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DYM Chapter 249

Luo Ying was picked up by Ye Mo, a blush appeared on her face and she hurriedly said, “Put me down quickly, they are all watching. “Please familiarize yourself with the domain name.”

When Ye Mo saw his master Luo Ying, the joy in his heart was as if it was going to explode, as if all his recent discomfort had dissipated, and even his resentment towards Jing Xi had been put aside for the time being. Although his heart was jī happy, he obeyed Luo Ying’s words and put her down.

Luo Ying raised her head and saw Ye Mo just staring at herself, her already pale face looking more and more delicate yàn.Ye Mo had long ago grabbed Luo Ying’s wrist and transferred his true essence into it to heal her injuries.

“Hmph, so soon you’re making out, Luo Ying, a few months ago you were soph*moric, now what?” Jing Xi’s cold voice came out of place.

When Luo Ying heard this voice, the flush on her face instantly dissipated without a trace.

Ye Mo turned his head and looked at Jing Xing icily, “Jing Xing, don’t think I’ll let it go like this, what you put on Luo Ying, I’ll get it back twice as much.”

“How dare you, dare to be so arrogant in my Jing Yi mén, who do you think you are? If you dare to offend my Jing Yi mén again, you will still not be able to come and go.” The dark-faced Daoist nun immediately shouted in a stern voice, and looked at Jing Yi after she finished, if Jing Yi gave an order, maybe she would immediately come up and make a move on Ye Mo.

Luo Ying hastily covered Ye Mo’s mouth, turned back and bent down to salute and said, “Senior Uncle Jing Wen, Ye Mo he just came here, he doesn’t know a lot of things, please forgive him.”

This black-faced Daoist nun didn’t even look at Luo Ying for a second, but waited for Jing Wen’s order.

Ye Mo was secretly on guard, in case Daoist Aunt Jingxi wanted to make a move against him and Susu, he immediately sent out dozens of fireball talismans, then turned around with Susu and fled.

To everyone’s surprise. The face of Jing Xi changed a few times. Surprisingly, he said with a faint smile, “Since Susu begged for mercy, I will not count you out this time. If you can pa*s through the sea of fire, you can even take Susu away, not to mention the matter of meeting with her. But it’s already late today, Susu, you take Ye Mo down to rest, let’s continue tomorrow.”

After saying that Jing Xi actually turned around and left.

It wasn’t only Ye Mo who froze. It was all the people around him who were frozen, this was not like Jing Xi’s style, how could she be so nice?

Half a minute later Susu reacted and hurriedly said, “Thank you, Senior Uncle Jing Xi.”

Jing Xian looked at Jing Xi who was walking away and frowned, wanting to say something, but in the end she did not. First Post

In a flash, only Ye Mo and Luo Ying were left in the huge martial arts training ground.

Ye Mo’s heart, however, was becoming more and more suspicious, this was completely unlike Jing Jing’s style, but he only needed Luo Ying to be by his side. No matter how much moth the Daoist nun of Jing Rest came out. He wouldn’t be afraid either.

“Why did you come looking for me? Didn’t I say you shouldn’t come looking for me ……” After the people around had finished leaving, Luo Ying then remembered about Ye Mo and asked with some worry.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Susu, I just came to look for you. However, I feel that there is something wrong with that Master Uncle of yours, she has no reason at all to let us go and take the initiative to say that she will not go under fire today, I suspect ……”

“Ah, right, let me see your feet ……” Luo Ying, however, didn’t think of anything else. Ye Mo’s words reminded her that Ye Mo’s feet were still injured now, and she hurriedly bent down and looked down at Ye Mo’s feet.

Ye Mo once again pulled up Luo Ying, “My feet are fine, let’s go to where you live, where were you just now? How come I haven’t been able to find you?”

Luo Ying reached out and pointed to a mountain peak over a hundred meters away and said, “I’ve been inside a cold room over there. In order to punish me, Senior Uncle Jing Jing made me stay inside that cold chamber for three years in seclusion.”

“Tell me why?” Three years of seclusion in a cold room? Ye Mo’s heart burst into flames, in these few months, Luo Ying had been tortured like this, if three years wouldn’t be her life. Jing Jing, this old Daoist nun, if I let you go, I would have made a trip for nothing. No wonder he had just never found Susu, the place that Luo Ying had just pointed at was just outside the range of his divine sense.

Sensing Ye Mo’s anger, Luo Ying hurriedly pulled Ye Mo and said, “Ye Mo, I’m fine now, forget about the past. I’m already happy that you can come to see me.”

“Susu, tell me, why did Jing Xi target you?” Ye Mo was still upset in his heart, although he was determined to take Luo Ying away, but Jing Xi had tortured Luo Ying like this, he couldn’t calm down.

When Luo Ying saw that Ye Mo still couldn’t relent, there was some warmth in her heart, this was the first time she felt this warmth after her master died, she raised her head and looked at Ye Mo and said, “Because, because my heart is not still and I can’t cultivate, so ……”

“The heart is not quiet, unable to cultivate?” Ye Mo repeated, although he didn’t understand what it meant, but then he said, “Since you can’t cultivate, don’t cultivate. I’ll pa*s on the way to cultivate to you later, it’s much better than this sh*tty thing you have in Jing Yi mén.”

“What my master pa*sed on to me is not rags, I don’t like you saying that about my master.” After Luo Ying finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Ye Mo smiled helplessly, he knew that what he had just said was a bit too much, so he had to chase after him and said in a somewhat embarra*sed manner, “Alright, I was wrong, but I have a way for you to cultivate.”

Luo Ying, however, did not say anything, but walked straight to a house in the far corner of the courtyard, opened the mén and went in.

Ye Mo stood awkwardly at the mén entrance, neither going in nor leaving.

“Why don’t you come in yet and stand at the mén entrance?” Luo Ying’s voice came out.

Ye Mo’s heart was pleased and he hurriedly walked in, casually bringing the mén with him. The moment Ye Mo just put on the mén, Luo Ying’s body seemed to tremble a little. Ye Mo saw it of course, which reminded him that Jing Xi did not seem to have arranged a place for him to stay. But he didn’t care, as long as he was with his master, he would be fine.

Luo Ying walked to the corner of the house and lit an incense stick. Ye Mo looked stunned and quickly said, “Susu, that incense can’t be lit.”

Luo Ying looked at Ye Mo strangely, “This is meditation incense, it has a calming effect on the mind, my disciples of Jing Yi mén will use this incense to cleanse their minds, why can’t they light it?”

Ye Mo even opened his mouth in embarra*sment, he didn’t expect Jing Xi’s aphrodisiac incense to be made exactly the same as the meditation incense. It made him think that it was also an aphrodisiac incense, and he couldn’t help but secretly despise himself in his heart, how could Luo Ying be the same person as Jing Xin.

Because of some embarra*sment, he had to say, “Master, your body is bad now, let me help you treat it.”

Luo Ying looked at Ye Mo with some suspicion, “Why are you calling me Master, you just did it once already, why are you doing it again?”

“Ah ……” Ye Mo looked at Luo Ying with some hesitation, he understood that Luo Ying didn’t remember anything, she just knew her name. Or maybe there was a vague shadow of herself inside her head that made her different to herself, but how was this going to be explained to her? Because the explanation was too outrageous.

“Why don’t I help you heal first, and I’ll tell you later.” Ye Mo had to snort.

Luo Ying nodded, and for some reason, a slight blush flashed across her face. Ye Mo, however, looked at the incense in the corner of the room, the smell of the incense was very similar to aphrodisiac incense. But it didn’t seem to be very similar, making him suspicious.

Luo Ying sat on the bamboo couch but didn’t say anything more, she knew that Ye Mo’s medical skills were good and could even save her life in the middle of the desert.

Ye Mo nodded his head and took out a ‘Face Preserving Pill’ and handed it to Luo Ying, “You take this pill first, I’ll do the needling for you.”

Without the slightest doubt, Luo Ying took the ‘Face Residing Dan’ and swallowed it in one gulp. Then she closed her eyes and waited for Ye Mo to perform the needles on her.

Luo Ying was only a little weak, her condition was not too serious, and Ye Mo quickly helped her recover her cold qi damaged meridians, while several Clear Water Duel and Dust Removal Duel helped her remove the impurities brought out by the Face Preserving Pill.

In just under an hour, Luo Ying looked at her arms and skin and couldn’t even believe the change in herself. Her skin had become white and red, and her whole body seemed to have become relaxed.

“It’s somewhat the same as the last time in the middle of the desert, it seems to be so much more relaxed.” Luo Ying said casually.

Ye Mo knew that he had helped Luo Ying to cleanse her marrow in the desert last time, and this time, he helped her again, and with the help of the Face Preserving Pill, the effect was even more thorough.

The face of Luo Ying suddenly became rosy and delicate, and Ye Mo’s heart fluttered as he watched, and a fire rose from his heart. He also felt that something was wrong, and subconsciously looked at the incense cone, which was about to burn out. It was obvious that this incense was different from the cone of aphrodisiac incense in the quiet rest room, but it seemed to be somewhat the same. Ye Mo felt that his was getting stronger and stronger, was it because of seeing Luo Ying?

He subconsciously took another look at Luo Ying who had taken the face-lifting pills, her snow-white neck seemed to be somewhat hugely red, and a faint fragrance of virginity emanated from inside her white sè shirt, making it a little hard for him to breathe.

His gaze moved to Luo Ying’s face, only to find that Luo Ying was staring at him. Her face looked more and more delicate yàn, and there was a tenderness in her eyes that seemed to melt him away. However, her stunningly beautiful face gave Ye Mo the thought that he did not dare to blaspheme.

“Susu ……” Ye Mo called out with difficulty, he felt his throat was very dry.

When Luo Ying saw Ye Mo’s appearance, she smiled shyly, this smile instantly made all the hundred huas lose their color and made the world brighten up. Ye Mo’s heart moved, but Luo Ying slowly leaned over and gently clung to his xiōng mouth.

That faint fragrance made it a little hard for Ye Mo to endure, and he subconsciously looked down at Luo Ying and wěn to her mouth chún.

Looking at Ye Mo wěn over, Luo Ying’s already somewhat shy face turned even more red yàn, she wanted to tilt her head away, but there was a longing in her heart that made her clumsily meet Ye Mo’s mouth chún.

When Ye Mo felt the soft wetness, his brain buzzed and he could no longer restrain himself. He strained to claim it, and Luo Ying clumsily met it.

A crescent moon rose and the soft moonlight shone shè through the ancient wooden window, spilling over Ye Mo and Luo Ying’s bodies, appearing extraordinarily quiet and serene, as if witnessing the love that neither time nor space nor the star river could stop.