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DYM Chapter 252

With a “bang” sound, Jing Xi was sent flying several feet away by Ye Mo’s punch, spurting out a mouthful of blood high in the air and landing into the abyss outside Jing Yi mén. ~~

Ye Mo also fell back several meters at the same time and crashed into the courtyard wall, breaking several ribs in front of his xiōng and also spurting out a mouthful of blood. However, Ye Mo took out a ‘Lotus Life Dan’ and swallowed it in one gulp as fast as he could, and after digesting the Dan yào, he slowly stood up without waiting for his injuries to recover.

Turning around and glancing at Jing Xian, Ye Mo didn’t say any more nonsense and directly left this place that made him sad and disappointed. The reason why he didn’t speak to Jing Xian was because he was also very dissatisfied with her.

The fact that Luo Ying was put into the cold room was an obvious move to kill her, and Jing Xian, as the leader of a sect, did not care about this at all. This one incident made Ye Mo’s original slight goodwill towards her disappear without a trace, and he vaguely felt that he was being used as a gun in the process of killing Jing Xian. Although he knew that Jing Xian might not think so, he was still uncomfortable in his heart.

As he watched Ye Mo slowly disappear from Jing Yi mén’s sight, Jing Xian sighed and didn’t bother to hold Ye Mo responsible, but turned around and slowly walked towards the cold room that had been shattered by Ye Mo.


Ye Mo left Jing Yi mén and did not go far, but found a remote place to sit down and completely repair his internal injuries. After refining all the ‘Lotus Life Dan’ in his body, this left the Jing Yi mén along the cliff pa*sage.

The reason why Ye Mo stayed here and did not leave was that he wanted to completely absorb the ‘Yuan Qi Stone’. The second was to wait for Luo Ying to return with a contingency in mind.

The place he was at was only about a hundred metres from the top of the cliff, right within the range of his divine sense. Once someone pa*sed by here, they would definitely be discovered by him.

After everything was ready, Ye Mo began to cultivate. The ‘Yuan Qi Stone’ contained a small amount of spiritual energy, it was just much more complicated to absorb than a spiritual stone, but Ye Mo didn’t have any spiritual stones at all right now, and this ‘Yuan Qi Stone’ was still obtained by chance at an auction. He was also secretly glad that he had come to this auction. Otherwise, with the conditions here, it would have been too difficult for him to cultivate.

Although he still had a lot of things to do, having promised Fang Nan to help him up to now, he hadn’t gone, and as for that bāng matter, he had long since lost it to Java. First hair and even the Song family he did not have time to settle accounts until now, let alone that Beisha.

Without strength everything is a floating cloud, if there are no resources forget it, now he has a ‘Yuan Qi stone’, if he puts it inside the ring and doesn’t use it away, it is a complete làng fee. Although he could also cultivate elsewhere, Ye Mo still held on to a ray of hope. Luo Ying would return.

Ye Mo left all the trivial things behind, after this series of events, it let him know that it was here that poor strength still didn’t work. The good thing was that he still had food inside his ring, so it was nothing to shut up for a few months.

There were no years in cultivation, after a week had pa*sed, when the Yuan Qi stone in Ye Mo’s hand turned into flying ashes, his cultivation level had already reached the peak of the third level of Qi cultivation. If there was one more Yuan Qi stone. Or a little bit of chance, he would have been able to break through the third level of Qi cultivation and enter the fourth level of Qi cultivation.

Sighing, Ye Mo had to stop cultivating, resources, ah. Without resources, làng even more time would not be able to advance. But to be able to raise to the peak of the third Qi cultivation layer in a week, Ye Mo was already satisfied.

He had only been here for a year in total, and it was seriously unsuitable for cultivation, so what else could he say when he could cultivate to the peak of the third level of Qi cultivation? At first, he had thought that he might not be able to advance to the third level of Qi cultivation in his generation, but now he could break through to the fourth level of Qi cultivation at any time, which was already greatly beyond his expectation.

Besides. The reason he could cultivate to this point was mostly due to chance. Without those chances, he might still be struggling at the first level of Qi cultivation now.

The only way to improve his strength was to refine his own flying sword, and it was a good thing that the materials for his flying sword were already fully prepared. Ye Mo was really grateful for this auction. Without this auction, not only would his flying sword materials not work, but he wouldn’t even be able to cultivate to the peak of the third level.

Taking out the Geng Iron Jīng, Deep Sea Handicraft Wood, Green Silver Sand, Star Yù Stone and other artifact refining materials at hand, even Ye Mo was more than happy to look at them.

These materials were extremely fine materials for refining flying swords even in the real cultivation world, and he didn’t think that he had actually gotten them all together. If someone had said that he could gather all these materials when he first arrived. He would never have believed it. Especially that last piece of star yù stone, which was hard to find even in the cultivation world.

Ye Mo’s cultivation level went even further and the strength of his true fire was also greatly strengthened. Although the true fire of the Qi cultivation stage was still inferior for refining flying swords, Ye Mo had to refine flying swords because if he didn’t refine flying swords, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Earth-level experts at all.

Besides, in case his cultivation level went up in the future, he could still refine his flying sword again.

The reason why he chose to refine his flying sword here, apart from wanting to wait for Luo Ying, there was another reason why Ye Mo thought that auction would not just leave him alone. The last time that auction must have been held by some power in the hidden mén, listening to what Jing Xing said was some kind of ‘Yu Meeting’.

Although Ye Mo knew that this kind of hidden mén would not normally appear in the secular world, yet Ye Mo did not dare to be careless in the slightest. Just because they didn’t appear in the secular world didn’t mean they couldn’t appear, once there was something that could move them, they could totally appear in the secular world. Moreover, for them, it would be too easy to blockade this part of the Limitless Mountain.

Gathering his mind, Ye Mo raised his hand and struck out a ball of true fire, then he put the Geng Iron Jīng, the Deep Sea Handicraft Wood, the Green Silver Sand and the Star Yù Stone into the true fire in turn, allowing them to slowly melt and fuse.

It was just that Ye Mo’s cultivation level was so low that he had to slow down in the middle of refining the flying sword, just to recover his true essence.

The materials slowly removed the impurities and became pure under Ye Mo’s control. If he was at Foundation Establishment level, Ye Mo was sure that he could finish refining it in just one day, but because his cultivation level was too low, he refined it for half a month to extract the material completely.

After extracting the materials, Ye Mo began to build sword embryos and carve formations.

After another half a month, even if Ye Mo slowed down while resting, his face was pale with exhaustion and his true essence was empty. However, Ye Mo’s eyes were getting more and more excited because he knew that his flying sword was about to come out.

A clear sound rang out and Ye Mo immediately spurted out a mouthful of jīng blood, spraying it completely on top of the flying sword. A flying sword that was only about a foot long hovered in front of Ye Mo’s eyes, its body emitting a faint purple light. Ye Mo knew that this was caused by his addition of the star yù stone, the star yù was really something against the sky, with Ye Mo’s cultivation level he had actually refined a top grade flying sword.

Ye Mo’s hand beckoned and the flying sword fell into his hand, a feeling of blood connection surged up, he knew that this flying sword was not only refined by himself, but also absorbed his own jīng blood just after it was refined. It was just that his cultivation level was too low right now and he could not change the size of the flying sword at will. Once his cultivation level went up, he could completely turn the flying sword into a point of light and put it into his purple mansion to warm it up. He could also turn it into a ten-foot-long sword and step on it to fly through the air.

The flying sword seemed to have a spirit in Ye Mo’s hand, emitting a kind feeling.

“Go”, Ye Mo casually threw the flying sword out, and it spun freely in the air, as brilliant as a shooting star. Ye Mo retrieved the flying sword again, his heart bursting with pride.

Zhang Zhihui, the old man, don’t let me meet you, once I meet you, I must use your blood to sacrifice my flying sword. The auction, but for the auction, although Ye Mo knows that they have bad ideas for themselves, but it is not good to find the mén, after all, people have not yet had the time to make bad things happen, right?

It was a pity that he was still short of the pro mén, once he had advanced to the fourth level of Qi cultivation, he would just step onto the flying sword and fly away.

Ye Mo retrieved his flying sword, but did not leave immediately, but continued to refine the fireball talisman and wind blade talisman. At the same time, he took out the remaining materials and helped Xu Ping refine a long sword.

Ten days later, when there were once again two hundred more fireball talismans and wind blade talismans inside his ring, Ye Mo stood up somewhat gloomily. It was time to leave, it had been a month and a half and Luo Ying was still nowhere to be seen, so he could see that she should not be coming back for the time being.

Ye Mo leapt onto the platform somewhat disappointed, he should go back to see his sister first and then make a trip to Yanjing.

In the late autumn, the Immeasurable Mountains were a little sluggish, and Ye Mo no longer had the same spirited spirit that he had when he came. If he didn’t know that Susu was Luo Ying, he might have been better off, but knowing that Susu was Luo Ying and still pa*sing by her, Ye Mo felt very uncomfortable in his heart. Besides, he was more worried about Luo Ying, although the yù pendant he gave her carried a defensive attack effect, her cultivation level was really too low.

“I thought you would shrink in the Immeasurable Mountain and not come out, today I will see where you will still hide.” An old voice with a cold intent rang out in front of Ye Mo.

“Zhang Zhihui? It’s you, old man.” Ye Mo stopped, he had just been so worried about Luo Ying that he hadn’t even noticed that Zhang Zhihui was still waiting for him.

But at this moment, he was calm in his heart, not to mention that he now had a flying sword at the peak of the third level of Qi cultivation, even if he didn’t have a flying sword, he would have smashed this old man to death with a fireball.

“Humph, how dare you. Junior, learn to be a human being first when you reincarnate in the next generation. Originally, I only asked you to leave ‘Liu Qingluo’ behind, now you will leave your own little life behind.” Zhang Zhihui was even more furious in his heart when he once again heard Ye Mo’s unconcerned address to him.

Ye Mo stared coldly at Zhang Zhihui and said indifferently, “Old man, you are really persistent, to wait here for a month or two. Since you are so persistent, use your blood to help little master sacrifice his sword.”