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DYM Chapter 254

Zhang Zhihui didn’t answer, and he didn’t need to answer because only a dozen people had come up to surround him and Ye Mo.

Ye Mo coldly swept the twelve people who had surrounded him and did not speak. He already had a general understanding of these twelve people, an early Earth level expert, four Xuan level and seven others were all Yellow level cultivators.

“Brother Zhang, my Broken Fist Hall also knows the seniors’ intention, I just want to ask Brother Zhang to take “Liu Qingluo, and then give this junior surnamed Mo to our Broken Fist Hall, I, Zheng Chengfa, will do something in return.” The one who spoke was the Earth-level expert at the head of the group, who thought that Ye Mo had already been restrained by Zhang Zhihui.

Zhang Zhihui didn’t even look at this Earth Grade martial artist, but said to Ye Mo respectfully, “Senior, this is the people from Broken Fist Hall, because the Zheng Chengze that senior killed last time was the Broken Fist Hall Sect Master’s brother, so almost all of their elites are here this time, and the leader is the Broken Fist Hall’s Sect Master Zheng Chengfa.” “Zhang Zhihui, what the hell are you up to?” This Earth-ranked martial artist was shocked and angry when he heard Zhang Zhihui’s words. Although there were many people, the number of people was not very useful at all compared to an Earth Grade expert.

Ye Mo swept a glance at Zheng Chengfa and said indifferently, “The Broken Fist Hall will not need to exist from today onwards, I have already removed its name.”

“How dare you, Zhang Zhihui, you think you alone can fight against my Broken Fist Hall? As long as we kill you today, your Zhang family will be bloodied by my Broken Fist Hall.” Although Zheng Chengfa was concerned about Zhang Zhihui, he would absolutely not tolerate it if he were to stand in the way of his brother’s killer. In his opinion, Ye Mo was so bold, it must be because Zhang Zhihui was backing him up.

“Noisy.” Ye Mo was too lazy to talk, and his flying sword had already turned into a purple mane and flew out. It was like a shooting star smashing directly into Zheng Chengfa’s eyebrow.

With a “ding dang” sound, Zheng Chengfa actually blocked Ye Mo’s flying sword in an instant, but the sword in his hand was already half broken. Before he had time to see what kind of concealed weapon it was, Ye Mo’s flying sword made a turn and pa*sed through the back of his neck again like a shooting star.

“The flying sword” Zheng Chengfa only spat out these two words before he fell to the ground and died, the horror in his eyes still not dissipated. The flying sword was still hovering in the air, emitting a light purple glow, as if it was ready to pierce out at any moment, making people fearful.

The remaining eleven people all stood frozen in place, unable to move. What was this, a flying sword? No one believed that it was the flying sword of legend, but their most powerful Sect Master had already been killed. Even he had only blocked one of the swords, and only at the expense of the sword in his hand.

And they, not only were their cultivation levels far below the earth level, they also did not have a sword in their hands, so this kind of flying sword would not say that they could block a sword, they might not even see it, and the flying sword would have already killed them.

Zhang Zhihui was drenched in cold sweat. If he hadn’t seen the opportunity earlier, he would have been a cold corpse at this moment. Even if he had blocked it, he would not have been able to stop at most three of the swords. The speed of the flying swords was like a meteor, and no earth-level expert could block ten of them, unless he was a Xiantian expert.

“The first to react was a peak Xuan-level expert who looked at the flying sword suspended in the air and screamed, unable to control his inner fear any longer, and turned around and ran.

…… hum” Ye Mo coldly snorted, since he had killed, he didn’t have any idea of leaving Broken Fist Hall behind. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Besides, he had killed the Broken Fist Hall’s Hall Master’s brother, there was no way to settle this revenge, the only way was to simply wipe out the Broken Fist Hall.

And not only did Zhang Zhihui have huge family resources and scruples, but he also did not have any deep hatred with Ye Mo. So it was far more useful for Ye Mo to leave him alive than to kill him.

Since he had killed them, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t let a few escape, and under the control of his divine sense, the flying sword was already like a twisted purple light, quickly pa*sing through the eyebrows of one of the Broken Fist Hall disciples, bringing up a shower of blood.

In the blink of an eye, only two of the twelve were killed by Ye Mo, but Ye Mo controlled the flying sword, hovering in the air while no longer moving.

The remaining two were already dumbfounded by what Ye Mo had just killed, and only after a long time did they flop down on their knees, unable to say a word, only knowing to kowtow incessantly.

Looking at the corpses and the blood splattered all over the ground, Zhang Zhihui’s back was secretly cold, what do you mean by killing? At this moment, he would not doubt at all that Ye Mo could just kill his whole family, this man killed people without any bōs, and it was obvious at a glance that he was the one who did this kind of thing often.

The Broken Fist Hall was at least considered a medium hidden sect, but ninety percent of the elites in the sect were finished when they finished. If this was said out loud, absolutely no one would believe it. This senior was far from being as nice as he thought, he didn’t kill himself, maybe it was still because of something else, thinking about it Zhang Zhihui wasn’t just getting cold, he could even feel his little thunder trembling a little.

Suddenly Zhang Zhihui once again felt an icy chill coming from him, he subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and surprisingly found him staring at him and smiling coldly.

“Senior ……

Zhang Zhihui felt his scalp tingle for a moment.

Ye Mo, however, did not speak, but after staring at him, surprisingly stopped looking at him and closed his eyes.

What does this senior mean, Zhang Zhihui felt more and more frightened. Could it be that he was going to kill himself to silence him as well? If he wanted to exterminate himself why were there two other people not killed?

Zhang Zhihui asked a question, but Ye Mo did not hear him at all, and once again looked up at his flying sword with a somewhat cold look in his eyes.

Zhang Zhihui thought for half a day and could not understand what Ye Mo meant, but now when he saw Ye Mo staring at his flying sword, and then looked at the two people from Broken Fist Hall who had not been killed on the ground, he suddenly understood that this was to make him throw his name in the ring. If he did not make his heart known now, perhaps this senior’s flying sword would immediately pierce through his own eyebrow.

When he realised this, Zhang Zhihui dared not hesitate and picked up the broken tip of his sword, walked briskly to the two Broken Fist disciples, and raised his hand and struck them twice.

The two Broken Fist Hall disciples, who were kneeling on the ground, could not figure out why this flying sword senior did not kill them anymore, and Zhang Zhihui, who was watching from the side, still came to kill them.

“You are very good.” Ye Mo swept a glance at Zhang Zhihui and withdrew his flying sword.

Zhang Zhihui secretly wiped his sweat and said, “I almost didn’t understand what your elder meant, aren’t you a pit, since you want me to kill someone, just say it directly, and make it mysterious.

Zhang Zhihui, who was relieved, said: “Senior, these people from the Broken Fist Hall have done a lot of evil and dared to offend you, so they deserved to be killed.

I will wait until senior has disposed of these corpses.”

After saying this, Zhang Zhihui was about to go and dispose of the killed corpses, after all, he had killed a dozen people at once in the Immeasurable Mountain, even if it was a fight in the Hidden Sect, he still had to dispose of them secretly.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “No need.”

After saying this, he casually sent out a dozen fireballs, now at the peak of the third level of Qi practice, he could barely send out fourteen or fifteen fireballs in one breath.

The dozen of corpses underground were completely burnt into flying ashes by Ye Mo’s fireballs, and even the piece of ground became cracked.

Zhang Zhihui was stunned, if the flying sword gave him a great shock, then this fireball was simply the means of an immortal. He stared deadly at the dozen corpses that had turned into flying ashes, unable to utter a single word for a long time.

“Zhang Zhihui.” Ye Mo’s effect of establishing authority had been achieved, so there was no need to be polite anymore.

“Yes, senior.” Zhang Zhihui immediately responded, and the eyes he looked at Ye Mo were already filled with awe and fear.

Ye Mo certainly knew that after the big stick was struck, it would take another turnip to make the old man completely submissive to him. Now seeing Zhang Zhihui’s very respectful and reverent look, he also nodded in satisfaction before saying, “You know the address of Broken Fist Hall, right?” “Yes, I have been to Broken Fist Hall once, so I do know it.” Zhang Zhihui did not dare to conceal it in the slightest.

“Good, in that case, there won’t be any problem if you go and completely destroy the Broken Fist Hall, right?”

Ye Mo finished looking at Zhang Zhihui, invariably giving him a pressure. He was not worried that this old man would not agree, just now he had deliberately left two people for this old man to kill, and this old man could only listen to him now and go and exterminate the Broken Fist Hall.

Zhang Zhihui dared not say a word, not to mention that he had also killed the people of Broken Fist Hall, even if he had not killed the people of Broken Fist Hall, he would not dare to refute Ye Mo’s words.

“Good, in that case, after you have destroyed the Broken Fist Hall, go back to the Zhang family and wait for me. You’ve probably been stuck at the middle Earth Grade for quite some time, so as long as you do it to my satisfaction, I don’t mind letting you go further.” Ye Mo knew it was time to give sweet dates.

Zhang Zhihui’s body shook, he had worked hard for decades just to be unable to break through to the middle earth level, if he could break through to the earth level, he wouldn’t have come to rob Ye Mo’s “Liu Qingluo,”. It was because the yòuhuò of breaking through was too big for him that he had to put down his old face to grab Ye Mo’s “Liu Qingluo”. Now that Ye Mo said he could help him break through to the middle earth level, it was no less than an atomic bomb to him.

He didn’t doubt Ye Mo’s words in the slightest. Ye Mo was a Xiantian expert, so how could he care about a mere mid-earth level bottleneck. Besides, if he couldn’t break through to the Earth level his life expectancy would soon be up, knowing that Ancient Martial Practitioners, even if they cultivated to the peak of the Earth level they wouldn’t be able to increase their life expectancy. The only thing that can be done is to be physically stronger and live a few more years.

Only when they reach the legendary Xiantian can they immediately increase their lifespan by one year.

But if he couldn’t even advance to the late Earth level, how could he advance to the Ascendant?

Ye Mo could guarantee that he would be able to advance to the late Earth level, and for him it would mean willingly pouring out his family’s dàng money. It took him a long time to wake up from the huge pie, and knowing that this was for him to show his sincerity, he quickly said respectfully, “Senior, please rest a*sured that I will not let a single person from Broken Fist Hall get away.” !