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DYM Chapter 255

“Good, in that case, go about your business and wait for me at Ranju. Remember once there are some medicinal herbs and treasured ores, collect them all for me.

I will make a list for you after a while, you help me look for medicinal herbs on top of the list, I won’t treat you badly.” Ye Mo purposely instructed.

Zhang Zhihui was however relieved, he was afraid that Ye Mo didn’t have any requests, once he did, he was relieved. If he didn’t have any value, he didn’t believe that a murderous and decisive person like Ye Mo would let him go.

As he left with Zhang Zhihui, Ye Mo stared at a nearby bush and sneered, this man was hiding here when he killed Zheng Chengfa. However, Ye Mo did not bother to expose him, and at the same time knew this man as the one surnamed XI from the auction.

He believed that after seeing his heaven-defying tactics, the people from the auction should not dare to come back to the nonsense. Even if they knew him, they wouldn’t dare to do anything. The reason why he did not go to offend this auction was because there were still some resources and he might be able to cooperate with the auction, if this auction’s people did not know how to behave, with his current strength, he would just destroy them.

After parting with Zhang Zhihui after leaving Limitless Mountain, Ye Mo gave Qiao Gang a call, after all, he promised to help him with the race, but he was delayed because of his own business, and he didn’t know if this matter was over or not. Whether it was over or not, after receiving someone’s money, this greeting had to be said.

Qiao Gang was surprised to hear Ye Mo’s voice, “Brother I thought you had forgotten about this. The competition is still six days away, where are you, I’ll pick you up.”

Ye Mo didn’t expect the competition to start yet, and of the calendar, it really wasn’t the end of the month yet. Since it wasn’t the end of the month, let’s help him out once, after all, his money last time was a blessing in disguise for himself. Immediately after thinking of this, he said, “I’m going to the Tandu Normal University to look for my sister, so you can come and find me the day before the game.”

“Ah, that’s great, the competition is just outside Tandu in the area of Xiangda Ling, I’ll come and pick you up then. Thank you, what’s the name of the big brother?” Qiao Gang had been anxious for a month and was at a loss for words when he finally got Ye Mo’s news, his heart was really jītted.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought that Ye Mo was a scammer, but he thought that with Ye Mo’s kind of superb car skills, if he wanted to make a few hundred thousand dollars, he could simply get it at his fingertips, so where was the need to scam him.

“My name is Ye Mo.” Ye Mo had no need to conceal it at this point, not to mention that his identity was already known to Jing Yi Sect, and both Zhang Zhihui and that auction surnamed XI would investigate it, so there was no need to conceal it anymore.

The only way to hide his identity is if his strength is not good. Now that his flying sword has become a reality, unless the entire country is against him or the entire Hidden Sect unites against him, he doesn’t need to be afraid yet. And those two were simply non-existent, he hadn’t endangered the country with anything up to now, and most of all he was still a Flying Snow instructor, and even had a licence to kill.

The Temple of Sushant.

A few figures hurried over, and inside that secret room, Xi Wu Shan was already restless.

“Elder Xi, what are you hastily summoning a few of us here for?” It was Fang Niangzi, the middle-aged woman, who spoke.

Senior Brother Yu, however, sat down unhurriedly, then said, “There is no need to be anxious, Madam Fang, I think we should have searched for that Mo Ying who took out the ‘Face Retaining Pill,’ at the auction.”

However, Xi Wushan immediately stood up and cupped his fist and said, “Senior Brother Yu is clear about this, Wushan has indeed found his trail and has seen his real face. That young man is only in his twenties at most, but ……”

“It was the Broken Fist Hall’s people who besieged him that you saw?” Goatee said with narrowed eyes.

Xi Wushan nodded and before he could say anything, Fang Niangzi continued, “Was it that he had already been killed by the Broken Fist Hall’s people? If so, could it be that they didn’t give me, the ‘Yu a*sociation, face at all?”

Senior Brother Yu shook his head and unhurriedly picked up a gla*s of water and said, “Niangzi Fang is just too anxious, you think that although he Broken Fist Hall is not bad, but it is not to the point of not giving face to my ‘Yu Society’. Even if that Mo Ying killed Zheng Chengze, they wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant. I think Senior Brother Xi must have something else to say, tell me, this Mo Ying is something I must have, what are the conditions they are proposing?”

Xi Wushan shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “Broken Fist Hall didn’t mention any conditions.”

“That’s not possible? Even if the Broken Fist Hall were to give face to my ‘Yu a*sociation,’ they wouldn’t have not mentioned any conditions.” Senior Brother Yu frowned and shook his head, he believed he was right.

However, Xi Wushan said seriously, “It’s not that they don’t mention conditions, because they don’t have the means to do so anymore. The twelve people from Broken Fist Hall who besieged Mo Ying, including Hall Master Zheng Chengfa, were all killed by Mo Ying, leaving no one behind.”

“What?” Senior Brother Yu exclaimed in shock, the cup in his hand fell to the ground, although there was a clang and tea splashed everywhere, but he didn’t notice it at all.

It was only after a long time that he sucked in a cold breath and said, “Zheng Chengfa is already at the peak of the early earth level, and there are eleven good fighters in the sect, that young man could actually kill him, could it be that he was pretending before?”

XI Wu Shan nodded solemnly, “I reckon it’s very likely that he was pretending before, I saw it clearly from the side, this man killed without any mercy.”

“He could actually kill Zheng Chengfa and the eleven good fighters surrounding him, Senior Brother Xi, you were watching from the side, what exactly is his cultivation level?” Senior Brother Yu was shocked before he slowly calmed down.

Xi Wushan said even more seriously, “I suspect that he has already advanced to the Innate level.”

“What?” Not only was Senior Brother Yu frozen once again, but also Fang Niangzi and Goatee beside him were shocked on the spot. Innate, was Innate so easy?

“Ancient martial arts has not had an expert with innate cultivation for hundreds of years in either martial or dao cultivation, Senior Brother Xi, could you be wrong. This Mo Ying once killed a lone wolf, he does have the ability to kill an earth level, but to say he is an innate is too much.” Senior Brother Yu’s face became more and more serious.

I was sure I hadn’t misread or predicted wrongly. Last time when he fell off the cliff, I had my doubts. Also, do you know how many moves he used to kill Zheng Chengfa? I’m sure you won’t believe me if I tell you. For Zheng Chengfa, he used two moves, but I only think he used one move to kill Zheng Chengfa. And it was still the easiest move.”

The remaining few people were already dumbfounded by the various shocks brought by XI Wu Shan, killing an Earth Grade martial artist with one move, even the peak of Earth Grade couldn’t do it, so it was really possible that he was an Innate cultivator.”

Seeing several people’s dumbfounded looks, Xi Wushan sighed and said, “Not to mention that you don’t believe it, even if I saw it with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe it. Next to him at that time was Zhang Zhihui, but Zhang Zhihui was clearly defeated and subdued by him. And what was the weapon he used, do you know?

It was a flying sword, I don’t believe it, he could even use a flying sword, his flying sword was as fast as a meteor, even a light, although Zheng Chengfa blocked one of his swords, but that sword cut his sword off, and that sword flew back automatically, like a meteor once again through Zheng Chengfa’s back and through his heart. I really can’t describe that sword.”

A flying sword?

The few people in the room were completely petrified, if they had originally killed Zheng Chengfa’s few people, they still didn’t believe that young man was an Innate, but now that the person could wield a flying sword, it already showed that it was undoubtedly an Innate.

It was only after a long time that Fang Niangzi murmured, “Surprisingly, he can wield a flying sword, is there really an innate expert, surprisingly, there really …… is.”

XI Wu Shan sighed and said, “This is not the most shocking to me, the most shocking to me is that he can actually send out fireballs with his hands, those eleven dead people were actually completely burned into flying ashes by his fireballs.”

“Ah ……” Senior Brother Yu could no longer restrain his inner shock, his face was pale and he sat down unconsciously.

It was only after a long time that he muttered in the same way as Fang Niangzi, “I actually went to challenge a Xiantian expert, to be a Xiantian, I’m crazy …….”

Suddenly he remembered something and immediately stood up again and said, “Senior Brother Xi, let’s immediately stop investigating and tracking him, and immediately retract any moves we make towards him, this kind of person we, the ‘Yu Society, can’t afford to mess with either.”

Xi Wushan said with a bitter smile, “It’s already too late, when I saw him kill someone from the side, he must have already spotted me. But he just stared at me and then sneered, but didn’t call out my name, I’m sure he found me out.”

“That impressive?” Ryauji exclaimed before the goat’s beard exclaimed.

Senior Brother Yu was once again silent for a long time before he slowly said, “If he really wanted to retaliate against you and us, there would be nothing we could do to stop him. Since he found out about Senior Brother Xi and didn’t point it out, it means he must have something in mind, or there must be something he needs our help with. Besides, we haven’t offended him much, Zhang Zhihui offended him so much and he didn’t even kill him but took him for his own use, so maybe we can do the same with Zhang Zhihui.”

“What does senior brother mean?” Xi Wushan’s eyes lit up, this analysis could not be said to be incorrect.

Senior Brother Yu had completely calmed down and said once again, “This person can umbrella something like the ‘Lotus Life Pill, and the ‘Face Residing Pill,’ which means he is definitely a master of majestic hòu strength, and he definitely cares a lot about medicinal materials. He should not be afraid of us by not clashing with us, but he wants to use our hands to do something for him, just like Zhang Zhihui.”

“What do we do now? Take the initiative to contact him?” Fang Niangzi also slowed down at this point.

Senior Yu, however, shook his head and said, “No, this kind of senior has an eccentric temper, and as he has cultivated to the Heavenly level, he might be over a hundred years old, we can only wait for him to come to us. In case we offend this senior again, we, the ‘Yu a*sociation, are really in danger. Also, let’s immediately notify the elders of the sect of a meeting, this is not a small, matter.”

Although Ye Mo was trying to put some pressure on the auction, he didn’t expect it to work so well. At this moment, he was already sitting on top of the flight to Tandu, he was going to see Tang Beiwei for one, and also to help cure Tang Beiwei’s mother. The last time he gave a pill to Tang Beiwei, Ye Mo believes that this pill will save her mother’s life for half a year, but there is no problem.