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DYM Chapter 250

For a long, long time, Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief and separated from Luo Ying’s mouth chún. The most important thing is that you can’t be sure that you’re going to be able to get the best out of the situation.

It’s just that her body was still hot and soft, and her breathing had become much sharper. The incense was already burning in the corner of the room, and at the same time, he ran his true qi to dissolve the yàoxìng in Luo Ying’s body. Luo Ying’s breathing became calmer, but her hands tightened as she hugged Ye Mo.

Ye Mo dissolved the yàoxìng in his own body, this smiled faintly, then said, “Susu, I feel that there is something wrong with the incense you lit, it seems to be an incense that arouse emotions or something.”

Luo Ying lifted her head and smiled sweetly, “Well, I knew later. Its scent was different from the meditation incense I lit before, I wonder who changed it.”

She was also because later** came up and understood that there was something wrong with the incense she had lit, with her withered well and unbōd mind, although she longed to see Ye Mo and became a little bōd because of him, she wouldn’t be like this just after meeting him.

Ye Mo froze for a moment and said half-heartedly with some strain, “Then you still don’t say anything? Fortunately, I have smelled it and I know how to defuse it. Otherwise ……”

Luo Ying leaned into Ye Mo’s arms, her voice soft as if from beyond the nine heavens

The most she wanted to do was to grab the handle of my non-compliance with the Qing rules and expel me from the division mén. But I’ve long thought of going with you, expulsion from the master mén is expulsion from the master mén.”

“But ……” Ye Mo’s words did not come out before Luo Ying’s white hand covered her mouth chún, “Don’t say anything, that’s what I’m willing to do. If I don’t want to. It’s these incense that can’t sway my mind ……”

“Susu, I will save that night of yours for the wedding night ……” A jīt of acceptance surged in Ye Mo’s heart, and he seemed a little unable to himself.

“Mmm ……” Luo Ying gave a low hmph and after a while added, “Fool, you’ve been calling me master, it’s too late to change your name now. I often see you in the Dream of, I seem to have known you since my last generation. Wouldn’t you often do the same?”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, he couldn’t imagine that Luo Ying really remembered his shadow apart from his own name, he actually gaped a little.

“Why don’t you say anything?” Luo Ying’s voice was as soft as a cloud.

“Well, I remembered you too, you were my master, just Luo Ying. A long time ago, I called you Master and you called me Mo’er, and then ……” Ye Mo seemed to be completely immersed in his memories. When he woke up, he found that Luo Ying had fallen asleep.

Ye Mo stroked Luo Ying’s hair and murmured: “Master, you have protected me for a generation. Let me protect you in this generation.”

Ye Mo gently took off Luo Ying’s yù pendant that only had a little bit of yù left in her xiōng mouth and looked at it for half a day, he didn’t expect that the magic weapon he made would stay on Luo Ying’s body and even protect her all the time.

He put Luo Ying’s yù pendant away and took out the one he had made for her with ink yù last time, and Ye Mo carefully helped her put it on. Then he just embraced her and slowly fell asleep.


When the early morning sunlight shone through the layers of mist into Luo Ying’s house, Luo Ying had already opened her eyes. She looked at Ye Mo who was embracing her, and her heart was even more calm and bōless, if you can’t cultivate, you can’t cultivate.

“You’re awake?” When Ye Mo saw Luo Ying wake up, he thought in his heart the same as if he was dreaming. After thinking about it for countless days and nights, now Luo Ying actually embraced with him, he was really afraid that he was dreaming. But the early morning sunlight told him that it was not a dream, it was real. Having missed it once, he could never miss it a second time, Ye Mo secretly made up his mind.

“Well, you go out for a while, I need to take a shower and change my clothes.” Luo Ying stood up.

Ye Mo looked dumbfounded for a moment, last night he didn’t care, now he was knowing the amazing beauty of Luo Ying.

Luo Ying looked at Ye Mo’s dumbfounded look and smiled slightly, just as she wanted to speak, Jing Xie’s cold words came from the mén entrance, “What, hasn’t one night of lingering been enough? Ye Mo, come out for a moment, I want to talk to Susu.”

Ye Mo opened the mén and coldly glanced at Jing Xi, “Get lost, Susu doesn’t like to talk to you, you are not qualified.”

Jing Xi’s face turned blue with anger and swept his cold eyes at Ye Mo, but he said to Luo Ying, “Susu, I have something to say to you.”

Luo Ying calmly stood up, walked to Ye Mo’s side and said to Ye Mo, “Wait for me first, let her in, don’t worry, I will listen to you. After today, I will go with you.”

Ye Mo, however, didn’t quite trust Jing Xi, but Luo Ying had said so, so he could only let Jing Xi in, while he himself stood a little uneasy inside the courtyard. He had a vague feeling that Jing Xi’s purpose was not so simple, but he couldn’t remember what exactly she wanted to say to Luo Ying.


Jing Xie closed the room mén, subconsciously looked at the incense burner in the corner of the house, the incense on it had already been burned one, the corners of her mouth lù a cold smile.

“You he actually gave you a face-lifting pill?” Jing Xi saw the difference in Luo Ying as soon as she came in, and the jealousy in her heart was even more like a fire.

Luo Ying subconsciously said, “Is that a face-resetting pill?” In her heart, however, she remembered the dan yào that Ye Mo had given her.

“Susu, had a good time last night, didn’t you. Having a face-resetting dan to eat and a man to keep you company is certainly so much better than staying in Jing Yi mén and keeping to the clear rules.” Jing Xi put down the jealousy that burned in her heart, but did her best to sneer.

Luo Susu smiled faintly, “Yes, Senior Uncle Jing Xi, although I don’t know why you are targeting me and my master, but I am no longer the same Luo Susu. You don’t have to waste your time, I’m leaving here with Ye Mo, so you can say whatever you want.”

A hint of cynicism appeared in Jing Xi’s eyes, “Did you not see the way Ye Mo treated me yesterday?”

“I believe him. Senior uncle, if you want to say this, you don’t have to, if there’s nothing to say, I’m going to go find Ye Mo.” Luo Ying’s expression was as calm as a windless lake.

Jing Xin was depressed beyond belief, but her person looked even more uncomfortable, she just wanted to make Luo Ying sad and make Ye Mo sad, but everything she did seemed a bit like a clown, Luo Ying couldn’t see any sadness at all.

“Do you know that Ye Mo is going down into the sea of fire today? Do you think he can walk out from inside the sea of fire?” Jing Xi’s tone however grew more and more mocking, she wanted to see Susu come begging her, just like yesterday, to beg her to let Ye Mo go, and then she would come mocking her.

But Luo Ying’s reply remained unhurried, “I know, if he can’t come out, I’ll just go and keep him company, Senior Uncle, if there’s nothing else, please leave.”

“You ……” Jing Xi was shaking a little in anger, she didn’t expect Luo Ying to go begging her at all. Although she would not spare Ye Mo and Luo Ying even if Luo Ying begged her, but she liked to see Luo Ying’s look of begging for mercy and her desperate expression at the end.

Luo Ying looked at Jing Xi quietly and didn’t say anything more, she knew that this senior uncle was just trying to hit her and make her feel bad and then she was comfortable. After talking a lot with Ye Mo last night, she no longer had the idea of staying here.

“But do you know that you and Ye Mo are real siblings?” The quiet resting voice was as if it came from hell you, yīn miserable and terribly hard to hear.

Luo Ying shook for a moment, her face brushed up and turned pale, “What did you say ……”

Jing Jing seemed to be satisfied with the change in Luo Ying’s expression and laughed, but said coldly, “You must have thought I was lying to you, more than twenty years ago, your mother left you two siblings at Luo Hong Temple. Later, you were picked up by Ning Zhongfei and Lan Taro, while Ye Mo was picked up by Ye Wentian’s husband and wife. Your mother found a way to get you to Jing Yi mén five years later, she thought I didn’t know, but I never looked at it. Because she stole my man, I hated your mother to the bone. You are a b*tch just like your mother, you can’t even spare your own brother, hahaha ……”

Luo Ying’s face was pale as she spurted out a mouthful of blood, staggering as she sat on top of the chuáng couch her brain was full of buzzing sounds.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. At the same time true qi ran in to calm Luo Ying’s already húnluàn breath.

“Jing Xi you hún egg, what have you done to Susu?” Ye Mo no longer cared about anything else, gathered his whole body’s true qi and struck out with a punch at Jing Xi.

Jing Xi didn’t expect Ye Mo to do it just like that, so in his haste, he hurriedly blocked his fist, but Ye Mo’s fist struck out with full force and indignation, and in his haste, Jing Xi didn’t completely seal the power of Ye Mo’s fist.

With a “bang”, Jing Xi was knocked several meters away by Ye Mo’s punch and crashed into the mén’s mouth, spitting out a mouthful of blood as well. However, she coldly glanced at Ye Mo and surprisingly did not make another move, but turned around and walked away.

Ye Mo even wanted to chase after her again, but was pulled by Su Su, “Don’t chase her, you are not her match yet, remember if one day you can beat her, help me kill her.”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, of course he wanted to kill Jing Xi, but this was the first time he had heard from Susu that she wanted to kill someone, so he could see how angry she was with this Jing Xi.

“Mo’er, I’d better call you that.” Although Luo Ying had calmed her breath under Ye Mo’s treatment, her face was still a little pale and ugly.

“I want to ask you one thing, is your father Ye Wentian?” Luo Ying’s eyes became somewhat expectant.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, but I shouldn’t be from the Ye family, although my surname is Ye, it’s not the Yanjing Ye family.”

What Ye Mo said was because he was also surnamed Ye in his last life, yet he wasn’t from the Yanjing Ye family.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Luo Ying’s face became even more ugly as she gasped for a few breaths, “You know your own birth?”

Ye Mo gave Luo Ying a strange look and shook his head, “I don’t know my origins, I only know that I was picked up.”

“Picked up from where?” Luo Ying instantly tensed up.

“Luo Hong Temple, I had a sister at that time, what’s wrong Susu ……” Before Ye Mo could finish his words, Luo Ying once again spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Ye Mo hurriedly took out a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and fed it to Luo Ying, while running his true qi to calm down the disorder of her internal qi luàn.