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DYM Chapter Chapter 244

Zhang Zhihui put away his longsword and looked coldly at the cliff that was not deep enough to see the bottom, just now Ye Mo fell down as if he was a meteor, it was impossible for him to live again.

“Brother Zhang, what’s going on?” The person who came over from the auction was Xi Wushan, who was also mí confused.

Zhang Zhihui nodded and slowly said, “I should have used a little too much force with that sword just now, I didn’t expect this kid to be so useless and was actually shaken out by my sword.”

Although the people around him were still in doubt, but this explanation from Zhang Zhihui could barely be justified.

“Alas, it’s a pity, in that case, goodbye friends, we’ll collect the Chain Bridge as well.” XI Wu Shan said with a flash of brilliant light in his eyes and gave a fist bump to the crowd.

Zhang Zhihui’s face was yīn, although he very much did not want to leave like this, but the other auctioneer had already spoken, and this was someone else’s territory, so he had no excuse to stay. He knew that perhaps if he left with his first foot, people would come down the cliff behind him to look for this young man whom he had knocked off the cliff.

In other words, he, Zhang Zhizhi, had worked so hard to do the hard work, but he would get nothing. Although he was extremely depressed, there was nothing he could do.

Seemingly knowing what the auctioneer had in mind, the many people watching the fun left, since the kid had already been fetched by the auctioneer, there was no benefit for them to stay here.

The woman dressed in black looked at the cliff where Ye Mo had fallen and frowned, seemingly remembering something, but the corners of her mouth smiled coldly as she also turned around and left with the crowd.

Of course Ye Mo knew that using the Royal Wind Technique underneath this sword of Zhang Zhihui was a bit risky, and someone might even see it. But he had to do it, firstly if he didn’t do it, he would be giving it to Zhang Zhihui to kill if he fell down. Of course that was not the main thing, although he was no match for the old man, it was not that easy to kill him either. The main thing was that XI Wu Shan and another person had come over, and the party that XI Wu Shan represented was not as simple as wanting his life, but really wanted to squeeze him dry, maybe even end up without any bone scraps.

It was because of this that Ye Mo risked being discovered and incredibly used the Royal Wind Technique in the air to fall off the cliff.

As soon as Ye Mo landed on the cliff, he immediately stepped meteorically on the point he had watched, then continued to fall, quickly dropping nearly a hundred meters again. After falling several times in rapid succession, Ye Mo was a bit overwhelmed, but luckily, after falling for about a thousand metres, he finally saw the bottom of the cliff.

The bottom of the cliff was very different from the cliff he had met in Shennongjia. There was miasma everywhere, but it did not spread out, but was attached to the bottom of the cliff. Ye Mo could even see some animal skeletons scattered around in a messy manner, as well as some human skeletons. At the bottom of such a cliff, Ye Mo did not want to stay a moment longer.

Ye Mo quickly arrived at the opposite side of the cliff with his Royal Wind Technique, but he didn’t go up, for he might be caught by Zhang Zhihui, the old man, at this time.

He had to leave immediately. Ye Mo looked at the willow leaf blade in his hand, and with a movement in his heart, he casually dropped it nearby.

Then Ye Mo held back his nausea at the bottom of the cliff and kept leaping forward at the bottom of the cliff, he knew that even if he was at the bottom of the cliff, those old things from the auction would definitely come down to find him later. These guys all thought they were full of treasure troves, so he didn’t dare to stay here at all.

Although his cultivation was not as good as Zhang Zhihui’s, when it came to means of escape, even if they were the top experts here, Ye Mo would not be afraid. He had the Royal Wind Technique and the Cloud Shadow Step, and this rugged and even dangerous bottom of the cliff was no different from a flat river avenue to Ye Mo.

Two hours later, Ye Mo found that there was no longer a way ahead, but another rocky cliff in front of him, so if he wanted to go further, he would have to turn around. Ye Mo did not want to turn around, who knows where he would turn to, maybe he would turn to Qixian Temple again.

Ye Mo didn’t hesitate at all after thinking about it, and immediately leapt towards the top of the cliff. Although several hundred metres to the bottom of the cliff, it was no challenge to Ye Mo, and with the help of the Royal Wind Technique, he was soon back on top again.

Just as Ye Mo landed on the cliff, a figure leapt over at the same time and landed not far in front of him.

“You’re fast, I didn’t expect you to come up just as I arrived.” The person who came over was a woman dressed in black méng with a black scarf.

As soon as Ye Mo heard this person speak, he knew who she was, surprisingly, it was the Daoist Nun of Stillness.

“It’s you?” Ye Mo’s heart sank, how did Jing Xi know that he would appear here?

Jing Xi let out a cold laugh “If you don’t want to be surrounded here, then come with me.” After saying that, she turned around and left, she seemed to have calculated that Ye Mo was going to follow her.

Ye Mo really had no choice, he also knew that if he stayed here for one more moment, it might be dangerous for one more moment. Since Jing Jing knew that he would come up from here, others could know the same.

Jing Jing was very fast and she didn’t seem to be worried at all that Ye Mo wouldn’t be able to keep up with her. Two hours later, it was already close to noon, and Jing Xing surprisingly led Ye Mo east and west, once again arriving at the same platform where Ye Mo had followed her in the first place. Ye Mo knew that down here was an iron rope, and past that was where the Jing Yi Sect was, so he might as well have known what Jing Xi was bringing him here for.

No matter what it was for, at this point Ye Mo was not the least bit afraid. He believed that Jing Xing could not play any tricks in front of him.

He believed that he could not play any tricks in front of him. Smilingly, she said to Ye Mo, “Brother Dahu, you are really a god.”

Knowing that he had been recognized, Ye Mo also pulled off his own face scarf and said indifferently, “I wouldn’t dare to take the word brother, don’t make me spit out the meal from the other day.” Now that he’d torn his face off, he didn’t care.

“Are you wondering how I found you?” After Jing Xie said, he didn’t wait for Ye Mo to answer and said to himself, “Not only me, but that old devil Xi Wu Shan might also know that you are alive.”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, Xi Wu Shan would definitely search the bottom of the cliff later, knowing that he was alive was not at all uncommon, while this woman was terrifying to know that she was waiting for him here.

Jing Jing’s face was cold “At first I thought you were dead, I can’t believe you pretended so much and made me sad for half a day, I didn’t expect your lightning skills to be so powerful, even the top lightning experts are not your match, right? You really surprised me, it’s the first time I’ve found an expert with lightning skills as powerful as yours.”

After a pause, Jing Xie continued, “Since you were unharmed even when you fell down the two fiddling cliffs, Qixian Temple surely couldn’t kill you either, did you think that your one turn in the air was the only one I could see?”

Ye Mo smiled coldly and simply sat down “If you have anything to say, just say it, I didn’t eat anything all night last night, after I finish I’m going to eat.” He already knew how Jing Jing knew that he couldn’t die from the fall, but he didn’t care, since he couldn’t die from the fall on the two fiddling cliffs, it was normal that he couldn’t die from the fall here.

The ‘Yu Hui’ would have spared the search for you? Don’t dream, why don’t you make a deal with me. I won’t let you suffer, it’s my first time, it’s cheaper for you.”

Jing Xi said here with her eyes bō flowing, as if she had once again returned to the Jing Zi’er who was around twenty.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, this woman is really a set, although he also admitted that Jing Xi was a beautiful woman, and a beautiful Daoist nun who could seduce people, but Ye Mo did not think of her in the slightest, this woman was too perverted.

“Haha, let’s talk about the áng thing, let’s put your request first.” Ye Mo harrumphed.

Jing Xi’s face seemed to turn a little red, she couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo would directly áng before saying anything, not even a little bit subtle, her heart was secretly angry, is it that simple to áng with the old woman? You are dreaming, boy.

However, she did not say this, but said slowly and methodically: “Last time you came up from the two fiddling cliffs, did you follow me here? And then saw me enter the sect? I don’t think you would have any problem doing that with your lightning skills.”

“Not bad.” There was no need for Ye Mo to hide, he had wanted to go to the Jing Yi Sect.

Jing Xi gritted his teeth and snorted coldly, “Indeed, what did you say you wanted to go to my Jing Yi Sect to do? Don’t tell me you’re going to look for Susu.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly “Why can’t I go to find Susu? I’m just going to look for her, why not?”

“You like Susu?” Jing Xi’s eyes widened as she stared at Ye Mo, seemingly struck by this news.

“I can’t like Susu? Do I have to like you? That’s right, I just like Susu.” Ye Mo calculated that he wasn’t afraid of this old Daoist nun, and there was no need to go hide it from her.

Jing Xin suddenly giggled “Da Hu, if you want to like Susu, you have to ask for my help. You know, I am Susu’s senior uncle, without my help, you can’t even see Susu. And let’s not even talk about meeting, you can’t even enter our Jing Yi Sect, do you think you can find our Jing Yi Sect just by jumping off the iron rope? Don’t dream, little brother.”

For Jing Xi to say that she was Luo Susu’s senior uncle, this Ye Mo did not doubt. However, his hostile mindset was put down, since she was Susu’s senior uncle, although she was a bit perverted, it was better not to offend herself.

“Say it, what do you want.” Ye Mo didn’t have a good feeling towards this Jing Xi at all, it was just that this Jing Xi was Susu’s senior uncle, so he couldn’t be too offended.

Jing Xi smiled flirtatiously “I actually like you a lot too.” After saying that, she looked at Ye Mo and said again, “You have a lot of good things on you, you even have a face-lifting pill, can you give me one too?”

Ye Mo said with no good humour, “Do you think that the Face Preserving Pill is a high street item, that you can have it whenever you want?”

“The person I met that day at Di Tuo Peak of the Divine Dragon Shelf carrying a girl on his back was you, right? The one who picked the ‘Red Leaf Persimmon’ was also you, right?” Quiet Breath asked as his tone suddenly turned cold.!