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DYM Chapter 259

“Let’s talk about it after we eat.” Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei’s somewhat haggard appearance and knew that she must have been bothered a lot by this matter recently.

Tang Beiwei nodded, being with Ye Mo and because she had told him about her mother, she was much more relaxed. Coupled with the fact that the restaurant’s food was well cooked, she surprisingly worked up an appetite.

“Those people who were staring at me were said to have an old boss called Qian He, who no one dared to mess with in the altar. I only found out later that I’ve been on their list for a long time, it’s just that the list has been brought forward since I came back this time.” Tang Beiwei ate something and felt much more energetic.

Ye Mo froze for a moment “What list?”

Only then did Tang Beiwei say in detail, “That Qian He, is a devil who does no evil. I don’t know why he has been allowed to get away with it so far. Many girls from many colleges and even secondary schools in Tandu have been victimized by him. He has a list of girls whose names are written on it, not only inside the school, but also in other places, as long as he takes a fancy to them, they will be written into his big list.”

Tang Beiwei said here and subconsciously sat a little towards Ye Mo before continuing, “I had already been on his list when I was in my junior year, only that his list was recorded in great detail, and there was a sequence of which girl from which place was needed on which day. There were still a few months before he would take me, but then after I came back from the Immeasurable Mountain, my name was brought forward indefinitely because I had taken the Face Restoring Pill. It was said that I was to be taken away at the end of the month.”

“The end of the month? Isn’t that just a few days away?” Ye Mo’s heart was shocked, if he came a few days later, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Tang Beiwei nodded “Originally I didn’t know either, there is a school huā in our school called Xi Xi, she and I are very close, a month ago, she was taken away. When she came back, she was yellow and haggard. Then she found me and I realised that she had seen the list and that I was one of them. And she had heard the men talking about me, and she told me to run as soon as I could, and after she told me that, she went ahead and ran away herself that night.”

“Why didn’t you leave?” Ye Mo asked curiously.

Tang Beiwei shook her head “That XiXi was caught when she escaped that night, and the next day I saw reports of her jumping off a building, I knew she wasn’t jumping off a building because someone had harmed her. Then I tried to get out of the school on the pretext that I had to leave, but the doorman wouldn’t let me. I then realised that not only the doorman, but wherever I was, someone was secretly watching and only waited until it was time to take me away.”

Ye Mo’s face grew sunken, it was surprising that he was so lawless.

Tang Beiwei, however, continued, “A few days ago, after I borrowed my cla*smate’s phone to call the police, the next day my cla*smate was beaten up and hurt so badly that he ended up in the hospital. Fortunately, you gave me a necklace, and someone made a move on me that night, presumably to teach me a lesson, and was later bounced away by the necklace. So I keep those fireball talismans on me at all times, so if they really want to take me away, I will use the fireball talismans to smash them, but I know I only have a few fireball talismans, so if you don’t come, I might still end up in the hands of these people.”

Ye Mo was silent for a long time, but in his heart he was wondering why these people wanted so many girls. Could it be the same as the cultivation world, because they needed virgins to cultivate some kind of yīn poisonous technique? But that wasn’t very realistic, after all, such gong methods were all extremely rare, not to mention here, even in the cultivation world such gong methods were not very common.

“Brother, today is the easiest day for me, I don’t want to go to the divisional university. I’ve already graduated and I was going to study for graduate school, now I don’t dare to go back.” Although Tang Beiwei said that today was a relaxing day, the worry in her eyes still hadn’t completely dissipated.

Ye Mo was just about to speak when the door of the private room was kicked open and three men walked in.

Tang Beiwei subconsciously moved closer behind Ye Mo and said nervously, “Brother, one of these guys I’ve seen before has been to our school. That’s the tallest one, XiXi was taken away by him.”

Just as Tang Beiwei finished speaking, the tallest man had already taken a step forward and reached out to grab Tang Beiwei: “How dare you run away, I’ll see where you run to. The girls in your school are still turning over, surprisingly not one of them wants to run away.”

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold as he lifted his foot and kicked the tall man in the face, the tall man was kicked by Ye Mo and flew straight up, hitting the top of the partition wall.

With a “clang”, the wall was shattered, revealing the opposite booth, and the few guests who were eating in the opposite booth were frozen.

Without waiting for the other two men to react, Ye Mo stepped forward again, and with a few more kicks, he stomped on the tall man, causing him to bleed from his seven orifices, and a ball of internal organs spurted out directly from his mouth.

It was only at this moment that the few guests opposite reacted and immediately fled out of the private room. At the same time, the two men who had come with the tall man also reacted. They stared blankly at the tall man who had been trampled to death by Ye Mo in less than a single glance, and were actually frozen for a while.

Only then did Ye Mo turn around and stared coldly at the other two men “Did you come here to get killed?”

“You, you actually killed Black Panther, you ……” One of the remaining two men pointed his finger at Ye Mo and spoke in a broken voice, surprisingly not daring to step forward to make a move on Ye Mo.

“I’ll kill him, what do you think?” Ye Mo said with a cold smile.

“Your Excellency is so capable, we are no match for you, of course we don’t dare to do anything. This is goodbye!” The long-faced man clasped his fist and said, with some panic in his eyes. He knew that Black Panther alone could beat both of them, and since Black Panther was not even a match for this man in front of him, they would just suffer death if they went up there.

Ye Mo took a napkin on top of the table and wiped his hands “You want to come and go as you please? You think I’m just that easy to meet.”

“What do you want?” The long-faced man who spoke stared at Ye Mo nervously, once Ye Mo made his move, they were definitely not a match, moreover, Ye Mo was more vicious than them in killing people in his eyes, he had just trampled the seal to death with the same calmness and indifference as if he had trampled an ant to death, which showed that he often killed people. Even they wouldn’t dare to kill someone in a downtown area like this with such recklessness, but this man in front of him dared to do so, and now what was on his mind was how to think of a way to escape.

“No good, you guys carry this dead man away.” Ye Mo pointed at the tall man on the ground that he had trampled to death.

The long-faced man who spoke immediately replied, “Good, good …… we will leave immediately, Er Tie quickly carry Black Panther on his back we retreat.” Surprisingly, it was very crisp and decisive.

Although Tang Beiwei had seen Ye Mo kill people, and she had also used fireball techniques to kill people, but the bloody scene in front of her still made her unable to resist some nausea.

Ye Mo grabbed Tang Beiwei’s hand and ran some true qi through to calm her stomach before saying, “Beiwei, I’m going with them, you ……”

Tang Beiwei immediately said, “Brother, I’ll go with you, I’m a bit scared to stay here alone.”

“Good, in that case, we’ll go together. It’s just that there are some scenes I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle.” Ye Mo nodded his head and said.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you are here, I won’t be afraid.” Tang Beiwei knew that this brother she had just met was not an ordinary person, and as he had said, he could do Daoist magic. So she wasn’t worried that her brother would be at a disadvantage, people who knew Daoist magic were simply among legends, where was the need to worry when dealing with these ordinary people.

It was the long-faced man who looked at Ye Mo in surprise and said, “You, you want to come with us?”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “What, did you not come to invite me to go? Now I am going over with you guys as you want. Can’t I?”

“OK, OK …… Er Tie, carry Black Panther on your back and we will go back immediately.” This long-faced man was also crisp, and immediately commanded Er Tie to carry the dead black panther on his back and hurriedly walked out.

Ye Mo walked to the front desk, took out his card and said, “Swipe your card.”

The fat manager at the front desk said in a shivering voice, “Already bought, bought the bill, no need ……” How could he dare to ask these people for money now, these people simply wanted to die, he didn’t even dare to report to the police.

Ye Mo knew that it should be the three men who had just warned this manager, and did not bother to pay attention to him, directly holding Tang Beiwei’s hand, followed the long-faced man into an SUV outside the hotel.

The buggy surprisingly left the city and drove very fast, in just under an hour, it had already arrived at a separate villa in the suburbs. In fact, to be more honest, this could not be considered a villa at all, it could even be described as a small manor for sī people.

Outside the manor was a large bamboo forest, and there was an artificial lake inside. As soon as Ye Mo arrived here, he realised that he was familiar with this place, when Wen Dong had brought him to Tandu to trade model diagrams, this was the place he had come to. He didn’t expect that the second time he came to Tandu, he would still come here.

However, the last time he came here, the villa here was blown up by Wen Dong, but now it had only been a year, this villa was built again, and it looked even more beautiful than the original one. Ye Mo sneered, really not afraid of death, he didn’t expect to meet himself twice in this villa, which means the people living here are unlucky.

The SUV stopped at the entrance of the courtyard, the doorman checked the documents and let them in.

“Take them in.” The long-faced man had just got out of the car and immediately a scar-faced man came over. This scar-faced man was also followed by two strong men in black. When this scar-faced man saw Ye Mo, a murderous look appeared in his eyes, but he didn’t make a move, as if he knew that he didn’t have to make a move at all if someone killed Ye Mo. It was obvious that word had gotten in that Ye Mo had killed Black Panther.

Ye Mo took Tang Beiwei’s hand and followed the long-faced man into the hall. Tang Beiwei was a little nervous, she saw that the place was full of fierce people, and everyone had weapons in their hands, making it look like a secret state agency.

Before Ye Mo even walked into the hall, his divine sense had already swept inside the hall and found that there were even a dozen people inside.

“Pa Pa ……” Ye Mo had just walked into the hall when a monotonous applause voice already sounded “Not bad, good courage, not only do you dare to kill my people, but you also dare to come here, you have guts. But even if you have the guts to offend me, Nie Wu Bian, you’re still dead.”

Nie Wu Bian? Ye Mo actually recalled that enchanting and incomparable Nie Shuang Shuang at this time, and her words, I’m still a virgin!