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DYM Chapter 243

The lone wolf suddenly sneered again, “So what, what can you do to me now?” Saying that, in his heart, Lone Wolf could not wait for Ye Mo to find something to smash him with, once Ye Mo left, he could come up immediately. But vaguely, I feel that it should not be that simple.

Ye Mo laughed, “I have a hundred ways to kill you, not to mention that I can kill you by digging up rocks to smash you here, but little master doesn’t care to do that.”

Hearing that Ye Mo was going to dig up rocks to smash, the lone wolf’s faceès changed, but after Ye Mo said he didn’t care to do so, he was finally relieved, his faceès changed as he thought about whether to escape down the cliff or what to do.

“Because little master is going to come down and kill you with his own hands.” Ye Mo finished speaking and actually jumped off the cliff.

The lone wolf was startled, and immediately ‘lùd a surprised lookès’, if Ye Mo also jumped down, both of them were attached to the top of the cliff, he would not be afraid of Ye Mo at all.

Just as he was thinking of how to counterattack Ye Mo, three or four cold winds swept towards him, and he simply could not avoid them. If he was on flat ground, he could still hide, but now that he was on top of a smooth cliff face, he could only dodge the two at his head.

He could not dodge the one at his xiōng mouth, and then the lone wolf’s heart was crossed, “I will pull you down even if I take a hit from this dark weapon.

Lone wolf then felt a cold back waist, he subconsciously looked down, but his consciousness then began to ‘mí’ vanish, “how is it possible …….”

This consciousness Gang just dissipated, the lower half of the lone wolf fell completely into the cliff, Ye Mo at this time has reached out to grab the lone wolf’s willow leaf blade, once again with the help of the Royal Wind Technique leap back above the cliff path, the lone wolf below has completely disappeared.

After playing with the willow leaf blade in his hand, Ye Mo felt that it was a good blade, if he could not refine a better one, he could give this blade to Xu Ping. This willow leaf blade was obtained by him after killing the lone wolf, there was no need to hide it. After all, the lone wolf is waiting for him here, many people know, once the lone wolf on the body dead everyone must know that it was him who killed.

Besides, this person, Lone Wolf, Ye Mo, had heard a little about at the auction and was a loner, not a mén school son at all he had no need to worry about.

Ye Mo put the willow leaf blade on his back before he walked out along the cliff path. He was careful, while his divine sense was also highly attentive, he had killed a lone wolf, if he was not mistaken, that Zhang Zhihui should not let him go either. After all, most of the people at the auction knew that ‘Liu Qingluo, was in his hands.

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the cliff path and come to the front of the chain bridge and see Zhang Zhihui. And not Zhang Zhihui alone, there are many people around, it looks like these people either want to see the fun, or want to muddy the water ‘mō’ fish.

Zhang Zhihui was carrying an ancient ‘s’ long sword and his hair was pale, but Ye Mo saw something on him that was much more powerful than Lone Wolf, so he could see that this man was more difficult to deal with than Lone Wolf.

Zhang Zhihui was also stunned when he saw Ye Mo, but when he saw the willow leaf sword on Ye Mo’s back he quickly reacted and then said, “I thought it would be Lone Wolf who came, but I didn’t expect you to be able to kill Lone Wolf, it seems that I was wrong.”

“You can kill the lone wolf, I won’t make things difficult for you, jiāo ‘Liu Qingluo, let’s go. Huh your ‘Liu Qingluo, where did you put it?” Only then did Zhang Zhihui suddenly realise that Ye Mo didn’t seem to have anything else on him apart from a willow leaf blade.

Ye Mo swept a glance at the surrounding onlookers and then coldly glanced at Zhang Zhihui before he said indifferently “Are you Zhang Zhihui?”

Zhang Zhihui’s face ‘sank’, “Bold junior Zhang Zhihui is also something you can call.” In his opinion, his cultivation level was far above Ye Mo’s, but his seniority in the Hidden Mén was quite valued, this junior should at least respectfully call himself a senior. Just because he didn’t rob Ye Mo to let him take the initiative to jiāo it, didn’t mean that he could tolerate such rudeness from Ye Mo.

“You old b*****d skin still really you f*cking hou ah, want to rob the little master’s things, and pretend a fart ‘bīmer heart fire, this old thing a handful of years old, want to rob their own things, but also pretend to be a hypocrite, really disgusting.

Zhang Zhihui was scolded by Ye Mo, his faceès as black as the bottom of a pot, he was already at the peak cultivation of the middle stage of the earth level and could cross over to the late stage at any time. Even if the old man from the Xia family bid against him for the ‘Liu Qing Luo’, he only dared to use money to pressure him, but did not dare to really fall out with him. The young man in front of him had simply eaten his heart and had the audacity to curse him like this. These cursing words had never occurred to him.

He knew that although he did not come out often, there was no one who dared not respectfully address him as ‘Senior Zhang’ when he came out. If he didn’t have to break through the intermediate level this time, he really wouldn’t bother to rob a junior ‘Liu Qingluo”

Zhang Zhihui, whose face was black with anger, pulled out his longsword, and without even being able to shake it, the longsword automatically transformed into several sword huās.

“Buzz”, the longsword with a raging killing intent completely covered Ye Mo, he had moved to kill.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, if he and Lone Wolf could have fought on the flat ground, he would not have any chance against this old man. This old man was far more powerful than Lone Wolf, and his retreat was blocked right out of the gate.

Ye Mo, who was unable to dodge, transformed his willow leaf blade into a shadow of a blade at the same time, and QIQI blocked the long sword amidst the sword light.

Ye Mo thought of countless ways, and there was only one way to defeat this old man. If he used dozens of fireball talismans on his body to smash down together, together with the wind blade, he might be able to make Zhang Zhihui suffer serious injuries, and eventually even kill him. But he didn’t want to do that, because if he did, his cards would be out, and so many people here could see his cards. This was not the result Ye Mo wanted at all, as his cards were visible to so many people.

The most important thing was that even if he killed Zhang Zhihui in this way, he would definitely be seriously injured by the repercussions himself, and with so many onlookers, none of them were easy to deal with, he would not be able to escape.

The clothes on his body were surprisingly stirred up by Zhang Zhihui’s long sword as if they were rags, and blood was seeping out from two bloody marks on his xiōng mouth.

“Ignorant youngster, how dare you be so arrogant with a mere Xuan level cultivation.” Zhang Zhihui had always loved face, and now that he was being taunted in front of Ye Mo, he had already moved to kill. Originally, he only wanted to scrap all of Ye Mo’s cultivation, but now he was bound to kill him.

Ye Mo just took Zhang Zhihui’s sword and knew that he could only choose to run away, and it was definitely not practical to run towards the back, because behind him on the cliff path Ye Mo’s divine sense clearly swept two more people coming. These two were from the auction and were coming over now, 100% looking for trouble with him.

Looking at Zhang Zhihui’s contemptuous and cold eyes, Ye Mo knew that there was nowhere he could escape from today except jumping off the cliff. However, if he jumped off the cliff, he had to have a place to land. If it was a smooth cliff like the one the lone wolf had just fallen off, even if he had the Royal Wind Technique, he might still be dropped to his death.

The two people behind him were already getting closer and closer, Ye Mo didn’t know if Zhang Zhihui was deliberately ‘bī’ forcing himself to retreat and then fall into the hands of the two people behind him, but he had already dragged this Zhang Zhihui into his must-kill list. This old thing, when his cultivation level went up, he would come out to kill him first.

Ye Mo wanted to ask this old thing which mén sect he was from, but he didn’t dare to ask, once he did, the others might know that he was able to escape, the following step he had to do seamlessly. For he had already seen a bulge a hundred metres below the cliff, and he had to point at that bulge after he had fallen off the cliff and descended again.

“Old man, take another slash from the little master.” Ye Mo leapt up in the air and pounced on Zhang Zhihui, while raising the willow leaf blade in his hand and slashed at the top of Zhang Zhihui’s head.

“Seeking death.” When Zhang Zhihui saw Ye Mo who had an empty mén ‘lù, he laughed coldly in his heart, this wanted to die, he even dared to use such a move in front of him.

The long sword in Zhang Zhihui’s hand just slashed away Ye Mo’s willow leaf blade, then the long sword instantly turned back, he was already very angry with Ye Mo, he wanted to kill him immediately.

All the people around seemed to know what was going to happen to Ye Mo next, and some of them couldn’t even bear to look at it. Because Ye Mo’s move was blocked towards by Zhang Zhihui, he was bound to fall just in time to be cut in half by Zhang Zhihui’s next sword, as if he was sent down to Zhang Zhihui’s sword.

Even if he wanted to fall off the cliff, he could not. No one could dodge Zhang Zhihui’s sword in such a situation.

“This man is so pitiful that he has to be chopped off at the waist.” The Daoist nun from the Lotus Voyage Jingzhai called Xiao Yu seemed to not dare to look any further and turned her head back.

Another Daoist nun from Lian Hang Jing Zhai helped the younger Daoist nun and said, “Master said, when we come out, we must not think that we are from the hidden mén and so we can defy others. That young man is a lesson from the past, he ended up like that because he was too flamboyant.”

“What a bargain, I didn’t expect you to be really good at hiding, I didn’t even recognise that Dahu was you.” A nv dressed in black stared at Ye Mo’s figure and spoke coldly.

“Senior Zhang, leave someone under your sword.” At this moment, the two people behind them had already walked over at a brisk pace, just in time to see the scene where Ye Mo’s willow leaf blade was blocked and about to be cut at the waist.

However, Zhang Zhihui’s sword had already swept out, so obviously these two had called out a little late, and had also come a little late because of other things.

Just what everyone did not anticipate was that Ye Mo did not fall under Zhang Zhihui’s longsword as expected, he seemed to be cleaved by the longsword and fell off the cliff.

“How is it possible?” Zhang Zhihui ‘mí’ confused, in that situation, it was impossible to fall off the cliff, could it be that his own internal qi had shaken him off instead, it was impossible.

“How is it possible… All the onlookers around the six were also ‘mí’ confused, they didn’t expect that Ye Mo could fall off the cliff. Not to mention that the direction of the force was impossible, even a late stage earth level expert would not be able to make the transfer of falling off the cliff in the air under the condition of exhaustion ah, could it be that he had seen wrongly.