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DYM Chapter 245

Ye Mo looked coldly at Jing Xi for a moment “If you want to ask this I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t know.

If you want a face-lifting elixir, I don’t have one now either. Because this elixir is not mine, if you don’t have any other questions, I am going to leave.”

Jing Xi giggled again “You are such a little ingrate, don’t be so much of an if, I said are you willing to leave? Su Su will be betrothed to Bian Chao of the Point Cang School next month, but I did the matchmaking oh ……”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. If it was forced by you, don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

“Hou yo, what a lot of anger, what’s wrong if I don’t take you to see Susu? Do you think you can fight against Point Cang as a mere Xuan-level martial artist? He can kill you little bit with just one finger.” Jing Jing didn’t care in the slightest about Ye Mo’s angry look.

Ye Mo was silent for a moment before he said, , “Liu Qingluo, it’s not on me now, but I can promise to give you that huā. As for the face-preserving pills, I can also ask that senior for you.”

“I also want your lightness of mind technique.” Jing Xi, however, interfaced and said indifferently.

Ye Mo looked at Jing Xi coldly for a moment “Even if I give it to you, you won’t be able to practice it.”

Jing Jing said disdainfully, “Whether I can practice it or not is my business, don’t worry about it. All you have to do is say yes or no.”

“Yes, as long as you bring me to see Susu.” Ye Mo agreed to Jing Xi’s request without hesitation, to him the ‘Cloud Shadow Step, was nothing at all, he was a cultivator, he really didn’t look at this kind of lightness body technique that was driven by true essence.

Jing Xi smiled gently, “How obedient, you can walk with me now.”

Seeing that Jing Xi didn’t ask him for anything, Ye Mo froze for a moment “You’re not worried that I’ll go back on my word?”

Jing Xi laughed “Regret, you have to be able to regret it, you think I took you in and you can come out without me? I really like you now. You’re so naive.”

Also sister, don’t be disgusting. Ye Mo despised in his heart, but he also knew what Jing Xie meant by that, it was the sign key, unfortunately Jing Xie didn’t know that he already had this key to open the door, no matter going in or coming out, he needed such a key. It was because he had it that he hadn’t thought about it, but now that Jing Jing had mentioned it he remembered.

Jing Xin led Ye Mo to leap up the iron rope, then to the end and used the card in her hand to open a small door on the cliff wall, leading Ye Mo into the small door. When she saw that Ye Mo was not surprised in the slightest, she asked somewhat strangely, “Why are you not surprised in the slightest? Could it be that you can find this place alone without me bringing you in?”

Ye Mo thought in his heart that Jing Xi would definitely not be as nice as she appeared to be, but he just couldn’t figure out what she was up to. I was thinking about it when Jing Jing asked this, and couldn’t help but secretly despise it, I came a little more without you leading the way.

“Well without you leading the way I can’t get in.” Ye Mo’s tone was not the slightest bit strange, 〖兴〗excited and unexpected. It was as flat as plain water, giving Jing Xi a feeling of a punch in the cotton hua. She didn’t know that what Ye Mo said was a different kind of truth. Without her leading the way last time, Ye Mo really couldn’t enter, but now he could enter or leave whenever he wanted to, there was nothing for her to do.

The iron rope bridge outside the Qifeng Temple had been put away, but at this time, Xi Wushan and that senior brother Yu were still standing beside this, but their faces were ugly.

“Will they be eaten by the big snake?” Fang Niangzi said at the side.

Xi Wushan frowned, “I don’t think so I feel that there was something odd about that last slash from Mo Ying, the direction he landed was very strange. I even suspect that he intentionally fell off the cliff, if that was the case, he definitely wouldn’t have been eaten by the snake. Besides, there were no big snakes around here, and besides, his willow blade was nowhere to be found. Just one thing that’s impossible is that no matter if anyone fell off this cliff, they wouldn’t be able to survive, let alone a mere Xuan-level martial artist.”

“The willow leaf blade has been found, Elder Xi.” At this moment, a man in his thirties came up the soft staircase leading to the bottom of the cliff and spoke with a tattered willow leaf blade in his hand.

“So it’s really possible that he was eaten by something?” XI Wu Shan looked at the willow leaf knife and said with some suspicion.

Senior Brother Yu, who had not spoken, said with a yīn face, “No matter whether he is alive or dead, we must investigate to the end, this person actually possesses such a heaven defying elixir. It’s the refining techniques and recipes that are also worth a lot of money. If we can obtain them, I, the ‘Yu Society, will be unmatched.”

“Master Qi ……” After Jing Xi led Ye Mo into the Jing Yi Gate, the two little Daoist nuns guarding the entrance immediately came up to greet him respectfully. The two little daoist nuns looked at Ye Mo behind Jing Xi and their eyes l showed a very surprised look.

A Daoist nun whose face looked somewhat old walked over and gave Ye Mo an equally surprised look before asking, “Senior sister Jing Xie, this goes to ………”

Jing Xie however slightly owed a little then said, “Senior sister Jing Xian, his name is Ye Mo, he said he was here to find Susu.”

Jing Xian frowned, “Senior sister Jing Xie, my Jing Yi Sect never allows outsiders to enter, let alone a man, Master Hold ……,…”

Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept through this courtyard and found no trace of Luo Susu, now hearing Jing Xian speak, he immediately stepped forward and explained, “Senior, Luo Susu once saved junior’s life, so junior has come to thank him this time. Please forgive me for any offense I may have caused.”

Jing Xian shook her head and said, “Luo Ying is already in seclusion, please go back.” After saying that, she turned around and left.

“What ……” Ye Mo was struck by lightning and was frozen in place. Luo Ying, just now Jing Xian was talking about Luo Ying?

“Senior, please stay.” It wasn’t until Jing Xian walked out a long way that Ye Mo reacted and immediately chased after him, stopping Jing Xian.

“What else is the matter?” Jing Xian asked with a frown once again, but in her heart she was getting more and more dissatisfied with Jing Xi, she had openly brought a man into the Jing Yi Sect, which was really treacherous. But she also knew that Jing Xi did not even put her as the Sect Leader in her eyes.

“Senior, what is this Luo Ying you were talking about?” Ye Mo asked out shakily, he thought about it every day and night, but he didn’t expect to hear the name Luo Ying here.

Jing Xian looked at Ye Mo somewhat strangely before saying, “Luo Ying is Susu, she has changed her name to Luo Ying.”

Ye Mo once again asked in a trembling voice, “Senior can tell me why Susu changed her name to Luo Ying?”

“Because Susu said she often remembered in her dreams that she was called Luo Ying, so she changed her name to Luo Ying.” Jing Xian finished speaking and looked at Ye Mo again, sighed, shook her head and once again turned around and left.

Ye Mo’s brain ‘buzzed, for a moment, he had completely froze, it was really Master, Master had come over just like him, but Master could only remember her own name now, and forgot everything else.

Master, I have finally found you, Luo Ying I have finally found you. No wonder I always felt a familiar feeling in Susu in the middle of the desert, it turned out that Susu was really Luo Ying.

But how could Susu have come so long before myself? Or was it that I too had come here as soon as I was born, only that a lot of things only suddenly came to mind when I was stung later on, while Susu still hadn’t remembered? Or was it because of the time and space disorder that made him come more than twenty years late?

In a flash, all sorts of thoughts poured in, and Ye Mo actually had the urge to have his xiōng chest cracked by fire.

In a stone room at the back of the Jing Yi Sect, a woman in white was like a goddess of the ages, sitting quietly on top of a futon without any movement.

Her face was already pale without a trace of blood, but even so, it was still impossible to conceal her stunning face. There were still some blood stains on the stone slab in front of the futon. She had stopped practising because she knew that as soon as she practised she would vomit blood.

At this moment she was holding an empty mineral water bottle in her hand and her eyes were a bit míd. There was always a figure shifting in her dreams and in her consciousness, but when she tried to see it clearly, the figure disappeared. Now that she was unable to cultivate, the figure in her mind shifted even more frequently, as if she had known that person a long time ago. Finally the swaying figure stopped, and it turned out to be Ye Mo.

It was only after a long time that she gently breathed a sigh of relief and reached out to stroke the jade pendant on her xiōng, which was now only the size of a pea. She knew that if it wasn’t for this protective jade pendant, she would have been tortured to death by this cold room. What baffled her even more was that she had actually felt a trace of Ye Mo’s breath on top of this jade pendant as well, was she thinking too much, or was it something else?

Three years, she smiled miserably, it was three months she would not be able to last, once this pea sized jade grain disappeared, that was when she would die. Her own master could not last two years, how could she last three?

Her mind once again recalled the time when Ye Mo and her were together, and he pointed to the clear spring in the middle of the desert and said, “Happy birthday to you! This is a birthday present sent to you by the heavens, do you like it?”

“I like it, I like it very much, that is the best gift I have ever received. Thank you, Ye Mo ……,” the woman in white murmured out, and there was actually a hint of tenderness in her eyes.

Since she was already going to die, why bother controlling her thoughts? She reached out her hand and mōd the dried blood on top of the futon, there was his blood in here too.

Suddenly she actually had a longing, she wanted to see Ye Mo once, she wanted to ask him if he was the shadow in her dream. However, she also knew that even if she met Ye Mo, she would not be able to ask such questions, and likewise Ye Mo would not know. She longed even more that Ye Mo could take her to take a look at that clear spring again.

There is a kind of person that is destined to have to make you remember for the rest of your life, even if you are reincarnated you can’t forget ……!