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DYM Chapter 253

“Junior is really rampant, only I didn’t expect your lightning skills to be so good, but even if your lightning skills are good and your mouth is great, this is your last time. Because I am afraid that the Broken Fist Hall that is blocking behind will kill you, so I will send you on your way first.” After Zhang Zhihui finished speaking, the long sword on his back had already fallen into his hand, while a sword swung out, bringing out a sword aura.

Ye Mo coldly looked at this sword mane, he didn’t expect that this old man had left a hand last time. It was evident that none of these old things that had cultivated to the earth level were easy, not at all the kind of superficial anger that he showed on the surface of being called by his name. He also understood that the reason why Zhang Zhihui wanted to kill him urgently was still to find the huā of ‘Liu Qingluo’ in him.

If he picked up a weapon and confronted Zhang Zhihui head-on, Ye Mo was sure that he was not a match for him right now. But he was a cultivator, and with a flying sword, where was the need to fight Zhang Zhihui hard with a sword and a spear.

Ye Mo stood still and did not move, his hand raised, a light purple flying sword had already met the speedy sword mane.

“With a crisp sound, Zhang Zhihui’s sword mane disappeared, and a half-foot long sword tip landed on the ground. A single move, just a single move, cut Zhang Zhihui’s long sword off. When Ye Mo thought of the last time Zhang Zhihui had cut his willow leaf sword with gaping holes everywhere, a surge of pleasure came over him.

“Flying Sword ……” Zhang Zhihui stared dumbfounded at the flying sword suspended in the air and froze in place with two shocked words. In his hand, he carried the long sword with its head broken off as if it were a puppet.

After a long time, he looked at Ye Mo in shock, “You can actually imperialize a flying sword …… you, what are you?”

Ye Mo sneered. “What. Old man, didn’t you want to kill me and rob my stuff? How come you look like you’re a wimp. Old thing, how dare you get your ideas on the little master, you really are impatient to live.”

Zhang Zhihui did not expect that what he had said to Ye Mo more than a month ago would be slapped back in its original form. His face was blue and red, but he didn’t dare to move at all, knowing that if he moved, the flying sword above his head could immediately cut his head off.

He hadn’t thought that there were people in this world who could cultivate flying swords. This was the stuff of legends. If someone elsewhere had told him that he had seen a flying sword, he would have said that the person was hairy and confused and that it was absolutely impossible, but now he was seeing it with his own eyes.

“Since there are no more words, let’s take your head and sacrifice it to my flying sword.” Ye Mo sneered, and the flying sword spun a beautiful sword huā in the air and landed on top of Zhang Zhihui’s neck.

“No, senior…” Zhang Zhihui no longer dared to say half a word of nonsense, although he could dodge this one, but what about the next time. What about the next time? As long as there was a flying sword, he was bound to die.

Ye Mo took control of the flying sword and said indifferently, “What are your last words? Or if you are from that hidden mén, tell me. I’ll go and end it all in one pot.”

At this moment, Zhang Zhihui no longer dared to doubt Ye Mo’s words, when Ye Mo said that he had terminated a mén sect in one pot, he was definitely not talking nonsense, he did indeed have the strength to do so.

“Senior spare my life, although junior also belongs to the hidden mén cultivators, but he is a member of the Xuanjiang Zhang family.” Zhang Zhihui no longer dared to take a pinch at this time. He knew that if he said one wrong word, the flying sword could easily go through his head. Although the flying sword was still an inch away from his neck, he felt that his skin had already been cut and even blood was already seeping out. He didn’t dare to lie either, there were not a few people in the Hidden Mén who knew about him, Zhang Zhihui.

“The Xuanjiang Zhang family?” Ye Mo repeated and withdrew the longsword in his hand. He had heard of this family. Of the five great families in China, the largest was the Zhang family, but it was very strange that the largest family’s main power was not in Yanjing. Although Yanjing also had the strength of the Zhang family, yet their main power was in Xuanjiang.

No wonder they could be the number one family, to have a mid-earth level expert sitting in the town, there was still that family that could be compared. If he had a flying sword before he had one, a mid-Earth level expert was not something he could mess with, this Zhang family was really hiding deep enough.

Ye Mo, however, was thinking in his heart whether he should kill this old fellow or try to nòng some benefits.

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s thoughts, Zhang Zhihui hurriedly said, “Senior, although my Zhang family is not good, but if senior needs something or needs any help, my Zhang family is superior in having many people.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, he understood what Zhang Zhihui meant. He was not talking about truly having more people, but rather that his Zhang family had been inherited for so many years and must have a certain amount of heritage. The reason why this Zhang Zhihui could cultivate to the earth level, apart from chance, was definitely inseparable from the Zhang family’s huge financial resources.

And although Ye Mo had a flying sword, his cultivation speed here was too slow. If he could use the Zhang family’s wealth to help him find some yào materials, it could be said to be a mutually beneficial thing for both sides.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo retrieved his flying sword and said, “In that case, I will spare you once first. But if I find out that you are of no use at all, I will kill you as usual.”

“Yes, senior, as long as you order down, I will definitely do it properly.” Zhang Zhihui secretly wiped the sweat from his head, finally he had saved his life.

He was already sure that last time Ye Mo had deliberately not wanted to expose himself in a crowded place, if he had wanted to kill himself last time, it would have been as easy as a snap, but the fact that he could wield the sword was bound to be known by a large number of people. It was ridiculous that the people of the ‘Yu Society’ still presumed to go against him, they were simply out of their depth. The fact that he fell off the cliff that high with no problem was definitely intentional, as people had the strength.

Luckily, he saw the opportunity quickly, otherwise, not to mention the late stage of the earth level, he would immediately be killed by this person in front of him to sacrifice his sword. In his opinion, Ye Mo was too much older than him and might be a legendary expert. Although he looked young, he had a face-preserving pill, so who knew what his real age was.

Ye Mo didn’t know that he had been defined as an old demon by Zhang Zhihui, and he had other things to do besides asking for Zhang Zhihui’s help in not killing him.

“Brother Zhang ……” Since he was ready to cooperate, Ye Mo also left a few face to Zhang Zhihui, after all, he was so old. But it was never possible to get Ye Mo to call him senior or anything.

When Zhang Zhihui heard Ye Mo’s call, he was scared and waved his hand and said, “Senior, don’t call me brother Zhang, just call me Zhang Zhihui.”

In his mind, Ye Mo was at least an expert who had cultivated beyond the earth level, and might be over a hundred years old.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, apart from the incomparably huge resources of the Zhang family that he did not kill Zhang Zhihui, there was another reason that Zhang Zhihui was a cultivator of ancient martial arts, and since he had cultivated to the earth level, it meant that he must know a lot about ancient martial arts cultivation. Ye Mo had no concept of ancient martial arts, and some of the knowledge he had obtained was all pieced together, so it would be appropriate to ask this Zhang Zhihui now.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t say anything, Zhang Zhihui also stood to the side and didn’t dare to speak, but his heart was like a tumbling sea. In his eyes, Ye Mo was a strange man, if he could be good to Ye Mo, he might get unexpected benefits.

Ye Mo thought for a while this said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll be polite, Zhang Zhihui, your cultivation level is now at the middle Earth level, if you reach the peak of the Earth level and beyond, will you reach the Heaven level?”

Zhang Zhihui froze for a moment, he looked at Ye Mo somewhat strangely and said, “Senior, did you not break through to the Earth level? After the Earth level but not the Heaven level, what we cultivate in Ancient Martial Arts is generally called Innate.”

Ye Mo nòng a woo-woo, surprisingly he didn’t have a Heaven level but an Innate level, but of course he wouldn’t show weakness in front of Zhang Zhihui, but said with a faint smile, “What I cultivate is already beyond the realm of Ancient Martial Arts, or maybe my cultivation is now equivalent to a Heaven level.”

If he wanted to make Zhang Zhihui submissive, he could not make his cultivation level too low, and now he could barely be considered an Earth-ranked expert. Because of the flying sword, ordinary earth-level experts were simply not enough in front of him.

Zhang Zhihui immediately l showed an even more awe-inspiring look, his prediction was indeed correct, people who could imperial flying swords were indeed extraordinary.

“What about after cultivating ancient martial arts to Xiantian?” Ye Mo saw that he had subdued Zhang Zhihui and asked again.

“After Xiantian?” Zhang Zhihui muttered and repeated, which shook his head and said, “As far as I know, there are no people who have cultivated Ancient Martial Arts to Innate Heaven, let alone after Innate Heaven.”

“What? There are no Xiantian martial cultivators? You mean to say that the Earth level is the highest existence here?” Ye Mo asked immediately in surprise.

Zhang Zhihui nodded solemnly and said, “Yes, senior, those who cultivate ancient martial arts here, just including the Hidden Mén, the highest cultivation level is not Innate. Of course it is not for me to know if someone has reached Xiantian and then stayed hidden. In fact, not to mention Innate, there are only a handful of people at the late Earth level.”

Ye Mo sighed in relief, if that was really the case, there was no need for him to worry about it at all. It turned out that there wasn’t even a single Innate, his flying sword should be able to sweep through. Seeing that Zhang Zhihui y was hesitant to speak, Ye Mo immediately said, “If you have anything to say, just say it directly.”

Zhihui hurriedly responded, “It is said that Monk Wudao of the Immeasurable Temple is already at a half-step Innate cultivation, and should be the first among the Hidden Mén.”

“The Immeasurable Temple? Could it be in the Immeasurable Mountain?” Ye Mo really wanted to go and try his flying sword on this half-step Innate monk to see how effective it would be against a half-step Innate.

Zhang Zhihui shook his head and said, “The Immeasurable Temple’s Immeasurable is however not the Immeasurable Mountain’s Immeasurable, there is a huge difference. The Immeasurable Temple means that no one knows it is there, or no one can find the Immeasurable Temple, it is simply an existence that only has a name and no place.”

Ye Mo waved his hand, he already knew the general situation of the Hidden Mén, as for where exactly the Immeasurable Temple was, he didn’t have the heart to ask, he just asked, “You said the Broken Fist Hall is also here?”

Hearing Ye Mo ask about the Broken Fist Hall, Zhang Zhihui hastily replied, “Yes, senior, when I came here, I found people from the Broken Fist Hall intercepting you outside, saying that you killed an elder of the Broken Fist Hall.”

Ye Mo reached out and grabbed the flying sword above his head, glanced at Zhang Zhihui and said, “I’m going to sacrifice the sword, take me to see that group of clowns.”