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DYM Chapter 258

Xilong Restaurant is not very far from Tandu Normal University, and it is near the lake, the environment is elegant, only the price is a bit high.

“Brother, the food here is very expensive, let’s eat somewhere else.” Tang Beiwei had been in Tandu, so of course she knew the cla*s of Xilong Restaurant.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “No, let’s eat here, and if someone comes later, we can even let them take a bath in the lake. Recently brother has made a small fortune, he still has a few million on him.” Ye Mo knew that he could put his sister under house arrest inside a school, this person’s energy was not ordinary. Even if it was compared to the Song family, it was not much better.

“A few million? How come it’s so much, brother the card you gave me last time hasn’t been touched yet.” Although Tang Beiwei was surprised, she was relieved when she thought of the kind of fireball talisman Ye Mo had. That kind of talisman would probably sell for quite a lot of money a piece.

Ye Mo took Tang Beiwei and asked for a private room on the first floor near the lake. After the waiter brought up the tea, Ye Mo asked, “Tell me, what’s going on? How is your mother’s illness now?”

Tang Beiwei’s eyes dimmed and she was silent for a moment before she slowly said, “Last time I came back and gave the pills you gave to my mother, and surprisingly, my mother’s health was greatly improved after only one day. I had the money on me to take mum to the doctor, but I thought I’d wait until you came back.”

“Well, don’t worry, with me around, ninety-nine percent of illnesses are not on my radar.” Ye Mo smiled faintly and comforted Tang Beiwei.

Tang Beiwei nodded, “Well, I thought the same thing, but the next day a man in his fifties came to the house and mum was very jī when she saw him. Later he and mum talked inside the room for most of the day and I could faintly hear mum sobbing from outside.”

Ye Mo frowned and had some bad feeling in his heart, the timing of this man coming seemed a bit coincidental.

Tang Beiwei said also gradually sank into the memories of that day ……


Tang Beiwei felt very strange, the family has never had guests, this middle-aged man she had never seen, but her mother was actually very lost in thought when she saw him. Who the hell was he? Surprisingly, he had been talking to mum inside the room for half a day. And mum’s voice was even jītty and she kept sobbing at the end, but the man’s voice was calm and steady.

“Beiwei ……” Tang Beiwei heard her mother’s sobbing voice and was about to go in to have a look when her mother, Tang Qin, called her from inside the room.

Tang Beiwei hurriedly pushed the door open and went inside, only to find that the man was actually holding her mother’s hand, and she was a little shocked for a moment, not knowing who this man really was. However, she also vaguely guessed that this man should be the one who abandoned her mother back then, and she did not expect him to have the face to come over. It was just that her mother was soft-hearted and kind-hearted by nature, and she didn’t expect to believe him after three words.

“Beiwei, this is Uncle Song, the …… person I was talking to you about,” Tang Qin did not finish her words, Tang Beiwei immediately understood, when her mother said the person surnamed Song, it must be him.

She immediately pointed at the man sitting by her mother’s chuáng and scolded, “Get out of here and don’t come to my house. You wrecked my mother back then, and now you’re here to wreck her again, get out, get out of my ……”

When Tang Beiwei thought of her mother’s hardships over the years, she despised this man surnamed Song even more. He had harmed his mother’s life, and now he dared to come.

Tang Qin’s originally somewhat rosy face immediately turned pale, and hurriedly tried to sit up, hearing her daughter’s scolding, she hurriedly called out, “Beiwei, don’t scold Qi Ming, he had his hardships back then, later when he tried to find me, I had already left Yanjing, Beiwei …… ”

Tang Beiwei hurriedly ran to her mother and helped her up, coldly staring at Song Qiming and said, “You go away, for the sake of my mother, I won’t scold you, don’t lie to my mother here.”

Song Qiming looked at Tang Beiwei dumbfounded and was secretly shocked in his heart, no wonder Dongfang Qiu wanted to use her as yòu bait to yòuhuò Ye Mo. This Tang Beiwei was too beautiful, but she was not his own daughter. If Tang Qin had not told him, he would have thought that Tang Beiwei was his own daughter, but only now did he realize that Tang Beiwei was not. Thinking of Tang Qin’s miscarriage at Luo Hong Temple back then, he finally felt some guilt, but this guilt disappeared without a trace in a flash.

“Beiwei, please, don’t let mother ……” Tang Qin saw the person she was dependent on treating her already forgiven lover so unkindly, and in her anxiety and uncertainty, she actually spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Tang Beiwei no longer dared to say anything wrong about Song Qiming and hurriedly went forward to support her mother, “Mom, I’m sorry, what happened to you.”

“Beiwei, please forgive Qiming. He really didn’t mean to do it back then, I ……” Tang Qin gasped a little again before she could finish her sentence. Song Qiming had already brought a basin of water over and carefully helped Tang Qin scrub.

The most important thing that I did in my life, whether you believe it or not, was not to find your mother, and now I have found her. Even if I spend the rest of my life, I will cure your mother’s illness and will not let her be displaced again. I want to bring your mother to Yanjing, why don’t I help you transfer to another school and you can go there together.”

Tang Beiwei glanced coldly at Song Qiming and simply ignored him. She didn’t believe that the ruthless man who could leave her mother at Luo Hong Temple for so many days back then could backtrack. Although Tang Beiwei did not know what was going on, she did not trust this Song Qiming.

“Mother, do you really want to go to Yanjing?” From the bottom of her heart, Tang Beiwei did not want to leave her mother, and from the bottom of her heart, she did not want her mother to go to the Yanjing Song family.

But she immediately knew she was wrong, her mother was just holding onto Song Qiming’s hand, with longing and happiness in her eyes, and a slight blush of happiness on her face, not even hearing her words.

She suddenly felt a little sad, she and her mother had lived together for more than twenty years, and her mother had always been like a flesh and blood to her, but this Song was going to steal her mother away as soon as she arrived. Is this the power of love? To deceive oneself into believing in the other party when one knows that one is being cheated?

She suddenly remembered Ye Mo, was her mother’s desperate desire to be with this Song the same as her own desire to see her brother? No, her own feelings for Ye Mo were those of a sister for her brother, not the same as her mother’s, but then she felt something was wrong. To talk about affection, she instead felt a little more close between her mother and her than between her and Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo was her brother, she felt more like Ye Mo was her friend.

“Beiwei, why don’t you come with me to Yanjing too, I’m not comfortable with you staying in the altar capital alone.” Tang Qin finally remembered her daughter.

Tang Beiwei’s heart sank, this Song surnamed had actually made her mother die in half a day, if she had known, she wouldn’t have let him in.

“Mom, I want to wait here for my brother to join me.” Tang Beiwei, however, wanted to be with Ye Mo more, it would be best for him to be with his brother’s mother if she didn’t leave, but she was going to that man surnamed Song’s house.

Tang Qin shook for a moment and held Tang Beiwei’s hand for a long time before saying, “Beiwei, I’m relieved that you’re with your brother. Your brother can give you so much money as soon as we meet, so it’s clear that he loves you very much, and I don’t have to worry about it. You’ve suffered all these years with mum, too, and mum is a useless person.”

“No, mum ……” Tang Beiwei felt more and more uncomfortable and did not want to be separated from her mother. But looking at her mother, who had been depressed, surprisingly had a glimmer of light, but she could not say the words to ask her mother not to leave her.

Song Qiming looked at Tang Qin with suspicion and said, “Brother?”

Tang Qin immediately told the story that Tang Beiwei was actually between brother and sister with Ye Mo, Song Qiming’s face changed after hearing it, no wonder Dongfang Qiu wanted to use Tang Beiwei as yòu bait, surprisingly, it was a beautiful mismatch with what he guessed. It was entirely because they were brother and sister, this Dongfang Qiu was indeed very poisonous.

But looking at Tang Beiwei’s appearance, Dongfang Qiu’s plan must not have succeeded, if it had, Tang Beiwei couldn’t be in this state now.

“What’s wrong with you? Qiming.” Tang Qin’s attention was completely on Song Qiming’s body.

Song Qiming’s face changed for half a day before he sighed and said, “I know that Ye Mo too, he’s a powerful person, it’s a pity that my Song family offended him, now he’s looking for revenge against my Song family, I, alas …… didn’t expect him to be Beiwei’s brother… …”

“Ah ……” Tang Qin also uttered in surprise, but she immediately remembered the powerful relationship and turned to look at this Tang Beiwei and said, “Beiwei, can you persuade your brother to let Qi Ming go. ”

Tang Beiwei instantly began to suspect the purpose of Song Qiming’s visit, perhaps he had long known that he and Ye Mo were brother and sister, and then came to plead with him to come.

Looking at Tang Beiwei not saying anything, Tang Qin said even more anxiously, “Beiwei ……” Her eyes were full of tension and anxiety.

Tang Beiwei sighed, “Mom, actually I don’t know about my brother, I’ll ask him when the time comes.”

Although she didn’t want to say yes, but her mother’s expectant look made her feel very bad inside. Her mother had worked hard to raise her for over twenty years, and now she had to refuse this request, she really couldn’t bear it.


Hearing this, Ye Mo’s face sank like water, Song Qiming, even if you invite the King of Heaven to come, I will still exterminate your Song family.

When Tang Beiwei finished, she saw that Ye Mo did not say anything, but she continued, “Later that Song Qiming saluted me and begged me for mercy. But I ignored him, but my mother made sure I asked you for mercy. My mother was taken to Yanjing by him, and I stayed behind as I did not want to go. I don’t understand why my mother would listen to that Song Qiming, even”

Tang Beiwei couldn’t really say it later, her mother came first in her heart, and in her mother’s heart she must have come first too. I didn’t expect that in front of love, she was even worse than that Song Qiming.

Ye Mo knew that since Song Qiming had picked up Tang Qin, when he went to the Song family in Yanjing to take revenge, the Song family would definitely push out Tang Beiwei’s mother. No matter what, he couldn’t let his mother, who had raised Tang Beiwei for over twenty years, be sad, this Song Qiming was really so evil.

“Put this matter on the side first, who did you offend at Division University that would be so rampant against you?” Ye Mo put the matter of the Song family aside for now and wanted to know who was actually trying to deal with his sister Tang Beiwei.