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DYM Chapter 251

Luo Ying calmed down her breath and gently mōded Ye Mo’s hair, “I’m fine, it’s just that you’ve suffered, you have to take care of yourself in the future.”

Ye Mo couldn’t understand Luo Ying’s words, he embraced Luo Ying into his arms, Luo Ying’s body stiffened for a moment, but didn’t push him away.

After a while, Luo Ying pushed away Ye Mo and stared at him carefully, looking at him again and again until she saw that Ye Mo was a little embarra*sed, she said, “Mo’er, wait for me outside, I want to wash up.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you outside.” Although Ye Mo didn’t know what Jing Jing had said to Luo Ying, he would definitely not let Jing Jing go, even if he offended Jing Yi mén, he would still finish off this abominable Daoist nun.

Ye Mo had just walked out of the mén entrance when he met the black-faced Daoist nun, she looked at Ye Mo and sneered, “What a rampant junior, how dare you come to my mén Jing Yi mén and be arrogant.”

This daoist nun finished chōu out the Buddhist dust and was about to make a move, this daoist nun’s cultivation level was not even as good as Lone Wolf, of course Ye Mo would not be afraid of her. However, without waiting for the two to make a move, Jing Xian walked over and said to the black-faced Daoist nun, “Senior sister Jing Wen, I have a few words to say to Master Ye.”

This black-faced Daoist nun did not dare to go against Jing Xian’s words, so she hastily put her hands together and said, “Yes, Senior Sister Master Mén.”

Ye Mo was somewhat kind to Jing Xian and thanked her when he saw this.

Jing Xian glanced at Ye Mo and then said, “Master Ye, please follow me.”

When Ye Mo saw Jing Xian bring him to the same meeting room that Jing Xi had brought him to yesterday, he was a bit strange in his heart, thinking to himself that this Daoist Nun of the Palm Mén would not be doing this too, right?

What Ye Mo feared did not happen, but Jing Xian took out a cloth bag and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This was left behind by Susu’s master, when you take Susu away today, leave this cloth bag with her. Susu is a kind person, so you should be kind to her. Don’t let her be wronged. Alas, when senior sister was leaving, she entrusted Susu to me, but I let her suffer too much.”

After a moment’s pause, however, Jing Xian continued, “Master Ye, you should not go down into the sea of fire today. No one can pa*s through that sea of fire, it is not comparable to that mountain of swords. I will talk to Senior Sister Jingxian about it.”

Somewhat strangely, he took the cloth bag, but Ye Mo was thinking in his heart, if he had something why didn’t he just give it to Luo Ying, what did he need to ask him to transfer it to jiāo?

Still, he immediately replied, “Thank you senior Jingxian, please rest a*sured senior, I won’t let Susu suffer any aggravation, even if I aggravate myself, I can’t let her suffer either.”

“Hmph, what a big mouth.” The figure of Jing Jing appeared at the mén entrance once again.

Ye Mo stood up expansively. The eyes that looked at Jing Xi were incomparably cold. If he didn’t have Jing Xian’s face in mind, he would immediately be using all his means to kill this disgusting Daoist nun.

Jing Xie also looked at Ye Mo coldly, “Susu you won’t have to wait, she won’t go with you, she has already left Jing Yi mén, you will never be able to find her, hahaha …… know it now. No matter how nice that nv talks to you, she’s still lying to you, hahaha ……”

“What?” Ye Mo immediately rushed out, he rushed to Luo Ying’s room as fast as he could, the room was empty inside. The bamboo collapse from last night was still there, and there was only a letter and a fragrant capsule on it.

Ye Mo grabbed the letter and opened it, the content of the letter was short: “Mo’er, I’m leaving, don’t miss me. Take care of yourself, inside the scented bag is a bunch of my hair, let her keep you company. Jing Jing is crazy, don’t bother with her. I’ll be happy as long as you’re well. Merle, I really don’t want to go, I don’t want to lose you because I like yours, I don’t want you to be my brother, I can’t accept that, I just want to like you ……”

The back of the letter paper was all wet with tears.

“Why …… Luo Ying …… Susu ……” Ye Mo’s forehead was blue lù. hissed and growled , “Susu, Master you don’t go ……” Ye Mo rushed out of the house, his divine sense searched around as he rushed out of the courtyard of Jing Yi mén. He searched all the way to the platform where he originally came in and by the iron cable, but he couldn’t see Susu’s figure either.

Ye Mo once again rushed back to Jing Yi mén, but was blocked by the black-faced Daoist nun. In his madness, Ye Mo did not hesitate to throw out a dozen fireball talismans, not even caring about Jing Wen’s Buddha dust, and as the fireball talismans surrounded Jing Wen, a punch sent Jing Wen flying several feet away, and Jing Wen fell to the ground and spurted out a mouthful of blood. She probably didn’t expect such an amazing attack from Ye Mo in his haste.

However, Ye Mo’s back was also swept by the duster and was drenched in blood, only that Ye Mo did not care in the slightest.

A few other Daoist nuns then wanted to step forward to stop Ye Mo, but they were stopped by Jing Xian, “Let him go, he is very unstable right now, wait until he stabilises.”

Several Daoist nuns, however, stared in fear at the fireball talisman that Ye Mo threw out, not even Jing Xian could have imagined that he had such a killer move.

Ye Mo rushed to the cold room where Susu was confined, and there was nothing inside but an icy chill. Under his madness, Ye Mo could no longer contain the rage within him. He blasted wildly at the cold room, even forgetting that his fists were already dripping with blood.

This cold room was only chōu to take in the cold Qi from the underground, but itself was not much sturdier, and under Ye Mo’s constant blasts, the stone walls of this cold room finally cracked up.

“Boom boom boom ……” Ye Mo again blasted several times on top of the stone wall of the cold room, and this cold room, which had once shut down Luo Ying, collapsed with a ‘boom’ under Ye Mo’s crazy punches and turned into a ruin.

Ye Mo looked at the collapsed cold room and gradually calmed down, stilling his breath, this old thing. Luo Ying had left himself after listening to her, this Daoist nun was not enough to calm his resentment without killing.

Besides, Luo Ying had said that she would also kill this Daoist nun, no matter what the reason was, this Daoist nun, Ye Mo had to be killed.

When Ye Mo thought of this, his eyes were red as he once again rushed back to Jing Yi mén’s compound and coldly stared at Jing Xi and said, “Old Daoist Nun, what exactly did you say to Luo Ying? Say.”

Jing Xi subconsciously shivered, she was surprisingly subconsciously a little frightened of Ye Mo. However, she quickly calmed down and looked at Ye Mo and laughed, “What did I say, of course I just said a fact. You and Luo Ying are real siblings themselves, and what you siblings did was good. Hahahaha ……”

All the people looked at Jing Xie, she was cloaked and seemed a little crazy.

What was unexpected for Jing Xie was that Ye Mo still looked at her icily, without the slightest bōs of emotion.

“Are you stupid to know that the person you like is your own sister?” Jing Xi was irritated by this reaction from Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered, he had fully understood what Susu meant when she asked him, it looked like Susu had misunderstood. He grabbed a dozen fireball talismans with his hand and said coldly, “Before you die, I’ll let you be a ghost of understanding. It’s true that I was picked up by the Ye family at Luohong Temple, and it’s also true that I have a younger sister. We still have a bracelet to recognize each other as brother and sister, see, it’s this bracelet.”

Ye Mo took out the bracelet and shook it, but then said, “My sister has been found, a few days ago, I even met with her, her name is Tang Beiwei, but she is not Luo Ying, did I let you down. Oh, I also forgot to tell you again, my sister is younger than me, she was also picked up at Luo Hong Temple. Yet Susu is two years older than me, yet she was not taken away by the Ning family inside the Luohong Temple.”

“Impossible, Susu was picked up at Luohong Temple.” Jing Xi’s expression turned livid.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Susu was picked up by Light Snow’s mother outside of Luohong Temple, which is still some distance away, and another thing you don’t know, right, is that Susu was already over a year old when she was picked up.”

“Impossible, absolutely impossible ……” Jing Xi lost some control, the corners of her eyes were equally red as she pointed her finger at Ye Mo and said, “You and Susu’s mother are both Jing Xin, it’s that b*tch Jing Xin ……”

“That’s enough ……” Jing Xian could no longer hold back her scolding.

Jing Xian looked at Jing Xin with some disgust this slowly said, “Jing Xin was a virgin until the moment she died, how can there be a child nv, Jing Xin you are too much. Fortunately, Master Ye and Susu were not brother and sister, if they were, such behaviour of yours is already unacceptable to heaven and earth.”

“What? Jing Xin is a virgin? Haha ……” Jing Xie seemed to have heard something funny coming and laughed wildly.

At this moment, except for the black-faced Daoist nun who was knocked away by Ye Mo, the other two Daoist nuns joined hands and said, “Senior sister Jing Xi, senior sister Jing Xian is right, senior sister Jing Xin is indeed a virgin. When she was leaving, the guardian sand was still on her arm, the two of us can testify to that.”

“Surprisingly not ……,” muttered Jingxian, “all that I have done is surprisingly null and void, all null and void, no …… ”

Ye Mo sneered, could no longer contain his inner killing intent towards Jing Xing, rushed up, raised his hand and punched, Jing Xing who was in a half crazed state was once again punched by Ye Mo, spurting out a mouthful of blood in mid air. Ye Mo was about to go up and add another punch, but was stopped by two other Daoist nuns.

Although these two Daoist nuns had no intention of killing Ye Mo, Ye Mo was unable to break out of the circle of these two Daoist nuns. In his anger, Ye Mo threw out a dozen fireball talismans and shouted, “Get out of the way for old man.”

The two Daoist nuns who stopped Ye Mo knew that Ye Mo’s fireball talismans were somewhat powerful and did not dare to resist them, so they quickly dodged and avoided them. When they came back to their senses, Ye Mo had already rushed out.

Ye Mo rushed to Jing Xi’s front with great speed and once again struck out with a punch. Jing Xin had already eased up by now, and when she saw Ye Mo rushing over, she also raised the duster in her hand and swept it at Ye Mo at the same time.

At this moment, Ye Mo already hated to immediately beat Jing Xi into pieces, so he didn’t care about the dust, and surprisingly, he still struck out with his fist without the slightest concern.

“You’re crazy.” Jing Xi shouted in shock when he saw that Ye Mo actually ignored his duster.

Although Ye Mo had not gone crazy, the crazy killing intent in his eyes would make anyone’s heart tremble when they saw it.

“With a snap, when Jing Xi’s Buddha dust hit Ye Mo’s xiōng mouth, Ye Mo’s fist hit the small of Jing Xi’s stomach at the same time.