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DYM Chapter 248

“To stop him, must stop him ……” Luo Ying’s mind A always resounded with these words, she surprisingly found that she could no longer scream at all, she could not stop it at all, she could only stare fearfully at that tall mountain of swords, if her gaze could melt, she would have already melted that If her gaze could melt, she would have melted that mountain of swords long ago.

Although he didn’t know what kind of sword mountain and sea of fire it was, Ye Mo was not afraid at all, he was a cultivator, if he was afraid of a mere sword mountain and sea of fire, he might as well not cultivate.

Ye Mo followed Jing Jing to the martial arts training ground, and from afar he saw the 70 to 80 meter high mountain of swords, and it was on two sides. Ye Mo frowned, this height was no challenge at all for him xìng, he could even stand on the top of the sword mountain with one Royal Wind Technique.

Suddenly Ye Mo stopped, he felt some pain in his heart, he looked around for a moment. It seemed like there was always something tied up right next to him, he subconsciously swept his divine sense out, but he found nothing.

“What? Are you afraid? If you’re afraid, leave immediately.” This time it wasn’t Jing Xi who spoke, it was a middle-aged Daoist nun next to Jing Xi with a very dark and ugly face. Ye Mo doubted if this woman was the guy who had fixed the ugliest part of Jing Yi Sect.

He didn’t bother to pay attention to this woman, since she was walking with Jing Xi, it meant that she was in cahoots with Jing Xi.

There were already twenty to thirty Daoist nuns standing around the Knife Mountain, so I guess all the Daoist nuns from the Jing Yi Sect had come. Ye Mo looked up at the sword mountain, which was nearly a hundred metres high, like a huge iron pagoda, standing in an inverted triangle shape in the middle of the martial arts training ground.

It was evident that Daoist Aunt Jing Jing had had someone prepare it long ago, just waiting for him to get on it.

The mountain of knives was full of ultra-thin blades as bright as white silver, with the blades pointing upwards, three in a row, one foot apart. One could imagine that an ordinary person, not to mention standing up there, would be cut in half if he dropped a random object through the blade.

Ye Mo frowned, this mountain of swords would be easy if he was allowed to go up, he could even go up to the top with a casual point on one of the swords. But thinking about it, it certainly wouldn’t be that easy.

It was just that Ye Mo thought, his way wasn’t very easy either, who else but him could go up nearly a hundred metres in one go with the wind?

But Jing Xian frowned and said, “Senior sister, why is this Blade Mountain so high? Aren’t they all about twenty metres?” As soon as Ye Mo heard this, he knew that this perverted woman Jingxian was yīn him, and a blade mountain of about twenty meters turned into a height of seventy to eighty meters or even nearly a hundred meters in the blink of an eye.

However, Jing Xi said without haste, “Senior sister, the height of the blade mountain is determined according to the excellence of the disciples among my sect, Susu is a miracle talent that is not found in my Jing Yi Sect for a hundred years, so I am taking out this blade mountain according to the sect rules.”

After saying that Jing Xi turned to Ye Mo and said, “You can give up now, if not, you must go up to the top one blade step at a time barefoot, and then come down the other side one blade step at a time. You must step on at least one of the three swords of each blade step, if there are any missed blade steps and missed swords, it will be considered null and void.” Ye Mo sneered in his heart, and his face immediately changed a little. With his imperial wind technique, it was one blade rank and one blade rank on top of the other, although it was not a big deal if it was to his disadvantage. There was just some problem with not being able to go too fast, because once he went too fast, this woman, Jing Xi, would definitely find an excuse.

However, the main reason for his face to change was still for Jing Xi, although this kind of walk was not to his disadvantage, but it was not to the point of threatening him.

The woman’s face changed suddenly and she let out a cold laugh, since she came here you still want to leave.

Insult me, you can insult me all you want. Even if you want to leave, I will still kill you.

Jing Xian also saw that Ye Mo’s face was a bit unpleasant, and was about to speak, but Ye Mo came over and said, “Senior Jing Xian, please help my disciple to film the process.”

After saying that, Ye Mo took out his mobile phone and adjusted it to the camera process and handed it to Jing Xian, he was afraid that Jing Xie was playing tricks.

Although he was not afraid of the sword mountain, he was holding his breath in his heart, in general, his strength was still not good, if he was now at the fourth or fifth level of Qi cultivation, he would have directly caught Jingxian and asked her to hand over the person.

There was no need to climb up the mountain of swords.

Ye Mo took off his shoes and without hesitation, he stepped on top of the blade of the first blade step, and blood immediately fell down along the side of the blade.

The cowardly Daoist nuns around him immediately screamed out with an “ah” and didn’t even dare to look at it again.

Jing Xi sneered and said to a young Daoist nun next to her, “Go and bring Susu here.”

A feeling of unbridled revenge surged in her heart, she wanted Susu to watch her favourite person’s heart break and be sad.

Ye Mo also sneered in his heart, he was not so good that he would cut the bottom of his foot with his first kick, even if this knife was powerful, even if it was going to cut the bottom of his foot it would be after tens of meters. Even a few dozen metres later would not cut the blood out of the soles of his feet. Although this was also the first time for him to walk like this, he could still manage it.

The reason why he let himself bleed from the soles of his feet at the first cut was because his divine sense had swept into this mountain of swords that there was still a mechanism inside, and if he acted without the slightest effect, he was afraid that this Daoist nun, Jing Xing, would make a miscalculation in the middle. He was afraid that this Daoist woman would find some strange and weird reason to prevent him from seeing Luo Ying.

Luo Ying was in a state of panic when someone opened the door to take her to the martial arts training ground.

she immediately rushed out of the cold room and ran over. When Luo Ying arrived at the spot, Ye Mo had already walked out of more than a hundred steps and was around forty metres.

Ye Mo poured his true qi into the soles of his feet, although his Royal Wind Technique was powerful, but slowly walking up one blade step after another like this was not an easy task. After walking a dozen metres, Ye Mo had found a way, although it was a bit laborious, but once he gathered his true qi on the soles of his feet and combined it with the imperial wind technique, he had a way to walk through this blade mountain without getting hurt in the slightest.

Because Ye Mo knew that there were organs inside this blade mountain, he didn’t dare to be too arrogant, and his divine sense locked tightly onto Jing Xi, while every ten meters he walked, he made some blood come out.

When he saw that Ye Mo had just stepped on it and his feet were cut by the knife, he was excited and smiled coldly. It looked like he had overestimated this kid, he was bleeding on the first step, he would definitely not be able to hold on later. This was still the Knife Mountain, if it came to a more powerful sea of fire, she didn’t believe Ye Mo would be able to hold on. Jing Xin, I’ve finally gotten a little revenge.

Luo Ying’s face was pale as she arrived next to the Blade Mountain and immediately saw a few drops of blood on the ground, her mind went blank and she wanted to scream out, but she hastily covered her mouth, she was afraid that it would affect Ye Mo.

“Susu, this friend of yours is really good to you, he even dared to walk the mountain of swords for you.

Although senior uncle is doing it for your own good, though,” Jing Xi said without any expression when he saw Susu coming over.

“Senior uncle, please let Ye Mo down, I beg you ……” Luo Ying anxiously froze before she could finish a sentence, she saw a large amount of blood falling down.

Ye Mo divine sense has been staring at the quiet rest, he did not expect Luo Ying suddenly appeared, and Luo Ying unexpectedly thin like this, and even face s pale and bloodless. Under the heartache and anxious anger, the true qi on the bottom of his feet actually laxed, and the sharp blade immediately cut through the bottom of his feet, even cutting down very deep.

Immediately, Ye Mo knew it was not good and hurriedly collected his mind, his heart was already moved to kill Jing Xie for torturing Luo Ying like this. However, he knew that now was not the time to kill this old Daoist nun, Jing Xie, because the situation was now that she was stronger than himself.

“Ah,” seeing a large amount of blood falling, Luo Ying could no longer control her panic and fell to her knees in front of Jing Xian in one tearful swoop.

“Senior Master, please let Ye Mo go, please, Susu is willing to help him go” Luo Ying’s heart was burning, knowing that begging Jing Xi was useless, she could only kneel in front of Jing Xian and beg for mercy.

Jing Xian sighed and reached out to pull Luo Ying up, but Luo Ying held on to Jing Xian’s tuǐ, crying and begging for mercy.

“Senior sister Jing Xi” Jing Xian just said four words, Jing Xi looked polite and said, “Senior sister, I think once the precepts of the clan are broken, then how can my Jing Yi clan pa*s on in the future.

And after saying the two words of Houfeng ……”, Jing Xi suddenly stopped speaking, but Jing Xian’s face changed once again, but she didn’t dare to say another word at all.

Ye Mo saw Luo Ying actually kneel down to help him plead for mercy, his heart was warm, but because of Luo Ying’s sad appearance, his heart was even harder, and the bottom of his foot was once again cut a line. However, Ye Mo quickly calmed down and once again gathered true qi on the bottom of his feet, and his walking speed was surprisingly much faster.

“Susu, stand up and wait for me, I will take you away.” Ye Mo’s calm voice rang out in Luo Susu’s ears, Luo Susu stood up in surprise, her eyes were already all filled with Ye Mo’s shadow.

Ye Mo had really come to take her away, could it be that like himself, he also remembered himself in his dreams? Why did he say that he was taking her away, saying it so heavenly and unquestionable?

Seeing that Luo Ying had actually stood up, and that her eyes only seemed to have Ye Mo in them, she had simply forgotten about her own existence. Jing Xi’s eyes went cold, this pair of Sl*ts. I definitely won’t make it easy for you, as Jing Xi was just thinking about this, Ye Mo had already come down from the other side.

All the people of the Jing Yi Clan were frozen, they had never heard of someone walking down the sword mountain so easily, coming down so quickly, and even just bleeding a little. Jing Xian was also dumbfounded, she didn’t expect this young man to really walk across the Knife Mountain completely, and with all the steps without missing a beat.

Luo Ying’s eyes were on Ye Mo every moment, the closer she got to him, the more she felt that Ye Mo was the one in her dream. At this moment, when Ye Mo came down, she immediately rushed over and hugged him, not knowing what to say other than shedding tears.

If there were still some doubts, now that Ye Mo could walk up the Knife Mountain for her, she no longer had half a doubt. The mountain of knives, she suddenly remembered, and hastily squatted down “Ye Mo, your feet ……”

Ye Mo picked up Luo Ying, carefully stared at her and looked again and again “Sorry, Master, I came late ……………”!