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DYM Chapter 242

“What is your name.” The woman in black suddenly stopped smiling and looked coldly at the Qingxiu Daoist nun and her disciple.

“My junior, Hui Yan, this is my disciple, Zi Suo.” A trace of gloom appeared in Qingxiu Daoist Nun’s eyes, she knew that this woman should not spare their master and disciple.

The woman in black suddenly took out a handful of Buddhist dust and smiled coldly, “In that case you can go in peace, I will remember you.”

“Amitabha,” before the woman in black could say anything, a long and deep whisk sounded, seemingly right next to her ears.

The woman in black’s face changed and immediately snorted coldly, “Since the old monk has come forward, I will spare you once, if anyone else knows about this news, you will not have to live.” After saying this, the woman in black actually turned around and left.

Looking at the woman in black who turned away, the Qingxiu Daoist nun hastily bent down to say thank you to the place where the sound had come out, and then pulled her disciple away interspersed with the crowd.

Qifeng Temple.

The small room that Ye Mo had just left was now filled with five people, Goat Beard and Xi Wu Shan were among them. In addition to that, there was the woman that Ye Mo had met when he had sent the auction, a man about the same age as Xi Wushan, and sitting at the end was a man in grey who could not tell his xìng age.

“Senior Brother Yu, can’t we just let him go like this?” Xi Wushan said to the dignitary who was of a similar age to him.

The man smiled faintly, “Go? Where is he going to go? I don’t know how he got out of the house, but I think he used some kind of blindfold. Huang Wen had never practiced ancient martial arts, so it was normal for him to fool him. But if he wanted to leave just like that, he would have underestimated our ‘Yu Society’.

The goatee face was slightly embarra*sed, after all, he didn’t even know that Ye Mo had left. Smiling but asking, “Senior Brother Yu means knowledge Senior Brother Yu but said indifferently, “The lone wolf is waiting for him at the cliff path, we will wait until he has been taught a lesson before we strike, then he will have to listen to us.”

The woman who had not spoken said with a frown, “Brother Yu, although your method is good, but this Mo Ying has killed Zheng Zecheng, and the Gu brothers were also killed by him, this man is not a simple character.”

But Xi Wushan interjected, “Don’t worry, Madam Fang, I have seen both of Mo Ying’s fights, and his strength is only at most at the peak of Xuan level. And Lone Wolf is at the Earth level, the difference is too great.

Senior Brother Yu nodded, “Senior Brother Wu Shan is right, he shouldn’t be a match for Lone Wolf, besides even if he kills Lone Wolf, there’s still a Zhang Zhihui behind him. We just need to wait and be good, we are not afraid that he will not give in.”

“If that’s the case, why not just arrest him, and save yourself the trouble.” Fang Niangzi still felt somewhat that it was not quite right.

Senior Brother Yu shook his head, “It’s not that I don’t want to do this, one reason is that after saving his life, he will cherish his cooperation with us even more. There’s also the fact that that old monk, Wudao, is here, in case we go too far, the old monk will definitely intervene.”

“Amitabha machine…” a Buddhist hymn interrupted the discussion of the few people present, and all four of them, except the one at the end, stood up in surprise.

An hour later, Ye Mo, who was hiding on the side, reckoned that all those who should have left had left and stood up as well. The people of Qifeng Temple did not know how they would feel when they learnt that he had left unnoticed. However, just the fact that he had this invisibility technique that no one knew about was enough to make Qixian Temple scare.

Ye Mo entered the cliff path and stopped stealthing, because at his current realm, stealthing would be discovered by others with just a slight bōsing of true essence or an undisturbed breath.

Only Ye Mo had just reached halfway up the cliff path when he stopped, his divine sense had already swept up the lone wolf not far away. This guy was really tough, he was actually blocking this place. This was simply a one-man stand, it was impossible for Ye Mo to turn around, Qixian Temple’s plans for him were even more sinister than Lone Wolf’s.

“You’re good at hiding, but even so, don’t try to hide in front of old me. Hand over everything you have, then cut off your own arm, and I will spare your life today.” The lone wolf’s expression was arrogant as he stood on top of the pathway on the rock wall.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, many people must know that the lone wolf was blocking this place, but Ye Mo was sure that no one here would pry. Because it really wasn’t very easy to spy on this place, the path here was built in the middle of a cliff face and outside was a ten thousand foot abyss.

Since this was the case Ye Mo had nothing to worry about, this lone wolf was at best similar to Bianpo, or slightly more powerful. But he himself was a lot more powerful than he was back then, and had even advanced a small step. Although he knew that there was an essential difference between the Earth and Xuan levels, he would not be afraid of this lone wolf.

“Do you want it badly?” Ye Mo took a few steps forward, his expression saying nothing of joy, anger or sadness.

The lone wolf stared at Ye Mo closely, now Ye Mo was still about three or four meters away from him, if he dared to take another step forward, he would immediately make his move, and then he would just have to control the corpse from falling off the cliff. Moreover, this young man did not have any weapon in his hand and did not look very strong, there was no need to put his mind on it.

“Cut the crap with me, if you don’t hand over the stuff I’ll make a move.” A cold smile appeared at the corner of Lone Wolf’s mouth, and after he finished speaking, he actually slowly raised his fist, dealing with someone like Ye Mo, he didn’t need to use his sword yet.

“Then you can go to hell.” Ye Mo suddenly had an extra long knife in his hand and slashed at the lone wolf’s head. The long knife brought up a cold air as if it was like a substance, and just as it slashed out, it had already crossed the distance of a few meters to the top of the lone wolf’s head.

The lone wolf was so shocked that he could not think about where Ye Mo’s knife came from, and without thinking, he leapt out of the path of the cliff and struck out with his fist at the same time.

It must be said that Lone Wolf’s eyesight was still very good. With a “bang” sound, the back of Ye Mo’s long knife and Lone Wolf’s fist collided squarely, and Ye Mo took several steps backwards, his heart reeling. He secretly admired Lone Wolf’s reflexes and eyesight, for Lone Wolf had taken a bit of a loss with that punch in his haste. If he had fought on level ground, he would have had no advantage if he had not been able to sneak up on him.

But this sudden and extremely powerful slash only made a big cut on the lone wolf’s xiōng mouth and did not do any substantial damage to the lone wolf.

If the only advantage was forcing the lone wolf out of the path of the cliff, the lone wolf was already in the air with a flip to return to the path again. Ye Mo’s main purpose originally was to force the lone wolf to leave the path, once he was on his feet again, he would have lost all his previous work and might really have to jump off the cliff to escape. Now that his objective was achieved, he would not let the lone wolf come back.

At this moment, Ye Mo already knew that the gap between himself and the earth level was indeed somewhat large, and that he could not compete at all without advancing to the fourth level of Qi cultivation.

“b*****d, you seek death.” The lone wolf’s anger was hard to contain, he had been a*sa*sinated by a mole that could be killed at will. After a flip in the air, he was already about to step onto the cliff’s path once again.

Ye Mo, however, did not hold back at all, and several wind blades slashed at the Lone Wolf’s forward direction, as if the Lone Wolf had given it to him to kill. This move Ye Mo had dealt with the side slope and felt that it was good to use against ancient martial cultivators with higher cultivation than him.

The lone wolf was just about to step onto the cliff path again when he felt a cold and harsh cold wind coming from in front of him, just now he had been shocked by Ye Mo’s sudden slash of the long blade. Immediately, he knew that the cold air was not simple and did not dare to block it at all, once again flipping over to avoid the cold air.

After two consecutive flips outside the cliff, Lone Wolf’s mouthful of internal qi had already been used up. Even if he was a lone wolf, falling off such a high cliff would have been certain death. He really could not imagine that he had been forced to such a state by this guy who did not seem worth mentioning. If he was on the flat ground, how could he be afraid of a young mole in his twenties?

Ye Mo’s ploy was successful, and without even thinking, he rushed forward and slashed once again.

At this moment, Lone Wolf also drew a willow leaf blade and fought hard with Ye Mo.

“With sparks flying, the lone wolf was once again slashed down several metres and clung to the cliff face, but did not dare to move again.

Ye Mo secretly marvelled at the muddy hòu of the earth grade inner qi, he was just in the field, while Lone Wolf tumbled in the air several times in a row, and finally fought him hard, but he was still not cleaved off the cliff, this guy’s life was really hard.

Lone Wolf now also secretly regretted that at this moment he was at a complete disadvantage and was even in a position to be beaten. I didn’t expect this young fellow to be so difficult to deal with, what on earth was that shadowless and invisible dark weapon he had just used? And how did his long knife suddenly come out? The style of this long knife even looked a bit like the one used by Bianpo, could it be that Bianpo was killed by him?

Thinking of this, Lone Wolf could no longer calm down, this man could have killed Bianpo, if this was true, he could have killed himself. But once he knew that he had killed Bianpo, would he still spare himself?

For the first time, Lone Wolf broke out in a cold sweat in front of a man whom he regarded as an ant.

Seeing Lone Wolf sticking to the cliff six or seven metres below as if he was a bat, Ye Mo sneered and actually put his long knife away. Although Ye Mo made an unintentional move, the lone wolf’s eyes were glowing with fear, just now Ye Mo took out the knife and he didn’t see it, he could still think that Ye Mo would hide it. But now that Ye Mo had put the knife away, he unexpectedly did not know where he had received it.

The lone wolf was also a character who had experienced countless lives and deaths, and although he had started to look down on Ye Mo and had chosen the wrong place for the ambush, he had now fully woken up to the situation he was facing at this time.

“Friend, what just happened was my Lone Wolf’s fault, I am willing to hand over everything I have on me, and take a poisonous oath not to reveal what happened today, and not to make things difficult for you anymore.” Lone Wolf saw the opportunity quickly and immediately started begging for forgiveness.

Ye Mo sneered indifferently, “I think you are too naive, since Little Master has struck, he is not in the habit of leaving people alive.”