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DYM Chapter 241

The goatee laughed “Good, just because Mr. Mo said this, I should agree, you know our auction is not once or twice. If Mr. Mo has pills to join our auction house in the future, I would like to ………

“There is no problem with cooperation, as for the pills you need, I can provide them all.” Ye Mo impatience has stood up, say more and this auction house will already be over.

“Good, Mr. Mo is quick to speak, I agree, after the auction is over later, Mr. Mo can come together to settle the bill and then discuss the matter of cooperation later.” Goatee saw Ye Mo’s impatience and immediately said.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, discussing my a*s, after the auction, he would immediately play disappear. Right now he still had 100 million in the auction’s hands that he hadn’t taken out, but Ye Mo wouldn’t be stupid enough to ask for that 100 million, he would immediately take advantage of the chaos to escape as soon as he got the ‘Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s’, and this goat whisker knew right away that he wasn’t a good person.

“1.1 billion ……” The price on the auction floor had soared to 1.1 billion.

However, Xi Wushan suddenly said, “Everyone settle down for a moment, in view of the request of the owner of the ‘Face Residing Pill,’ who needs to participate in this auction himself, the auction of this elixir will now be handed over to the owner of the ‘Face Residing Pill,’ himself.”

The scene was once again silent, but soon the noise rang out again. Although there had never been such a rule, no one was willing to offend the owner of the ‘Face Preserving Pill’, who knew if he could come up with two ‘Face Preserving Pills’ and who knew if he could come up with more? Besides, in case you offend this person, they just won’t sell it to you, so what can you do?

Although Ye Mo really wanted the ‘Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s’, he didn’t dare to be arrogant, but wore a black suit and black kù, wrapped up solidly, and even wore a pair of sungla*ses. He was afraid that people would recognise him, and if they did, he would be finished.

“Now, the last ‘Face Residing Pill, will be auctioned by myself, the price offered now is 1.1 billion, is there anyone else bidding higher?” Although Ye Mo had intentionally changed his voice a little, there were still people who could see that something was wrong.

A black-clad, black-scarfed woman sitting in booth number thirty-two immediately frowned and said to herself, “This guy looks like that big tiger, but how is this possible?”

If she took off her own face scarf, Ye Mo could immediately recognise this person as the Daoist Nun of Stillness.

“I’ll pay 1.3 billion.” As soon as this voice came out, Ye Mo was immediately secretly jīt.

He was waiting for this man surnamed Xia to bid, and since he had bid, he simply stopped waiting for other people to bid and immediately said, “If it is Mr. Xia who bids, I can make a suggestion, if Mr. Xia can take out your ‘Liu Qingluo, this ‘Face Residing Pill’ will immediately be Xia Mr. Xia’s. In fact, I personally came to conduct the auction because I had my eye on Mr. Xia’s ‘Liu Qing Luo'”

Ye Mo did not hide and told the truth. Even if he didn’t say it, others could still guess it, so it was better to simply say it. However, once his words came out, the scene became even noisier. The reason was that Ye Mo’s words were to kill everyone’s desire to buy the ‘Face-perfecting Pill’.

However, Ye Mo did not panic at all, but immediately said, “Please be quiet, if anyone makes any more noise, my sect will immediately help blacklist you and never allow you to buy the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ behind, and of course all other kinds of pills.”

“What, there’s more after that?” Immediately, someone asked out “”Of course, our sect is also considered a big sect, since we have launched the ‘Face Preserving Pill, there must be more than two, these two are just testing the sales.” Ye Mo spoke loudly.

Whether the ‘Face Preserving Pill, has the function of preserving the face, no one knows, but the ‘Face Preserving Pill, can definitely make the appearance more beautiful and the skin more radiant, just by virtue of this, this pill is worth so much money.

“When’s the next time?” Someone could not wait to ask out loud.

Ye Mo said slowly, “When our next batch of elixirs come out, we will definitely spread the heroes’ invitation widely for you all to gather again.”

The man surnamed Xia, however, hesitated a little, if he said there was no next batch, he might have agreed, but in the future when this ‘Face Preserving Pill,’ became popular, wouldn’t he be at a loss if he switched so much.

Because of Ye Mo’s words, the auction site once again calmed down. No one had the intention to offend a big sect that had a ‘Face Preserving Pill’ in their hands, in case they really P*ssed someone off and got blacklisted, they would be at a big loss. Besides, there is only one ‘Face Preserving Pill’ that can be sold to one person at most. The main thing is that people have more than one kind of elixir.

There was a moment of silence before the man surnamed Xia said, “Replacement is possible, but I need the two huas on the ‘Liu Qing Luo, if not, I will have to refuse.”

The scene once again stirred up “Liu Qing Luo, the most valuable thing is the three small huās on it, this man wanted two of them at once, what else is it worth?

However, Ye Mo’s heart was in a jīt, in his case ‘Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, the most valuable thing is the huā is good, but ‘Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, in his hands, can grow three huā again, not to mention that it just can’t grow, its stems and leaves are all good for making pills.

“Yes.” Ye Mo suppressed his jīng tone and immediately agreed to the man surnamed Xia’s request.

“Hush ……… A hush rang out from the scene, but Ye Mo quickly exchanged things with the man surnamed Xia and immediately retreated.

“Mr. Mo take a seat, after I finish the delivery with the guest, I will come back to discuss the back of the cooperation matter with Mr. Mo curfew. The goat’s beard became more and more polite to Ye Mo, but the shrewdness in his eyes could not escape Ye Mo’s divine sense.

This guy was interested in his own elixir formula, it looked like what he wanted was not a mere cooperation ah, but actually eating himself up, maybe not even spitting out the bones. It was true that under enough interest, anyone could be sold out. However, he believed that he had never removed the black scarf in front of Goatee since the beginning, and it would not be easy for Goatee to recognise him.

Seeing Ye Mo nod his head in agreement, Goatee immediately walked out, Ye Mo did not hesitate to take the ‘Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s, into his ring, and then followed with an invisibility spell.

Goat Whiskers walked out and closed the door behind him, then locked it on the outside before gesturing to the two watchmen next to him. It was obvious that this was locking Ye Mo up. When Ye Mo walked out of the auction hall, there were already many people leaving one after another. Ye Mo knew that as soon as he showed up, there were at least two people staring at him, one was the lone wolf and the other was that Zhang Zhihui.

Ye Mo took off his black clothes and continued to stealthily exit the gate of ‘Qixian Temple. He was among so many experts, although he did not dare to use his true qi, but he was still not afraid to walk at a fast pace.

What was strange to Ye Mo was that after he left ‘Qixian Temple’, he did not find Lone Wolf and Zhang Zhihui who were blocking his way. Although it was strange, Ye Mo did not care as he immediately walked to the side and hid. He had to wait until all these people attending the auction had finished before he himself left. Because his stealth technique wouldn’t last long in case he was seen on the way, he would be dead.

There was also the fact that he was facing so many experts, even top earth level experts, and Ye Mo couldn’t believe if his stealth technique could fool these people.

“Master Ren”…” the shock on Zi Shuo’s face was still there as she walked out with her master. It could be seen that she was shocked by the fact that the ‘Face Residing Pill, was taken out by Ye Mo It could be said that it was already quite remarkable for a semi-hidden sect like theirs to be able to participate in this auction, but she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so heaven defying, such a character, and she even wanted to seek revenge on him.

The Qingxiu Daoist nun who was next to Zi Shuo however immediately said, “Go back and talk.”

Before Zi Shuo had time to reply, a woman in black and wearing a veil stopped her and her master’s way “Two Daoists, please.”

Zi Shuo gave a jolt, but the clean-cut Daoist nun bowed her head and said without haste, “This Daoist friend please.”

The woman in black giggled and said, “I would like to ask you about someone you should know, the young man who walked into the back of the auction wearing a black scarf.”

Zi Shuo’s face instantly became stuck white she couldn’t figure out how this woman knew that she knew Ye Mo?

The Qingxiu Daoist nun’s face also turned white, she didn’t even want to mess with Ye Mo, yet someone came and asked her who this person was. She knew the first time Zi Shuo said that she might have an impression of this person, she knew that this person was probably the same Ye Mo who had single-handedly destroyed Thousand Dragon Heads the kind of person she simply didn’t want to mess with.

“It looks like you guys know about it, so please also tell us.” The woman in black said unhurriedly, but casually raised her tuǐ and stomped on a stone the size of a millstone next to her in all directions.

The Qingxiu Daoist nun’s face was even more ugly, the cultivation level that could crack this stone was at least at the earth level.

“I was inside the Qifeng Temple but I heard this girl say that she knew who that person was, I don’t think I heard it wrong.” The woman in black’s voice became cold and stern.

Qingxiu Daoist nun’s face at this time but slowly returned to normal she glanced at Zi Shuo and sighed and said, “I can tell senior, but we are only guessing, if I tell senior, please be merciful.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell, hurry up and say it.” The woman in black seemed to be a little impatient.

“Zi Shuo, say it.” The Qingxiu Daoist nun also said helplessly to her disciple.

Zi Shuo knew that this was the trouble she had caused by talking too much, so she had no choice but to say, “He is Ye Mo.”

“Ye Mo?” The woman in black obviously did not know who Ye Mo was.

Since she had already said it, Zi Shuo had no more scruples, but explained, “It’s someone from the Yanjing Ye family, his father’s name is Ye Wentian, Ye Bei Rong’s grandson, “Nan Qing, the leader of the Thousand Dragons was killed by him.”

“Ye Wentian’s son? A mere son of a family, how could he be so powerful? Does it mean that he has joined some hidden sect?” The woman in black frowned, and her eyes were already a little cold when she looked at Zi Suo.

The Qingxiu Daoist nun hurriedly said, “No, Zi Suo has suffered a defeat at his hands, and I have investigated Ye Mo. He is also not Ye Wentian’s own son, but a child Ye Wentian picked up at Luohong Temple twenty-two years ago.”

The black-clothed woman froze for a moment, then suddenly leaned up to the sky and laughed “Hahahaha ……” There was another child in Luohong Temple twenty-two years ago who was actually picked up by Ye Wentian, heaven help me. Senior sister ah, senior sister, I never thought that a pair of your children were found by me, haha”…I still say you still have a b*****d where to go, I did not expect to get it all…”!