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DYM Chapter 247

Ye Mo calmed down and casually grabbed Jing Xi and threw it on top of the bamboo collapse next to him.

“Don’t play this game with me, tell me where Susu is and I’ll pay you what you need to pay. For you, I am not interested.” Ye Mo’s voice was cold.

Jing Xi, who was in the midst of jīng, was instantly knocked into the abyss, although her skin was still flushed and the yùng instinct in her heart was still surging, but the shame that hurt her pride was too much for her to contain. Even if it was the aphrodisiac incense that affected her, but this unhesitating rejection, even a despicable and rude rejection by Ye Mo made her unable to accept it, an incomparable xiōng boredom that made her suffocate and almost vomit blood.

“Good, you are very good”…… Jing Xi walked to the corner of the house and stomped out that aphrodisiac incense with one foot, turned around and stared at Ye Mo again and said coldly: “You will regret it, want to see Susu, you dream about it.”

Jing Xing was already mad with anger, although what just happened was not what she expected, but to that extent, she no longer had the heart to refuse, and this Ye Mo in front of her was throwing her away like a straw. If she could hold this breath, she wouldn’t be Jing Xin.

Ye Mo didn’t even bother to look at this perverted woman, and with his true qi running, he had already refined all the medicine xìng that he had just sucked into Feng. He turned around and pushed the door out, if she didn’t say anything, he could ask Jing Xian just the same, he felt that Jing Xian was too much better to talk to than Jing Xie.

Looking at Ye Mo who turned around and left, Jing Xi was furious, her body shaking and her face turning blue, her anger had completely suppressed her yùng desire. Originally, she only wanted to push Ye Mo away midway, but now it was her turn to lose face. It was the first time she had been so angry, apart from when her senior sister had snatched her man. Sure enough, no one in this family was good, revenge, I want revenge.

Jing Xian sat in the middle of a quiet room and seemed to know that Ye Mo had come over and said to Ye Mo at the door, “Since you are here, come in.”

Ye Mo pushed the door in, gave a salute to Jing Xian and said, “Senior Jing Xian, I know you are the master of the Jing Yi Sect but I want to take Susu away today. No matter what I have to take her away, please make it happen senior.”

“You like her a lot?” Jing Xian didn’t look up and just asked with a sigh.

Ye Mo said decisively, “Yes I like her very much, if senior makes it possible, I can come up with something that will satisfy senior. I’m not treating Susu as anything but a small token of appreciation for your sect for nurturing her for so long.”

“Alas”, Chuan”, after a long silence, Jing Xian sighed again and continued, “Luo Ying …… Susu the child… . you can pull out in time in that situation just now can be seen is not an ordinary person”, “in that case, the old body will do this, let ……”

“And grant…” a voice suddenly interrupted Jing Xian at the door, Jing Xie had walked in fully dressed at this time, and behind her were three middle-aged Daoist nuns.

Ye Mo’s eyes stared at the sight of these people these four Daoist nuns were actually all at the earth level cultivation, apart from Jing Xian, it was surprising that Jing Yi Clan had such a hòu of heritage. But since Jingem knew that Jingxian was not a good thing and even seduced herself, why didn’t she speak out to discipline her? Could it be that she, the Sect Leader, was a puppet?

“Senior sister Jingxian, I don’t know if there is anything else you want to say.” Jing Xian’s tone was still calm, but Ye Mo heard a tremble in her tone, a tremble that was angry but could not come out.

However, Jing Xian said indifferently, “Senior Sister, this person is from the secular world if he takes a disciple in my Jing Yi Sect is it not in accordance with the sect rules? If everyone came to my Jing Yi Sect to take away disciples, my Jing Yi Sect’s centuries-old legacy would have disappeared long ago.”

Jing Xian frowned and said slowly, “Senior sister, you brought her back also you said he wanted to see Luo Ying, why are you talking like that again?”

Jing Xie suddenly said with some anger, “I only now realized that this person is actually a sè, how dare he make a move against me. I only brought him in to see Susu because I saw how desperate he was to see her. I have broken the rules of the sect and am willing to be punished.”

As expected the three Daoist nuns behind her immediately looked at Ye Mo with disgust after Jing Xing finished speaking, it was obvious that they all believed Jing Xing’s words.

Ye Mo sneered and didn’t say anything, but in his heart he despised these Daoist nuns who were simply more white than white, they would believe Jing Xi’s flawed words. However, he was clear that Jing Xian should understand that he was not such a person, so he did not bother to argue.

“Then what should be done in senior sister’s words?” Jing Xian sighed in her heart, although she knew that Jing Xie believed what she said, there was nothing she could do to help Ye Mo out.

“Senior sister, with what I mean is that we can let this person meet with Susu and then drive away immediately.” Jing Xi said unexpectedly.

Ye Mo also froze when he heard this, he didn’t expect Jing Xi to let him meet with Luo Ying, as long as he met Luo Ying, he would definitely take her away from here. Could it be that she had remembered the deal with herself again?

Jing Xian was also a bit surprised, she was already ready to persuade Ye Mo to leave, but she didn’t expect Jing Xing to agree to Ye Mo meeting with Luo Ying, what was she thinking? Suddenly Jing Xian’s face changed, she seemed to know what Jing Xi wanted.

Sure enough Jing Xi however continued unhurriedly, “Of course, it is not easy for someone who is not a disciple of the Hidden Sect to meet with a disciple of my Jing Yi Sect, according to the sect’s rules, it is necessary to ‘go up the mountain of swords and down the sea of fire.”

Jing Xian immediately frowned and said to Ye Mo before he could speak, “Luo Ying is still in seclusion, I think you should go out first and come back in two years’ time.”

Two years later? Ye Mo was stunned, this was not a retreat in the cultivation world, he would still be starving to death in two years’ time.

A cold smile appeared at the corner of Jing Jing’s mouth, “Of course, if you don’t want to see Luo Ying, you can also be my guest.” She calculated that Ye Mo would not just refuse like that.

Ye Mo coldly swept a glance at Jing Xi, of course he knew what this woman was thinking, and said without the slightest bit of politeness, “In that case take me to see that sword mountain and sea of fire, but I forgot to say one thing to you, Jing Xi, women like you are no longer interested in me even if I use aphrodisiacs again, brother’s virginity will not be spoiled on your body. ”

Now that I’ve offended, let’s offend a little more. If this wasn’t the Jing Yi Clan, and if there weren’t several earth-level experts surrounding him, he would have opened his killing spree long ago. This woman, Jing Xi, was simply a complete and utter pervert.

As expected, after Jing Xi heard Ye Mo’s words, her face immediately turned iron blue.

When Luo Ying saw how Ye Mo and Jing Xi looked, she slowly turned her head away, she really didn’t want to see Ye Mo and another woman like this in front of her eyes. What’s more, that woman was Jing Xi, and her own master had indirectly died at the hands of that woman.

But Luo Ying really couldn’t contain her urgency to see Ye Mo, even if she turned her head away, she still couldn’t contain that eagerness and expectation. She wanted to see if Ye Mo was the same as the man in her dream, and she also wanted to see if Ye Mo would come and take her away. But if he was like this, would she still let him take her away?

After all, Luo Ying could not hold back her inner desire to see Ye Mo, and she turned her head to look over again.

The parlour was empty, there was nothing there, where had Ye Mo gone? Luo Ying suddenly became alarmed. She suddenly felt that it was better for Ye Mo to continue to cuddle with Jing Xi than for him to suddenly disappear in front of her eyes.

She rushed to the small window and looked around.

There was no sign of Ye Mo, and Luo Ying was surprisingly getting more and more anxious. She knew that Ye Mo was good at it, but Master Jing Jing could probably kill him with just one hand. Could it be that Ye Mo had rejected Senior Uncle Jing Xing, causing her to become annoyed and kill Ye Mo?

Luo Ying suddenly blamed herself, she even wished that Ye Mo hadn’t rejected Jing Xi just now and hadn’t made Master Uncle Jing Xi angry. Ye Mo must have been forced to do so in that situation, how could he be a match for Jing Xi’s Foreign Uncle? She really shouldn’t have been sad about that kind of thing just now, he must have come looking for himself, how could he find himself if he didn’t listen to Senior Uncle Jing Xi?

The more Luo Ying thought about it, the more anxious he became, and the more anxious he became, the more panicked he felt.

“Blade Mountain?” Luo Ying’s gaze finally caught sight of the 70 to 80 metre high sword mountain erected in the martial arts training ground, and her face instantly turned half bloodless.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know the rules of the Jing Yi Sect, that anyone from the secular world who could find the Hidden Sect and get involved with the sect’s disciples would have to go up to the Mountain of Swords and down to the sea of fire. When she saw the Mountain of Swords, she already fully understood that this was for Ye Mo. In addition to the Mountain of Swords, there was an even more terrifying Sea of Fire.

“Don’t ……… Luo Ying shouted out, but her voice was a little hoarse, just echoing dàng around the stone house and the stone hut. She knew that once there had been such a thing with the Jing Yi clan, and there had been more than one.

But no matter how much she tore her voice to scream, her voice still just echoed around the dàng, and after being locked up in the cold room for months, she found herself weakened. If it wasn’t for what Ye Mo had done for her in the first place, and the jade pendant, perhaps she wouldn’t even have been able to scream out.

Since the opening of the Jing Yi Sect, there had been a total of three such incidents, but these three people who had come in from outside had not survived after going to the mountain of swords and the sea of fire. She heard that the last time, it had something to do with her master. Although she had heard about it, but it involved her master’s hidden sī, she did not dare to ask about it carefully. No matter what, she could not let Ye Mo go to this mountain of sword and sea of fire.

Luo Ying helplessly grabbed the edge of the small window and remembered what she had asked her master, “Master, what do you mean by the mountain of practice and the sea of fire9”

It was still her third year in the Jing Yi Sect, and it was only after listening to the secret conversation between two senior sisters that she came back to ask her own master.

Luo Ying remembered clearly that at that time, Master’s eyes were a little red and swollen, but instead mō her head and said, “Susu, that is a man’s commitment and persistence, if one day there is a man who is willing to go to the mountains of sword and the seas of fire for you, he is the man you will wait for. Remember Master’s words, never let the man who is willing to go up to the sword and down to the fire for you really go up and really go down. If he does do that for you, he can only do it for you once and never again. Make sure you try desperately to stop him, and remember Master’s words. You are still young, you don’t understand now”,””, she remembered clearly, Master cried when he finished.