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DYM Chapter 246

“Su Su ……” the door to the stone room had opened and Jing Xi walked in.

Luo Ying slowly raised her head, she was a bit suspicious, the water and food delivery was once a week, and it couldn’t be that Senior Uncle Jing Xi came over personally, why did she come over personally today? Luo Ying knew that Senior Uncle Jing Xi disliked her very much.

Seeing that Luo Ying just looked at herself but did not react, Jing Xin however smiled lightly and said, “Do you know who came to see you today? He said his name is Ye Mo, and he said he likes you a lot. But ……”

Luo Ying’s eyes trembled and she suddenly stood up, she shook a bit before staring at Jing Xie and said in a trembling voice, “He, how could he come here? What happened to him?”

Jing Xi’s face suddenly turned cold, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t have a heart for the red earth? No wonder when Bian Chao from Point Cang came to propose marriage last time, you pushed and pushed. So there’s a man, you’re not too bold.”

Luo Ying shook a little, she clenched her mouth chún and didn’t say a word. In her heart, she just thought of that shadow, originally thinking that after she came back, she could gradually forget about it after a long time, but she knew she was wrong. Not only was that shadow becoming clearer and clearer, it even kept appearing in her dreams and deep in her memories.

Jing Jing only had to look at Luo Ying to know that Luo Ying must have been extraordinary to Ye Mo. Her heart was even more uncomfortable. Although she did not have any thoughts or love for Ye Mo, seeing Ye Mo and Luo Ying looking like this was very uncomfortable.

Jing Xin was stealing a man from herself, and Ye Mo was not even looking at her, yet he openly said he liked Luo Susu. If I liked Ye Mo, I would likewise not be able to snatch Luo Susu, there is not a single good thing about this mother and daughter, both like to snatch men. Even if I don’t like Ye Mo, I will still make you mother and daughter receive the most severe punishment. As Jing Xie thought of this, the corners of her mouth lined up with an icy smile.

“Susu, you don’t need to rush, I will let you meet with your man later. But before you meet, don’t be disappointed ……” Jing Xi suddenly turned around and tapped on the stone wall dozens of times in a row. A window surprisingly appeared abruptly on this stone wall, only it was small. Through the window, it was surprisingly possible to see directly into the Jing Yi Sect’s martial arts training ground a hundred meters away, and even into the VIP meeting room.

Jing Xi opened the window and surprisingly turned around and left. Luo Ying stared blankly at Jing Xi’s back and looked back at the small window again, her heart in turmoil. She didn’t know what would happen to Ye Mo, in case Senior Uncle Jing Xi became angry, Ye Mo would definitely not be able to leave.


Ye Mo was shocked into a chaotic state by Luo Ying’s news, when he woke up in a flash, but found that there was just a Qingxiu little Daoist nun standing in front of him, this Qingxiu Daoist nun saw Ye Mo waking up and quickly said, “This senior brother, the master senior said for me to send you out of Jing Yi Sect …… ”

Before this Daoist nun could finish her sentence, Ye Mo immediately interrupted her, “Tell your Sect Master that I will take Luo Ying away today, and no one can stop it no matter what.”

Ye Mo only had Luo Ying in his heart at this time, even if he had to destroy the Jing Yi Sect, he would still take Luo Ying away, no one could stop his determination. Bian Chao, a mere member of the Hidden Sect, dared to hit on his own master, he was simply impatient to live. In the eyes of Ye Mo, a cultivator, even if the Point Cang was bigger, it would not be in his eyes.

Luo Ying, as long as he, Ye Mo, still had a breath, no one could touch her.

“This senior brother ……” This Qingxiu Daoist nun, seeing that Ye Mo was not in the least bit reasonable, called out again with some difficulty.

“You go back, let me do it ……” Jing Xi arrived in time.

Her words made this Qingxiu Daoist nun breathe a sigh of relief and hurriedly saluted and said, “Yes, Senior Uncle.”

Ye Mo coldly glanced at Jing Xie, “Take me to see Luo Ying, I agree to all of your requests.”

Jing Xie said with an expressionless face, “You come with me first.”

Jing Xi took Ye Mo into a room at the very back of the courtyard and then closed the door behind him, her face, which was expressionless just now, had turned rosy jiāo.

In the distance, Daoist Nun Jingxian saw Jing Xie lead Ye Mo into the room and then close the door, sighed and slowly turned around and walked away.

Ye Mo saw Jing Xi close the room door, he noticed an incense burning in the corner of the room, the smell was a bit strange, frowned just about to speak, but Jing Xi took off her outer clothes, l revealing her inner underwear and snow-white skin inside, the splash of red sèd belly band but looked particularly dazzling.

The red bib looked particularly dazzling. The Jing Xi who had taken off her outer clothes looked even more jiāo ambiguous in the room that was emitting fragrance. Ye Mo couldn’t figure out what this Daoist nun wanted to do, but once she thought of this Daoist nun’s mind and words, he couldn’t even get up the slightest ripple.

“Injustice ……,” the Daoist nun of Jingxi actually stepped forward and hugged Ye Mo.

A plump, snow-white woman** hugged Ye Mo, and this was a Daoist nun, even a beautiful and proper Daoist nun. Ye Mo only felt his mind buzzing as his heart clearly did not have the slightest feeling for this woman, but a yù desire rose from the bottom of his heart.

Sensing the change in Ye Mo’s body, Jing Xi pressed even closer to Ye Mo. She originally just wanted to make a show to show Luo Ying that the man she liked was just like that and could not resist her seduction as well. She wanted to make Luo Ying disappointed and desperate, to break her heart, and then go on to taunt her in front of her. Quiet Rest, however, had no intention of allowing Ye Mo to truly be able to possess her, she had her pride.

But when she hugged Ye Mo, that manly smell and masculine change in Ye Mo’s body, coupled with the aphrodisiac incense she had lit, made her suddenly feel a rush of dampness. She had overestimated herself, or rather she had underestimated the cone of aphrodisiac incense. Surprisingly, she could no longer restrain the longing she had been hiding for forty years, and at this moment she actually wanted it, even very much.

In the midst of her panting, Jingxie’s eyes were even more míd, she couldn’t help but stretch out her tongue to seek out Ye Mo’s mouth chún, her hand had reached for Ye Mo’s xiōng muscle, and she murmured a shēn chant under her breath, “Ye Mo, you hurry up and take me, I want to ……”

Ye Mo, who was about to be burned by the yù fire and had even ripped off his static resting Wen xiōng, was shocked in his heart, this woman knew her name was Ye Mo, which meant she already knew her identity, and had even been pretending not to know.

He looked up at the incense cone in the corner of the room and immediately understood that it was an incense cone to arouse love. What the hell did this woman want? Ye Mo immediately calmed down and said, “That was close, I almost fell for this woman’s trick. He didn’t know that Jing Jing had fallen for her own way, because Jing Jing hadn’t expected that the aphrodisiac incense would be so powerful either.


When Luo Ying saw Ye Mo through the small window, her heart suddenly felt the urge to cry as she remembered the last time she was in the middle of the desert. When those man-eating insects were about to swallow her up, it was Ye Mo who rushed over and carried her away. She also remembered that when Ye Mo was unable to escape from the man-eating insects, he would rather throw away his life-saving backpack in the middle of the desert than leave her behind.

And when he was dying, he even slit his wrist and put it by her mouth. Did he come here today to take himself with him? Did he come to take her to see the clear spring?

But what she saw next made her heart cut like a knife. She couldn’t figure out why she felt this way, Ye Mo hadn’t given her any promises and neither had she.

But seeing Ye Mo hugging that woman, the two of them, she couldn’t help but feel her heart aching to cry, she felt like her xiōng mouth had been shattered and all her strength was leaving her. She didn’t want to look at him again, but she couldn’t help but look at him again.

She remembered what Jing Xi had said to her when she was leaving, “But don’t be disappointed before you meet ……” Was she disappointed? But why did he come to himself and do this with Shizuku? This is why?

Luo Ying knew that Senior Uncle Jing Xing deliberately went to seduce Ye Mo, but Ye Mo’s reaction made her heart hard. No matter how Jing Xi was going to put on dàng, but she couldn’t accept Ye Mo going to put on dàng with her. she felt that in her last life, she remembered Ye Mo. The shadow inside her mind was left over from Ye Mo’s last lifetime. Therefore, she couldn’t accept this look of Ye Mo and Jing Xi, and her heart ached violently, making her unable to control it.

She slowly turned her head back, finally unable to control her tears, they slowly slipped down and flowed over her mouth chún, landing on the cold stone slab with the blood marks on the top of her mouth chún that had been bitten through.