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DYM Chapter 257

Tang Beiwei, you’ve got a lot of nerve, how dare you be with another man and be so affectionate.” A boy in a black shirt took out his phone and looked at Tang Beiwei and said coldly. After saying this, he immediately dialed the phone, as if he was reporting to someone.

At this moment not only this boy, but even dozens of male and female students were staring at Tang Beiwei from afar watching the hilarity, with either sympathy or pity in their eyes, and even some intolerant looks in them. There were even a few sentimental girls who were already worried about Ye Mo, although he was happy with the number one beauty in the altar capital now, the consequences that would follow were not something he could bear, and the boy still looked like a handsome man.

“Big brother Qianhe, now Tang Beiwei is actually hugging with another boy …… right underneath our school’s old teaching building, oh boy hung up the phone and gave Ye Mo a cold laugh as he slowly walked over.

“Brat, you dare to touch the woman booked by big brother Qian He?” As soon as this boy finished saying this, two boys came behind him once again.

These two male bulls and the boy who had just made the call exchanged a glance with each other, and then one left and one right surrounded Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei with the boy who had come first.

“Tang Beiwei don’t care first, let’s break this man’s tuǐ first.” The boy who came earlier said to the two boys who surrounded him left and right.

How dare he see his sister as an object, as long as the person who comes in contact with his sister, without asking any questions, he has to break the tuǐ first, so domineering, Ye Mo’s heart was suddenly raised to kill.

“Wait ……” Just when a few boys were about to make a move, the girl named Xiaoqi ran over and called out.

The boy who called earlier stopped and looked at the girl named Xiaoqi and said, “Sister Qi, this is what big brother Qianhe ordered, you better not interfere. Otherwise …….”

The girl called Xiaoqi’s face changed, obviously knowing what Qian He was and seemingly being very scornful of him. However, she still said to Ye Mo, “I didn’t expect you to have an affair with Tang Beiwei, hurry up and separate from her, then apologize and leave here. Otherwise, don’t say I didn’t warn you if something happens.”

Ye Mo coldly glanced at Xiao Qi, “Get out of the way, don’t mess with me, or I’ll even beat you up.” To this woman, Ye Mo did not have any good feelings.

Qi finally couldn’t bear Ye Mo’s attitude face s changed again, wanted to say something just in the end didn’t say. But really let aside with all the disdain in her eyes.

Seeing this girl called Xiao Qi let aside, Ye Mo swept the cla*smate who had just called and mouthed modest and big brother, and slowly said, “Just now you were the one who was going to say interrupt my tuǐ?”

“Not bad, but now it’s not about breaking the tuǐ your hand will also be broken one boy finished speaking and directly rushed up, raised his fist and smashed at Ye Mo’s face.

The two boys on the left and right also rushed up at the same time and kicked at Ye Mo’s left and right with both feet. It was obvious that this was not the first time they had fought and they had a very good understanding.

Tang Beiwei was in Ye Mo’s arms before she could react, Ye Mo had already leapt up and at the same time his feet had already kicked out.

Ye Mo’s kick seemed to be the last one out, but after he kicked the left boy over, he kicked the wrist of the boy in front of him again, and his foot didn’t stop there, he then kicked the left foot of the boy on the right.

When all three were kicked down into a pile by Ye Mo, only then did Ye Mo land with Tang Beiwei, spinning in a 360 degree circle exactly. And these three didn’t even touch the corner of Ye Mo’s clothes.

“So handsome …….” There were already students who secretly applauded, this kick hit three people and also held a person in the air to spin a circle, this is simply too awesome.

The girl named Xiaoqi looked at Ye Mo dumbfounded this time she just remembered that just now Ye Mo left, she did not even notice the thing to come, her eyes suddenly appeared some light. She had an intuition that this handsome looking boy in front of her was not an ordinary person.

Tang Beiwei looked at the three boys who were kicked down by Ye Mo but didn’t say anything, nor was she surprised. She knew that her brother was capable of even killing people, so she still cared about these three cla*smates.

Ye Mo walked over, looked down at the three boys who had fallen together and said again, “Just now you said you wanted to break all my arms and legs, right?”

“Not bad, kid you don’t think you can do a few strokes and then you’re wild, offending big brother Qian He you just can’t even think about dying, how dare you grab a woman with big brother Qian He, you don’t want to live, ah ……,…” the boy’s following words had couldn’t say anymore because Ye Mo had already stepped on his mouth with one foot.

Ye Mo’s foot could have shattered his head, but in the midst of so many students watching, he didn’t want to do that yet. He just stomped all his teeth out, leaving a mouth full of blood.

The boy didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so ruthless and actually dared to do so.

But what he didn’t expect was that the one below was even more ruthless, Ye Mo lifted his foot and stomped several times in a row, that ‘crunching, sound sound sounded seeping beyond compare. In a moment’s time, Ye Mo actually stomped on all three people’s hands and feet.

The surrounding students all looked dumbfounded, this man looked very gentle, but his hands were really ruthless, not only did he beat up Qian He’s people, but he also literally stomped their hands and feet to pieces. It was a stomp, not a break. The three students were finished, but the man was also finished, really finished, he had messed with someone he couldn’t afford to mess with.

Ye Mo lifted his foot and kicked the three boys, who had already fainted from the pain, into a pool nearby, before he turned around and left with Tang Beiwei.

It took a long time for someone to remember that if they didn’t pick up the three students, they would soon be drowned, this wasn’t a fight, this was murder. Although she had seen many ruthless people and heard some legends of the triad society, this was the first time she had met such an almost murderous act in a public place like the school. This person was too ruthless.

However, the three boys who were kicked into the pool by Ye Mo were not drowned, and just as Ye Mo left, his companions went down and fished the three out and took them straight to the hospital. It was just that most people knew that even if they were sent to the hospital, these three would only be able to stay on top of wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.

“Brother”…” Tang Beiwei called out a little worriedly.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Bei Wei you don’t have to worry, my siblings don’t go to mess with others, but others don’t mess with our siblings either, as long as I still have a breath of air, anyone who wants to touch you can’t.”

Tang Beiwei let out a hint, and the trepidation and worry and fear that had been repressed in her heart for a month or two finally began to dissipate.

“Tell me what’s going on later, this is still just beginning, I won’t just let it go. Is my Ye Mo’s sister that easy to bully, blind their dog eyes.” Ye Mo saw the fear in Tang Beiwei’s eyes, and his heart grew angrier and angrier.

“This student is standing still.” Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei had justoka walked to the entrance of the school when a school security guard had already stopped Ye Mo with a black sè stick.

Ye Mo pulled Tang Beiwei behind him and looked at the security guard with cold eyes “What is it?”

“This student is not allowed to leave the school right now.” This security guard pointed at Tang Beiwei, he didn’t see Ye Mo teaching several boys a lesson just now, otherwise maybe he would have made a move on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, he knew what the reason was without this security guard’s explanation. The guy behind this had a lot of energy, so much so that he had put his sister under guard, which was equivalent to house arrest inside the school.

Ye Mo walked forward and before the security guard could react, he had already reached out and squeezed his neck, lifted him up raw, then slapped him several times, and finally kicked the security guard so far that he crashed into the corner of the wall and could no longer move. Only then did he slowly say, “I’m taking her out today, you can turn against me.”

Although he had taught this security guard a lesson and calmed down the remaining two guards who did not dare to move, Ye Mo was getting more and more upset in his heart. This was a college, but it was made to look like a hooligan’s sī vegetable garden, what kind of bullsh*t college was this.

Ye Mo had just left with Tang Beiwei when a top-of-the-line Range Rover rushed into the campus of Tandu University.

The SUV stopped at the place where Ye Mo was teaching a few boys a lesson, and a tough man got out of the car, followed by two sturdy bodyguards behind him.

As soon as this brawny wanton got out of the car, he asked with a sullen face, “What’s going on?”

“Just now a boy broke the arms and legs of several people from Brother Bao and sent them to the hospital, and this man also took Tang Beiwei with him, we, none of us are his opponents.” Immediately, two boys came over and said very carefully.

At this moment, the two security guards at the entrance also hurriedly ran over and bent down to salute the tough man before saying, “Young man He, just now someone took Tang Beiwei away and beat up our security guards.”

“Humph, a bunch of rice buckets”…” the brawny man cursed before continuing, “How dare they even touch the woman I booked, they’re f*cking impatient to live.”

A siren whistled and three or four police cars drove into the campus, the first one got off a middle-aged police officer, who saw the tough man and hurriedly trotted over, saying respectfully, “Young man He, someone just called the police, saying that your men were at a disadvantage here, I rushed here immediately.”

The brawny man nodded “Lao Wu, thanks for your hard work, just investigate where that boy took his men just now and inform me, as for the arrest, you don’t have to worry about it for now.”

“Yes, Younger Wo, I’ll leave first then.” This middle-aged police officer surnamed Wu once again greeted this brawny man respectfully before entering the police car, bringing the police car behind him with a whistle and leaving the campus once again.

The tough man glanced at the departing police car and his eyes turned icy cold “You dare to rob my Qianhe’s woman, and you even hit so hard that you broke my man’s arms and legs. If I let you walk out of the altar, I wouldn’t have to do anything.