do so, he was equally helpless.

In his heart, he wondered if this old man was the Xia family that Mo Kang had mentioned, and if so, he would have to find it and steal it back.

The next thing that Ye Mo knew was what was really valuable. A ground-level ancient martial arts technique fetched a sky-high price of five billion, and a Taiyi divine sword that was rumoured to have been used by Lu Dongbin also fetched four billion. Even the Night Pearl was auctioned off, and it was likewise priced at over two billion.

Only at this time did Ye Mo secretly sigh that his one billion was not enough to stuff someone’s teeth. “The Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, it’s because others don’t know the value, if they did, it would probably be normal even if it was auctioned for ten billion. What does it mean to be rich, Ye Mo has finally seen what it means to be rich today.

He was secretly depressed, maybe he was the poorest of all the people who came here, even those little nuns were richer than him.

Ye Mo did not know that many of those who took out billions with their hands were the sects’ accumulation of several years, money was nothing to these hidden sects, even if they took out all the money, as long as they exchanged it for something useful. For these hidden sects, it was easy to earn money, but heavenly treasures to get them had to be by chance.

“Hahahaha I’ve lost all my internal wounds… good Dan, good Dan,” said Miao Quan, who had purchased the Lotus Life Dan, but stood up and said excitedly.

Many people knew about Miao Quan’s injuries, but they didn’t expect that a “Lotus Life Pill” would really cure him. Some people began to regret, thinking that they had missed out on the first Lotus Pill, and then they had missed out on the second one.

Both times the people who bought the elixir took it on the spot, which clearly proved the 〖genuine〗xìng of the elixir.

“The following auction is for the grand finale, which has already been auctioned once at the beginning, as you may have guessed, it’s the “Face Preserving Pill”. Every time the price is raised,” said XI Wu Shan, and before his words had even fallen, the following people immediately burst into a frenzy.

Having already witnessed the unparalleled success of the first Face Preserving Pill and the second Lotus Life Pill, all the people in the room were fired up and no one wanted to miss this last opportunity. At the end of the auction, the most ** came too.

Many people’s pockets were already empty, after all, they had used all the money they had brought. Although they knew that this “Face-perfecting Pill” was unparalleled and worth a lot of money, they did not have the money to compete.

Even if this “Face Preserving Pill” was sold at a high price, he didn’t care about it, what he wanted was not money, but the “Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s”.

“I bid 200 million.” The first person to call out the price was actually the old ghost of Xia, as Zhang Zhihui called him. When Ye Mo heard him call out the price, his heart moved and he immediately stood up.

When the people around him saw Ye Mo stand up, they were all a bit puzzled. Ye Mo walked out of the cubicle and just wanted to walk inside, someone immediately stopped Ye Mo’s way “Sir, during the auction, you are not allowed to enter inside, if you want to go out, you can.”

“Let him in.” Ye Mo was about to say that he was looking for Goatee, but to his surprise, he was seen by Goatee and told him to go inside.

When Ye Mo walked into the back room of the auction house, Goat Whiskers was already smiling as he poured Ye Mo a cup of tea and said politely, “Mr. Lou, please use the tea.” Ye Mo knew why he was so polite to him, he should have taken a fancy to his source of pills. However, while Goat Whiskers was in no hurry, Ye Mo was in a hurry. He didn’t have time to nag at Goat Whiskers and said directly, “Mr. Huang, I want to auction off my own “Face Restoring Pill”, as for the conditions, just ask.” What Ye Mo was thinking was that it would be a big deal to take out another “Face Preserving Pill”.

However, the goat’s beard did not panic and said, “Mr. Mo is here for “Liu Qingluo”?” Ye Mo knew that this goat-beard must be paying attention to him all the time, so he didn’t beat around the bush and said directly, “Yes, I’m here for “Liu Qingluo”, whether it’s a success or not, Mr. Huang, say something, I still have a lot of pills to trade later, if not, forget it.”! I have a lot of pills to trade in the future.