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DYM Chapter 256

Ye Mo was coming to Tandu for the second time, the first time he came with Wen Dong, but he didn’t even go into the city, he just followed Wen Dong after he blew up the sī villa, so he wasn’t very familiar with Tandu.

However, Tandu Normal University was somewhat famous, so when he hailed a taxi, he knew where it was.

Ye Mo stood at the entrance of Tandu Normal University and looked at the pairs of men and women entering and leaving, either hooking up with each other or holding hands with their waists. If he hadn’t known beforehand that this was a fuxue, he would have thought it was a marriage registry, and he secretly sighed in his heart that the students here seemed to be more open than the ones at Ninghai University. However, he was not very sure whether Ninghai University was open or not, after all, his days at Ninghai University were only spent hunkered down inside the library every day.

Although there were a lot of students going in and out, but Ye Mo stood there, his whole person looked ethereal and uncommon, and because of his long-term cultivation, he had a kind of ethereal and dusty aura in it. In addition, the clothes he was wearing were chosen by Ye Ling, which not only fit him but were also of good brands, so he immediately stood out among the many students.

It was probably because of Ye Mo’s offbeat aura that many of the students who entered and left the school talked about it.

Ye Mo had no idea where Tang Beiwei was, nor did he know exactly which department she was in, or even which cla*s she was in, the only thing he knew was that she was at the Tandu Teacher Training University.

He walked to the entrance of the school, stopped a girl who was clutching a few books and said politely, “This student, please ask ……”

Ye Mo ‘girls’ dormitory, before the four words could be said, he saw the girl opposite him give him a fierce glare and said, “I don’t know mouth”

Don’t know? Ye Mo was baffled, he hadn’t even said where he was asking and this woman said she didn’t know, how did she know what she wanted to ask?

The girls’ dormitory didn’t necessarily mean that only girls knew about it. Ye Mo thought to himself that even the boys should know about the girls’ dormitory, so why did he have to ask the girls? Ye Mo cursed himself for not being able to turn around, but this girl was too rude. He dodged a step away and didn’t bother to pay attention to her, but stopped a boy behind this girl, “This student, may I ask where the girls’ dormitory is?”

Before the male student Ye Mo asked answered, the girl who had just ignored him immediately turned back and said politely, “This student, I’m sorry about earlier, I know where the girls’ dormitory is, why don’t I take you there.”

The girl who had coldly told him a minute ago that she didn’t know suddenly said to herself with a smile on her face that she would take him there, this was a bit too big a change. Ye Mo looked back at the girl and frowned, what was going on here.

The boy that Ye Mo asked about laughed at the situation and hurriedly slipped away from the side.

The change before and after this girl had already aroused Ye Mo’s suspicion, and only then did he start to take a look at the girl in front of him. It seemed to be in her twenties, much more mature than the average student, and still very clean looking. Her skin was fair, her long hair was shoulder-length, and her cool temperament carried a bit of arrogance among it. However, from her slightly thin mouth chún, one can tell that this female student xìng is somewhat thin-skinned.

There was something odd about this woman, Ye Mo did not want to be nosy and just said, “There is no need to take me there, you just need to point me in the right direction.”

A strange look appeared in this girl’s eyes, but she quickly said enthusiastically, “No, I’ll take you there, pointing out a direction I’m afraid you won’t be able to find it.” However, her cool temperament did not match this enthusiasm and seemed a bit abrupt.

Before Ye Mo had time to speak, a beautiful red sè sports car stopped in front of him and a handsome and handsome young man got out of the car.

As soon as this young man got out of the car, he said towards the girl opposite Ye Mo, “Xiaoqi, I saw you right across the road, what a coincidence. Let’s go, let’s go over together.”

Ye Mo looked back at the sports car, he didn’t have much research on cars, he didn’t know anything else except some extremely good cars, and he didn’t know what the make of this car was as well.

The female student called Xiaoqi suddenly reached out to take Ye Mo’s hand, but Ye Mo just casually wrapped his hand backwards, and this female student’s hand was completely empty. She looked at Ye Mo in amazement, her action just now was completely without any warning, and the boy in front of her was able to dodge it. But it was only a flash in the year, and she immediately felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, she was at least a beautiful girl, did she still lose him by grabbing his hand. If it wasn’t for the fact that the boy in front of her had a few qualities, she would really be lazy to seek his help.

Ye Mo had already understood by now, and his heart was filled with disgust for this girl. He thought of Su Mei, this female student was simply like Su Mei, she was also trying to use him to get rid of this youth in front of him.

There was even this kind of woman, he didn’t even know him, she was unwilling to ask for a way out, and now she was coming to use him, Ye Mo wasn’t just disgusted anymore, he was extremely disgusted with this girl. If she had helped him point the way properly just now, maybe he would have really helped her out in pa*sing.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. This is a good example of a woman who only thinks of herself and doesn’t consider the situation of others.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, he had no intention of helping this girl at all.

“Hello, I am Zhang Hekou,” the young man actually extended his hand to Ye Mo, wanting to shake his hand. His demeanour was refined and he appeared to be very courteous.

As soon as Ye Mo’s divine sense swept, he saw that there was a little bit of a protruding needle tip on top of this youth’s ring, and the little bit of blue light on it flickered for a while before disappearing. It was evident that this needle tip was small and tiny, and as long as one shook hands with him, this needle tip would definitely be stuck into one’s hand.

What a vicious fellow, a pair of gǒu men and women, neither of them good, this youth smiled so gently, but he was so vicious. Without even investigating his origin and identity, or even his relationship with this female cla*smate, he wanted to strike at himself. Although Ye Mo did not know if the needle tip on that ring was poisonous, but he knew that it was definitely not something simple.

Ye Mo casually flicked out a true qi, directly into the palm of this youth’s hand, and coldly glanced at the youth, “Not interested.” Finished surprisingly, he turned around and left.

This youth saw that Ye Mo didn’t even bother to extend his hand, his eyes immediately turned cold mouth the needle tip on his ring, he didn’t believe that anyone could see it, because it was simply extremely tiny.

“Wait for me…” When the girl saw that Ye Mo had ignored the youth just now and even turned around and walked away, her eyes showed surprise, but she immediately reacted and chased after Ye Mo.

“Get lost…,” Ye Mo stood still, staring at the girl and said nonchalantly.

When the word “roll” came out, not only did the girl freeze, but also the students who came and went around the school.

The girl called Xiao Qi was also obviously stunned, she was shocked when she saw Ye Mo ignoring Zhang He just now, but she was even more shocked because it was the first time she was told to get lost.

However, she quickly reacted and immediately said, “Zhang He and I are innocent, don’t misunderstand me.” After saying that, she actually rushed up and tried to pull Ye Mo’s sleeve again.

Zhang He was already faint with anger, the woman he liked even said to his face that she was innocent with him and used to go explain to other boys.

Ye Mo was furious and laughed, asking for directions had turned out to be such a thing. He casually pulled the girl’s hand away and coldly looked at the girl named Xiaoqi and said: “Is it innocent if you say it is innocent? I don’t think a woman like you is innocent. I have no interest in women like you, so if you pester me again, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

The girl called Xiaoqi froze, she didn’t expect that there was really someone like Ye Mo, who had turned a blind eye to her beauty. In her opinion, it was an honour for her to find a boy to use as a shield, but this boy in front of her discarded it like gra*s. This was simply unacceptable to her. She was proud and innocent, but the boy in front of her talked like that.

She only settled down at this time to look at Ye Mo, this student in front of her, in addition to a different general temperament, there is a contour “posting enlightenment text” distinctly handsome face, and even have a kind of out of the dust in it, surprisingly let her forget for a moment to refute Ye Mo’s words.

Beiwei, Ye Mo divine sense surprisingly swept a girl not far away with her head down and hurriedly walked towards a cla*sroom, clearly Tang Beiwei. At this moment, how could he be in the mood to nag with this woman, lifting his feet a few steps and already collapsed out, by the time the girl called Xiaoqi reacted, Ye Mo was already tens of meters away.

He Qi was frozen, she didn’t even see how Ye Mo left just now, and Ye Mo was already only a back figure, she rubbed her eyes, could it be that she had seen wrongly.

Zhang He, however, put down the phone and stared at Ye Mo’s back with a cold smile. Originally, it was just to make him suffer a bit, but now it seemed that this guy didn’t know any better.

“Beiwei, what’s wrong with you Zi?” Ye Mo saw that Tang Beiwei did not enter the cla*sroom, but hid in a yīn corner of the cla*sroom and sobbed.

When Tang Beiwei suddenly heard Ye Mo’s voice, she jerked her head up and was stunned for a moment before she called out, “Brother ……” and rushed to Ye Mo’s arms to hug him and sobbed.

The necklace had obviously been jī-haired, which meant that someone had attacked Tang Beiwei.

After patting Tang Beiwei’s shoulder, Ye Mo then said, “Beiwei, what happened to you that you have lost so much weight? And was there someone who attacked you?”

Tang Beiwei then breathed a sigh of relief, wiped her eyes, raised her head and looked at Ye Mo and said, “Brother, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you. I can’t get through to your phone again, I ……,”

“Don’t be anxious, talk slowly later. Dinner hasn’t been eaten yet, right, come on, let’s go out to eat together and talk while we eat.” Ye Mo helped Tang Beiwei wipe her eyes and said comfortingly.